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Taqueria El Pueblito

Catalina Foothills


Taqueria El Pueblito

Catalina Foothills


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25 September 2019

Great chili verde .. perfectly spiced. Friendly staff.


Kevin K.

21 September 2019

Holy chorizo Batman. I had the chorizo breakfast burrito.some of the best chorizo I've had. The green salsa is also a win. Don't sleep on this place, for quick Mexican food that is delicious this is your win. I will definitely be back to explore their menu!! More...


Logan J.

13 September 2019

Friendly and delicious fresh all natural food makes me hungry just thinking of it and doing this review


Hayli G.

9 September 2019

The Carnitas here are truly amazing. I had the carnitas burrito on special and they were crispy, flavorful, and delicious. The pico they add to it was also very fresh. Their salsa bar is awesome - has many different salsas, avocado sauce, pickled onions, pickled jalapeños and carrots, etc. Great place. More...


Pete J.

6 September 2019

Top notch.  One the best in Tucson, and that's saying something. Truly one of the top ten in town--you won't be disappointed


Chris S.

26 August 2019

Really good food. Quick, reasonable prices. Love their taco shells. Shredded beef could have some more flavor.


Sam M.

14 August 2019

Amazing tacos and service decent prices, will definitely return. Have since tried the tacos al pastor, mole, beef and chicken tacos. Favorite is still tacos al pastor.


Iveth R.

12 August 2019

I was always curious about this place! I've heard it was delicious but when it comes to homemade Mexican food I'm kind of skeptical. This is place is really good, it's not your authentic homemade food, but it's still pretty tasty. If you like Mexican/American food you'll love it here! I was a fan of the enchiladas and of the taco de rajas. I really recommend you try their rajas, those I can say are pretty authentic! More...


Andy F.

25 July 2019

Taco heaven!  We were craving good tacos and this place scored! They served up some solid food!  Especially liked the carne asada tacos, refried beans, and the salsa bar!You can't go wrong here.  Arrive hungry for some authentic grub! More...


Katie G.

20 July 2019

Cute place with indoor and outdoor seating. I got the carne asada, al pastor, and green chili pork tacos and all were delicious and bigger than your average street taco. The green chili pork was my favorite, the flavors are perfect! I was also impressed by their red salsa. More...


Michael S.

19 July 2019

I first tried fish Tacos in Tubac and I really enjoyed them. So when I saw them on the menu at one of my favorite Taquerias, I had to give them a try. Lightly battered filets of Pollack white fish. Fried to a Crispy brown but still tender and moist inside. On corn tortillas with a heavenly creamy tartar sauce. Then I added lime juice, Mexican relish, hot sauce and radishes. Delicious! 3 fish Tacos were $12.69 after tax. Wonderful lunch! More...


Laurie P.

8 July 2019

This is my favorite go-to place for quick, affordable, delicious Mexican food. Plus, friendly service! I come here at least once a month for their breakfast burritos, which are heaven wrapped in a tortilla. Always great!


Soo H.

7 July 2019

'Pueblito burritos' are my fav! It is Carne Asada buritto with potatoes and Pico de gallo. (Tacos were so so both carne Asada and carnitas.) Will definitely miss this place when we no longer live in Tucson. More...


Savannah G.

5 July 2019

5 shredded beef flautas (rolled tacos) topped with guacamole, cheese, lettuce, tomato sauce and sour cream.  Sorry about the poor photo quality, but I was in my car.  BEST rolled tacos/flautas in Tucson! More...


Maria T.

1 June 2019

I'm from out of town found this Awesome place very good food. Excellent customer service.


Sylvia G.

27 May 2019

Stopped at el Pueblito for a quick meal. Had fluatas and a coke. Prices were reasonable service fast and food was tasty. Fluatas were topped with guacamole and carne asada. Come by the agua frescas  good More...


Kris L.

25 May 2019

Fresh, homemade food at this quick serve restaurant. Tried the #1 meat plate with green chili pork, beans, rice, salad, pico, hot corn tortillas and a small scoop of guacamole. Portions were huge for the price and the meat was very tender with a nice green chili spice. Great salsa bar with 4 salsa choices, pickled carrots, pickled onions, limes and radishes. More...


Derek R.

16 May 2019

Brought the family here after seeing the reviews. We were all happy with our meals and would definitely come back again.We had chips and salsa, a barbacoa tostada, chicken enchilada, chicken quesadilla, fish taco and a raja con crema, which was delicious! More...


Shahla H.

22 April 2019

Yesssss tacos tacos tacos!!! Sooo good, I ordered the crispy tacos in shredded beef and Barbacoa and so deliciously flavored.  The sauces were also spicy and tasty.  Everything I want in Mexican food was there in these tacos: flavor, spices and crunchy tacos.  It tasted homemade and fresh and just perfect.  I also ordered a drink and I had the orange Bang! Which is really sweet and tasted of very sweet orange cream soda but it went pretty well with the entree.  Definitely going back again! More...


Mike P.

20 April 2019

The Zacatecas burrito might be the best burrito I've had in Tucson. This is a hidden gem along Campbell and their daily specials can't be beat.


Crystal R.

20 April 2019

Get the rajas tacos. Definitely the best thing I ordered. It's a meatless option, but the chilies were mild and took on a savory taste. Buttery and delicious all the way thru. The young lady manning the register was patient and helpful especially because it was our first time there. She answered all of our questions. Luckily we came at a time when it wasn't too busy, but after we ordered many people came in.We found this place on yelp. More...


Tyler R.

20 April 2019

Easily my favorite quick Mexican place in Tucson. Good food and great prices. Go with any burrito or the chicken enchiladas and you will not be disappointed.


Brian H.

15 April 2019

Great place for a traditional meal, breakfast and lunch!


Ian P.

8 April 2019

So incredibly delicious and such a great price! I had the carnitas chimichanga plate and it was soooooo good! Most places serve lukewarm rice and beans with your plate, but everything at Taqueria El Pueblito is hot and delicious. The carnitas had wonderful seasoning. Definitely coming back! More...


Brooke B.

24 March 2019

BEST BREAKFAST BURRITO IN TOWN!!! can't recommend the breakfast burritos enough. Quick & friendly service is a plus. Great assortment of salsa too!


B G.

15 March 2019

don't worry about the person who said the your restaurant was only mediocre.this is the same person who praises cook out food. "enough said"everytime i have been to your restaurant i have recieved authentic mexican food.that was very good.to many people expect americanized mexican dishes, they do not know authentic cuisine. keep up the good work. More...


A W.

15 March 2019

This is my new favorite burrito place! Absolutely delicious. Tortillas are perfect. Food is wonderful and service is friendly and prompt. Definitely going back again and again! More...


Carla W.

5 March 2019

Excellant chips and salsa. Had the el pastor - delicious. Got some extra tomotilla sauce at the back.


Lisa T.

17 February 2019

I am new to the area and was looking for a good bowl of menudo.  Of course I looked up the higher scored places and off we went.  I was not disappointed! The menudo had small bite size pieces,  I asked for extra hominy and got it.  The tamales were flavorful as was the barbacorra.  There was a slight wait as everything was made to order and the cook was openly visible. The smells of great food filled the restaurant as he cooked each order. We will return! More...


I D.

17 February 2019

Excellent burritos!  Nice and large too. Fresh tortillas. Tasty bacon. The chorizo burrito was really yummy. Will definitely come back.


Eric F.

13 February 2019

Clean, attentive and friendly service. I've been to several establishments that are of similar setup. Order at the counter, get your salsa and find a table. This place does it as good as any. The food quality was decent, carne Asada was tender. Would eat here again and try some different things. More...


Adrienne H.

9 February 2019

I came here for menudo with my boyfriend and was definitely not disappointed! It was $11 for both of us and the portions were very generous; not to mention the red menudo itself was amazing. :) overall we enjoyed our meal very much and will definitely be coming back! More...


Bruce K.

22 January 2019

As part of my responsibilities of finding restaurants to try out when on travel, I decided to check this place out considering I was in town for a conference. I was looking for a place who had some good green chile and tacos for lunch. I stumbled upon this place while just browsing Yelp and trying to find good food for the time we have off for lunch and with a group, we checked this place out.This spot has some charm to it, and it comes out that most good Mexican spots have the same charm. Hole in the wall, not the best dining or anything...just really simplistic and a salsa bar. That's it. So what did I get?I ordered a green chile burrito and two tacos, an al pastor and chicharron. Now if you had the choice of what to get, burrito is the way to go. It's big and it'll satisfy your appetite.  The green chile burrito wasn't spicy, so if that's what you're expecting don't expect it. I would suggest the salsa bar and add peppers to it if you want it spicier. The chicharron taco was pretty spicy, and I was warned when I ordered it. If you're looking for spice, this is the taco to get. I also ordered an Al pastor taco, which had plenty of flavor and the comfort of al pastor was there.Overall, this place is definitely solid. I don't know if it's the best, but it's better than anything I've had from where I live. I would say go here if you're trying to find a place for lunch and pretty solid Mexican food. More...


Michelle N.

20 January 2019

Was in the area, craving a breakfast burrito and this place definitely hit the spot! Both of the burritos we got were delicious. The tortas also looked really good. They have a variety of options and service was fairly quick. Received our burritos in about 5-8 min after ordered. If you check in on yelp, you get 10% off as well. More...


Mike M.

7 January 2019

I met a couple friends here strictly off the yelp reviews. It did not disappoint. Very small hole in the wall feel, inthe breakfast burrito was fantastic.The burrito actually took up the entire plate. $5.99 wasn't a bad price either. If you're looking for a place to grab some good breakfast, give this one a try.Back from lunch, had the flautes. The food, fantastic as usual and so tasty. You must stop by and try them out. More...


Jolene B.

6 January 2019

We only had a breakfast burrito so I can't speak for the rest of the menu.  The burrito was huge and super good.  We would definitely come back.


Gloria A.

4 January 2019

We have tried MANY items on the menu but when we found the Zacatecas burrito we were overjoyed!  It really is enough for two meals, even for my husband.  The red menudo on the weekends is fantastic as well.  Best of all the staff is so very friendly and accommodating. Great find! More...


Ava B.

31 December 2018

Looked high and low for the best just to find it 1/2 mile up the road!  This is the real deal!  Absolutely everything is fresh, authentic and delicious!  My go to for everything Mexican!


Justin W.

30 December 2018

This is the best food I have ever ate. By far the best Mexican food I have tried in any state... even Mexico can't touch this one!! The best flavor of any Mexican restaurant ever. The barbacoa tacos are amazing as well as the carnitas torta, breakfast burritos are awesome and you definitely get what you pay for great portion sizes great service perfect environment but most of all the flavors here are priceless!! Thanks Guys!! More...


Brandi D.

16 December 2018

If you want authentic Mexican food-fast...this is it. Their food is consistently yummy and their prices are great. My husband goes here regularly for breakfast burritos and he always raves about them. Their menudo is so so good. I'm a self proclaimed menudo snob, usually picking through it and eating just the hominy, but the tripe in theirs is never gooey and in small enough pieces, that it's actually good. They say it's because they clean it three times and use an old family recipe. I assume these recipes are also what fuels their delicious meals. I would recommend this place over and over again! Our friend group even has our own "Taqueria el Pueblito song!" More...


Alex T.

12 December 2018

This is my first ever review on here. The Zacatecas burrito is a MUST try especially with that red salsa.


Louie C.

20 November 2018

If you're in the mood for a burrito...you NEED to order the Zacatecas! Worth every drop of caloric intake.


Jacqui B.

20 November 2018

Vegetarian taqueria tour, review #2.  A couple of veg options here, one of which is your standard beans-and-cheese, which is, you know, beans and cheese.  Which I'm perfectly happy with, but I can open a can of refried beans pretty easily my own self.  The real veg standout is the Rajas con Crema, which I give 25 thumbs up.And real plates!  So fancy.  Four stars because, I don't know, thinking there still must but a mind-blowing five-star veg taqueria experience out there that I haven't imagined yet. More...


A A.

13 November 2018

A centrally located eatery with just good food.Their menudo was so tasty, left us wanting more!Reasonably priced and good sized portions.



7 November 2018

The best family run Mexican food made fresh. If you haven't tried it. Run right over. Always delicious.


E B.

6 November 2018

Some of the best Mexican food I've found in Tucson.  Great place with quick service and decent prices.  Been back several times and I'll keep coming!


Tom A.

31 October 2018

Being from California gives me a greater appreciation for Tucson Mexican food.  Every time we try a new location, we compare it to all the others we've tried.  We don't need to try any others after El Pueblito. The bar has been set.  Value, quality and freshness are unequal.  Don't get this review wrong. El Pueblito's doesn't have it all.  There are no beers or margaritas to order. No hot plates or waitresses. Just great food at a terrific price. More...


Camille B.

2 October 2018

In Tucson, Mexican restaurants are not uncommon.  And good Mexican restaurants are also not uncommon.  And this place is at the top of the pack.When I'm with my friends/boyfriend and we are hungry for some delicious Mexican food, this is one of our go-to spots.I'm a vegetarian, from what I've tried:Bean, potato, egg, and cheese burrito: solid breakfast burrito, similar to any standard burrito place like Nico's.Rajas con Crema Taco:  OUTSTANDING.  These are your standard sized taco, and it was simply amazing.  The Rajas con Crema burrito is also delicious (no surprise there).A plate that came with their Poblano peppers, rice, beans, tortillas:  OUTSTANDING as well.  It was really filling and I made my own tacos, essentially.Veggie burrito:  Meh.  I find that most veggie burritos at most places are usually bland/boring.  They just don't have that much flavor.  They're often stuffed full with iceberg lettuce and bland tomatoes.  It was edible, but it was not interesting or exciting.  As they have so many other vegetarian options, it doesn't bother me at all that this one is not as good.  I won't order it again, but I will order all the other things I've tried again.For the non-vegetarians, my boyfriend/friends are meat eaters who have stated they enjoy this place and are pleased with the quality of the food.Oh, and they have a salsa bar!  Last time I was there they had two green salsas (one mild, one hot) and two red salsas.  I particularly enjoyed the red salsa that has a chunkier consistency.  It had this amazing smoky flavor to it. More...


Adam B.

23 September 2018

This place is off the chain.  The burrito I had was amazing, the tortilla had to be homemade and The Who thing was amazing.  They are also super nice and have a cute place with a good vibe.  OFF THE CHAIN good.  I am glad I don't live near here because I would eat here too much and would eat too much when I did.  Five + More...


Joey L.

19 September 2018

One of my favorite taco shops in town! I love the carne asada chimis and the pollo asado burrito. The carne asada here is the best and the salsa bar is top notch, the red salsa has some heat but isn't overpowing. Takes some time for the food if they're busy but it's easily worth the wait. More...


Rey F.

7 September 2018

My first time here was last week, there was a small mix-up in the order. I called after getting back to work and they were super apologetic and insisted that I come back at my convince to give them a chance to make it right. I did take them up on the offer and I am extremely pleased with the food, staff and atmosphere. I will definitely be back! More...


Pasha J.

27 July 2018

Took my kids for lunch... we had tacos and burritos and nachos... great choice! We really enjoyed it and the staff was really nice


Craig H.

26 July 2018

Had the barbacoa, raja, tacos and Zacatecas burrito.  Clean establishment and friendly service.  Wish the patio was dog friendly but outside of that, excellent!


Sam R.

22 July 2018

Delivery is always on time or early and the food is amazing. When dining in the staff is professional, friendly and attentive.


Nathan D.

14 July 2018

Tacos were tasty and full with a nice selection of salsas. Fairly simple layout with quick service at the time.


C B.

11 July 2018

Lots of great choices in Tucson for Sonoran style fare, but this spot features authentic jalisciense food.  And it's terrific!  They even offer the unique custard dessert that's tough to find outside Guadalajara!  So far, everything I've had was delicious, especially the barbacoa. More...


Minerva B.

9 July 2018

My favorite burrito in town is the Zacatecas. The employees here are exceedingly friendly and warm. The food differs a bit depending on which cook is on duty but has always been wonderful.


Joanna H.

7 July 2018

We love this place. They have fresh everything, tortillas are amazing and the food is really good. The staff is always friendly and the place is very clean. Breakfast burritos are top-notch and the salsa verde is excellent. More...


Jacob S.

5 July 2018

So far, this has been the best burrito I have ever eaten. The Zacateca was my favorite. Filled with perfect carne assada, cheese, guacamole, and other goodies, it will for sure fill you up for a price that makes your wallet happy. We have also had the breakfast burritos and definitely the best in Tucson. You won't regret coming here. More...


Josh H.

1 July 2018

This place is awesome, clean and friendly. Maybe the best breakfast burrito I've had in Tucson. Their salsa bar is also spot on with multiple spice levels to choose from. Definitely my new go to spot!


Tracey H.

24 June 2018

Literally the best Mexican food in Tuson. And they deliver. And their whole salsa bar comes with every order. I'm in a food coma. That's all I got. I love this place. More...


orion s.

21 June 2018

Great food! Unique to the Sonoran desert and it breaks up the average options here in Tucson for "Mexican food" I've never had a bad meal here and I've never left hungry. Must try!


ciria e.

3 June 2018

The first thing I noticed was the cleanliness of the restaurant with fresh scent of "Fabuloso" friendly staff with good customer service.  Hard barbacoa and shredded beef tacos are huge and very tasty. At $3.99 each, that's all you need. Breakfast burrito is huge and packed with egg, good chunks of bacon, potatoes and cheese. Their salsa bar is to the point with lots of salsas including a "salsa cruda" which was excellent. More...


Brian M.

30 May 2018

Delicious food, reasonably priced, quick service, clean restaurant. Overall, it was a great meal and we plan to go back again!


Kelsey A.

28 May 2018

I was visiting my family and wanted to try a New Mexican place. I am so glad I convinced my mom to go. I am a bit of a Mexican food snob, and when I am in Tucson, I expect real, authentic Mexican food.  El Pueblito did not disappoint. Their tortillas are handmade, the taco shells are made there on the spot, and they have an open kitchen where you can see them cooking up your food for you right as you order it.Next time I come back to Tucson, I am definitely coming here. The food is really reasonably priced, the portions are big and the staff is friendly. I am pretty sure my family now has a new "usual" Mexican restaurant at el taqueria now. More...


Tom M.

19 May 2018

This is our favorite place in Tucson!  We usually eat here twice each trip.  Even my picky 12 yr old begs for this place if are anywhere near it.  Faves are carne Adams, chili verse tacos and the Rojas con crema... More...


N. Yvonne E.

6 May 2018

As always 5 star food and 5 star service. I drive 35 min for breakfast burritos and would do so anyday!


Angela H.

3 May 2018

By far, one of the best burritos here in Tucson. SO GOOD! I'm vegan and I usually order the veggie burrito (beans, rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, lettuce) sans cheese and crema. It's always so fresh and delicious! Their housemade salsas are the cherry on top for me. Not all salsa verdes are created equal but this place has one that is amazing. Service is always pleasant and expedient. The restaurant is very clean, always cool (great for those unbearably hot days) and there's a TV if you dine solo and need a little entertainment. I highly recommend! More...


Dale L.

23 April 2018

Great little place with delicious food. Sat outside on a beautiful afternoon and enjoyed a hearty burrito while my wife had one of the platillos. Both were excellent and the price was right. Definitely worth going back.  Just wish they served beer. More...


Sarah G.

11 April 2018

This place is amazing!! I would post a picture, but I ate my food way too quickly. The place itself is just a small shop, but it's fairly clean and has plenty of seating. I ordered the chimichanga al pastor (THE BEST) and the #13 platillo with chicken enchilada + carne asada burrito. The filling of all the items had plenty of meat, as well as flavorful sauces. The plates were a good size, and the price is well-matched to the food. I have been searching for quality Mexican food for quite a while, and finally I stumbled upon this place. If you are ever in Tucson, you MUST try this place. If you don't, you'll never know what you're missing. More...


Melissa R.

27 March 2018

I've been wanting to check this place out for awhile now because it's been recommended to me so many times. The best word to describe this place is AUTHENTIC. Even walking into the place and smelling the overpowering smell of Fabuloso reminded me of being in Mexico again. The prices are appropriate and the portion sizes are sure to keep you full. I order the barbacoa chimichanga and the Zacatecas burrito. They were both amazing and full of flavor. Their horchata was pretty bomb too. The lady who worked there was really helpful when ordering and she was really knowledgeable of the menu. Some of the BEST Mexican food in Tucson. More...


Erik D.

23 March 2018

Come for the Chile rellonos. Best item we ordered while here. 2 tacos will fill you up. I'd attach a photo but it would only be if empty plates.Mmm mmm good


Zachary R.

16 March 2018

Reducing my rating because I tried to stop here and while their posted hours indicated they were supposed to be open the doors were locked. It was not a holiday either.


Steven K.

10 March 2018

First visit.  Super clean restaurant! Food is very affordable and portions are large.  House chips and salsa were hot and fresh.  Really good salsa!!  Barbacoa was good, only downside was that crispy taco shell came out soggy.  Chicken enchilada plate huge and good enchiladas.  Would like to try a burrito next visit when im in town again. More...


Kriz A.

1 March 2018

Small place that tries to sell more than just food. They have Knick knacks and even mirrors mounted with a price tag. I ordered three tacos and no drink. One was a deep fried barbacoa, pastor, and veggie (green Chile's and corn). I was not impressed with the fried one, it lacked depth but I loved the other two and would highly recommend!! I know, who gets a veggie taco But seriously, try it! It was the perfect spice and creme amount!! The pastor meat was delicious, it wasn't dry and had a really good flavor. They also placed a good amount of guacamole on my taco so I was happy they weren't stingy. They also have a salsa bar with more toppings if you want to add more. I would definitely head back and order the two tacos mentioned above. More...


Dr. J.

1 March 2018

Loved this place! The food was delicious and cheap. We were two adults and two kids, we ordered too much food, and our bill was only $25. The tacos are large and two tacos ($3 each) is enough for a typical adult. One taco is enough for a kid and the enormous quesadilla will feed two. I can't wait to head back and further explore the menu! More...


Andy M.

25 February 2018

Delicious, delicious, delicious. I've taken my whole family there two years in a row when we're out visiting relatives in Tucson, and everyone from my 75-year-old day to my 3-year-old son loves it. I look forward to my next visit.


Dom V.

24 February 2018

In the top five, at least top ten Mexican food joints in town.  They have secret menu items too, gotta ask and they will make it.  A lot of specialty recipes you don't see at the other burrito joints.   Salsa bar is solid.  And they have some good spicy avocado crema. More...


Mish M.

9 February 2018

Best food ever.  Inexpensive but rich in flavor.  I order via Grub Hub all of the time.  The food is prepared and delivered quickly, always correctly, and delicious.  Only place I like to eat anymore. More...


Megane E.

5 February 2018

We always stop and eat here when we go to Tucson, burritos are amazing and have great flavor, chili rellenos are also really good, I would totally recommend this place to anyone passing through or staying in town.


Robin H.

21 January 2018

What I love about this place is it is always clean, and their food is always fresh. They aren't sloppy about making your food and don't have a salsa bar that consists of different colored waters (meaning they all are legitimate salsas). Chips cost extra which I think is kind of bologna considering this place is a higher priced taqueria to begin with. They have all drinks with free refills, even horchata which is rare gem to find in Tucson. They will give you a to go cup for no additional charge if you ask them for one when you order. Be warned though, they do have a minimum purchase price for debit otherwise you will get charged a fee. The rice and beans here are very good, as well as the chile rellenos, and chicken. It's a nice spot to go for lunch, but it is kind of pricey for a taqueria as previously stated. More...


Jennifer P.

16 January 2018

Barbacoa Tacos .. the best! This place is a gem, outdoor eating with the dogs or very clean and friendly inside.  Actually we come from the otherside of town to eat here. The employees who work here enjoy working. I believe this restaurant is family owned. I have worked in a family owned restaurant and there is a difference. Wish I could be adopted!!Please try this out. More...


Jake S.

15 January 2018

We had two chicken tacos and carne asada burrito with chips and salsa. Food was good, But I still like my local taqueria better.  Guac didn't have a lot of flavor.  Outside dining was nice. More...


Mark A.

10 January 2018

Everything!!! Everything!!!!  Everything!!!!! I mean everything here is amazing and super fresh.  The Zacatecas Burrito is my most most favorite of all, with it's creamy goodness of avocado and bacon it is a thrill to my tastebuds.  The food is fast as well, and I am enamored by the immense salsa bar.  I am even getting hungry, while writing this review.  The tables are not grand, it's seems that they are leftover from some old fast food place from the 60's.  Wether you are in the area or have to drive 27 miles, it is always super and worth the drive, drive, or horseback ride. More...


Bill B.

29 December 2017

I specifically went for the menudo because I can't get a good menudo here in my area unless I travel 50-70 miles. It was absolutely wonderful...will go back again.


Sylvana A.

22 December 2017

We stumbled into this taqueria and were surprisingly satisfied. We had the tacos de barbacoa in a flour tortilla. Highly recommend this place!!


Peter P.

7 December 2017

Fast and fresh. Everything was delicious and the salsas are flavorful and spicy! Rajas con crema is my new favorite item I highly recommend it, great break away from the standard meat options. Which the barbacoa was incredible too. More...


Zuzia W.

7 November 2017

Came here for a quick lunch. Had a bean and cheese tostada and it was absolute top tostada i've had, and that's saying a lot for a simple bean and cheese. their salads are amazing, lots of flavor. More...


Liz E.

6 November 2017

I am from AZ, but don't live there anymore. On a recent trip I needed perfect Mexican food and I found it here. Nothing surprising or innovative, just excellent staples. Even the rice and beans were perfection. Loved having different Mexican sodas and horchata on tap. Highly recommended. More...


Blissful B.

29 October 2017

Owner is sweet, all around very nice staff. My crispy Barbacoa taco was not crispy at all but everything else was on point


Justin B.

29 September 2017

Love this place! Great food and friendly service. Get the carnitas.


Jean R.

18 September 2017

Another hidden gem in Tucson! Love love love it. Establishment is very clean,  salsa bar was well kept,  freshly stocked. Ordering was very convenient and easy. The staff was very friendly and I did love the idea of being able to see your food being made. Came in for a breakfast burrito and a carne asada burrito and it was perfect. Had to drive across town for it and was worth it. Will be back for sure!!! More...


Dalaena R.

17 September 2017

I've been looking for a good Mexican restaurant in Tucson and I think this is it. It's similar to Filibertos, but I like that. My dad really enjoyed this place also. He got the El Pastor burrito and he wants to go back all the time. He really enjoyed the salsa bar. I got a Carnitas burrito and the meat was flavorful and it was pretty large portion size. I had enough to take home. The atmosphere was nice and not too loud. The employees were helpful and very nice! More...


Elizabeth S.

14 September 2017

Best taco/burrito shop in town. I'm spoiled and extremely accustomed to quality home-made Mexican food. This place never ever disappoints. Order the rajas con crema burrito and the chile relleno burrito! More...


J. S.

19 August 2017

We had delicious authentic breakfast burritos today! The customer service from beginning to end was genuine and pfoessional.  The portions are appropriately fullfiling & well priced. This is a quiet restaraunt with clean indoor/patio seating. This was our first visit here, but definitely not our last. We can't wait to return soon for more southwest classic dishes! More...


James E.

19 August 2017

The food here was excellent. We had the combination burrito and enchilada the chicken enchilada was excellent and the green chili burro was good too. Our son had the Pueblito nachos and those were excellent. The restaurant was cleaning service was fast and friendly. More...


J. S.

19 August 2017

We had delicious authentic breakfast burritos today!���� The customer service from beginning to end was genuine and pfoessional. ���� The portions are appropriately fullfiling & well priced. This is a quiet restaraunt with clean indoor/patio seating. This was our first visit here, but definitely not our last. We can't wait to return soon for more southwest classic dishes! More...


Lauren P.

13 August 2017

Excellent food, care and thought put into the preparation in this local business. Came straight from the airport and was exactly the meal I was looking for! Delicious flan, too!


Steven L.

2 August 2017

My Wife and I use yelp to find new places all of the time and this time we were not disappointed.  Carolyn had the #9 meal with chicken enchiladas and shredded beef tacos.  I saw the freshly made Chili Relleno and had to have that.  Both meals were excellent and the service was superb.  We will be back soon. More...


Darth V.

22 July 2017

Fast, friendly, fresh. Crushing it! Tacos al pastor x2. Tacos are bigger than street taco size & stuffed with shredded meat with a slow burn spice. Super value.


Natalie B.

10 July 2017

Yum! Super yummy and authentic taqueria. We like all of the tacos here. How many words do I have to write to get his review posted? The tacos are deliciosos. Sabrosos. More...


Andrew M.

26 June 2017

Best burrito/price I have had so far. I plan on sampling their entire menu eventually. The inside is very basic but air conditioned with decent seating if you want to sit down.


Griffin T.

18 June 2017

From reading some previous reviews I definitely agree with the five star food with three star vibe comment. But if you're okay with a lackluster ambience then you're in for a treat because these tacos are huge. Wash it down with some of their horchata, something I've really grown to love since living in Tucson. Otherwise it's your standard taco shop: both types of tortillas, well marinated meats, delicious salsa bar, pickled vegetables, you name it. More...


April F.

12 June 2017

We ate here for the first time the other day. All I can say was that it was  amazing. It's in a pretty unassuming strip mall but looks can be deceiving. I had three tacos (carne asada, rajas con crema and al pastor). Everything was super fresh and they have an open kitchen so you can watch them cook. The rajas con crema was by far my favorite - you will not be disappointed. The salsa bar has all the usual suspects but the kind made with the avocado is HOT, but it didn't stop me from eating it. More...


Gene T.

2 June 2017

5 star food!  3 star atmosphere!  Clean!Loved it here. Not the picture of comfort however they do use real plates and real forks and knives. Loved it here!  Ordered the Zacatecas's burrito (carne asada, bacon, onions and guacamole). All inside a fresh flour tortilla!  Also ordered their Barbacoa enchilada style. After going to their salsa (red and green and some more) bar and getting some nice spicy sauces for our burritos...we dug in!  Great meat flavor. Herbs, spice...all very nice. Reminded me of being in Mexico!  I think that is a good thing! More...


Evan K.

1 June 2017

Came for the breakfast burritos, left a changed man. The service was fantastic and the staff were extremely friendly. Our breakfast burritos were delicious and quite possibly the best I've had in Tucson. 10/10 would recommend this place to everyone! I'm excited to comeback and try everything else on the menu. More...


Daniel L.

28 May 2017

These guys are awesome. On top of the great customer service, there is absolutely no hassle in getting things switched out. I'm lactarded, and when i asked for guacamole instead of sour cream for my chicken tacos, they didn't hesitate making the switch for no extra charge. They're incredibly generous with their portions. Their pico de gallo is fantastic, and their guacamole hot sauce is amazing. You're missing out if you haven't tried them out yet. More...


Juan K.

27 May 2017

Omg the best in tucson!!!!!!! Get a burrito and stick up on the salsa bar! Gonna go get some now, made myself hungry!


Paul K.

13 May 2017

Best burritos in Tucson.  Nice little family run place that makes food like they are cooking for family.  Tasty, generous sized burritos at a fair price.  The Zacateca burrito and the green chile pork burritos are the best!  Their salsa choices are also amazing.  Oh, and their menudo is not only excellent, but its the perfect hangover cure. More...


Brian M.

23 April 2017

These are my favorite burritos in Tucson. The chili relleno burrito and breakfast burritos are gut busters, and delicious. Delicious tortillas, and great salsa to boot. More...


Nancy O.

22 April 2017

Oh my goodness the food here is authentic and delicious!!!! If you haven't tried it yet you are missing out !!!!


Chris B.

16 April 2017

Food was great and the all day breakfast options makes this a great spot for picky kids. Portions are generous and my wife and I split a meal. Only gripe is that the margaritas are made with a mix, rather than with fresh limes. A minor issue unless you like fresh margaritas! More...


Mosh J.

10 April 2017

Only been once, but it was really tasty and the employees are friendly. I had the Pueblito fries.


Alyssa L.

9 April 2017

finally...a delicious Mexican restaurant that is a minute drive from my home! freshly cooked and grilled to order, and you get to pack your own sides to go along with the burritos!my usual orders are Super Fries, Super Nachos and Carne Asada Burrito. the restaurant is always clean, and even has free WiFi. More...


Claudia L.

8 April 2017

I've had breakfast burritos and they're  good.  BUT I just bought my boyfriend the Zacatecas burrito and a chile relleno for myself.  Bomb.com!!! The chile relleno took me back to when my Nana would make them!! More...


Kelly M.

2 April 2017

Nice little mom-n-pop Mexican place.  Came in the first time and saw this huuuuge bushel of green chilies sitting on the counter.  How's that for the real deal!?!Great breakfast burritos!!  I had the sausage and egg.  Asked for it smothered with pork green chili.  This seemed to confuse them a little, but they asked a couple of questions, and accommodated my request perfectly.  Doesn't get any better then this.yelp.com/biz_photos/taqu… More...


Tim S.

1 April 2017

This is my favorite affordable Mexican restaurant. They do not serve beer but their Agua Fresca's are great. The Barbacoa Torta (all their Tortas are great) is great as well as the Tacos Dorado. Breakfast Burros are huge and amazing. The patio is a great place to sit as well as the communal high top table in the middle of the restaurant. It is a clean and comfortable restaurant with friendly counter service. I have eaten here over 20 times and it's consistent, delicious and cheap. I always bring friends here or grab take-out for the family. This is a mid-town gem. More...


Aimz M.

25 March 2017

It's my first time here in Tucson, AZ and I wanted to find some good Mexican food, so I researched all the local places near where I was staying. Taqueria El Pueblito caught my attention as it had high ratings, great reviews and good looking food in their Yelp photos.I decided to order from here and I was very satisfied!! I ordered the two taco plate (hard shell barbacoa and an al pastor soft taco on corn tortilla) with rice and beans and it was excellent! They also have good horchata. My mom ordered the chicken enchiladas with green sauce and they were also delicious! They even topped them off with sour cream.. just the way she liked them.Taqueria El Pueblito has great food and customer service. The ladies that rang us up and gave us our food were very nice and courteous. If I come back to AZ, I will make this the 'Go To' Mexican spot to come back to! More...


dave s.

1 March 2017

Great burrito and other food was overall well executed - place definitely worth a visit.


Lori J.

24 February 2017

If your looking for a hole in the wall with awesome authentic tacos look no further. We went searching for a hidden treasure and found this gem. Quantities are large and food is made to order. This one is a keeper. More...


Joshua B.

15 February 2017

The staff is always fantastic and the food is always top notch. I spend way too much money here lol. Keep it up guys!


Christina R.

12 February 2017

This has become my new favorite quick Mexican restaurant. They have wonderful breakfast burritos, which are meat of choice, eggs, cheese, and potatoes. I personally prefer the bacon one, while my boyfriend likes their sausage. All of their burritos are about the size of my forearm...I can usually get 2 meals out of one unless I'm especially ravenous.For the remainder of the menu, I LOVE the Zacatecas burrito. It's carne asada, bacon, grilled onions, cheese and guac. It's fantastic, but every once in awhile can be salty depending on how much bacon they throw in. Their tamales are decent. For vegetarians out there, they make a wonderful roasted poblano and corn taco. Didn't think I'd like it, but it was good. They do have a salsa bar that's a bit tiny, but their creamy avocado based salsa and green tomatillos salsa are both wonderful. Their pico de Gallo is fresh. I don't care for their roasted red salsa, but that's a personal preference. All in all, ever since Viva Burrito closed their Speedway location, this has been my go-to for decent Mexican food. Be aware that they close earlier than most: 8:30 pm. Definitely missed that myself. More...


Megan O.

8 February 2017

If you want to know where the locals go to get superb Jalisco style Mexican food, you've found the place. Fresh ingredients, friendly staff, and my favorite place in town for tacos and burritos. Cleanliness is top-notch and portions are very generous in the casual dining atmosphere. I can't say enough about this fantastic food. I always adjust menu items to my taste, adding guacamole or taking off crema, and they are very cooperative. Pollo Asado Breakfast burritos, Veggie Burritos and Pollo Asado tacos are my top 3 ordered items. Salsa bar is bueno - verde salsa is especially delish. Enough talk, let's eat! More...


Blake O.

6 February 2017

amazing burritos and sauce! excellent!First time in Tucson, and if you're looking for an excellent place for breakfast, lunch or dinner - this fits the bill.


Katherine W.

20 December 2016

It isn't a restaurant, but doesn't fall under the "fast food" category, either. Small place, next to a sandwich shop - well lit and clean when we were there. Went on a Monday evening with only a few other patrons and enjoyed fast and friendly service. The chips were the highlight, as they were served hot and fresh, along with the side of guacamole, which is creamy and good - the kind that focuses more on the avocado taste then the extras you put in it (I like both, BTW, but this was excellent for a small restaurant that isn't doing the "table side" variety). We ordered the torta and tamales. The torta was very good - stuffed full of carne asada, which made my day. It could use a bit more sauce as it was a touch dry, but I would order it again and, if I lived in the area, would return for it and other items here.  The tamales had a great filling, with the outside being a bit dry - but the refried beans were a wonderful treasure (if you like beans, you'll love these!). Great place - would return - and no, they aren't "gaming" the Yelp system - they are just very good at advertising their participation in Yelp and FB - you'd be hard pressed to forget to write a review. More...


Oscar D.

8 December 2016

Campbell's hidden treasure! This was my first visit here and I loved it. The carne asada burrito I ordered was meaty and juicy. Usually I don't order carne asada burritos at other places because they tend to be fatty and dry, however, the meat in this one was tender and seasoned properly. You could also tell the flour tortilla was fresh and local. The only place that needs a little improving is the salsa bar. The pico de gallo was predominantly onion. I will for sure be coming here again! More...


Melissa K.

29 November 2016

Best damn breakfast burrito in the old Pueblo! I ordered the pollo asada and slathered it with their mild green salsa. I tried a bit of the hot salsa but it was like crazy hot so I grabbed the mild and happily ate my huuuge breakfast. The burrito, costing just 4.99, was packed FULL of seasoned chicken, fresh eggs, potatoes and cheese, glorious cheese. The flour tortilla was clearly fresh and for someone who doesn't live in Tuscan anymore but dearly misses the wonderful tortillas this hit the spot dead center! Good tortillas are hard to beat. Good tortillas plus good ingredients equals a very happy belly! More...


Scott K.

29 November 2016

I was reviewing my reviews and apparently I was the first to review what continues to be among my top 5 favorite restaurants in Tucson in any price range or food/ restaurant category. I have had pretty much every dish over the course of my 40+ times dining here (my check ins do not reflect this). I have never had a meal or experience that demands anything less than five stars including my most recent trip in which I had a pollo asado breakfast burrito. A Hot, nicely proportioned, tightly wrapped bit of heaven. My last meal on earth would be from this place. The food is just so DAMNED GOOD. Rating manipulation? I think not- take a close look at the number of reviews posted by the patrons who have rated taqueria 4 or more stars and you'll see this place is the real deal. Bottom line- when I want deliciously satisfying, well seasoned, thoughtfully conceived, expertly executed fast prep Mexican food delivered to me with a polite and courteousness smile,I will be at taqueria every time! More...


Heather R.

28 November 2016

Taqueria El Pueblito has the best burritos: they have a wide variety to choose from and they are willing to make substitutions to meet your needs! They have a fantastic vegetarian burrito and the breakfast burritos with beans and potatoes are amazing. The service here is unfailingly friendly and fast. And the portions are huge for the price. This place is also great for take out for groups. I ordered for a work lunch, in person, for 10 people. They had my order ready in under 10 minutes and my coworkers raved about how delicious everything was! Finally, the salsa bar is a unique treat! They have several varieties of salsa, an avocado sauce, and a Pico de Gallo. The bar is self serve so you can take as much as you want to fit your own preferences! More...


Alexander A.

27 November 2016

Service was great. Food was cheap. I had the Zapatas burrito with fresh carrot juice. Both were amazing. They have an awesome salsa bar with some gazpacho-like avocado sauce. A must do when in Tucson.


Dan K.

22 November 2016

For starters--in midtown there's not a better breakfast burrito--perhaps in the city.  I'm a huge fan of Ruben and his family.  My favorite is Chorizo, cheese, potato, egg and jalapeno!! its ridiculously yummy!!  Everything they do is fresh--homemade and incredible.  I encourage you to go to El Pueblito--you will not be disappointed. More...


Michael K.

20 October 2016

Second visit pretty much confirmed what I thought on the first - this place is hands down worthy of five stars. Tried two different burritos, one with meat and one veggie, both were excellent and a great value at under $6. The tortillas are top notch and don't fall apart despite being stuffed to the brim. And as stated in my top, both salsas are award worthy. Don't miss this gem! More...


Raymond S.

28 September 2016

I went on a Wednesday for lunch and got their special, which was the Barbacoa burrito and a drink for $6.50. The burrito was huge. I ended up taking some of it home for leftovers. The meat was perfectly seasoned and tender. They also had tamales for $1.50 each. I'll try those next time. They open at 7am for breakfast as well. More...


Diane M.

23 September 2016

Our breakfast burrito joint! Always quick and delicious. The chicken mole burrito is also one of my favorites. Plus the spicy guacamole sauce in the salsa bar is top notch!


Karen C.

18 September 2016

Great food. Taco are huge. Lots of filling. We had the con crema, carnitas and green chile tacos.


Paul K.

10 September 2016

Quality is great here. Portions are absurdly large. I ordered a combo plate with a tostada and an enchilada, and could in no way even get through half of it. I was very hungry when I got here too. People with normal appetites could easily get away with a single tostada or maybe a couple of tacos. So in consideration of how much food you get for the money, prices are very good. My wife ordered a taco and a salad, and couldn't even get through either one. But both were very very good. Daughter got taquitos, also very good. Anyway, I think we know what we're having for dinner tonight... More...


E.j. F.

1 September 2016

Love this place...was super bummed when they left the Mercado, but I'm always happy to visit them at their new location because it's delicious!


Terrance S.

28 August 2016

Best breakfast burrito I could find up here, and it's well worth the price considering how huge it is. The staff is friendly and the place is always clean.


Tim M.

27 August 2016

This place makes some of the best breakfast burritos I've ever had. Always very clean and the staff are super friendly. Skip the other joints nearby and come here for your breakfast, you won't be disappointed!


Deirdre S.

30 July 2016

delicious rajas con crema taco, like nothing i have ever had! my husband loved the barbacoa and the green chili taco. recommended!


A A.

24 July 2016

This place is so good. Just grabbed a chile  relleno and a carne asado taco to go. The relleno was perfect. Warm with melty cheese and a nice sauce. At first I wasn't sure why so much crisp lettuce was on the side, but after a few bites it was apparently clear. To cool my mouth off. I don't think I've ever devoured a relleno as fast as I ate this in my entire life. I had only wished that I had bought two.  The carne asado taco was just as good. I will be going back again soon to try some enchiladas. Last time I ate here with my friend, she said they were the best enchiladas she had in her whole life. More...


Dana O.

7 July 2016

Their burritos are so big! The carne asada tacos were great and also a good size.  I like that they don't skimp on meat and it was pretty tasty. One burrito is around the same cost as 2 tacos ($5 to 6). Friendly service.  You seat yourself and they bring you food. More...


Kimmy F.

3 July 2016

Good food and service! The Zacatecs (spl) is great and the chips and salsa are delicious. The fried were not great and the tacos were average. Cheese quesadilla was good and we will go back again for sure. More...


Ann S.

30 June 2016

Just stopping in Tucson for the night, and I'm so glad we discovered El Pueblito. The food is fresh, healthy, and delicious. I ordered a carrot juice for $3 and got a big styrfoam cup filled with fresh-squeezed foamy juice - I knew it was fresh squeezed because I saw the guy heading back with a handful of big carrots. All the salsas on the salsa bar were delicious, and they even have a guac salsa that is alluring. People emphasize how big the portions are, and it is true. But reading Yelp before I went, that gave me the wrong impression, that people just loved this place because they could stuff their faces for cheap. It is definitely more than just a wolf-it-down place. That said, for dinner I ordered two tacos, each under $3, and could only eat one (with my carrot juice) and brought the other home. Yumminess! More...


Zorawar S.

18 June 2016

Amazing al pastor tacos. Huge servings with all you can put salsa bar. Cook and cashier were really cool too! Made us custom animal fries lol


Sunshine J.

5 June 2016

Wanted a breakfast burrito around noon. They serve breakfast all day. I decided to try it. I have never been here before so I blindly trusted Yelp. I got a Zacatecas burrito with egg. It was gigantic. It was the only thing I needed to eat all day. It was affordable and it was delicious!The restaurant was clean, moderately busy, and the staff were very polite. I will absolutely eat here again! Next time I will try the chilaquiles. More...


Andrew J.

26 May 2016

Bomb breakfast burrito. I made my own I got the Zacateca and added eggs. Ate half and will demolish the other half at the airport! This spot is legit, the spicy hot sauce is hot just how I like it. None of that watery bland b/s! More...


Ebi M.

18 May 2016

Very good chorizo breakfast burrito, not greasy, good amount of chorizo, and plenty large enough.  I would definitely return.  The burrito goes great with their green salsa. More...


Jay J.

17 May 2016

Great food, our first time here Staff is very nice and always checking up to see if everything is ok. Will be coming back.


Benjamin V.

16 May 2016

It's good to hear of a new Restaurant ( new to me at least) with really good outstanding food and solid customer service. This unassuming Taqueria packs a punch with Flavor and a wide variety of dishes served fast but without the fast food lack of quality. The breakfast burritos are huge and much to my surprise ...never greasy! A big plus when you want to start your day off with a bang! without leaving you sluggish. The Shredded beef Tacos are not small! Go big or go home with these bad boys! The crunch is perfect, and once again...not greasy!The Barbacoa Burritos....will leave you speechless its a bit of heaven with every bite.  the meat is tender and never salty a must try when u pay these good folks a visit. I highly recommend giving this Tucson original a try!! More...


Lani V.

7 May 2016

Ate the Zacatecas burrito, it was so good! Great flavor, a lot of carne asada with bacon, grilled onions, and guacamole. I put sauce on it and it was delicious. It is very filling. More...


Gail W.

7 May 2016

Tried today after reading reviews-The Zacatecas burro is tasty and huge - two meals for me. Also tried a rejas con crema soft taco - really, wonderful. Can absolutely recommend !!


Brad H.

26 April 2016

A great change of pace from Sonoran faire, this Jalisco style restaurant was excellent!Came here with some Yelp friends to check it out and it was really tasty and super food. Everyone raved about the generous portion size and raved about how good everything was. We had quite the variety. I had a Rajas con crema taco and the cheese enchilada and green chili pork burrito plate. Other items ordered were the Zacateca burrito, the chili relleno burrito, the breakfast burrito, the rajas con crema burrito, other tacos and quesadillas. The very happy consumer of the rajas con crema burrito declared that it is his new favorite burrito and the best burrito in Tucson.The refried beans were tasty, the rice good, and everything was just very nice. Enjoyed it very much and had a great time eating on the patio with friends and enjoying the beautiful Arizona evening.You order at the counter and they bring you your food. The service was very friendly.The restaurant is very clean and new in appearance.Their salsa bar as others have noted is very limited. I got some pico, salsa, and limes, but I didn't use any of it as none of my food needed any doctoring at all. I didn't want to ruin the flavors at all.I highly recommend that you give this place a try. More...


Guy P.

26 April 2016

WOW! Such a great place! The food was amazing and really affordable.I got the Pollo asado breakfast burrito and my wife got the Ramas con crema burrito with the Cheese enchilada and green sauce. Without having to add any extra flavor, all of it was very delicious.This place is in the same location that La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill used to be, right next to the, now closed, Falafel King and, still open, Baggins right on Campbell and Ft. Lowell.The interior is a little small but there is plenty of outdoor seating.Other Yelpers have said that some of t he food was bland and plain but that cannot be said about the Rajas con crema, whether it was a taco or burrito.If you are looking for a great mexican food joint, this is the place to go to. More...


Roland W.

23 April 2016

The best breakfast burrito in town IMHO. I haven't had a chance to try many of their other items on their menu because i can't get enough of their breakfast burritos. If you haven't had a chance, swing by to see what the rave is about. For about $5, you can get a nice sized burrito. More...


Damion W.

22 April 2016

For starters, I heard about Taqueria El Pueblito on Yelp for having some of the best Mexican food in Tucson... thought I would give it a shot! For starters, you walk in and it smells like Fabuloso... some of you may not appreciate that... but I associated that with the restaurant being clean! Honestly, I did have a hard time completing my order some simple additions, and a couple questions about the menu that the guy taking my order had a tough time understanding what I wanted. However, it did get done. Pollo asada burrito, add potatoes, add cheese, add beans, add green chili. I was hoping the green chili was the green chili with the pork in it, not the salsa (which it was). My burrito was huge! Not to mention it was full of flavor and I couldn't even finish it. I had to save the other half for the next day. The tortilla was fresh, the ingredients were full of flavor, the only thing that kept it from being a five star burrito is the chili (salsa) versus the green chili. I would DEFINITELY order again. The chili cheese fries that I ordered, let's just chalk those up as being a mistake......... It was fries, cheese, and smothered in salsa... no bueno! Unfortunately I had to throw them out. I'll definitely be back to try some other things on the menu, the burrito was pretty good and had a nice authentic taste to it. More...


Dan M.

17 April 2016

This has enormous tacos that are very good and pretty cheap. Great Value, great service, awesome pico de gallo made with purple onions - how about that? Will says that the Zacatecas burrito is Muy Bueno. Bathrooms have motion sensor lights, so that's good for the environment. Salsa bar is not extensive but really good. Patio seating available. More...


Craig P.

15 April 2016

This is the best taqueria in Tucson hands down!Get the red chile salsa.  Hot and declicious


Phil C.

13 April 2016

I stopped at El Pueblito last Wednesday in between two clients. I craved Mexican food and I had never tried this restaurant. First impression was very positive. The owners are Mexican and very welcoming. The restaurant is small (more a take-out than a sit-down) and clean. I wish the overhead menu would give more explanations: I never remember the differences between the various dishes. I had a combo, taco with beef and enchilada with chicken. The chips are extra but I didn't understand it and the girl at the register gave me a full plate of chips for free. The "salad bar" offers hot and medium salsa, red and green, and pico de gallo. The sauces taste good. My pulled beef taco was excellent: the meat was rich in spices, perfectly cooked, very tender. The chicken enchilada was good, but lacked the depth of flavors of the beef. The sauce (green chile) was tasty, I wish there was more of it in the plate! Refried beans were as expected, well cooked. Overall, a delish plate for $9 or so, with a satisfactory quantity. The service was prompt and friendly. For drinks, I had an orange soda that didn't taste like Fanta and the can packed 43g of sugar. I should have picked a Pepsi (they don't carry Coke). Overall a very good experience with the food and service. Iwould come back if I was in the neighborhood. More...


Hayden P.

12 April 2016

Super authentic, very delicious, and very fast service. The interior is really nice and the food is amazing. I had the Zacatecas wet, And the Barboca tacos. They were very delicious I would totally get it again. The burrito had carne asada, bacon, guac, cheese, and more. Recommend giving it a try. More...


J I.

6 April 2016

Astounding food. The poblano burrito and veggie quesadilla were religious experiences. Incredible, great salsa bar, and I highly recommend!


Anibal T.

30 March 2016

If I was to based my review on taste and portion, this place is 5 stars, without a doubt.  I ordered a Carne Asada burrito and it was perfectly made and delicious.  The place looked a little disorganized and short-staffed and it's why I didn't give 5 stars. More...


Sean K.

16 March 2016

Had lunch here after reading reviews of area Mexican restaurants. I have to agree with the reviews... the food is outstanding.  Had the burrito combo of two small burritos (carne aside and pork) with rice and beans.  Huge portions... I couldn't finish it. Staff was very friendly... super fast service as well.  Noticed they offer free wifi as well.  A bonus... they have a Horchata fountain.  I'm from the East coast... have never seen.  Highly recommended. More...


Morgyn T.

8 March 2016

Today was my 10th or so time eating here and it's always the BEST Jalisco style mexican food I've ever had. Their food has always been consistent in flavor, amount, quality, and presentation.We've tried many different offerings  (I had their beans as a side today...perfect!) and I always seem to get their Pork Al Pastor taco. I've tried recreating the flavor at my home, and while mine may be good, the way this place makes theirs is so much better! Flavorful, moist, slightly sweet, and slightly spicy...I want to go back and get another one!I'd never use a word like, "...mediocre." to describe this stout example of good Sonoran mexican chow. I would, however, use such adjectives as, "authentic", "satisfying", "homemade", "incredible", and "outstanding"!We'll be bringing our friends here soon to experience what we've been raving for months about!! More...


Henry L.

14 February 2016

This is now my second visit here and what brought me back where the Barbacoa tacos! They where fantastic! This time I tried it in a burrito and well now I found my burrito! It is huge and stuffed with meat! The tortillas they use are clearly either homemade or sourced from a great local tortilla maker! If you're in the area skip on nicos, viva and betos More...


J C.

1 February 2016

I have only tried one item here. 3 rolled tacos w cheese. W tax just under $4.00. Always crisp, hot and fresh tasting, loaded w fresh crispy cold shredded lettuce, Mexican white cheese (no greasy oily cheddar) and crema. Salsa bar always fresh and full of pico de gallo, radishes, sliced carrots, hot blended guacamole and a green and red salsa. It's on my work route so I like to stop for a am break. Always clean and couple friendly employees. Steady take out business was observed. Lots of other dishes including Menudo on weekends. More...


Tracy L.

28 January 2016

I love the spice baby.  Muy bueno!  I'll drive here from now on for a breakfast burrito.  No where have i found a breakfast burro so good they are deelish...Barbacoa burro...mmmmmmmmmmmm, that's what I had tonight. Saturday I had my first breakfast burrito and it was really deelish. ..Thanks so much for making good food in Tucson El Pueblito! More...


Allen H.

22 January 2016

Some great quality mexican food! Nice and spicy! Limited salsa bar, but salsa isnt even needed the food is so good. I had combination plate 13. One enchilada and one burrito. Green enchilada with chicken and carne asada burrito. On top of that a side of beans and rice. Very satisfying meal. More...


Jonathan K.

19 January 2016

Best Mexican Food in town. Affordable too. Their carna asada is good quality meat. I like to get the tacos and different kinds. It's cheap so why not. I get the asada, al pastor, and fish. Great stuff. Salsa bar is good. They got carots. Refil as much as you want including Horchata. More...


Aaron N.

14 January 2016

Seriously good breakfast burritos, we got the bacon, egg and potato. The ingredients were cooked perfect with tons of melted cheese. We'll be back!



3 January 2016

Carne asada is top notch and I got the El Pueblito burrito last time with no pico de gallo and guacamole on the side and it was perfect.  the green chili pork burrito is excellent as well More...


Haeleigh B.

28 December 2015

Food is awesome and authentic compared to competitors. It's locally owned, and the food is to die for.y only complaint is that they're not open late, but that's just something I have to live with.


Jamie W.

26 December 2015

We normally get the ham and cheese burritos :) and the salsa bar is really good and fresh. The people working here are friendly.


Wen-fai F.

21 December 2015

Taqueria El Pueblito is currently my favorite place for breakfast burritos and tacos. It's a quick-service order-at-the-counter no-frills type place. Their breakfast burrito has been reviewed to death - you really just have to try it. It is the cheapest life-changing experience you will ever have.Their tacos are also really extraordinary. My favorites so far are the green chile pork (tender pork slow-cooked in this green chile sauce with just the right kick), rajas con crema (roasted poblano peppers tossed with cream, onions and corn) and their barbacoa. I've tried several of their other meats and they are all among the best I've had in Tucson. I couldn't quite handle the spice level of the rajas con crema so I asked for a side of sour cream and they gave it to me free of charge. The tacos are ~$2-3 depending on the kind. I tried the barbacoa in a dorados which is basically a deep-fried corn tortilla. It's ends up being somewhere between a soft and hard-shell taco and is a bit oily for my taste.We typically come around weekend lunch-time - there has always been a healthy crowd but we've never had to wait more than 15 minutes between walking into the restaurant to sitting down and eating. The restaurant itself is always clean although we typically sit outside on the patio tables.One note: their salsa bar isn't as extensive as other places (1 green mild, 1 red HOT, and 1 guacamole HOT) but you don't really need salsa because their meats have all the flavor in the world.Places like Taqueria El Pueblito make me absolutely love living in Tucson. I really can't wait to try the rest of their menu! More...


Jose S.

15 December 2015

We stopped here since we were in a bit of a hurry and needed to eat something quick. We weren't expecting much (something similar to a Fili/Julio/Roli/bertos) but it was much better.Pros:1. Food is good. I had the chorizo burrito and it was good. My wife had the green chicken enchiladas and those were REALLY good. And hot. Most places are not legitimate hot.2. The service was great. The lady that greeted us was very nice and everyone else was as well.Cons:1. Horchata is made from the mix stuff. Still good, but artificial.For the price this was a great place for a quick meal. More...


Jared A.

10 December 2015

My review may not be the best of this place... Every time I come I always manage to order the same thing because it's so good. Excellent food, quick service, and kind staff. The guacamole reminds me of the guacamole that my mother makes. More...


Andrew A.

8 November 2015

We ate here one time due to a long wait at another restaurant near by. Boy were we happy we did!  Starting with the service.  We entered the building as one of the few patrons and approached the counter.  As first time diners, it be be s little much deciding what to order.  Never fear, the smiling staff was more than happy to offer samples of each of their meats to educate new guests.  This helped us decide what to order and since we already knew that the filling would be delicious, it took the mystery out of the experience.  When our food came, we dove right in and everything was delicious.I had an el pastor taco and it was near perfect.  Nice and tangy with a little sweetness and a hint of heat. My gal chose a different meat and was very please as well .  They had a nice salsa bar and everything offered was fresh and tasty.  The place was nice and clean too.  The dining area looked brand spanking new and it was decorated beautifully.  Not too old fashioned or authentic or anything like that,  it looked like someone who knew what they were doing created a space to crank out great food. And that's what it was!  Puebloto is a little hard to spot but worth a try!  If I lived closer to it I'd be there weekly.  I wish the best for this restaurant and will certainly be back soon! More...


Kate S.

24 October 2015

Outstanding.  This is what you foodies are looking for here close to the border.This is stick-to-your-ribs excellence, not grease bombs.Had one each of Barbacoa, al pastor, and carne asada tacos.  Outstanding and multidimensional, all of them.Great prices, unpretentious interior.Just about perfect. More...


Kris D.

28 September 2015

Very good breakfast burrito with steak, and the guacamole sauce has a very good kick to it. Quick service!


Gabe G.

26 September 2015

It's Saturday Morning, and I was craving Huevos Rancheros. I pulled up the trusty Yelp app, and it didn't disappoint....  highly rated and reviewed El Pueblito Taqueria is 5 star.  I walked in and found a distinguished gentleman sitting at a table just to the left of the register at the entrance.  I was looking at the Menu and didn't see what I was craving...  I asked the waitress if they served Huevos Rancheros, she said "if the boss sais yes, we will make it for you" (it wasn't on the menu).  The distinguished gentleman stood up and smiled... said yes, and walked to the grill.  10 minutes later, he walked out from the kitchen, apron on, and with a breakfast plate that not only looked incredible, but tasted absolutely delicious.  Muchas Gracias Senor Rodolfo "El Jefe"... Era un placer! I will remember your restaurant forever. More...


Jon M.

21 September 2015

Beats the pants off of Nico's and Taco Shop etc.  This is actual home-cooked Mexican food.  It can be a little slower than the real dives because the food is actually cooked to order; if you're in a hurry grab the green chili pork, which always comes out quickly. More...


Carlos P.

19 September 2015

Excellent chorizo burrito and salsa bar. The staff was friendly at all times and seemed to take pride in their service. I really like the atmosphere inside this restaurant. I will be a returning customer during my time in Tucson. More...


Lea M.

17 September 2015

This place is really good. The barbacoa tacos are amazing. The rice and beans are pretty darn good, too. The carne asada taco is pretty standard, like you would get at any other place but the portions are definitely more generous.There is also a salsa bar with hot salsa that's actually hot, a green salsa, guac, lime, onions, and pico. Very tasty. They also have Pepsi products as well as the arroz con leche products. The inside is clean and nicely painted with plenty of seating and not dingy like some of the other taco places. They also have free WiFi which is nice. I will definitely be back to try more things on their menu. More...


Michael D.

6 September 2015

I read the review in Tucson Weekly and stopped and had a carne asada torta.  The bread was warm and slightly toasted chock full of "just off the grill" meat and the trimmings included a schmear of guac, onions and whatever else you can stick on it from the well done salsa bar.  The place was clean and tidy.  We were even asked as we left how the food was by the staff.  They have a full Mexican menu.  Definitely coming back!! More...


Paige A.

29 August 2015

Oh my goodness this place was the bomb.  We ordered a bacon bfast burrito, bowl of menudo, and a tamale for $12... The burrito was easily two burritos in one, the bacon inside wasn't strips, but delicious thick, crunchy and just the right amount of chew bacon pieces and not greasy! I ate it with some great Green salsa from their salsa bar. My fiancée and I easily could've shared the burrito and been happy and stuffed. The interior was very clean also. They were also so extremely friendly!!! We will be back! More...


Ekta P.

16 August 2015

Chorizo breakfast burrito is super yummy! I agree with several other reviews -- big portions and cheap prices for the burritos!


Roland P.

12 August 2015

Best Breakfast Burrito ever and amazing spicy guacamole sauce.  The tortilla is thin, grilled and very tasty. I had the sausage, egg and cheese burrito, the filling was very tasty. Add the spicy guacamole sauce and you have the best burrito in Tucson. I'm hooked. More...


Brian G.

5 August 2015

This place is a gem in Tucson. There are hundreds of fast food Mexican restaurants in Tucson but this one stands out. I have been here a few times and never been disappointed. The el pueblito burrito is delicious. I showed up this morning at 730 and realized they don't open until 8. An employee, possibly the owner, came out and said we are not open, but I will cook for you. It was delicious as always. Go here. You won't be disappointed. They are a gem in a saturated Mexican food market. More...


Julie K.

27 July 2015

If you love Mexican food, fresh ingredients , great value, you must eat here. Everyone has a favorite taqueria, but seriously if you haven't eaten here your life is incomplete. So many choices, all fabulous. Three words: Rajas con Crema. Life changing. Breakfast burritos are large, just what you need to start the day. Any day. The fresh salsa bar is awesome.....did someone say flan?  Midtown location, easy to get to from everywhere. Give it a try, you'll thank yourself! More...


Jack C.

10 July 2015

Why did it take me so long to try this place when it's in my neighborhood? First dinner of chicken tacos platinum was delicious. I guess I won't have to drive down to South Tucson anymore. More...


Monica G.

30 June 2015

While I like it, the portion is HUGE! And super tasty.


Anna A.

18 June 2015

Here visiting from Denver and we found this place. LOVE the food! Authentic! Yummy recommend here!


Minh L.

12 June 2015

I come here every morning for a breakfast burrito. No one can compare. Plus they give great recommendations if you're new or not use to Mexican food. Staffs and cook are also very nice. More...


Douglas J.

10 June 2015

I had a carnitas burrito. It was adequate. The size was large  (2" across and at least 10" long). The carnitas itself was not stellar but tasty. It was pork that had been sliced into "wheels" and then warmed up on the grill. El Patron in San Diego has superior carnitas, but this wasn't bad. And the service was friendly and attentive. The price was good. More...


Anne J.

8 June 2015

No ambiance, but the tacos are delicious. Try everything!


Bianca A.

7 June 2015

This place is so great!  Last weekend we woke up a little hungover and wanted food but couldn't decide what.  Obviously not wanting to drive far and be out in the heat very long we looked into our closest options.  This taqueria came up and we decided to give it a try.  After going in and spending several minutes going over their menu we decided to get the crab stuffed fried jalapenos, al pastor torta, supreme flautas, a pint of menudo, 3 different tacos and a Mexican soda to drink while we waited.  Everything was made fresh and tasted awesome and the wait was next to nothing, we hadn't even finished our soda before we were called up for our order.  It was enough food to last us the rest of the day and we enjoyed every bit of it.  While I am not a menudo fan I was told it was delicious.  I think the torta was my favorite, the meat was perfectly spiced and tender.  We will definitely be back for more soon! More...


Selenne Y.

16 May 2015

This place is very clean and that is a plus. The food is great and reasonable prices :) have anything you want.....you won't regret it. For appetizer try the jalapeño poppers and breakfast burritos ;) More...


Mike S.

14 May 2015

UPDATE (early 2017?):  Tacos saw another 25c increase to 2.99 each, but again, plenty of meat in each.UPDATE (August 1, 2015):  Tacos saw a 25cent price increase (reflected below) ... but still overhwhelmingly worth it!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------I've only been here for lunch because it's not too far from work... wish I LIVED closer because this place is probably my favorite "dive" for authentic tacos.I have tried their barbacoa, carne asada, carnitas, and el pastor tacos; and aslo their red chili entree.  All were very good, but the tacos were outstanding... and (now) only $2.75 each.For every taco, the meats are grilled-to-order; they come piled high with LOTS of meat; guacamole, and pico de gallo (bascially a "dry" salsa comprised of chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro and a few other things). All of this is included in the $2.75.  Their additional salsas (green, red, hot, mild) are also very good, but you won't need them because the taco is so good "as-is"!  Generally, 2-3 tacos will satisfy the average woman and 3-4 of these larger-than-average soft tacos will fill the average guy.Ambiance is typical "dive" with very simple offerings for seating and tables.  The venue has approximately 7-8 tables indoors and 3-4 on the front patio.  Parking is ample/free in the form of a shared strip-mall lot that includes several other small eateries.There are no "waiters" but the counter staff and chef have always been warm and friendly.  Drinks are fountain style (self-serve) and include one of my favorite guilty pleasures: apple soda.  They also have plain seltzer water from the fountain dispensers.  The salsa and fixings bar is readily self-serve with a fresh variety of sauces and pico de gallos.I highly recommend this place. More...


Paul S.

11 May 2015

Great burritos and service - food came out very quickly. There are plenty of tables outside to enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, they don't serve beer -- I really wanted one with my carnitas burrito. I will definitely come back here and try some other options, like a torta or tacos. More...


Be S.

10 May 2015

Had the taco dorado de Barbacoa without pico, was very good. Soft taco de carne Asada, I think with one I would've been full. Skip the Al pastor, was too sweet for my taste. More...


Jessie B.

9 May 2015

Good Food; nice people and lovely outdoor setting are on Campbell.  A lovely neighborhood spot


Jason N.

29 April 2015

For a town with a plethora of Mexican food options, one must do something exceptional to stand out. And while Taqueria El Pueblito was great, what really makes it resonate in my memory is the fact that I can get two burritos in one value meal. Not one, but TWO burritos. Now that's something worth coming back for. Now for the food, I ordered two carne asada burritos and the flavor of the meat was actually surprisingly impressive. Not that I had severely low expectations (the vast majority of reviews on here are overwhelmingly positive), but I am always a bit apprehensive about trying different Mexican restaurants in this town due to the fact that so many come off as cookie cutter and / or generic. However, this place delivers on flavor, service and value. I mean, cmon...TWO (quality) BURRITOS in one meal. SOLD More...


Tiger A.

26 April 2015

So happy to have found this place. Beautiful pork chili verde burrito enchilada style that eclipsed many years of good chili verde, but it is spicy! Be sure to have a horchata and end with some flan to kill the heat. The traffic indicates the menudo must also be top notch. I'll come back next time I'm in Tucson, More...


Kathy B.

22 April 2015

Yummy!! We arrived a little prior to them opening (we are on vacation and still on edt) the owner waved us in. Gave us samples when asked what was good. We chose 2 burritos to share. Full of flavor and great service. Family run very casual. Love the salsa bar and hot carrots. Thanks for a great experience!! More...


Rohit T.

17 April 2015

Awesome burritos with huge portions for a very reasonable price. I've tried a few different ones and they've all been impressive. I might have to go back for that bacon breakfast burrito on a regular basis... The spicy guacamole salsa is the best - it's tasty and has a unique kick. More...


Dan L.

6 April 2015

Really simple food is the best!  Everything our party of five ate was very happily devoured.  Really good flavors, great crispy edges on the carnitas, good salsa.  A happy place.  Very nice owners also. More...


Carne A.

14 March 2015

Simply amazing food that is made with great care by family.  I was always pretty happy w Nico's green chile, but this place takes it to a new level!!  The barbacoa, beans, carne asada and guacamole hot sauce is DA BEST!  Absolutely worth the trip, wherever you may be. More...


Adam F.

8 March 2015

There is something about the restaurants that occupy the shopping center on the southwest corner of Campbell and Ft. Lowell. Normally, a Taqueria wouldn't fit in any kind of shopping center. These places typically fare better as food courts or in their own building. Somehow, Taqueria El Pueblito has managed to fit itself into this center. That is good thing for you and me. It is very clean and neat inside. They use ipads as a cash register which is really cool. The salsa bar not only has a sneeze guard, but has covers so that it remains fresh and germs are not spread. I enjoy any place that you can watch your food being made. It took a little long to get the food, but they make their food from scratch. The beans were tasty, the tacos were juicy, and the salsas were unique. Their guacamole salsa had an interesting heat to it. At first you don't feel the heat, but after thirty seconds, it kicks into full gear! Even though I never experienced such a delay with salsa, it was too good and had to keep having it. I wish they had the cucumbers like most other Taqueria's, but that's not a make-or-break.I hope this location works out for the people of this restaurant. Overall, this place is worth more visits! More...


Courtney M.

8 March 2015

Excellent breakfast burrito - the chorizo is the best - TONS of meat. The bacon is also good, but trust me - the chorizo is better!! I can't speak for anything else, as I always order the breakfast burrito - portions are huge and prices are awesome! Not to mention the fact they were totally cool with me having my pup with me - they even brought her out a bowl of water :) Will definitely be back for more!! More...


Emily M.

4 March 2015

Almost better than Nico's. This place has a better menu and they have a decent salsa bar! The only thing the Taqueria is missing is a drive thru window. I'll be back!


Bleep S.

28 February 2015

A new discovery.  May I recommend the barbacoa taco in a crispy corn tortilla. Very nice carne asada taco. Beans are excellent.  Salsa bar with exceedingly fresh offerings is a plus. I will be back. More...


Amy B.

28 February 2015

We LOVE El Pueblito!! It has been a challenge to find quality Mexican food in our area as restaurants come and go, but El Pueblito is the REAL DEAL!! Not to mention the service is always great! Some of our favorites include the Pueblito Burrito, any of the breakfast burritos and their enchiladas. And don't forget to try their spicy guacamole. It is SO GOOD! Please go as often as you can! We can't let this one go down! More...


Rae S.

22 February 2015

Amazing breakfast burrito! Very friendly staff, cute little restaurant , and very fresh food! Definitely will be back for more.


Charlene T.

11 February 2015

Tried this place because of the awesome Yelp reviews and there was a Living Social offer. We went for breakfast and I'm pleased to say this place is well deserving of it's almost 5 star Yelp rating!  The breakfast burritos were huge and came wrapped in a fresh, homemade, delicious flour tortilla.  The whole family is a big fan and we'll definitely be making frequent trips here!  I can't wait to try their lunch/dinner choices! More...


Cyrus A.

2 February 2015

Great spot for a hearty burrito! Breakfast you have a new champion! Welcome and thanks for the fantastic burrito.


Toemoss A.

24 January 2015

Great burritos they're simple and nothing fancy the chorizo is spicy goes good with their hot guacamole. It's simple inside they've put up some TVs, clean and casual. (Wifi)


Patricia S.

14 January 2015

Have been to this restaurant several times and never been disappointed with the food or service. Not too much ambiance but the food is excellent! Breakfast burritos are delicious and inexpensive. Lunch and dinners also very tasty and generous portions. Some dishes can be quite spicy but my family loves it. Would reccommend this place to anyone who craves authentic mexican cuisine More...


Shelley K.

23 December 2014

Great food and good value.  We eat here at least once a week, as often three times a week.  I love their breakfast burritos, zacatecas burrito with sour cream-no guac, and just had some great  pueblito nachos last night.  The horchata is pretty good too!  I don't normally like flan, but really their version.  It'a an awesome family run business that I'm proud to support. More...


Christopher G.

16 December 2014

This is a fantastic restaurant. I love their burritos and their spicy guacamole is delicious.


Erica S.

15 December 2014

With all new Mexican joints, I often walk in apprehensive about what I'm about to eat. Taqueria el Pueblito was a wonderful surprise. We both ordered chimichangas and found that they were crisp, large, and covered in enchilada sauce for no extra charge. Both the chicken and carne asada were delicious. Yum! The salsa bar has several tasty options and the restaurant was very clean. My only criticism is that real silverware would have been appreciated when dining in, since the plates are not disposable. Otherwise, we were delighted with both the food and service. We'll return soon! More...


Tricia K.

11 December 2014

Great food. Helpful service. Tasty, delicious, yummy... not sure how many more adjectives I can put in here!Get the green chile pork tacos - you won't be disappointed.


Gerg P.

1 December 2014

Pretty....pretty....good!  Good for morning b'fast and take out.  Avo hot sauce is tasty n good-n-hot!!!  Steak burro good meat n flavor, bacon burro verrrrry good, service above par, ample sizes, good pricing, better then most Taco shops on St. Marys road, well worth the drive. Would diffidently make the drive from the JW Marriott in Star Pass to eat here, and it's close to Prep and Pastry too! More...


Gloria V.

1 December 2014

Went here on a Monday and there was not a soul inside but we took our chances because of yelp reviews, and I'm glad we did! The tables, floors, walls, and salad bar were all super clean and it was a comfortable place. I got jalapeño poppers and a chorizo burrito that was longer then my arm and an horchata to wash it all down. I later went back for flan, all of this food came out to 12$! Quite a steal for the gigantic proportions! The chorizo had nice chunks of potato and eggs, the jalepeno poppers were cheesy and maybe had crab on the inside? Not sure but at this point who cares, just keep the poppers comin. The flan I have to say was a disappointment as it was not the style I'm used to, however they did advertise their different style of which I forget the name. And the horchata was from a dispenser not from scratch but still was a hit. (Should also note there were no coke products, only Pepsi products, I know that's a real deal breaker for some people) My friends got the supreme flautas, chimichanga, and quesadilla. I should mention all of our food was out in 5 minutes, seriously, they give jimmy johns a run for their money. We all nibbled from each others plates and I will say that the guac on the flautas had so much flavor and was a bit spicy, but definitely a highlight of the meal. The workers were beyond kind and friendly as well, everything you'd want from a taqueria. More...


Isabella J.

1 December 2014

Two words: Breakfast burrito. Go there and order one! Fresh giant flour tortillas stuffed with fresh eggs (not packaged mix), all kinds of potato, cheese, and bacon goodness. Do it! Portion size is spot on, the red salsa pairs perfectly  and it's a family run joint. Not all their dishes are as good as the breakfast burrito, but they do burros well. More...


Dev B.

30 November 2014

The breakfast burritos are my go-to. Get them with rajas con crema; you'll not be disappointed. Also the chilaquiles are really the best I've had in Tucson. They aren't Sonoran, like most Mexican places in town, but Jaliscan instead. So that's another thing about this place that makes it a gem. More...


Abe M.

22 November 2014

Everyone is real nice and this is more of a "higher End" joint. We will see how good the food is....Follow-up: one of the best breakfast burritos I have ever have, me and my girl both agree, we have our new spot! We're new to the T, but we're from the PHX and we KNOW BB'S!!! & THE PLACE IS NICE! More...


Daniel E.

25 October 2014

Menudo and Barbacoa Crispy Taco were amazing and I can't wait to try the chilaquiles and homemade flan.   Service is excellent.  Just be aware that the location is on the Campbell Road side of the shopping center even though the address is Fort Lowell. More...


John Y.

28 September 2014

The menudo is L-E-G-I-T.Came here early on Sunday morning, and the mom and pop nature of the joint is refreshing. And any restaurant where the grandma is calling the shots is a good sign. Oh, did I mention the menudo?


Ryan H.

27 September 2014

Great location, price points, and most importantly...food! I had the two burrito combo with rice and beans. You can mix and match meats and I went with the al pastor and barbacoa. The former was very tasty, the latter was probably the best barbacoa I've had. The menu is priced like Nicos, and the tastes are on par with el Charro. What's not to love? More...


Jim K.

26 September 2014

Oh where do I begin?  This was outstanding Mexican food.  So far this is the best of any Mexican food we have had in Tucson.  I had three different types of  meat tacos with beans and rice.  My wife had a taco and enchilada plate with rice and beans.  My wife usually does not eat her beans but loved these.  It was a clean place and you can see the kitchen/cooking area.  The salsa bar was good with a few different salsas and stuff.  Very clean restrooms and super friendly staff.  The flan and churros were also tasty.  This place is located on the corner of Fort Lowell and Campbell.  It faces Campbell between Baggins and the Jack n The Box More...


April And PJ D.

20 September 2014

Nailbanger Here Again: This is my first visit to this Restaurant and will not be the last for sure. This place has some off the hook Barbacoa. I had the Chimichanga w Beans and the wife and son had Taco Chicken and Shredded Beef ,all out standing. They offer a pretty good variety of items. The salsa bar is awesome. The price are very reasonable. They have clean and up to date bathrooms and plenty of well lighted parking. Looking forward to my next visit. More...


John A.

17 September 2014

This is fast Mexican food, but don't think it's Mexican fast food. These folks are fast and efficient and get your order out stat. But the food is consistently high quality. Several reviewers have said El Pueblito is better than Los Betos, etc. That sets the bar way too low. The food here, in my considered opinion,  is on a par with the best Mexican in Tucson and better than some of the Old Established Everybody Says They are So Good When They Really Aren't That Good establishments (naming no names, but you know who you are El Charro).  Went there when it was in the Westside Mercado San Agustin and liked it, but I think they have kicked it up two notches since they moved to the new location. The food is said to be Jalisco style, which to me seems to mean not exactly your standard Sonoran, but pretty close. Think kissing cousins. Anyway, it's good, which is the important thing.I've been to El Pueblito with various people, my spouse many times, but also friends, and have gotten feedback from others, including my daughter and my son-in-law. The only complaint ever was from said son-in-law, who said that his Chimi was too big to finish at one sitting. Please note:  this is a big guy who spends a lot of time on his bike and at the gym. One friend, raised on her mother's cooking (mom from Hermosillo  )and who  has very high standards, especially for the basics, liked the place a lot. .  El Pueblito is the only restaurant where I ever saw her finish both the beans and the rice. They get the little things right.Haven't tried nearly everything on the menu, mostly because I really like the tacos al pastor and usually order those. But mi esposa is very, very picky about chiles rellenos and she gives a definite thumbs up to El Pueblito's. I have also grazed off various combo plates and never encountered anything less than good.This place is a winner. For food. For service. And for cleanliness (at least, so I've been told, but as a man this can't be seen as too important). This is the kind of restaurant that deserves to succeed. Try it. I guarantee you'll like it. Unless, of course, you don't like Mexican food. In which case, why are you reading this review? ( : More...


Marina M.

29 August 2014

One of the things I miss most from my hometown in Texas is breakfast tacos from this place called Laredo Taco Company. This business does not even have their own storefronts and instead the tacos stands are located inside of Valero gas stations. Yes, tacos from a gas station. The flour tortillas are made on site, by Mexican ladies, as are the fillings which are varied, authentic, and delicious. There has never been a time when I go back home and don't have breakfast tacos from Laredo Taco. They're that important to me. I've often complained that I can't find something similar here in Tucson. I feel like I can now quit my cryin' (for the most part) thanks to El Pueblito. Their burritos are very similar to those tacos in Texas I love. The tortilla is fresh and authentic and so are the fillings. There are only a few fillings for the breakfast burritos but it'll do. Burritos + salsa from salsa bar = yummy.The burritos are cheap and huuuge. I ate half of mine and it ruined lunch for me. You get a lot for your money here.The place itself is very homely, but you're coming here for the burritos anyway, not for ambiance. El Pueblito is a winner! More...


Molly H.

17 August 2014

Okay, I don't mean to wax poetic here but this is the real deal. This is fresh scrambled eggs, generous hunks of bacon, a balanced amount of perfectly cooked potatoes, just enough cheese to hold it all together, and an enormous fresh tortilla bundling it like a small swaddled infant. This is the platonic form of breakfast burrito. I'll briefly mention the salsas which have just enough acidity and spice to play off the richness of the burrito. The star was a smooth guacamole from the bar with a real kick. Watch out, gringos! This ain't your guac from the suburbs. Look no further for your breakfast burritos. Cast aside your Nico's, your Los Betos, and dare I even say it - your Ponchos. Because we have arrived. More...


Frank Y.

16 August 2014

I really liked the place a lot, I've had everything from the breakfast burrito to the torta to the menudo. The menudo is red, I like white menudo, but for red, it was great. They were super generous about the carne and all the sides from limes to salsa's were available at their topping bar, but the service was awesome and that's what brings me back, plus their food has been consistently good, that's one thing I look for. More...


Ellis H.

16 August 2014

I know most people judge taquerillas by their carme asada I judge them by their beans.  These weren't instant :-).  I also had a chorizo torta; the chorizo had a very rich and balanced spice level, the tomatoes,  onions and guacamole were fresh, and the bread was toasted and crisp.  If you do not have a tongue for spicy food I'd recommend you ask them to squeeze some lime juice and sour cream on the chorizo.   The staff were nice and the restaurant was very clean.  There were other items on the menu that looked really good,  but I only had a smaller appetite today.   For example they have a burrito called a Zacatecan, it has Carne Asada AND Bacon, (¿¡Qué!?)  An added plus is that this place is local.  I'll definitely be back again. More...


Chris C.

9 August 2014

This place is awesome. Nicos who? Los bestos huh? Taco shop what? Definitely spend your hard earned $ here!


Jon K.

8 August 2014

A few weeks ago I saw that El Pueblito had opened and, having been a little disappointed with the other mexican options in the area, I decided to try it. I'd say this is definitely the best authentic taqueria in the north Campbell area. You know its good when they serve menudo, chicharron, and cabeza. I'm very glad I did, I've been going back ever since. They have burritos the size of your forearm, great tamales and tacos, and the breakfast plates are a fantastic quality and value. They have a special every day. I recommend Taqueria el Pueblito to all my friends. Stop in, you won't be disappointed. More...


Kamryn C.

22 July 2014

My favorite taqueria in Tucson. I went regularly when they were conveniently located by my place at the Mercado, and I've made the trip several times to their new location. In my opinion, they have the best breakfast burrito in town. I'm a simple girl, so I prefer egg, potato, and cheese, but everything is the right proportions and cooked well. My boyfriend always gets the Zacatecas burrito, and he's as obsessed as I am. I like that the new location has a small salsa bar, so that I can load up on it- I'm a salsa fiend. The traditional red and green salsas have been offered for year, but the new avocado salsa is awesome, and spicy. The combination of the food and service, which is always friendly, fast, and efficient, separates this place from the other taquerias in the area. More...


Vanessa W.

16 July 2014

Woke up this morning after being gone for weeks and have no groceries so stopped by to pick up breakfast burritos. Delicious and reasonably priced. The salsa and guacamole were perfectly spicy, tortillas fresh and mouth watering. The whole family (even the 5 & 7 year old) are full and happy. More...


Chris W.

16 July 2014

After a 2 month trip with no Mexican food I needed a fix. We went early for breakfast burritos. They were fantastically filling. It's like Nicos in form but much better. Very good tortilla. Bacon egg cheese potato mixed well. Then on the side were spicy guac crema. Red/green salsa. It was very good. They were friendly. We will be back for more. More...


Michael C.

7 July 2014

Found this place when they were downtown. I was sad when they closed their downtown business. But I was elated when I found them nearer to where I live. Now off Campbell and Ft Lowell. Same awesome food and great service. I like the Carne Asada plate. Lean and tasty. Great Mexican food. More...


T C.

6 July 2014

This little place popped up recently in the neighborhood right next to a chain sandwich place and from service to salsa is fantastic. The chicken enchiladas are tasty, covered in green green sauce. and come with nice sides. It's family owned and while ordering you'll often see the mother cooking stuff at the stove from fresh ingredients. This is a new incarnation of the same place and people that used to be on Congress and is a welcome fresh, homestyle option from the greasy drunchy food of Nico's. Friends have had and enjoyed breakfast burritos, tostadas, and barbacoa. Oh, like others said, nice vibrant full flavor salsa bar. Go vote for a family owned local business with a luch that will make you smile. More...


Tim J.

28 June 2014

barbacoa with the crispy tortilla is excellent!It's spicy which makes it even better!Good friendly service and fast too.Could be central tucsons new gem!


Mike W.

25 June 2014

My god,this place is phenomenal!  The prices a very reasonable and the food is to die for. Great variety - something to please everyone. You have to try the Zacatecas burrito. It is loaded including bacon!  Too good to believe!  Friendly staff, salsa bar and fast service. You owe it to yourself to try this place.  I do wish they had Root Beer in their drink fountain. I will definitely go back again and again. More...


Angie B.

17 June 2014

Hungry for good Mexican food on a Sunday, when El Saguarito is closed, I saw a "now open" sign for Taqueria El Pueblito. I slammed the brakes and made the car tires squeal as I flung the car into the parking lot. Housed in the old La Salsa location, El Pueblito is a fast casual Mexican food restaurant a step above Nico's/Taco Shop Co/etc. I was delighted to find a plethora of choices--I couldn't figure out if I wanted the chilaquiles, chicken enchiladas or the Pueblitos Super Fries. I went with the chicken enchilada combo. It was a little bit of heaven on earth. Spicy, but not too spicy, with thick pieces of shredded chicken. The rice was thick and starchy, and mixed well with the slightly refried beans. What I think I loved most was the lack of overt grease. While it wasn't the healthiest meal in the world, I felt as though I wasn't putting unnecessary extra grease in my body. They had a TV with World Cup coverage on, and the staff was friendly, coming over to check on me, discussing the menu as I ate and answering questions.I'm happy to have a new neighborhood Mexican food restaurant in town, and can't wait to go back to try the chilaquiles! More...


Ryan G.

24 May 2014

Really great! Fast and fresh, plenty of food and very reasonably priced! The barbacoa and pastor were both delicious.


C S.

2 May 2014

I haven't been to the new location yet but I'm addicted to their breakfast burritos. The first time my boyfriend got one, he went back 3 more times that week. They are sooo good! And their ingredients are high quality and it seems like they really care about what the serve as opposed to nicos or los betos. They are just better period, I cant think of any other similar burrito place that is even close. More...