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Tammy Workman MindSet & Wellness Coach

Orlando, Florida, Usa

Tammy Workman MindSet & Wellness Coach logo

Tammy Workman MindSet & Wellness Coach

Orlando, Florida, Usa



Established in 2013.

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Started in 2013 initially as a massage therapy business, it has since incorporated the modalities of NLP, Hypnocoaching (life coaching & self-hypnosis mindset retraining).

You have been practicing self-hypnosis for a lifetime and now you will learn to stop the old beliefs and habits, creating a new healthier, happier lifestyle.


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Heather C.

17 August 2017

Tammy is amazing. Best massage I ever had....plus she gave me many pointers to help at home. Best part is she takes her time and don't keep you on a clock. A real positive experience.


Sam Y.

28 December 2016

I met tammy accidentally while trying to come to a meditation class at the center for pranic healing,and I must say the universe had our meeting arranged.I came in to the hypnotherapy classes two weeks ago and the change in me has been instantaneous i had a spiritual and mental growth sprout like any other.She empowers you to see the best of yourself with the truth,but it's your truth that helps your inner self.Tammy is beyond amazing she's inspires you,trusts you and is more than just a teacher.Shes a powerful woman that is on a journey to help others see their own beauty.Completely unaware that is awakening her own. More...


Claire B.

8 November 2016

I came in to see Tammy a month ago for some Pranic healing.  I don't necessarily come in for any particular ailment, other than for my over active empathic nature, which can be to my detriment at times.   Stomach issues or sleeping issues can be problematic if I don't get a dose of something on a regular basis such as a (holistic based) treatment.   I decided to try the Pranic as I once experienced Reiki.   I loved it.  What can I say!   I have slept like a baby (a good baby) ever since I saw her and my mind very easily goes from a dark, sad place to a positive one, much easier than it has done in at least a year.  Of course iff your mind is balanced, physical symptoms, such as an iffy stomach, heals also!!    I will be back in a few weeks, because just like a car, we have to service it, keep it oiled and finely tuned.  I appreciate a sound mind and body and Tammy helped me get back on track after a year of losing myself in a fun, but chaotic life!  Thank you! More...


Farah B.

5 July 2016

Tammy has helped me so much! I was initially skeptical of hypnotherapy but now I am a believer! My Anxiety had reached an 8-9 and was affecting my home and work life! Thanks to her life coaching and 4 Hypno therapy sessions I rarely experience anxiety and when I do it's a very low level and I am able get myself back on track within minutes! Tammy had a calm and sweet demeanor and is truly blessed with a gift that can help others and change lives ! More...

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At ATTGB you will be looking at your Mind Body & Spirit. Creating harmony in every way is essential and necessary to reach the root of the issue you are dealing with. Be sure to get your blood work, thyroid checked, and see what your hormones are currently doing to your body and emotions. We will review all of these things for you to have a targeted health goal. Additionally, if you are on meds stay on your meds and work with your doctor as these meds do affect your hormones and thought process.

I love helping people to see they are already practicing self-hypnosis, help them stop self-sabotage, and create the amazing changes in their lives.

I was inspired to start this business through my own struggles of abuse as a child which led to terrible anxiety, self-doubt, constant barrage of negativity from my mind....I learned through many modalities including hypnosis how to change it. How to be free, happier, calmer, less reactive, and creating the relationship I want in my life and my business.

I am filled with joy and happiness to help others create this same change in their lives. It is an amazing honor.

I have been there and am proof the changes can happen. I am more than qualified; delivering exceptional results through a combination of skills and experience that leaves ATTGB standing out from the crowd. Expect your life to get easier, your dreams to become clear and attainable, and expect to have a support that guides and trains you versus just a great service that leaves you feeling great but not duplicatable on your own.