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Local Will Writing company, specialising in:
Estate Planning
Asset Protection for children


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We ensure that loved ones end up getting the inheritance that they would expect. In a world of uncertainty, where such things as divorce are now becoming commonplace, by correct planning, we ensure that your loved ones get the inheritance that they deserve.

Most children, not unreasonably expect that when their parents pass away, they should be able to have control of their parents assets, and indeed inherit them. I saw families who were under the impression that they were looked after. However, without my services, they missed out on their inheritance that was rightfully theirs. With my services, I have been able to help my clients avoid these situations and have ensured a smooth process for their loved ones.

I've been helping my clients for 15 years, and we are well known within the industry. As a company, we have our own clients, but we also train other legal companies in will writing services.