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At TECHNICOLORMAN I will work closely with you to create powerful images that illustrate your ideas in a clear and coherent manner. Images should be evocative, but still simple enough to allow the subject to speak for itself.

With all non-news clients I start with a consultation to see what service package and price is best suited to your project.



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There is no one secret to a great photo. But action creates the environment for powerful images to be hatched. I will take action on our ideas and plans. This creates the opportunity for refinement to occur to create images that communicate powerfully to the viewer.

As a client I expect you to be able to communicate to me the purpose of the image we are creating. Once a purpose to our creative process has been stated we can begin to discuss how best to evoke your ideas.

What I find to be most rewarding about working in the field of photography is the nature of what all images mean to the viewer. While the images themselves never change ,their meaning to us evolves. We observe the changes in our thoughts and ourselves by looking at a photo and understanding what it means to us in that moment. The meaning of a potent image only increases with time.

I was inspired to work for myself when I realized that true happiness in my craft would be found in the process of creating beautiful images rather than being a human tripod for a studio that had it's own creative vision. Although, I often work with other people as part of a team on photo and video projects which I also find to be very rewarding.

I would like to thank you for considering me as you photographer and taking the time to browse my profile. If you choose me I will work closely with you and and listen carefully to your ideas so that we may create a powerful image that will stay with you for years as either a wonderful memory of your life or even a time in the evolution of your business.


Applies to large locations, or locations where many photos are required with multiple camera moves. If selections for editing are chosen the same day this time rolls over into editing time.

This is my hourly rate for shooting and editing. Any days lasting 6-10 consecutive hours are simply billed as day rates.

Timely news and real estate pricing.