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Our passion is helping to increase your success, so you can make more meaningful contributions to the communities you serve.

In our increasingly digital world, your online presence is more important than ever before. The way we search for and select opportunities, goods and services has fundamentally changed.


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Tom Jameson

13 June 2019

Great individuals providing exceptional services. Working with Technology Aloha was a premiere experience. Professional, competent and friendly. Everything a client could ask for when seeking quality customer care. More...


Judy J.

19 February 2018

Jillyn is the "Queen-pin" of Aloha Technology. Jillyn has one of the brightest minds I've ever known. Not only is she extremely sharp and talented at website design, she is also genuinely involved with her clients and their personal and website welfare. Jillyn designed a truly beautiful website for my small business at a very generous rate. I loved her ideas and artistry. She also went to bat for me when the manager of my domain names got a bit greedy. She was able to save me hundreds of dollars (without any gain of her own) and re-instated my website within minutes! I was blown away. You simply cannot go wrong with Jillyn. More...


M Mariana K.

6 October 2015

I'm so stoked! My website that Jillyn designed has been live for about two weeks now. My personal experience working with Jillyn was great. I told her I wanted a simple and clean website that was easy to navigate. She listened to what I wanted and I couldn't have been more thrilled. Then today a new client came in to see me for services. She said she picked me over the others she found on Yelp BECAUSE of my beautiful website. She added that it was clean, concise, and was very easy to navigate. Exactly the feel I had envisioned for my website that Jillyn delivered. She was fast and communicative. She has had a huge impact on my growing business and I am so thankful to have found her. More...


Tom M.

28 August 2015

I called Technology Aloha for some help, which did not exactly fit it with their main line of work.  Jillyn Dillion, one of the principals there immediately said, "Oh, you should call Mark." He can help you faster and more efficiently than we can." She could have taken the job and called Mark herself, and charged me more, but in the spirit of Aloha, she just helped me out. How cool! Thanks  Jillyn.Tom MitchellMitchell Media and Marketing More...


Wendy S.

27 August 2014

Technology Aloha has been amazing and very responsive to our needs.  Jillyn Dillion is an expert and extremely professional.  Because of her expertise, education and creative ways, Jillyn has developed both a small business and Volunteer Confernce websites for me.  Additionally she has been chosen, out of four other Maui companies, to develop a new website for the County of Maui, Volunteer Center.  I do not want to work with anyone else but Jillyn and Technology Aloha. More...


Ashley R.

9 December 2013

Technology Aloha has created the most incredible site for business. I didn't know what to expect but any vision I had had was absolutely blown away by how amazing my site is. The response from everyone who see's it is great! Jillyn is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her work ethic and drive to make her clients succeed is unmatched. Her help in setting up all the different media outlets for my business has saved me so much time and so many headaches. Everything was done in a timely manner. She is extremely well educated and knows all the ins and outs of her business. She is impressive in every way, shape and form. I am so very grateful to be working with her and look forward to using  Technology Aloha Social Media to grow my business further! More...


Geri A.

6 April 2013

Wow, Aloha Technology is the best! After waiting 3 months for another company to generate our website, we turned to Jillyn for help. She got our beautiful website up and running in less than a month for a very reasonable cost. We really had NO idea where to start but with her creative ideas and technical expertise, we had a site to be proud of in no time. Our ongoing relationship with Jillyn is great and she is always ready to help us update and improve our website whenever we want. Check out her work on OhanaSportfishing.com and see for yourself! More...


Tera Paleka P.

13 November 2012

Jillyn Dillon is very thorough and professional. Jillyn has answers to the biggest questions and she doesn't make you feel silly if you have a small question to ask. I appreciated Jillyn not giving up on me when it took her several tries to get together. I can't recommend her and her company enough! More...



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