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Debbie F.

21 April 2019

Amazing bakery items!  We just ate the best Passover pastries! No need to bake with this gem right in the neighborhood! Had the best macaroons!


Renae Alissa Valdes

27 January 2019

Great afternoon tea time location in downtown Danville!!! Great atmosphere and staff very friendly. We will definitely be back


Michelle L.

17 November 2018

Great lunch! Excellent quality food. Not many tables. French Ambiance.I went 2 days in a row!I loved the chicken curry sandwich on hot French bread!


Janelle K.

12 September 2018

Tal's was able to help me cater some of my sister's bridal shower with a French theme and they were the hit of the party! Everything was just as described and looked/tasted great! I will definitely go back!


Sue O.

24 May 2018

On the recommendation of a friend we asked Tal to cater our father's Celebration of Life service.  It was an emotional event and she compassionately helped guide us thru appropriate menu options.  The food was delivered on time, the presentation was lovely, the items were delicious, and the pricing was reasonable.  The salads were fresh, the chocolate-hazelnut babka was absolutely divine!!  So much so, that people stood in line to take leftovers home with them.While we were planning our event, we grabbed a quick lunch at Tal's and both had the Greek salad and a creme brûlée flavored French macaroon...omg...  we cant wait to go back for more.To the person that complained that items are usually gone by the afternoon...  that's probably true, and actually a great sign that things are fresh and highly desired.  Get there earlier... you'll be glad you did. More...


Sandra B.

15 May 2018

I've had this place mentally bookmarked for at least two year, but I finally tried this place today. The owner is incredibly sweet, personable, and helpful to new customers. She does a great job of explaining each menu item and answering any questions regarding dietary concerns such as nut allergies. The food is decently priced yet it tasted so gourmet. There is a wide array of food from French to American to Jewish cuisine. The coffee tasted fresh and strong; I couldn't believe that is was $2.50. The food was also presented so beautifully. The Israeli breakfast had so many delicious components and they came in their own serving dish like a tea cup for the salad.  My table also ordered the scrambled egg breakfast in which the eggs were perfectly fluffy, and the challah that came with it tasted like it was homemade with love. Since this is a bakery, we had to choose a dessert. So we went with the bread pudding that had all of the right textures. The amazing food and service are compelling reasons to eat here again sometime soon. More...


Julie Fisher Jacoby

14 May 2018

We love Tal’s! I’m always welcomed with a smile and a nice greeting. It’s cozy, cute, and delicious, and the shakshuka (which is hard to find in our area) is great!


Anu Mona

29 April 2018

Lovely spot, unique desserts. Love sitting on the porch with coffee. Family feel.


Rod Kux

9 April 2018

Food was fresh and delicious and the service was great. It shows that the owner is around and running the place tightly. Definitely coming back here!!


Orly K.

31 December 2017

Nice and friendly staff at this cute little bakery. Called ahead to save a Challa. It was one of the best we have had!


Liraz Lahiani Baleli

4 December 2017

Thank you Tal for amazing workshop ! I got so many tools and delicious cookies ! You are very special person and the place is very worm and very welcoming.


Jay L.

21 September 2017

Great challah and friendly service. I had no idea such a good patisserie was local to Danville.


Siena N.

12 September 2017

A great place for buying delicious dessert for Jewish holiday everything test really good !!


Devon B.

27 July 2017

Absolutely delicious.  I got the quiche Lorraine which was served with a mixed greens salad.  I ate every crumb!  The quiche was flaky and buttery and delightfully savory.  My daughter had scrambled eggs which were sprinkled with herbs that were upsetting to her since she is 5 but I thought they were wonderful.  Try it out! More...


Marice T.

25 July 2017

Stubble upon this place. It's cute. Came here with my daughter for breakfast one morning. It was tasty. People were friendly too. I would come again. Not good for large groups but great to meet up with a friend or two and you can have a conversation without having to compete with other patrons. More...


Christina Weed

22 June 2017

The pastries at this cafe are delicious. It is a great place for meeting friends and colleagues. I enjoyed my tea in a delicate cup and saucer with an almond croissant.


Alpo P.

1 June 2017

Authentic burekas and yummy quiches with a nice side of salad.  Friendly service and the outdoor seating is very pleasant, the inside itself feels cozy too. Will definitely come back!! I had a restaurant.com coupon so I saved $5 (I appreciated that because I'm a college student). More...


Jennifer H.

20 February 2017

We had 30 individual Quiches from Tal's for my daughter's Bridal Shower.  Everyone loved them! Delicious!


Rommel Q.

12 February 2017

Cute little place to have breakfast. The potions are just right. I ordered the ham omelette which also contained spinach and mushrooms. It was served with a toast and slices of strawberries. More...


T D.

26 January 2017

Great place to sit and have coffee and fantastic pastries!!! Friendly staff, nice atmosphere, very clean and delicious treats!


Cristian L.

4 December 2016

Nice food, atmosphere and very nice service. Quiche is awesome, I'm not French but I'm just back from Paris and it seems pretty original to me. Baguette used for the sandwiches is fresh, soft and moist inside and crunchy outside and the cheese was awesome. The only downside for me was the ham, thick cut and just out from fridge so a bit too cold. Really nice discovery in the area.  We will definitely come back and recommend it to friends! More...


Star K.

6 November 2016

This my was my first visit to this charming cafe for brunch. Jessica was very patient with my fickle order(s) and genuinely very kind. I ordered the breakfast omelette and Isreali breakfast plate which were both very delicious. The omelette was probably the best I ever had. Their espresso was very full bodied. Looking forward to coming back to try their delicious looking pastries. More...



9 October 2016

My 5-star rating is specifically for the honey cake that we've been enjoying all week! It's delicious, and best warmed in the oven before indulging. I love bakeries and baked goods, and so was very excited when Tal opened her patisserie a few years ago in The Livery. Not only do I love having this unique local bakery nearby with all made fresh on site, but I love the proximity to home of a bakery that offers braided and holiday challahs, honey cake, and additional holiday treats which other bakeries in this part of the East Bay do not offer. (When Tal's first opened, I ordered a sandwich and was "underwhelmed". And, last week when I ordered  a boreka for takeout, I needed to ask for it to be warmed; and when I ate it a minute later, found it not warmed all the way through. Disappointing. However, I see on Yelp! that others enjoy a broader selection of her items beyond what attracts me to her bakery.) Go to Tal's for what you like best, and let's help keep Tal's here! More...


Karen Geary Kastigar

6 October 2016

Tal's has the best quality pastries we've ever tasted & the most incredible baking camps. Both of my kid's have been to the Summer camps as well as the Halloween camp most recently. The way Tal teaches is so patient, informative & encouraging! And, a bonus is the kid's get to bring the foods they make home as well as all of the recipes. Thanks Tal!!!! More...


John E.

7 September 2016

Tal did our mini desserts and cake for our wedding. Everything was delicious and looked beautiful. Our cake colors were matched to our shirts & bow ties and the chocolate mousse underneath was amazing. Our guests loved all the treats but devoured the macarons; I'm glad I ordered extra otherwise we wouldn't have gotten any. Tal was easy to work with and was great about making suggestions that would fit our budget. We are looking forward to visiting the store again soon for breakfast and more sweet treats. More...


Julia D.

4 September 2016

Tals Bakery made my wedding Challah and it was beautiful and delicious. The challah was beautifully braided and was so good!


Tam F.

15 June 2016

I had read about Tal's in some local publications and was curious to test out some of their traditional "Israeli" baked goods. I was pleasantly surprised to meet to owner when I walked in on a random day just before Purim (a very female centric Jewish holiday) and ordered some hamentashen cookies to go. Hamentashen are a shortbread type cookie (lighter) shaped in a triangle an typically filled with apricot, cherry, raspberry, prune or poppyseed filling (though now you can find other fillings that have become "trendy" elsewhere-think Nutella, etc. ). They also use Mr. Espresso for the espresso drinks and of course, I ordered what I can tell you was a perfect latte to go (one size only). Hands down, these cookies were the best store/bakery bought hamentashen I have ever had. Perfect cookie to filling ratio and the right size unlike the gargantuan ones I have seen at what I consider the "fake" bagel stores in the area. I only bought 4 and I ate 2 and saved 2 for my husband who claimed he had never tried one before (he might be right on this but don't tell him!). He has been talking about these cookies for the last 2 months and states they are his favorite cookie now and though I have been back again, they are not "in season" but I am sure if I wanted I could place a special order with the lovely owner, Tal. This small cafe' is very sweet and they do offer baking classes for kids (possibly adults), afternoon tea and a few other special events. This place is a true gem in the Livery-and I need to frequent it more often. More...


Kim F.

7 May 2016

Very charming place! Great food, tea, and service. The tea service was wonderful, and they are very accommodating with dietary restrictions. Their pastries are amazing!


Bill l.

25 April 2016

This is my favorite place for pastries. For Passover they have a nice selection of baked goods. They also make great cookies. The staff is very friendly and remember you if you come regularly. They are very nice to my son and he loves the macaroons and crepes. Parking is easy so good for a quick cup of coffee and pastry. Decor is nice too. More...


Bob K.

17 February 2016

We were buying our wedding rings at Dioro's in Lafayette when we decided afterwards to walk the entire plaza.  Since we were a little thirsty, we decide we needed a little coffee.  We saw Tal's and decided that this was the place to go.I would think that most of the wimmin' folk here would call this place "cute".  The place had a nice Parisian kinda feel (naturally given the name) and the owner is a really sweet lady.  So after spying the desserts while waiting in line, we decided on getting two Americano's and a backlava and cupcake for the little lady.  I must say that the Americano's were better than Starbucks for sure.  A compliment to the espresso and someone knows what they're doing.  While the baklava was a little flat and not lightly crisp and lacking that nice honey taste/texture, it was still good.  Not the best, but good enough for me that day.  My fiance thoguht her cupcake was really good and commented that it was moist on the inside.  I would recommend this place if you need a very small, cozy place to have a quiet conversation.  Maybe good for a date. More...


Jeff M.

16 January 2016

Part of me doesn't want to write about Tal's, out of fear it will become as crowded as Danville Sideboard. This is an amazing little bakery and gourmet sandwicherie at The Livery. The coffee, baked goods and lunch salads and sandwiches are outstanding and it is rarely crowded. The service is excellent and friendly. This is now my go-to place for casual, delicious weekend breakfast or lunch. I especially recommend the curry chicken sandwich on homemade baguette, and the cucumber and tomato salad. All of the desserts are phenomenal. Like everything at The Livery, Tal's has a relaxed somewhere-in-the-redwoods feel and is close to 680. More...


Kathryn L.

1 January 2016

Cute little homey place in the heart of the Livery. I had a moms' group play date scheduled here during the week and it was perfect. There's a corner of the place where our kids played with toddler toys (colors, books, mini kitchen, etc.) while the moms chatted over tea and breakfast.My girls had the French ham and Swiss cheese crepes and I did the blintzes with peppermint tea. The crepes are two to a plate and were a bit on the small side for $8+, but we're so tasty that I had to order them another plate because they inhaled the first in 5 minutes. The blintzes were good too. Both crepe shells were made fresh to order. Service was nice and helpful. The store manager was at the counter and served food, while the owner was in the back preparing the F&B.This is great for a few friends with a few kids, but would probably be too small for a bigger group. Their pastries look yum and I hear they do a nice high-tea as well. I'll be back to try those for sure! More...


Kelly K.

21 December 2015

Great sandwiches and my absolute favorite pastries.  I lovw their macaroons they are so light and favorful.


Allen S.

7 November 2015

This is a cute little place that has been around for a few years.  We were there on a Saturday for late breakfast.  The breakfast croissant sandwich was very tasty.I give the team credit for producing a good product in such a small space.  They have 5 tables for two and one table for six.  Tal's serves high tea but the overall atmosphere is only partially conducive to high tea.  The public area has several nice chandeliers that unfortunately have 6000K LED bulbs. I suggested they gradually replace these with attractive 2500K-2700K LEDs and the staff told me they ordered them online and were a bit surprised at the color.  Oops.  The kitchen is so small that storage overflows into the public space.  We saw a staff person packaging up a large birthday cake for delivery.  It looks like they do a good job making special custom cakes.The staff is friendly and accommodating. More...


Winnie L.

25 September 2015

I finally got to try out this cute patisserie this morning.  My girlfriends just finished a nice hike behind the Livery and wanted to grab a quick bite before picking up the kids.I ordered their breakfast sandwich made with their freshly baked challah bread.  Oh my....that bread was GOOOOD.  They used a fromage which was perfect.  The drip was nice and bold.  Their cream was chilled.  To me, it's the little things that make a huge difference.  Everyone else ordered pastries which just made my mouth water.  They pulled out this chocolate and nutella bread or puns cake.  I'm was drooling. ..Can't wait to come back to try something else. More...


T D.

18 August 2015

My favorite place for great coffee pastries and breakfast !You must try the feta and spinach bourekas and the babka cake. The Breakfast is fresh and yummy too. And the deserts are amazing !!!Great service and very nice owner!!! More...


Ethan H.

29 June 2015

We ordered a lemon cake for a company event recently - boy, was it delicious!  They did a nice, classy job of decorating the cake with colored macaroons that matched our company logo color perfectly.  We also ordered 15 bags of the amazing french macaroon cookies - if you haven't had them from Tal's yet, well then you're just missing out!Thanks again and well done.  See you next time, (but not too soon or I'll get fat). More...


David L.

14 April 2015

I stopped by for a quick bite to eat in Danville & found Tal's patisserie. I ordered the Jambon Fromage, and honestly I didn't know what to expect when I ordered it. The fresh, crunchy baguette was delicious, ham was moist and perfectly salted with an epic amount of creamy cheese, all melted together and balanced perfectly.Simple at its bestThey were out of chocolate croissants, but don't worry, I'm coming back for more soon! Keep it up Tal! More...


K.E. Beckerlund

4 April 2015

Wonderful food. Wonderful service. The staff is very well educated on allergy issues. A great place to have a cup Of coffee and a treat or have an event catered. I'm already looking forward to my next visit. More...


Elaine G.

28 March 2015

Had yet another fabulous breakfast in this little jewel in Danville!!! I met my girlfriend for coffee -(The best) and a bite to eat in this warm and welcoming patisserie.  We sat 3 hours chatting and sipping and eating. Everything is absolutely delicious. My mouth just wants to keep tasting all the delicious food on the menu but my tummy can only fill up so much,  I will have to continue to visit just to cover the rest of it,  there is not one thing on it that doesn't look Devine!!!! This is a go to for me when I need that coffee fix for sure as they have the best coffee I have had in forever!!!! More...


Shayan P.

27 March 2015

This place is by far my favorite bakery for pastries! I have quite a sweet tooth and very high expectations that I can say Tal's Patisserie exceeds. I've tried quite a few of their sweets, but the one I always find myself coming back to is the chocolate truffle cake. I've never tasted chocolate so rich, creamy, and savory in my life. The owner is also incredible friendly and has created a very relaxing patisserie with charming decor and a mellow color pallet that really adds to the look of the sweets. I highly recommend Tal's if you're looking for a regular place to enjoy delicious sweets. More...


Mark G.

28 February 2015

We love this place Wednesday we eat there me and my wife after a small visit at at Danville.  Place fill warm and friendly and the food is amazing


Marie G.

22 February 2015

Very friendly small bakery with breakfast and lunch . I had the crepes. I wish the menu had more options , everything was fresh.


Kimberley Ellis

10 January 2015

Held a small "fancy" tea party here for my daughter's 6th Birthday. It was excellent ! The food was so good and the service was also wonderful.After the girls enjoyed tea sandwiches, fresh fruit, desserts and hot chocolate in real glass teapots and China cups they were able to play tea party in a little corner they had set up with books and a toy kitchen. I had the basic tea that came with the best scones I have ever had. Thanks again Tal's More...


Alexis M.

26 December 2014

Best challah ever!! So good!! It's not the commercial, fluffy challah, but real homemade, doughy, yummy goodness! My kids want it every Friday, but my waistline is not cool with that.I also got a vanilla latte while picking up the challah. They make their own, fresh vanilla syrup for the latte. SOOO good!!This is definitely our new challah place! Thanks ladies! I had a great time chatting with you both as well! More...


Judy I.

3 September 2014

Love theIr breakfast! Tasty and just enough for me. They are located in the Danville Livery and their cafe is quite sweet and charming. Definitely will become a regular.


morgan b.

17 August 2014

Great little downtown spot for lunch and coffee.  Very friendly owner and food was excellent.


Ida R.

13 July 2014

We drove 10 miles out of our way to get to this place, and boy was it a good decision! Secluded in a peaceful shopping center in Danville, this is a charming bakery that uses very high quality ingredients. You can really taste the love they put into their food preparation. I had their shakshuka which had a wonderful hint of smokiness from Hungarian paprika they used and was in general perfectly cooked. My husband ordered a warm fresh giant sesame bagel with fresh yogurt cheese and za'atar (middle eastern herb mix). Delicious all around! Such a fantastic find, a taste of Israel with a French twist. Not to mention the staff and owner were kind and very welcoming. Bravo! More...


Alex M.

3 July 2014

I took my son for crepes.  Delicious!  Everything here seems to be fabulous.  The peanut butter I bought here is downright dangerous- you must try it if you like nut butters, as it is out of this world!  I had to buy more of the Nutella bread too.  Two loaves this time- considering how quickly it disappears. More...


Vanessa T.

21 June 2014

A very enjoyable experience celebrating my daughter's sixth birthday at Tal's. The planning of the event was dealt with very efficiently and I even got responses to my emails out of normal business hours. The setting is lovely and quaint and has the cutest tea pots. The birthday cake looked stunning. The kids made cake pops which were utterly delicious and then got cupcakes to decorate to take home. My son absolutely loved the mini turkey dogs in puff pastry and the fruit skewers were fresh and tasty too. The platter presented for the adults was lovely and the goats cheese, fig and sage sandwiches were scrumptious. Our guests all had a lovely time and the staff were attentive and very friendly which gave the event a lovely warm atmosphere. A big thumbs up to Tal's! I will be back for a Mom's morning treat! More...


Kishori D.

21 June 2014

The best bakery cafe in town! In my opinion better than Tartine of SF . My search for a good cafe with awesome bakes is finally over! If you know your European style bakes,  gotta come here. Loved the truffle cake n Italian espresso. The owner is very gracious, warm & friendly. The quaint & homey decor is a plus. Am definitely coming back for more. More...


Zainab B.

1 June 2014

This is a nice little place with fresh food and delicious dessert. Had the high tea and the Earl Gray was amazing. The lady working there was accommodating to us since we do not eat pork. Looking forward to going back for brunch. Also- Google Maps sent me all over the place- Tal's is located near Piatti and Forbes Mill. More...


Derek Norris

29 March 2014

Highly recommend. Cakes are great.



26 February 2014

I am pretty in LOVE!!!! I am so happy this place exists!  Tal's Patisserie is incredibly charming! Beautiful chandeliers illuminate the  space with a kitschy design. I  typically prefer to dine in because it is so cozy, and elegant.  Great coffee drinks, and AWE-mazing (duh) pastries! I frequently also get the breakfast crepe. It is so perfectly balanced that I can't accurately describe its affects (you must try)! I can however accurately say that I always leave satiated and completely fulfilled.  Tal and Michelle elevated my experience even more with their wonderfulness!  Yay! Thank You!!!!! More...


Avital B.

19 February 2014

Adorable spot with delicious food, lovely handmade confections, great decor, and perfect coffee. The people who work here are the nicest and the whole European-style cafe vibe is an attractive alternative if you're tired of the standard Starbucks/Peet's decor. Highly recommended.


J D.

19 January 2014

I LOVE LOVE this place.  Staff is always friendly and food is always fresh and really tasty.   I've come here periodically for some pastries, macaroons and cookies but just finished having my daughters party and I am definitely going to coming here a lot more now.  Had my daughter's 8th birthday party here with 13 other girls.  Tal is such a sweetheart, she's patient, has a true passion for baking, and keeps the kids in line.  I had them shape Challah bread, decorate cookies and ended with a tea (hot cocoa) party.  It was engaging, entertaining, beautifully set up, elegant tea glasses and delicious treats.  I did small appetizers for the adults...cut up challah bread and butter, assorted cookies and bourekas (both spinach/feta and potato), worked out perfectly.  I am in love with the bourekas, so delish!!  Probably helps since all the girls are 7-8 years old so they can sit for a period of time.  My daughter and her girlfriends had a great time, took home bread and enjoyed themselves. More...


Kitty D.

18 January 2014

Tried Tal's for the first time. Wonderful customer service. Tried their rugulach and tahini cookies. They are good because they are not overly sweet.


Junes S.

4 January 2014

The junior tea is such a great deal! It's $8 for your own pot of tea (unlimited refills) and a scone and fresh fruit! The scone comes with salted butter and jam. You also get milk and sugar with your tea. The one thing I wasn't completely satisfied with was that they used tea bags which aren't always bad but I sometimes can't help but think that I could just buy my own box of them for cheaper. It's for this reason that, if I'm going somewhere to have a full pot of tea, I usually expect/prefer looseleaf. However, they did use a higher quality tea which made this easier to accept. If you're not in the mood for a traditional tea, they also have a sizeable selection of pastries -- most of them Jewish and Israeli. I'm glad my friends and I randomly ended up here the other day when we had initially meant to get Pizookies at BJs. Can't wait to return! More...


Laura K.

12 December 2013

Macaroons are delicious! This is also a fantastic breakfast place, everything is very fresh. So far, our favorites are granola yougurt, Israeli breakfast and the pecan pastries. Also, their coffee is Good! Highly recommend this place. It's hiden in the Livery, around the corner from Coldstone Ice Cream. More...


V. And C. C.

4 November 2013

They had us at Hello! Wow, what a lovely place for a great cup of cappuccino, cakes, pastries, breakfast and for light lunches. This is a hidden Gem which we discovered recently! Can't wait to be back!! Their cappuccino is well prepared and three thumbs up. Salads, soups and sandwiches are good also taste fresh. Next time we will try cookies and pastries.   The decor is tastefully done. Reminds us of Europe!! Owner is very warm and friendly. She seems to have an interest making each of their customer's feel important and not just another customer walking in.   It's bit on a upscale side but it's worth it! You are paying for best quality, product and service. More...


Jacquelyn M.

23 October 2013

Kind of pricey but worth it.  Cute environment and all the goodies are baked with as real of ingredients as you can get (no need to worry about HFCS or any of those yucky, cheap additives).  If you're looking for a good cup of coffee, latte or caffe au lait with a tasty treat to pair it with then this is your place :-)And apparently from reading other reviews and looking at photos....I'm gonna have to try breakfast here! More...


Taylor F.

27 September 2013

The pastries are awesome (especially the almond meringue cookie thing). Also had the granola/yogurt breakfast which was fresh and delicious. Cute place.


Pauline O.

21 September 2013

My husband wasn't feeling great but wanted something light to eat.  He thought Tal's was a tea room for ladies and wasn't particularly interested in going in.  I had never been, but wanted to try it.  It was a hit!  Hubby loved it and so did I.  He ordered an apple tart pastry - the flakey dough was one of the best we have ever had - he gave me a bite, because it was so good.  Then he was still a little hungry, so we shared a ham & cheese sandwich on a baguette - it was such a simple thing, but the baguette was delicious and the quality of the ham and cheese was awesome.  Can't wait to go back.  Wish it hadn't taken me so long to try it out! More...


Racer R.

15 September 2013

Our favorite place for breakfast.   Great Israeli breakfast, good baked goods, friendly staff.  Away from the commotion and noise


D C.

5 September 2013

Tal's is a hidden gem in the Livery! I have waited so long for a breakfast/lunch/coffee spot that does fruit and yogurt correctly- Greek Yogurt! :) YUM. Their french toast is delicious as well. More...


Tanya Shore

22 August 2013

I love the GF desserts. Tal does amazing cakes, cookies and cupcakes for events and weddings.


Ernie C.

17 July 2013

Who knew a ham and cheese sandwich could be so delicious?! Small menu, but very good breakfast and lunch selections. My favorite macarons in the Bay Area.


Sharon Nunes

1 June 2013

The chocolate macaroons are the best I have ever eaten!!!


Laura L.

26 April 2013

Delicious challah and the champagne salad was amazing!! Yummy sandwiches too and lots of drink and pastry choices. Also, loved the decor!


J R.

17 April 2013

What a great place for tea and time with a good friend. Danville needed a place like this. I have enjoyed both visits and my crepes where quite good. I love the bakery items and I  am always tempted to sample the whole case. If you are looking for a quiet comfortable place to have  lunch with a friend or loved one this is it. The location is a bonus as you can walk off that yummy meal around the Livery shopping at  the great stores sorrounding it. More...


Jane B.

27 February 2013

Went a few weekends ago with a coupon (there seems to be a theme to my reviews) for breakfast and really enjoyed it.  My husband had the Israeli breakfast and I had the yogurt and granola and we both had cappuccinos and all our selections were excellent. Glad we tried this place and will definitely be back again. More...


Shiloh H.

11 January 2013

Loved the blinces. So good. Reminded me of my grandma. Crepe was pretty good too. Hot chocolate just okay. Fun to stir your chocolate into the steamed milk but it wasn't chocolate enough. And then I found part of it stuck to the bottom at the end, didn't mix well. Very friendly. Will be taking the kids at some point. A little pricy. More...


Laney C.

2 January 2013

The macaroons are to die for! I had pistachio and raspberry and they were fantastic. My mom and I shared the champagne salad and the caprese sandwich, which was tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil. They were tasty, but very small in portion size. I think a good addition to the sandwich could be turkey or another lunch meat. It is so quaint in here and just a nice little cozy spot to be in. I'll be back soon! More...


Julie g.

2 December 2012

My daughter had her 5th birthday party at Tal's yesterday.  It was absolutely fantastic!  The girls made cake pops and decorated them with colored sprinkles.  They also decorated cupcakes with frosting and different toppings.  After they were done, they ate the cupcakes and had little bowls of strawberries and hot chocolate.  They got to take their cake pops home...each one individually wrapped with their name on it.  The girls had such a great time!!  Tal and Michelle were amazing hosts and were great with the kids.  It was definitely one of the best parties that we've had! More...


Victor G.

13 October 2012

Tal's is both a Patisserie and a cafe. along with pastries, cakes, and coffee/tea , they also serve breakfast, lunch, and brunch. seating is by the windows, creating a eating on the porch ambience. eats: slice tiramisu (4.75)-frosting and cake was referigator cold, thus not melt in your mouth.-maybe a day or 2 old.-was informed this is french tiramisu, not italian3 stars for tiramisu-shoulda got a truffle(5.25) instead.crumbs:motto: get the pastry with the fewest pieces left.-truffle had 2, tiramisu had 5. More...


Rosie M.

11 October 2012

I'm really happy that my chiropractor recommended this bakery to me. All this time I thought that La Boulange was my fav French bakery in Danville. Sorry, all natural trumps that easily. We ordered the kid's granola with yogurt and strawberries. It was really good. Sometimes, it can be challenging to get my daughter to eat yogurt, but the splash of honey and yummy granola with big walnuts made it easy for her to eat, and want more. I ate it, too. The generous portion made this a bargain for the meal. My daughter also had a chocolate croissant. I can't say what it tasted like because that cute pastry was devoured in seconds, followed my a twirl of my daughter's dress. I had the niagara grape kombucha, and it was better than the other kombucha drinks that I have tried. So far, I love it! More...


Caryn B.

28 September 2012

Tried this new bakery/cafe in the Livery in Danville. Very cute place. The bourekas (filled puff pastry) and rugelach are amazing.  The croissants, quiches and other pastries look delicious, and I'll have to go back for lunch sometime. The fig jam and caprese sandwiches sound and look really good. The coffee is also tasty, and service is friendly. I recommend it, and I'll be back. More...


catty w.

28 September 2012

This place gets a rare 5 stars from me. It has great ambiance. It is a great place to meet with friends or just steal a few minutes for yourself. The food is FANTASTIC. It is very clean and the customer service is excellent. I'm not a suburban person; to me this place feels like it belongs in a big city like San Francisco or Paris. More...


Grant H.

26 September 2012

I'm a first time customer at Tal's and I'll hopefully be returning soon. The pastry I had was sort of a cookie sandwich: lemon and almond sponge cookies with a hefty portion of chocolate mousse filling. It was like a grown up ice cream cookie sandwich sub creamy chocolate mousse for ice cream.Extremely satisfied, looking forward to future visits More...