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It sound rather cliché to say that I like helping people, but the reality of it is, I really do! More specifically, I enjoy the feeling of helping someone reach their full potential in their personal and professional life. I feel good when my clients feel good. It's rewarding to see my client succeed, and when I can point qualities in them that they did not know that the possessed. Simply stated: Having the ability to help the client see the glass half full, instead of empty.

I was motivated to start my own practice by the need of my services and the lack of life coaches in my area. Moreover, when I conducted a needs assessment in the area, I discovered that most people did not feel a real connection with their coach or counselor. I knew immediately what solution I would implement to solve the problem. My solution is simply: demonstrate humility, empathy and sincerity.

Most people want to live purposefully and get the most out of life; however, wanting and getting are not the same. To get what you want in your life takes a lot of work, a good bit of determination, and sometimes an extra hand. I can personally provide the extra hand you may need to get you to the place you want to be. I can assist you in clearing away the clutter so you can focus on your goals. Life's obstacles should not be viewed as setbacks, rather a delay in better things to come.