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We offer a top of the line photography experience. We confidently shoot in the studio, outside, and in nature. Tara Malia Photography provides professional retouched photographs and a 24-48 hour turn around for all raw and edited digital photos sent via DropBox or CD/DVD by request.


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Carley Yancy

7 November 2018

Tara does amazing work! She truly has a vision for capturing her clients in their best light and making you feel completely comfortable and confident during your shoot. Her shots are authentic, flattering, and above all else creative. Her positive attitude, high degree of professionalism, and quick turn around time will keep me coming back anytime I need a special moment captured. More...


Tanya Smith

11 October 2018

I had the privilege of meeting Tara Malia at a recent blogger shoot and I instantly vibed with her! Positive energy, beautiful spirit and she made me feel like I could conquer the world even in a very short time. I think it truly shows in the end product. Loved working with her and I would highly recommend partnering if you want amazing, high quality, brand-building photography! More...


jazzmin davenport

9 October 2018

The photographer is a Believer in Christ Jesus who is very dedicated, professional and loving. The quality of her pictures is as good as her customer service and personality. I will definitely be using her services in the future and promoting this christian owned business as well! More...


Shianna Smith

9 October 2018

Tara is an awesome photographer. I loved how she coached me through my shoot. She knew exactly what angles worked best for me and the right lighting that would work best. It didn’t even take long to capture the pictures. I will definitely be using her again! I also love that she’s a Christ-centered woman. More...


The secret to taking a great photograph is capturing the unique shine inside of the subject. Every person and every situation is very specific to the magic of a great photo. Making sure the subject is confident and comfortable is more important than anything else in the environment. A beautiful smile and a twinkle of the eye is the making of the perfect photo. Golden Hour is always my favorite lighting. Nothing beats the sun setting in the distance, highlighting the glow of everything it touches. Golden Hour is usually around 5:30 pm CST during the fall and winter months.

What is your vision and inspiration for the shoot? Do you already have your date and time selected for the shoot? Can you please send me some photos that inspire you? What's your time frame? Have you thought about the wardrobe? Is there ample lighting where we will be shooting (if it's on location and not in my studio)? What are you most confident about when you're in front of the camera? How many people will be in the shoot, and at the shoot?

What I love most about being a photographer are the reactions I get from my clients when they see their photos! I always send a Dropbox link with the updated edits and raw photos from the shoot. I've gotten so many different reactions. I've experienced tears of joy. I've gotten, "OMG Tara you were right I am beautiful! I usually get, "Thank you thank you thank you! I want to shoot again!" Nothing beats a happy client. People don't always get the opportunity for someone else to really pour positivity and encouragement into them. So when they get that at one of our photoshoots, then see the end results it really changes their day, week, month, and sometimes their whole outlook on life.

I've always been an entrepreneur. I own a fashion consulting company. I also own a health & fitness business and help women get in the best shape of their lives. That's really what got me excited about photography. One of the greatest joys of my life is to help my clients feel confident and love themselves even more after the shoot. I finally figured out that the gifts, talents, and knowledge the Lord has blessed me with is to serve and edify others. My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 5:14, "You are the light of the world. Like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden." I truly believe everyone is meant to shine brightly for the world to see!

As a professional photographer, I have VISION. I can see creative angles and imagine unique ways to bring out the best of any situation, specifically photography sessions. I also offer professional retouching with my packages. I am timely and have a 24 hour turnover for edits. I work well with anyone.