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Janet R.

16 July 2019

I would recommend Taylored Meals to anyone! The meals are delicious and healthy, and they save you so much time! It saves you time doing the meal prep before dinner, dishes after dinner, not to mention all the time grocery shopping for meals if you chose the delivery option. They offer an incredible variety in meal options with a menu that constantly changes. They're friendly and accommodating, and I'm ecstatic that this service in available Kona! More...


Julie K.

30 June 2019

Don't know what I would do without her mealsDonna also makes delicious raw vegan desserts & Raw protein oat balls AND Pronuts (High protein healthy donuts) if you have a sweet tooth ! Wednesday's are my favorite delivery day because her breakfast burritos and bowls are available . They come with absolutely her delicious fire-roasted tomato garlic salsa! I could live on those...I also LOVE her vegan dishes...I am not 100% vegan but it's a great way to get more healthy veggies into my diet. In fact I just ate her falafel ,roasted vegetable, kale salad for breakfast with her tangy avo green goddess dressing. She also makes dried meat dog treats that all of my dogs adore! You can either pick up at her shop in the old industrial area Monday's & Thursday's or she will deliver to your house twice a week on Sunday & Wednesday. Just contact her and then she will text you the menu and you pick what you'd like and it's sitting there waiting for you! And all of her packaging is eco-friendly Compostable cardboard.It's really simple now you basically just order whatever you like and pick it up meals are $12.50 each. I couldn't cook a meal for that price especially with the variety of veggies plus protein that's in it! She also has two 'simple  meals ' on every menu also...Simple meals cost less and have 3 ounces of protein (Usually chicken or steak) +2 veggie or starch sides . She's also making overnight oatmeal with protein for breakfast , chia pudding & Tumeric tonic! More...


Soo M.

9 March 2018

LOVE being able to look in the fridge and find a stack of healthy, delicious options - all ready to eat!!  BEST salads EVER!!  (and her protein and veggie meals are yummy too.)  The best part: my picky husband (who thinks that healthy food = yuck) even loves Taylor's meals!  Try it - you'll love it! More...


Annie L.

25 October 2017

We just started ordering from Taylored Meals and it's seriously going to change our week for us. I cook all three meals and/or do meal prep for the week. It get old, it gets hot and it gets me lots of dishwashing time. I am in love with the variety, the portions and the flavor she offers. We chose the 10 meal package and I think we will do the 15 meals next week so I don't even have two think about my husbands lunches.   That leaves a few nights that I have to cook and bing bang boom. I'm more relaxed. Check out her Instagram More...


Leilani P.

3 March 2017

For $10 a meal all I can tell you is it is the freshest yummiest food ever. I don't like to cook every night. Taylor is creative it is healthy balanced proteins complex carbs, and her sauces are incredible. She also delivers. So happy to have a service like this in Kona More...