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Pat Naphat Kraithaworn

9 February 2019

Good atmosphere and very friendly trainer! I saw my results in first week !


Joseph Andrew Lukac

26 October 2018

I love the 1000% commitment by Tatyana and her entire staff. And that includes the other members as well. Everyone is truly like a family, and we watch each other's back with fitness, nutrition, and anything else. Big Chain gyms are just factories that usually leave you on your own. Tatyana's is something very special. My wife and I have lost weight, we are eating healthy, feeling healthy, and confidence is at an all time high. More...


Carolyn Katz

27 September 2018

Non-judging, supportive, and caring environment where you can achieve your wellness goals no matter what level you start. The focus is on personal best and doing better each week. You know you are not alone in your quest for better health at Tatyana’s Fitness. More...


Jennifer Carlton

27 September 2018

I signed up for the six week challenge. Four weeks in I knew I wanted to stay. I had already lost almost 30 pounds when I joined, but couldn’t do a sit-up. I could barely make it through a 30 minute class. Between the trainers and the other members, the encouragement was constant. I went from only going 3 times a week for 30 minutes to 5-6 days a week for 30-90 minutes. In the 7 months since I’ve joined, I’ve lost another 30 pounds and 11 inches. I can’t even describe everything that I’ve gained. Confidence that I can do this, strength in my body and mind, and friendships. I still have a little way to go in my weight loss journey, but I’m confident and comfortable that this incredible team I’ve been working with will be there to kick my butt and support me the entire way. More...


Tammy Stouchko

16 July 2017

I signed up for the 6 week transformation at Tatyana's Fitness when I was almost as heavy as I was when giving birth to my second child. I was not myself. I figured I could commit to 6 weeks and check it out. My ultimate goal, besides getting healthy again, was to lose 30 pounds but I knew thwart would take more than 6 weeks. Tatyana and all of her trainers are amazing. They work with you for your body and ability. They provide nutrition guidance and are there to support you. The members are all very welcoming; it's like a family. After the 6 weeks, and 24 pounds lighter, I joined as a full member. I'm almost 4 months in on my Journey and I have lost 38 pound, stronger than I have been since I can remember and healthier than ever. Tatyana's provides the knowledge and opportunity; it's up to you to make the choices and the effort. More...


Seth Nix

13 July 2017

Nothing short of AMAZING!!!! If you desire to get your body, spirit and mind in shape, on the right track, then this is the place to go. I travel 30 minutes on purpose and there's a crunch gym literally within 5 minutes...... WALKING of my house. GO. TODAY. You won't regret it. More...


Barbara Jean Redstone Lipari

29 June 2017

I found Tatyana when I went to the Steeplechase cancer center after finishing cancer treatment in Feb then decided to join her gym in March. The best decision I ever made. A little over 3 1/2 months and I had already lost 32 lbs and 49 total inches. She brought me back to a place I thought I would never get back too. She works you hard and has a heart of gold. She's out to see that everyone of her clients succeed in being the best they can be. I can't say enough good things about Tatyana's. She will change you life so don't hesitate. Thanks to Tatyana, her staff and the many great clients that I have the pleasure of meeting every single day. Xo � More...


Arlette Feijoo

23 June 2017

Tatyana and all her crew of trainers are amazing! I have to say that this is the first gym environment that I enjoy, it's a community of people who support each other and cheer you up at it's best!


Maureen McCormick-Venitelli

1 February 2017

The best of the best!!!!! I'm truly blessed for finding Tatyana and all the support from other members.


Wendi Johnsen

18 January 2017

Tatyana and her staff truly care about their clients and treat us as dear friends. You will not regret joining this gym, which is more than a gym - it's a community of people trying to get and stay healthy, who encourage each other along the way. I've been here for just over 6 weeks and have lost 9 pounds and 8 inches! This place is a blessing from God! More...


Selena Howard

16 September 2016

I simply adore Tatyana's Fitness she is dedicated to helping you succeed. I am able to control my diabetes nicely exercise is the key and I enjoy her workouts. I feel great!!


Marjorie Datuin

13 September 2016

My second home . Been with tatyana for almost 2 years and it changed my life ❤️❤️


Jennifer Dela Cruz

27 July 2016

In my 6 months of training... Pain became my bestfriend. Tatyana's workout is awesome! And i am dead serious. When i joined her group, my goal is just to get my sugar better. As my Doctor's order i need to exercise 30 min 5 days a week since they put me on insulin cuz i wanted a 3rd baby supposedly. Being on that med... Gaining weight was quick, 10 lbs in 3 weeks. I was getting frustrated because if that continue to happen, 3rd baby is impossible and ill be stuck with insulin. Jan when i started with her group training, on my 2nd cycle lost total of 14 lbs, A1c from 8.3 to 6.8 and out as high risk pt. Getting a lot of compliments, felt way better, but i didn't stop. I dont think i'll find trainer like her, as committed as her. She will really help and push you to ur limit to get the result you want. She watches ur food, ur performance and monitor ur progress weekly. Next week will be my 7 months with her... I go everyday, committed to meet my new goal, get more stronger, diabetes remission, and live longer! I love And i believe in a community i am right now in meeting my goals. Because were like family, were all friends, we inspire, cheer and support each other. I highly recommend Tatyana's fitness to evryone. More...


Christine Czajkowski Miller

28 February 2016

Tatyana is a good trainer, she pushes you to achieve your fitness goals.


Cathyann Baker

20 February 2016

Tatyana got me off my butt, after doing no form of exercise for the past 5 years. I was terrified, but decided to join after stopping in, observing a class and speaking with Tatyana. I am glad I did! I feel better, am stronger and have a better attitude in every aspect of my life. This was the best decision I ever made. The trainers are wonderful, the classes are wonderful and everyone participating in the classes are amazing. I would recommend Tatyana's Fitness to anyone! Again, best decision I ever made! More...


Ro Kov

20 February 2016

Best trainer ever!!!! Absolutely love this place.... She makes you WORK and you see results!


Marisa Cacchione Creagh

10 February 2016

Last night I had my 1st class and I loved it!!! It was fast, challenging and fun!! I'll be back for more this week. I suggest everyone looking for a challenge that isn't time consuming to check out this outstanding gym and all it has to offer! You will not be disappointed


Michelle Shabazz Schultz

2 February 2016

Tatyana truly cares for her clients and wants to see you meet your goals. She gives you the tools but you must use them. She's tough but she's tough for you. More...


Esther Nam

2 February 2016

Tatyana is very professional, has the knowledge base, and very passionate to help others... I really appreciate her tough love, and patient understanding. She is by far the best personal trainer out there! More...


Lisa Perna

29 January 2016

If Tatyana can get me to work out, drop down 2 dress sizes and get me to look and feel better than ever before, then she can help anyone! Love her and her persistent training!!! ❤️❤️❤️ More...


Bonita Padro

19 January 2016

Tatyana is OUTSTANDING whether you try small group or large group or one on one personal training she is no joke!!! She will whip you right into shape! She offers so much moral support daily and keeps you on track. I will be starting back up with my personal training as soon as I deliver my baby I can't wait! More...


Debra Witte Cruver

3 January 2016

It's a love-hate relationship. LOVE Tatyana, hate the workout - while it's happening. But, she made me stronger at 50 than I've been in 20 years! She's great no matter your age or fitness level. More...


Mish Chelle

30 December 2015

I love Tatyana as a trainer and as a friend. She truly wants to see you succeed and believes in your potential and will work with you to get you there, NO MATTER how much it hurts. If you're not hurting, or sweating, it's not working! Lol Sending her pictures of my meals also helps me to be more accountable for my diet as well which is a HUGE part of your fitness journey. Best trainer in Somerville HANDS DOWN! LOVE LOVE LOVE. More...


Dee Davidson

12 December 2015

I love this gym, if you have just 30 mins and live near Main Street join Tatyana Fitness she is a wonderful trainer the music is great and she is a blessed women of God!


Sarah Walker

23 November 2015

Fantastic place to workout! Helping me get to my weight-loss goals!


Ran D Pitts

15 August 2015

Great instructor! So happy you're downtown Somerville


Cynthia Renee Hinson

8 June 2015

Tatyana is unbelievable she makes me feel so good about myself. Although when I started not being in a gym before, I felt a little intimidated being very over weight. But Tatyana works with you she encourages you to keep going I found a new friend in her and a new love for the gym More...


Carlo Ella

25 February 2015

Best trainer in Somerville town. Highly recommended for my actors, model and production crew. - Carlo Ella, CEO of 3 in 1 Life Production


Angelica Sosa

8 May 2014

Working out with Tatyana has been great. She pushed me harder then I've ever been pushed and within the first week I've seen the results I wanted to see. I'm so happy to be working out with you taty!! More...


Suzanne Garrison Nerger

7 May 2014

I started training with Tatyana in October, 2012. Since then, with regular workouts and her encouragement to live a more healthy lifestyle, I have lost about 20 pounds. I am so much stronger and more fit than I have ever been before. And she has become a wonderful friend too! I highly recommend her as a trainer. She knows just how hard to push, and is so encouraging! More...