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Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire



Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire


We are a personal development company offering services for Life Coaching, Online programs, Retreats and Events that help with an individual's personal growth.


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Seeing people that have been spinning their wheels for years breaking the patterns that have been limiting them and transforming their lives to becoming the best version of themselves.

When my clients create experiences that are deeply meaningful to them, through a connection they never thought was possible is the most rewarding part of my work.

Supporting my clients who have low self esteem, lack of confidence and out of alignment with their purpose into their personal growth and awakening.

Helping them in shifting their relationship with themselves and helping them to connect with their higher truth and guidance.

After going through a health challenge and spending several years working on myself, experiencing a personal healing journey that led to my transformation. The process left me with a yearning to live a more meaningful life, using my gifts and talents to help others bring transformation into their lives so they can reach their highest potential. This deep desire then inspired me to be more and step into my life purpose.

With guidance and coaching I found my purpose and trained as an Emotion Code Practitioner and Transformational Life coach. Which then led me to founding the Transforming Empowerment Academy.

If you are ready to make a shift from surviving to thriving in your relationships, career, confidence, spiritually and emotionally.

You will be given a safe space where you can express yourself without judgement, and helped to come into alignment with your desires.

You will learn how to break free from your limiting beliefs about your circumstances and the stories and patterns that you have been living with.

Uncover your talents and gifts to use them in transforming your own life, your family, friends and also impact the lives of others.

Come into synchronicity spiritually and connect with your highest potential and empowered to be in-tune with your intuition and emotional guidance system.