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Jason A.

21 September 2019

11.99 lunch buffet... you really can't complain at that price plus I think it may be the only joint in town. Had everything normal to a buffet, butter chicken curry, chicken tikka, naan,dal curry, vegetables,salad and dessert. Everything was there. We also ordered cheese naan and chicken tikka Marsala. The Marsala had a very nice taste. More...


Anthony P.

9 September 2019

The lunch buffet here is so good. The menu differs day to day. The rice and Naan are yummy and there is 7-8 curry dishes available, 3-4 of which are vegetarian. I definitely like some items more than others but I haven't tried one that tasted bad. I sometimes get it delivered via Uber eats, but I much prefer the buffet for the value and variety.On this particular day, there was 3 different tables with guests of Indian descent eating here. Given the limited Indian population here in Yakima, I think that's a great sign that the food is truly tasty and authentic. More...


Tarah Redepenning

20 August 2019

seriously amazing food. We tried it for the first time today and I was a little worried as I'm very picky about my Indian food. It was fantastic!!!! GO try them out!! If Indian food is new to you try the butter chicken, it's fabulous!! We will be going back often!!! it had a great atmosphere and friendly staff. More...


Andrea F.

7 August 2019

I like my food extra spicy so I skip the Buffett and order take out so I can up the heat. Love getting curry to clear my sinus during allergy season.


Amy Ralph Morfin

4 August 2019

I have never in all my life tasted food this good.


Robin Johnson

21 July 2019

first time here and great service and great tasting food


Michael Brown

20 July 2019

the food I'd just the best.


Pras C.

17 July 2019

On a road trip through WA in an RV, we decided to check out Yakima en route to the south. Stopped to enjoy some RNR overnight and got to this little gem at 11:30am straight from a hot yoga class at Renu, ready to destroy the buffet! All the food was delicious. They don't make it very spicy (hot) here but the dishes do have wonderful sweet and complex flavors which is the right compromise. Today the buffet offered butter chicken, mango chicken, chicken tikka, rice, naan, veg curry, yellow dahl (a hallmark of real Indian food!), potato curry, potatoes with peas, fried bhajis plus an assortment of salads, relishes, poppadom and fruit plus rice pudding for dessert. What a treat. We ordered a couple of mango lassis to aid digestion. These were sweet and tangy. Perfect. A great Indian meal hidden in the most unexpected part of WA!They do play Bollywood movies and pop songs on 2 TVs here and if you like fun stuff then you'll enjoy the wackiness of it! More...


Joshua B.

10 July 2019

This is the beat Indian food I've ever head. Not that I have a lot of experience to base that on but it was awesome.


Francesca Rose

16 June 2019

This place is absolutely phenomenal! great food and atmosphere! Excellent dishes every time!


Shaniece Kym

12 April 2019

Taj Palace is amazing. they have amazing authentic food and they stick to tradition with copper pots and serving dishes. The owners are kind and friendly Maria is great behind the bar and Ramen is amazing at running the place with her husband. my family and I hope you come and enjoy it also. More...


Shawn D.

28 March 2019

I really enjoyed the last two times I have visited this place.  Staff was friendly with perhaps just a little bit too much time between drink refills but not bad.  Food was very tasty and spicy but I was not sweating the entire meal.  I'm not experienced enough to talk about authenticity of Indian food.  Atmosphere is clean and nice. More...


Rachel B.

24 March 2019

I can definitely say this is the best Indian food place in town as it is the only Indian food place in town. I am so glad that Yakima has an Indian food place. We had the buffet and it was good and there was lots variety. I just wish that some of the flavors were more bold. There was nothing that blew me away flavor profile wise. My husband really liked the rice pudding though so he made me increase my review from 3 stars to 4. More...


Brittany S.

1 March 2019

OMG. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Yakima. The lamb vindaloo is to die for and the rice is so tender and delicious. Their options for naan bread are all fabulous as well. The hot chai tea is delicious on a cold evening. We go here at least once a month. More...


Vane Millan

27 February 2019

Enjoyed my visit. My first time trying Indian food with some friends during the lunch hour. Will definitely be going back.


Wyatt K.

5 February 2019

We go here almost every week for the vegetarian thali. Aside from the thali, our favorite dishes are palak chana (chick peas simmered in a warming cardamom-spiced spinach sauce), samosa chaat (samosas topped with chick pea masala, tamarind and mint chutneys, yogurt and red onion), and baigan bhartha (roasted eggplant with a fragrant, tomato-based sauce). I love this place for its vegetarian options and quality customer service. They also deliver and recently opened a bar space in case you want a cocktail. More...


Deep K.

15 January 2019

We place delivery order from taj palace website and we got delivery faster  then expected time. very fast Delivery servise waoooooooo!!!!!awesome  Thank you Taj Palace.


Livelove L.

12 January 2019

Everything was fresh and delicious!!! We live in Tricities but can't wait to be back. Thank you for amazing service Mithila and delicious food chef!!


Mondo Morfin

6 January 2019

it was bomb diggity doo!!


Holly Tingey

6 January 2019

Lunch buffet is great. I can't wait to try more of their dishes (they have an extensive pizza menu). The butter chicken, mango chicken, tandoori chicken, vegetable curry, and naan are delicious.


Ciarra Bruso

3 January 2019

We had our 1 year old that was wanting to run around every where, the staff was amazing with him. Helping with his energy! We loved the food, drinks, and staff! More...


Scott B.

10 December 2018

Chicken tikka pizza was an absolute delight. Everything about it was perfect. Tender spiced chicken, fresh peppers, onions and cilantro. I'll be thinking about it until I have it again. More...


Agustin A.

25 November 2018

Food is great, staff is friendly and helpful. Atmosphere takes your senses to a different place as soon as you walk in through the door, Also now offering a fully stocked bar! Extensive list of Craft beers and hand crafted cocktails. Personally I've always loved the Chai tea. More...


Nic J.

31 October 2018

Stepping the game back up!Good Indian food! New bar is cool! Feel like this place is stepping it's game up! If you haven't been in a min give it another go. I did and was p happy!


Rick Mendiola

29 October 2018

Delicious food I highly recommend !!


Gi I.

24 October 2018

I have ate at a lot of Indian restaurants from Seattle an this place has blown me away!  A small gem in Yakima; which does not have a variety of restaurants.  The grilled chicken, and the curry for the lamb meatballs were exquisite!  If you are not scared of a little spice I would suggest 5 stars ;) -Gi Im More...


Lin Rose

19 October 2018

You've got to try it. it is so good. I loved my meal. thank you!!


Kathryn T.

18 October 2018

Outstanding food. Surprising to find great Indian food in Yakima. Well worth the stop. Great value too!


Lowell Leonard

13 October 2018

Great food and service!!!


Ted K.

7 October 2018

Wow.. Just wow. I'm from the Bellevue area and have tried most of the mainstay Indian places around the Eastside. This place is another level.This place is clean, big, and well decorated. Good Indian vibe with accompanying music. We had the buffet and it was a huge variety. All the items were full and fresh. Good variety of curries, breads, salads, meats, veg, and desserts.The food here is just amazing. Not only did the buffet have a wide variety. All the items tasted so distinctive and spiced so well.Why does this restaurant have to be in Yakima?!?! Too far for me. Please open another one in the puget sound area!! More...


Frances L.

6 October 2018

Very authentic Indian restaurant in Yakima.  It's understandable that they may not get the actual Asian Ingredient to make the exact replicate but it's pretty high up there.  Their Mango Lassi, Yum... What can you say when they have Mukhwas in an Indian restaurant?! - AUTHENTIC!!!! More...


Armen M.

24 September 2018

Excellent food! Excellent staff and cooks! I drove two hours from Wenatchee to eat here and I am happy and satiated! I eat Indian food alllll the time in LA San Francisco Vancouver and this place is really legit!!!


Susan M.

22 September 2018

What a pleasant surprise.  After traveling for a week and getting tired of the usual deep fired food or pizza we wanted something different.  We looked on YELP! And decided to go outside our comfort zone.  This little restaurant is in an old Mexican restaurant (Taco Bell?).  The parking lot was empty except for one lone car. We almost left, but we sat in the car and reread the YELP! reviews.  With our courage renewed we ventured inside. We were not disappointed.  Great food, fresh tasting and inexpensive.   When we left the dining room was jumping, and people were waiting in line picking up carry-out orders. More...


Niraj S.

6 August 2018

Hands down The best Indian restaurant ever!! The food is just amazing. And the service is great! I love love the buffet. So many items to choose from in considerable cost!! More...


Loren Wood

3 August 2018

My favorite Indian cuisine in Yakima :)


Cassandra C.

27 July 2018

I have recently discovered a new love for Indian food after a pleasant experience in SF. Coming back to Yakima with very limited quality dining options, I stopped in to give their lunch buffet a whirl. The quality of the food and the friendly service earns Taj Palace its 5th star. Absolutely delicious. I brought a friend who is from London and has traveled the world and she said it's the best Indian food she's had (In America ;). If you love Indian food you absolutely must go. On Keto diet? They got you covered. Get the butter chicken or any of the creamy dishes with no beans or potatoes. Not on a diet? Treat yourself to a mango lassi. So tasty!! Lunch buffet for $11-$12 is well worth it. I stayed once for like 3 hours to study and they were completely welcoming. I went like 3 or 4 times in a month. I had to cut myself off lol. More...


Michele Heilman Brashear

19 July 2018

The Taj has Amazing food, the butter chicken and Tandoori chicken is awesome!! The service is always great and almost all the food is Gluten Free! We visit often!!


Christine Murphy Switzer

6 July 2018

Amazing food, great bar, super nice people!


Steve H.

26 June 2018

It may be the *only* Indian restaurant in Yakima, but it continues to be our favorite. Haha! We eat here every time we're here visiting family. Quality continues to be excellent. The menu seems to have changed a bit. Was slightly disappointed in quantity of Tandoori chicken -- just four pieces. Creamy saffron chicken was to die for -- so delicious. Most recent visit was on a slow Tuesday night with minimal staff on-hand, so we waited longer than we should have at some points. Minor criticisms aside, we love this place and will continue to dine here on future visits. You should, too! More...


Sarah Louise Jacques

25 June 2018

Everything tasted amazing!


Erick C.

19 June 2018

Easily the best Indian in Yakima. But this place rivals all Indian places. The lunch buffet is a great way to test new things or sample what you might like but we know what we like now and we go as often as the budget allows. This place is great.


Kendra Schneider

11 June 2018

We absolutely love the taj!! The food every time is absolutely delicious, the staff is helpful and kind and the owner is a riot!! I have absolutely no negative thing to say. The taj is awesome!!! More...


Kendra W.

10 June 2018

This place is probably one of our favorites in town. Literally every.single.time. We have been here the service is friendly and knowledgeable. The food is delicious too! My husband and I both have food restrictions and the owner tonight walked us through what we can and can't have. Seriously who as a business owner takes the time with Their guests to walk them through what their lifestyle allows..: this place does!! The owner is an absolute riot!! He really makes it a warm and fun experience... every single time. I can't say enough good things about this place to be honest. If you want delicious food at great prices with friendly staff and an awesome and involved owner then THIS IS YOUR PLACE!! WE LOVE THE TAJ!!! More...


Trish N.

3 June 2018

Okay so, the food is great and the restaurant is clean. No complaints there. The service is lacking though. At least on the day I was there. I went for their buffet, server never asked if I wanted a drink, once I was seated he disappeared. Okay, I'll just stick with water until I see him again. I made a slight mess when some of the curry spilled on the table. Like a good patron, I cleaned up after myself. I needed another napkin though. 25 minutes go by and the waiter never checked if I wanted a drink, a water refill, more napkins, nothing. If it was really busy then I would understand but I was one of three people in the restaurant. A family came in and suddenly he appeared, taking their drink orders, asking if they needed anything. He was about to walk away without even checking if on me when I hailed him back over. I asked if I could please have some more napkins. He nodded, came back and handed me exactly one napkin and then disappeared again into a the void from which he came. He was never rude, but never exactly attentive. He didn't come back until 15 minutes later to ask if I wanted the check.If you hate restaurants with peppy, overly helpful waitstaff than this is the place for you. Again, the food is great! More...


Dana B.

13 May 2018

I came with a friend who had never tried Indian food before   Out of doubt, he ordered a combo pizza and I ordered the chicken tikka masala. Both were excellent! Gladly, my friend now likes Indian food! The service was very good too. More...


Thelma Ryder

5 May 2018

Had lunch here today. The food is sooo good. So many choices I couldn't try them all. I'll have to go back again soon. Lots of non-meat choices, too.


Uday B.

22 April 2018

We tried Paneer butter masala and naan. Both were pretty decent. We were glad to find an Indian restaurant in Yakima, during our visit.


Brenna L.

8 April 2018

I didn't get to go to dinner with my family at the Taj Palace, but they brought home some takeout for me, and ohh man. The chicken butter is to die for!! The chicken tandoori is spectacular! I also had another chicken dish, but I don't remember what it's called. It has onions and red bell peppers in it, kinda spicy, SO GOOD! Next time I eat something from the Taj Palace though, I want to actually be there. I will come in sometime soon, and often! More...


Matt U.

15 March 2018

I went back-and-forth on whether or not this place was a 4 or a 5 for quite a while. Ultimately, we figured it was a five because it's a place we've started ordering takeout from as well as stopping in to dine at. We have not experience the recent expansion into pizza, but we know they do a great job with Indian food!The Decour inside feels very traditional and definitely sets the atmosphere up nicely. There's plenty of seating at either tables or booths and during the lunch hour they have, I've heard, quite the buffet.We've only been here for dinner, and each time it's been very good. They have plenty of excellent traditional dishes like chicken tikka masala, Butter chicken or any of the myriad of curries available. The mango curry has become a personal favorite of ours! It's as good as anything we tried anywhere else. Our newest go to dish, that we previously haven't seen anywhere else, is the saffron gosht "Insert meat/cheese here". It pretty quickly has become one of my favorite things! We're not used to having saffron in anything other than pay so was nice to see it in a creamy sauce accompanying goat, cheese or chicken. It's the sort of sauce that you get some extra naan for so you can make sure you don't leave any of it behind. Our kids have also taken a liking to it as the last time we had it they were going at the remains with a spoon.The naan options here are also plentiful. Everything from the standard originals, garlic or cheese, down to ones that have a variety of spices, meats and fruit pieces in them. You really can't go wrong! They're good enough, that you should probably order an extra one because, seriously, it's only four bucks...and it will probably bring you more than four dollars in happiness!Prices are standard and our experience with the service has been very good. It's nice to have a really good Indian food spot in town! More...


Alejandro I.

10 March 2018

I am not a big fan of Indian food but this place was great. lots of flavor! We had the buffet and great value. They kept up on the main dishes which is a  pet peeve of mine.


Deanna K.

10 March 2018

A-mazing. On our way back to Vancouver from Ellensburg and the mood struck for Indian Food. It was a little out of the way from the freeway, but it is definitely well worth the drive into town! Ordered Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Curry, and Chicken Saffron Gosht. All fantastic! Two ordered a spiciness 5 and the heat was there! They were well satisfied with the spiciness. And the Naan. So. Delicious. Ordered regular, garlic, and onion Naan. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Beautiful.The wait staff were attentive and helpful as well.Thank you so much for the experience. More...


Shea H.

10 March 2018

The best restaurant in town!!  Order the chicken tikka masala or butter chicken,  you'll love them!  Indian naan bread is also is a must, along with a cold and yummy mango lassie!


Breanne Notman

19 February 2018

This place is fantastic every time. Super friendly service and amazing food!!


Chan C.

17 February 2018

Impressive lamb dish, tasty mutter paneer. A bit expensive but well worth the money for the quality of lamb. I would come back here if in the area again!


Ashlee Herrera

16 February 2018

I would eat here everyday if I could! So much yum!


Aziz Jabarkhail

27 January 2018

The food is great, and the staff are friendly. Thanks for the dinner.


Sara M.

22 January 2018

Ate at the buffet for lunch. The food was fresh, hot and amazing! A great deal for all you can eat.  They also made us feel very welcome despite having a 2 year old with us at lunch.


Justin M.

20 January 2018

Never had a bad experience here and have probably been more than a dozen times. The menu has developed fully, and it seems each time we go there is more and more to choose from.


Jeremy D.

19 January 2018

I've eaten here several times over the years.  What i love about Taj is the ambience - the music in the background, water served in a chilled copper pitcher, and dimly l lit room yield a charming undercurrent.The menu offers a vast host of options and combinations to please even the most difficult of pallets.On this visit, we were excited to see how the new ownership was going.  The staff were very friendly, quick with refills, and fun to converse with.  The food was ordered, prepared, and brought to the table very quickly.We had the Butter Chicken, Saffron Ghost with lamb, and Kabuli naan.Thank you so much for the perfect meal this evening.  Well done! More...


Jeffrey K.

26 November 2017

Ordered this place for take out on the way back to the Tri. Really efficient straightforward menu selection, super quick, and the food was amazing!


Amy M.

21 November 2017

Taj Palace is still as good as it ever was and you should eat here again if you stopped coming after Jesse sold the restaurant. Sure some things taste different, but there are a ton of dishes - try something new! There are a 100 flavors in each dish I try during the buffet, always something new and the waitstaff is great. It makes me sad to see the parking lot empty mid day when it used to be packed every afternoon and evening. This is one of the few restaurants we have in town that features several vegetarian dishes and offers unique flavors and food. If you stopped coming, get back here! Taj still is one of my favorite restaurants in Yakima. More...


Facebook User

6 November 2017

Food is amazing!!! Sunday all you can eat is fabulous! The only reason I didn't give it 5stars is their child policy for buffet. It should be half price for kids under 12, etc. as kids don't eat much. Unfortunately, the restaurant randomly looks at a child, decides how much they eat and charges you accordingly. ...very random. So if you want to eat there, leave the kids at home. NOT family friendly. More...


Melissa Deaver-Hicks

5 November 2017

Great food, great service! I had the butter chicken and my fiance had the chicken masala. Both spicy and good.


Rae A.

23 October 2017

This place is yummy! The food tastes really fresh and is perfectly spiced. They serve pizza now and I can't wait to try it! They use the tandoor so it has to be good. More...


Brynn K.

19 October 2017

Shrimp curry. Excellent Indian Food...would eat here every day if I could! Family friendly, nice staff and clean. Lunch buffet is also a great deal!


Peter C.

9 October 2017

I'd been here for dinner once before and remembered it being good so when I was in Yakima recently around lunchtime and saw they had a lunch buffet I thought why not.  First no complaints on the food - Buffet was great, butter chicken was awesome, and service was prompt and friendly.  I was however a little surprised by the bill... For myself, wife and two daughters ages 6 and 10 the bill came to $72 + tip.  A bit steep in my mind for a buffet and I learned that only kids under 6 get a child discount so we all paid the adult price. For this reason alone, and hey I admit it's entirely my fault for not checking prices in advance, I don't think I will return with the family. Too many other options for far less $$ exist when I need to feed the family. More...


Andrea D.

8 October 2017

Holy Lord this place is awesome! Best butter chicken I've ever had and the naan was delicious! My husband and I loved the buffet.


Isabel Branscomb

18 September 2017

OMG I'm pregnant n their food is so so good the guys are always nice


Steve H.

7 September 2017

Pretty good service, great food and I love the heat scale! Menu is a little confusing but fun to figure out what you want to eat.


Alex H.

25 August 2017

You dont come here for cheap or easy food. You come here for culture and taste. This place has buffet options, a wonderful atmosphere, and a great customer range. One kind doctor even bought us dinner once. Do not pass up an opportunity to eat here. More...


Moni M.

19 August 2017

The buffet is wonderful, good options, and they're very quick with refilling what's out.  Love it!


Nicole Reneé

5 August 2017

My favorite restaurant in town! Always friendly and the food is incredible and well priced. �


ariel b.

4 August 2017

I love Indian food and I have had it everywhere I have travelled from London (wicked good!!!) to D.C. (really good!) to Yakima (good) and everywhere in between. Is this the best Indian food I've ever had? Nope. Is it solid and I'm super thrilled it's in Yakima where I now live? Absolutely! Service: 5 stars: The service has been friendly both eating in and taking out (love the take out option on Yelp). The place is well-maintained and clean.Food: 2.5 - 5 (I haven't run into anything inedible and the samosas are great). Also they are really good about heating it up or mild-ing it down for you spice-wise.Here's what I've had so far:-butter chicken: pretty good a bit too tomato-soupy for me but my hubby loves it.- vegetable samosas: YUM!!! I get these every.single.time. I may have a diagnosable samosa problem - they are delish and the mint and fruity sauce that come with are really tasty and complement them perfectly. -lamb curry: great flavor but too greasy for me to eat regularly and this coming from the lover of deep fried samosas and lamb - yellow Dahl: love! Great flavor and aroma, nice consistency. Great vegetarian option if you're into that.- Chana masala: solid. When I'm too lazy to make my own this one is pretty good.Overall, I'm super happy to have some Indian flavor available here in Yakima in what is otherwise a sea of Mexican, pizza, and fast food joints. More...


Minji K.

24 July 2017

I came here for lunch and the staff told us to try the lunch buffet instead, and it was great!My favorite was butter chicken, mmmm. But did not really like the spice.The staffs were very friendly. Will definitely go back! More...


Susan Smith

24 July 2017

My first time having this type of food and it was delicious! Can't hardly wait to try more dishes.


Peter N.

21 July 2017

Was recommended this place by a local, and boy was I impressed by the food!I came here with a buddy during their lunch buffet which starts at 11am and ends at 2:30pm. The butter chicken, chicken korma, goat, and chicken tandoori were all extremely tender. Each bite was soft and packed with flavor. Highly recommend getting these servings. The chick peas and aloo pakora were average. Nothing too special here.Overall, the food was amazing! I just wished they had more options available for buffet. More...


Nikki W.

16 July 2017

Hello... you have to have BUTTER CHICKEN AND Punjabi Naan! It is always incredible and  flavorful.  The Chilli Chicken is also full of flavor with a little kick off spicy.  Love eating here.


Laural Rose Sherman

14 July 2017

Love love love the food here. I highly recommend


Clark L.

9 July 2017

Very impressive Indian food. We ate here passing through from Seattle and thought it was as good as the better Indian restaurants there.  Everything was great and service was fast and friendly. More...


Kevin H.

24 June 2017

I have eaten here multiple times and have never been disappointed. I have tried about 20-30 different items and all have been pretty good. Fabulous butter chicken, lamb biryani, palak paneer and eggplant bartha! The tandoori chicken is awesome when fresh (the buffet is hit or miss).The raita is okay.The chai is good quality and the kheer (although a bit thin at times) is very tasty! More...


Angela C.

13 June 2017

Love the chicken tikka masala, similar to the butter chicken but better!!! Also the garlic naan is a must have.  Its not the best indian food I've ever had, but definately the best Indian food in Yakima!!!


Olivia C.

7 June 2017

Absolutely delicious! Had the saffron chicken and it was so tender and amazing. Highly recommend coming here if you can!


Lisa Egan

28 May 2017

The food was great, was a little better under old management but had a great time with excellent company .


Charles Murray

6 May 2017

Extremely delicious! Fantasticly fabulous and yummy!


Sarah R.

1 May 2017

I ordered lamb masala take out for a friend and I guess it's not supposed to be green?. They gave me the wrong order. since we live 45 minutes away, I can't just drive back and pick up the right one..... But  my friend wasn't upset about it because "whatever this green stuff  was it was good ."  would have given it a five if the order was right. Didn't get lower because the food was great anyways More...


Anand P.

27 April 2017

Absolutely the freshest Indian buffet in all of Washington. The naan was the most authentic naan I have had in Washington. The vegetable gravies were ok. The appetizers were awesome. The kheer was awesome. More...


Jr S.

13 April 2017

The food is amazing... I love the goat curry but they don't put a lot of goat in it. Last time I checked and maybe 5 to 6 small pieces of goat and the reason I gave them a 4 is because I went once and didn't have goat curry they made me lamb curry it was okay I was told that it was going to take a couple days to get goat delivery and went back 2 days later still no goat. Good food for sure!


Shea Kirschner

1 April 2017

Excellent service! And excellent food! Great atmosphere!


Nicole A.

27 March 2017

We liked the Taj before and still love it with the new owners. The buffet was quality and delicious! The buffet food is mild (which we like), but I'm certain you could ask for spicier items on the menu. I dare say the butter chicken is even better now. The new owners (or the staff who were there when we went) aren't as friendly, but the food certainly wasn't lacking. More...


Susan Martin

19 March 2017

Amazing food, great choices, new offerings and friendly, efficient staff!


Chris C.

24 February 2017

I'm from England and we have a LOT of Indian food.  Taj Palace is one of my favorite places to visit in Yakima and it gives me a little taste of home! Great food and atmosphere.  Workers seem really nice as well. Always a pleasant experience. Definitely recommended. More...


Maribel Antolin Martinez

18 February 2017

Love the food and my kids loved it too and we well be revisiting


Candria Ray

12 February 2017

Will definitely return. The service was great, the food was wonderful, and it was clean.


Teresaa S.

10 February 2017

First time trying Indian food and I was satisfied. I had the Mango sauce chicken. I really liked that you can choose how spicy you would like your food. Service was nice, definitely going back. :) More...


Shawna Galutia

29 January 2017

I still come here and love it. The food is different from before but is still excellent and there are more options to choose from. And having something different and unique is something that is desperately needed in this town. I do miss the mango pudding from before but that's probably the only exception from before. Everything else is delicious, unique and awesome! More...


Mardi P.

24 January 2017

Visiting Yakima, always on the lookout for worthy Indian food.  We had the lunch buffet and just was so good.  Raita and butter chicken were really tasty and the staff was very friendly.


Hood Joei

22 January 2017

Yummmmmmmmy food. ���� Defenilty will be going back to eat at buffet sometime in the future


Kimberly C.

21 January 2017

I am from San Diego and there is a lot of amazing Indian food out there. I did not have my hopes high for this place it being in such a small town. This is easily the BEST Indian food I have ever had. The butter chicken is great and the buffet is really good. I highly recommend it to anyone. More...


Bhavik D.

27 December 2016

Very good food and very good service... ask for spicy food for indian taste buds.. adding lil salt on top makes awesomes curries..Tried baigan bharta.. paneer jalfrazi.. garli naanDaal makhani was awesome More...


Nick H.

11 November 2016

Ron's has been there nearly my whole life. I was born here 75 years ago and hung out there past The Freezer days. I graduated 1960 so I had all those years before that. And our car club met there when we're still dragging the gut after school. We also hung out at the Enco Station when Maggard and Docier were also big time hotrodder drag racers there. Anyway you get my drift they were big Time. I guess they were tops at Nationals too with their 58 & 60 El Caminos. Just had them again today with all the fond memories. More...


J L.

27 October 2016

Friends of my wife's yet we have always had a great time eating in or taking out. One of our all time favorites in Yakima. Family favorites are butter chicken, aloo gobi, naan of course, any tikka masala dish, paneer and korma dishes, mango kulfi, and chai. I think that is the whole menu More...


Szilard V.

23 October 2016

I have spent some time India and here the food is pretty similar. The place is nice, the service is good and the food is just simply delicious!  I was with my friends and we shared a Lamb korma, Lamb Saag, Butter chicken, and two more dishes and all of them was just fantastic. The portions were huge and the price is acceptable! If you try it you won't regret it! Go there and enjoy a huge variety of Indian dishes! More...


Christine Stickever Parra

9 October 2016

Delish food. Very friendly , lovely staff . The Buffett was incredible !


Jasmine N Johnathon Vargas

3 October 2016

Amazing food and the kids loved it! The server was nice even though my kids were acting up I still had a good time. Was really a great experience.


Lindsey H.

20 September 2016

So good! The food is amazing, the service... Meh. I wasn't impressed but it wasn't BAD. The curry is always good no matter what kind you get.


Jesica Y.

16 September 2016

I left Yakima 2 years ago and Ive craved Taj Palace ever since. They made the BEST butter chicken and mango pudding!!  The owner and staff were always very friendly & courteous.  Every dish I tasted, I loved.  I HIGHLY recommend the lunch buffet if you are new to Indian food. More...


Eva C.

12 September 2016

Such delicious food. Butter chicken was really good. The lunch buffet was surprisingly very clean and organized with a good variety, including salad and vegetarian options.Because the lunch hour was busy, the wait staff was a little behind on drinks unless sticking with water, but not a major issue. More...


H M.

31 August 2016

Love love love it! Paneer tikka masala is my favorite, but everything we have eaten here is fabulous. The staff are friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend this place enough. I have eaten Indian food around the world and this place is definitely up there as one of my favorites More...


Roy N.

22 August 2016

Surprisingly good for a small Eastern Washington town. Have eaten at some of the best Indian restaurants in Manhattan and New Jersey, and this place rivals them. Sometimes we'll get a dish where we wish they went lighter on the oil, but otherwise 5 stars. One of the best restaurants in Yakima. More...


Abdi Ugas

28 July 2016

Great food every time, and very friendly service.


Feng S.

15 July 2016

I don't have authorities to say this place is authentic Indian or not since I'm not from India. However, I love the food! We ordered fried fish for appetizer, chicken masala and spinach lamb curry. I enjoyed every single bite! The service was very good. Staffs are so friendly. The environment is nicer than most Indian restaurants I've been in Seattle. More...


Dawnelle Chen

5 July 2016

I never thought I would be a fan of Indian food but Taj Palace changed my mind! The service is absolutely wonderful as is the food. When I told them of my sensitivity to onions they made sure none were in my food. More...


Kevin Andrew Moelk

30 June 2016

Always a great experience at the Taj! The food is fabulous, the service is friendly, the prices are reasonable, what more do you need? Yakima is lucky to have a solid Indian food restaurant. Keep up the good work! More...


Tiara P.

14 June 2016

Used to come here weekly. Their navratan korma is the best I've ever had! Can't wait to visit when we are in the area this summer. Miss this place!


Bill C.

7 June 2016

I really enjoyed this place, one of the Air Traffic controllers at Yakima tower recommend this joint and wow was it good.  I think the daughter of the owner was running the lunch buffet and she did a great job with her hospitality.  The food was great and they kept bringing out fresh food instead of having tons of foods sitting and waiting to be eaten.  The tandori chicken legs were the bomb. More...


Jason C.

3 April 2016

I have only order food for take away, but have always enjoyed the garlic naan and butter chicken. A number of other menu items look quite interesting, and I would hope to try them someday. I found the staff friendly and helpful when I pick up orders. The place seems tidy. More...


Shannon Brumley

2 April 2016

This place is amazing!! The garlic naan is incredible, the butter chicken is a must, and their Indian chai is the best I've had!! If I had the money, I'd go here once a week! More...


Arastede H.

31 March 2016

One of my favorite type of cuisine, the Taj Palace reminds me of home. If want something special and your not afraid of spices, have a seat and enjoy.


Meghan F.

12 March 2016

I just love this place. The staff are really friendly, the food is fantastic and I'm always happy to have been here. The thug I specifically like: malai kofta, the dal soup-it's different than the dal I've come to expect and more like mulligatawny soup, but really good, Chana masala, and butter chicken. I've tried a couple different breads, but really just love plain naan. Highly recommend, it can take a little extra time to get paid up when you pick up take out, so don't be in a hurry, but it's definitely worth supporting this great local restaurant More...


Mandi D.

13 February 2016

First of all, it may be hard to give an accurate rating of this place because my boyfriend & I tried it Valentine's Day Eve. It was very busy (40 min. wait to be seated). seemed possibly short staffed .With that being said, staff on hand were working their butt off ! Once we were seated never wanted for beverages . Our appetizers  showed very quickly . Main course was reasonable wait  also . The only ding for food would be tandoori platter wasn't sizzling .   Very  fresh and made to order tasting , Indian food . I would go there again when in town . More...


Gina S.

8 February 2016

My favorite restaurant EVER! Love love love the butter chicken, chicken korma, naan, cheese and peas paneer, all the pakora...I could go on and on and on.Lunch buffet or a la carte. You can't go wrong.DO NOT miss out on this amazing restaurant. (Love the staff too.) Oh, and they're closed Mondays...just FYI. More...


Sherrell M.

15 January 2016

Everything was completely spot on. Flavor, heat, cleanliness. We had the buffet to get an overall feel of the menu and it did Not dissapoint. Thick pieces of all white meat, great balance of seasonings... my kind of food. 100% satisfied. More...


Kari C.

8 January 2016

Beautiful atmosphere very athletic and the food is amazing definitely a hidden jem. It's never crowded and always quiet. Service is fast and friendly,prefect for a romantic date. More...


Lauren McQueen

8 January 2016

Loved it. The dal soup was the best I've ever had; the aloo gobi was well-done and the naan was light and flavorful. Service was friendly and prices are pretty reasonable. (I seriously will be thinking about that soup for months. So good.) More...


D M G.

5 January 2016

Great food and ambience. Food is perfect. Try the buffet. Make sure to try the puddings and have them after the main meal. Indian food takes lot of effort to cook and every spice has to be perfect to make it taste good and Taj has been very successful in making it happen. Very pleased. Coming back to have dinner here tonight.One thing worth mentioning is that it's closed on Monday. We came all the way in snow from outskirts of the town from hotel to see it closed last time. I recommended it to them to update this info on Yelp though. More...


Kris B.

30 December 2015

We visited Yakima and used Yelp to help us find restaurants. We had the Sunday buffet at Taj Palace.  The decor is pleasant. The buffet included butter chicken, tandoori chicken, spinach chicken, rice, ma'am, mixed vegetables in curry, fried bread, a chick pea dish, salad, chutneys.  Everything was very flavorful.  Service was attentive.  We also had the chai tea which was hot and creamy. The buffet was all you can eat and we did. More...


Tori S.

20 December 2015

I went back in during the week for the lunch buffet, and I'm pleased to report that they are more frequently checking to make sure they have plenty of fresh naan bread, rice and butter chicken! Their service has improved too, the waitstaff is very attentive for drink refills and clearing plates. Amazing food as always! Just a little sad they aren't open on Mondays now. More...


Ana Y.

14 December 2015

Samosa were great. Super yummy butter chicken. Naan was just very small but besides that it was a great meal.


Teresa Kask

24 November 2015

Great food, service and atmosphere. Will definitely be back. Try their chai tea.


Andrew Morford

13 November 2015

Fantastic place! Very delicious and nice resturant. Friendly service. For people who never had indian food, try the butter chicken. It will make you a fan of Indian food and try more of there food. They also do buffets on certain days at lunch and they serve great food on that as well. More...


Ray C.

28 October 2015

Lunch buffet one of the BEST! Nicely done...great salad bar, sauces, and of course entrees....like Butter Chicken (delicious), Lamb Korma, etc., etc. good Mango Pudding too! And $14 with a coke, shoot I'll be full until breakfast!! More...


Mandy Rodriguez

22 October 2015

Taj is delicious! Lunch time buffet, with butter chicken and a large array of other Indian dishes and of course naan, all make for a great selection and delicious food!


Angie S. MacKenzie

21 October 2015

Best buttered chicken ever love this place! Would recommend to eveyone


Matt D.

17 October 2015

I always make a point of going to Indian restaurants when I leave my culturally desolate home town. This is place ranks with the best. Had the lamb pasanda. So. Good. Highly recommend this place if you are looking for something other than Mexican. More...


Esmeralda-Alex S.

4 October 2015

Never having tried Indian food in my life, my boyfriend suggested we go there on a dinner date. I was very unsure on what to order.  He helped me out and assured me that I could not go wrong with the buttered chicken. I have to say that he was right. Food had great flavor and the presentation was excellent. I also loved their naan bread, especially the garlic naan. I tried an Indian restaurant in the Seattle area and it just didn't compare to Taj Palace. Love the decor, waitstaff especially the owner is very nice and overall loved the food. Try the Samosas!! More...


Debra J.

23 September 2015

We ate here twice in one week as it was SO YUMMY!! The buffet is great but you can go for dinner and order from the menu and they have takeout as well.  We will be back!!


Jenny Campbell Lindner

12 September 2015

Wonderful, WONDERFUL meal; great service (attentive but not obtrusive). We will come back often!


Stella Whitehead

2 September 2015

My favorite! Love the food and Jessie is the sweetest! Missed seeing her this evening. The food is always predictably delicious.


John-Paul M.

23 August 2015

Had the Sunday lunch buffet. I've never had Indian food before so I was surprised by all the spices! Lots of options though and it was all really delicious!It was $16 so a little high but not too bad for a delicious all you can eat buffet. I'd return for sure. More...


Sam B.

28 July 2015

The lunch buffet is to die for! Lovely waitresses, great chai tea, and unlimited amazing Indian food!


Marsha Cleff

13 July 2015

Haven't had Indian food in 15 years. Went here on vacation in Yakima. The food was delish! Order the naan to go along with your meal. Yes, it's an additional charge but sooooo worth it. More...


Elaine W.

9 June 2015

Delicious, I will definitely return. The garlic Naan is the best! The chicken vindaloo had just the right amount of spice.


Greg Glover

7 May 2015

Best India food in Yakima!!! Butter Chicken is a must!


Jessa E.

15 April 2015

Great place...very friendly and their buffet is always fresh...the chicken Tikka Masala and naan are perfect!!!



12 April 2015

Delish food, great setting!. We LOVE this resturant! Food is always fast, hot and made correctly and consistantly. The family who owns it are super nice and very wecoming. The place its self is very clean, open and tastfully decorated. Cons- u need to ask for pop refills. DO NOT go on Valentines Day; everyone and their mom goes and its not usually staffed for that. Buffet is always the same. More...


Victoria M.

3 April 2015

Amazing lamb tandoori. I would recommend having it with the garlic naan. One order would generously serve two people.


Amelia J.

2 April 2015

GREAT! The food was delicious and came out fast. If you're new to Indian cuisine I suggest the lamb tikka masala and garlic naan. You won't be disappointed. I'd really like to give them 4 1/2 stars. But we there was no hostess to greet us when we walked in the door and we had to get up to pay. I'll definitely be back! More...


Sean K.

26 March 2015

I've been to Taj palace 4 times now (and more in the future), and I am convinced. Taj palace is as good as any indian restaurant I've been to back home in Houston.I've had their shrimp vindaloo, shrimp tikka masala, and chicken korma. I wasn't much of a fan of the korma, but the vindaloo and tikka masala make me salivate just thinking about them. I've had the punjabi, keema (lamb), and garlic naan. The garlic naan is recommended as the best, and I completely agree. I've also been to the lunch buffet. Not nearly as good as dinner, but it's a buffet! There were enough options and variety.I only wish Taj was cheaper so I could come eat here all the time. More...


Josh S.

18 March 2015

Service was little slow, owner is very nice and did take time to apologize to us. Food is definitely legit and extremely good.


Katie M.

15 March 2015

BEST Indian food ever! Definitely a gem in this town! I had the palak paneer, butter chicken, and garlic naan. All were excellent! I wish this place was in my city. Service was great too - attentive, but not overbearing. I would recommend this establishment to anyone. Prices and portions were very fair as well. More...


Adam P.

6 March 2015

Indian food is not my favorite. But it was okay here. Try this place out I guess. Flavorful stuff. Indian food is just not my preference.Taj Parvis


Jason L.

3 March 2015

This is one of the best Indian restaurant I have ever been to. Better than what I have tried in Portland or Seattle. I now live in Europe, but still compare the Indian restaurants I visit to Taj. My favorite dish is the vegetable korma and on a recent visit to Yakima I was lucky to find it as one of the vegetarian options on the buffet and just as good as ever. The staff/owners are very friendly and accommodating. It is rare for Yakima to have good restaurants and even more rare to keep up the quality when something is good. Taj Palace is definitely a culinary gem for Yakima. More...


Shivali D.

21 February 2015

Being Indian, I have a strong appreciation for good Indian food. Being from Chicago, I have a large palate for good Indian good. This being Yakima, Taj exceeded all my expectations! I would consider it as good or even better than a large portion of the Indian food we have in Chicago. Great variety in dishes, I am happy to see such a large vegetarian selection as we are in Yakima and I would think they cater to the crowd here. I love their paneer tikka masala and palak paneer, my friends rave about their butter chicken. Love their garlic naan and plain naan, right out of the oven and can't say enough about the rose lassi, it is delicious! One star off for the price - considering I realize what the value of the portion size is, I would say it is a bit pricey. Considering there are no other Indian establishments in the radius, it doesn't really seem to hurt them, non-Indians are willing to pay whatever for the goodness. =) but hey that's their business strategy and the fact that they decided to be smart about opening Taj in Yakima is their win. Didn't take off a star but I feel strongly about the vegetarian selection in the buffet. While there is an even amount of vegetarian and non vegetarian options, the vegetarian options are very bland next to their counterparts. I would suggest placing tastier dishes such as paneer tikka, shahi paneer and palak paneer in the buffet. These are also significantly more filling than the vegetable curries. If you can offer chicken and other meat than at least let the vegetarians make a filling meal out of the buffet. I never go for it for that reason, it would be too expensive for me for the vegetarian dishes offered. Great to have a piece of  home out here though! More...


Yami L.

7 February 2015

As a vegan, I appreciate having plenty of choices when dining out. Taj Palace has delicious food, great customer services and many delicious dishes to choose from. My favorite is the eggplant dish. The owners are friendly and personable and always smiling and accommodating. The lunch buffet is always fresh and filling. Make sure you won't have to sit at a meeting after lunch! I'm grateful that Taj is providing us with delicious Indian food with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. More...


Stacey G.

2 January 2015

Tried the buffet for lunch today, it is good. The food is well prepared and presented, not overly spicy. Plenty of variety, butter chicken, tandoori chicken a couple lentil dishes. I really liked the zucchini and potato dish awesome garlic sauce too. The interior is nice and clean looking, has an upscale feel to it. My only complaint is the sink in the men's room wasn't working and was out of towels. Probably just a fluke as the rest of the place is well taken are of.Definitely would go back next time in Yakima. More...


Madison S.

28 December 2014

Amazing food! Servers can be a little slow but the meals are definitely worth the wait.


Ace Sandman J.

8 December 2014

Very friendly staff I only enjoyed a chi tea but I look forward to going to eat here. If the staff is any reflection of the food I know that it will be 100%...


Joa C.

5 December 2014

One of our favorite places to eat in Yakima. Great Indian food and friendly service.  We prefer coming at dinner or getting take out than the lunch buffet. Our children love the mango lassis and butter chicken. Aloo saag is another personal favorite. An anomaly in the ethnic food devoid here. More...


emma t.

1 December 2014

Best Indian food I've ever had! We love to order the vegetarian dinner plater/sampler, nav korma, dal maknini, paner something (like butter chicken but with the homeade cheese), garlic naan, also comes with the cracker appetizer, and veggie samoas (love the spice on the outside and veggies in), and dessert (often rice pudding, but sometimes we got mango ice-cream or a fruit parfait). Always plenty leftovers for next days lunch. One time with friends, one of which had a severe food allergy, our waitress and the chef were very accommodating and ensured that our friend ordered a dish that she could truly enjoy. A couple times we had Taj at the Yakima farmers market (Sunday downtown), like always, great! Similar fare to their lunch buffet. More...


Brent B.

12 November 2014

No idea why I waited so long to try this place. Sunday buffet was delicious and gave us a variety of choices. All of which were delicious.


Alyssa Mauch

11 November 2014

Unique food and flavors. Something different in Yakima and the setting is nice! The people are very nice too!


Scott Dewey Kearsley

11 November 2014

I am blown away by the staff at Taj Palace. The service alone is what keeps my wife and I coming back time and time again. The food itself is amazing, I have never left Taj Palace wondering where the meal went wrong. If you're dining out, look no further than the comfort zone of Taj Palace. More...


Ed V.

21 October 2014

In Yakima for business and choose Taj Palace based on reviews.  We were blown away by how good it was.  Best Indian food we ever had without a doubt!  Arrived toward the end of buffet time but were assured by the hostess (who is the owner along with her husband who is the chef) that we would be fine.  From the first bite of butter chicken you knew that this was extraordinary food.   One of the most flavorful chicken dishes have ever had.  All the buffet offerings were hot and fresh.  Also an excellent curry chicken that had a spicy kick.  In addition to several hot offerings there was a cold salad bar with fresh crisp vegetables.   The Naan was especially delicious - warm and fresh.  Finished our first plates and went back for more.  Service was excellent with the hostess stopping by to visit and a waitress closely monitoring water glasses.  We were so impressed that we plan to stop by before leaving town for another memorable meal. More...


Paula D.

20 October 2014

Waitress was amazing. Ordered onion salad, cucumber salad, chicken korma, lentil soup, spinach and cheese naan and veggie saffron rice. I do not know Indian names for any dish but the good was lovely and stress very attentive. More...


Ryan Q.

11 October 2014

Food was darn good! I had a chicken dish, 43 i think it was. Very flavorful,  and filling. Service wss pleasant.  Nice restaurant!  Will be eating here again in the future. More...


Nana M.

25 September 2014

Excellent service and great food! Wish we had restaurants and service like this in texas. I highly recommend this place. .......Thank you for awesome dinner experience!  :)Don't judge it by the way it looks from outside. You won't be regretted. More...


Blake Z.

21 September 2014

Uuggghhh I can't stop eating their buttered chicken curry. It haunts my dreams.  Get some of that hot nan in there I don't know how to live my life.


Ivette F.

19 September 2014

There food as really good with lots of flavor. My favorite is their mango lassi! Best drink I've ever tasted.


Sandeep Kumar

1 September 2014

Good ambience. I tried the buffet. They had it as late as 7pm. Only 2 veg curries and both were paneer based. But the taste was good, so I am not complaining. They had garlic sauce, which I hv never seen anywhere before but it was delicious. Chai tasted good and they do refills! More...


S K.

31 August 2014

Good ambience. I tried the buffet. They had it as late as 7pm. Only 2 veg curries and both were paneer based. But the taste was good, so I am not complaining. They had garlic sauce, which I hv never seen anywhere before but it was delicious. Chai tasted good and they do refills! More...


Lynne M. Wunnenberg Davidson

29 August 2014

If you love Indian food, don't miss out while in Yakima!


Tom B.

15 August 2014

Great stop heading back to Seattle. They has everything I hoped to find on the buffet. Opened right at 11:00. Clean place. Nice chat with Owner too. I'll go again. More...


Jim L.

10 August 2014

Lunch buffet was very good. I enjoyed every dish I sampled.


Liz S.

3 August 2014

Taj palace manages to exceed my expectations every single time. The staff greets you at the door and makes sure you are comfortable throughout your meal. The food is absolutely amazing. The butter chicken is the best I have ever had. Their naan is fresh and plentiful. At lunch they do a fantastic buffet as well. Great options for meat eaters and vegetarians. Enjoy! More...


Urvashi P.

4 July 2014

Love love love love this place. I'm Indian. We cook and eat a lot of indian food. When I came to Yakima five years ago, my expectations were very low. I mean, small town, indian food...wasn't expecting much. And I was blown away. This is authentic Indian cooking at it's best. We've had the buffet, we've ordered off the menu, and we've never had one thing that wasn't terrific. Last week we were back visiting Yakima and met friends for dinner here. Ordered lamb saag, dal makhani, bhindi masala, and naan. For desert we split pista kulfi and mango kulfi. OMG! Yum! Every dish is carefully prepared. You taste authentic --and expensive -- spices through the beautifully flavored dishes. The lamb was cooked to perfection, the dal was creamy, the bhindi was just right and the mango kulfi was amazing. I live in Dallas/Fort Worth where there is a large Indian community and many very good indian restaurants. This one would hold it's own just fine even in that town.  Amazing food and really glad they're here. More...


Claire G.

21 June 2014

This is by far the best Indian food we have ever had, and for the best price. We came in at around four o'clock on the way back from Leavenworth, and it just happened to be happy hour! Their happy hour had both lamb curry and chicken korma on it, and that's what we ordered. The service was FANTASTIC. The waitress we had was wonderful and attentive. I wish we liked the Indian places in Portland as much as we liked this place. Didn't think we'd find a place we like so much in Yakima! More...


Richard G.

15 June 2014

The food here is amazing. The family had dinner two nights ago - two orders of chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, channa masala, and sides of plain and garlic naan. All of the curries were delicious and the naan was fresh and warm. My son powered through his rice (with half of his curry left) and got seconds so it would come out right. Make the journey here -- you will not be disappointed! More...


Andrea Plowman Sailor

15 June 2014

Pretty darn good eating!


Lindsay L.

21 April 2014

Even if you don't like Indian food you will love taj. The food is so flavorful and there are so many options. My favorite dish is the butter chicken. And I absolutely love the chai tea (not like any other chai you've had) and the mango lassi. And the lunch buffet is awesome as well and only 10 bucks! More...


Paul S.

20 April 2014

Great Indian food. The real deal. Better than any Indian food I've had Seattle. My favorite place to eat in Yakima. It's a bit inconsistent but that's what you get with homemade food.


Derek P.

7 April 2014

Simply delicious.  I'm quite picky when it comes to Indian and I was more than impressed.


K.C. Pratt

30 March 2014

Really Great Food! The owner of the restaurant and wait staff are very good in helping pick your cuisine.


Tricia O.

16 February 2014

Yum to the yum to the yumth power.  Serious.  They had these pappadums (lentil crackers) omigoodness yummerimous.  The spinach dish with chicken was amazing and the butter chicken.  Well.  I'm so going back is all else that needs to be said, boyeee!!! More...


Karen D.

23 January 2014

On a business trip to Yakima and have started to rely on Yelp for reviews.  So glad that I checked Indian restaurants.Went with the Butter Chicken and it was really very good.  I was on my own and unfortunately couldn't quite finish it.  I tried really hard.Next time I'm in Yakima I WILL be back! More...


Bill Nickless

23 December 2013

One of our favorite places ever to eat. The veggie samosas are perfectly spiced! Definitely worth the drive up from Tri-Cities.


Marci Ramirez

23 December 2013

Thumbs up!!!


Lyle Whitacre

17 December 2013

The Butter Chicken is incredible!


Sean K.

7 November 2013

Despite its rather dull downtown and not-much-to-do-outside vibe, Yakima does sometimes throw a curveball at me, mostly in a form of restaurant. Tonight, it was Indian food. The place was fairly empty but that's understandable on Tuesday night. Looked like a slow night and not to my surprise, food came out slowly. Got butter chicken and some lamb dish and they were great. Was neither too sweet nor too spicy; just good for my taste buds. As it usually is with other Indian restaurants, it is not cheap and in Yakima standards, it is borderline expensive. There is lunch buffet which i want to try but I will be able to make it... After all, most likely this is the last time I will be visiting Yakima for quite some time, if at all.. More...



19 October 2013

Highly recommended!!! The lunch buffet is a little odd, but a great value if you can eat a lot of food at one seating.


Cyndi M

23 August 2013

This is the best food in town. I go at least once a month. Not enough lol. The hostess/ owner is very nice!!


Lia Blanco

13 August 2013

Great Service & Food Each Time, Except Last Time.... I am hooked on Indian cuisine and consistently crave Taj, so I go in as often as I am able to and always take friends and new customers that find to love it too. Usually, the service is wonderful and the food, even better. However, this time I was highly disappointed. Every time I have gone in, the owner is in and this time, she was not. So, I am assuming that is the reason for the slack off. We were seated by Serenity and didn't receive any type of greeting or water until about 5 minutes later, not to mention, menu's. I had to get up to ask the waitress for menu's, which she handed to me and gave me a bit of an attitude about. After that, we sat and waited to order for a good 15-20 minutes, if not longer. If my friend and I hadn't been craving this all week, we would have gotten up and left. Finally, the waitress returned and took our order... without apology or any regard whatsoever that she had ignored us for a good twenty minutes. We placed our order, My two girlfriends and I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, with a side of Garlic Naan, which is what I recommend (since I am hooked on and have gotten quite a few friends hooked on as well.) The waitress then took back our orders and decided to not take our menu's along with placing our order. We all sat and patiently waited for our food, becoming slowly more and more disgruntled and unhappy, as we were not checked on or asked for refills on our water or even spoken to, for another good 15-20 minutes, if not longer. Eventually, our food was ready and the waitress brought it out to us, on only the serving platters, but without dinner plates and also had not brought out the naan. I asked about both and got only attitude about both questions. Also, I wanted an extra side of basmati rice, for which i asked and also got a sense of being a bother, rather than a guest. The waitress then brought out dinner plates and our naan and continued to seem upset or irrate with us because we were also upset, within reason. I didn't get the rice with the plates and naan, so I waited to ask a different waitress, because at this point, I was upset and also felt highly unwanted by the waitress. The other waitress was a doll and brought out my rice and also offered us water, which had not been refilled again, since the first time, since we sat down. We then waited for what seemed like an eternity for our ticket and boxes, to which the waitress was very quick to get for us. We paid our tabs and left quickly, upset but with happy stomachs. I now have mixed feelings about Taj Palace due to this less than usual, great experience. Now, I know that restaurants get busy, and situations happen, but I also know that sometimes waitresses don't see the need to give proper hospitality but I think the owner will be very disappointed to know that this has happened on the one day she decided to take off. I don't know how I feel yet about going back in, but I do know that I do not want to be waited on by the same waitress. I love the food but feel highly disappointed that we were treated so badly, especially when all I do is speak so highly of Taj Palace. I hope this waitress decides to become a bit more hospitable and concerned for not only her paycheck, but her customers and business. More...


Mark M.

6 August 2013

I travel a lot and have eaten in many Indian restaurants. This is the only one I've seen where the chicken tikka masala had more meat than sauce! I'm talking big chunks of chicken.This restaurant is sparkling clean and very nicely decorated. No grease-stained red carpet here! Never expected to find a gem like this in Yakima.My one suggestion: Get some Sweet 'n' Low for your guests. Not everyone likes the yellow or blue sweeteners, and it was around long before they were. More...


Brea K.

1 August 2013

Excellent food and space! The service was very friendly and authentic. It's hard to find really good Indian food in the area and Taj Palace has filled that void for me! We will definitely be back next time we're passing thru. More...


Are J.

26 July 2013

Fabulous Place, Fun People, Awesome Food. Great Atmosphere. This place is great, the people are very nice, even fun. They work hard to make your meal something to remember. And you will.The menu is very complete, and laid out well. We have been to the Taj so many times, and I have not even begun to get through the menu, although I do have several favorites. Just the selection of Naan breads is awesome, I like the spinach and cheese stuffed Naan. The butter chicken is the safe go to favorite for all. So, if you are not sure about Indian food, get the butter chicken, talk about comfort. They also have a full selection of Lamb, Biryani, Seafood, Vegetarian, and Tandoori.The appetizers are great too. The Paneer (cheese) dishes are wonderful.You can not go wrong here.AND, The home made Mango Ice Cream is to die for!The place is clean, and well appointed, they usually have a buffet, except Friday night, and maybe some other times. More...


Ryan L.

26 June 2013

This place is great. I was in town for a graduation and stopped by with my Pakistani in-laws. We all loved the butter chicken and naan. Very authentic. The place is family run and were very friendly. More...


Kellie G.

11 June 2013

Clean, fantastic buffet. Chx is cooked perfect Tandori is awesome.They are kid friendly,fast with service. We go here once a week. I wish they served lamb buffet style. They have buffet to go bonus. You can always add a side order. More...


Robert Rife

6 June 2013

Family owned and operated, this is easily our favourite restaurant in Yakima. We feel less like customers and more like friends. Don't wait. Go! You won't regret it. More...


Alan Eldevik

1 June 2013

Wonderful tasting food,and good nice servers



24 May 2013

Easy on the Salt!. Mostly good things to say here! I've been to eat at the Taj Palace a time or two before, but never had I been at the right time to take a shot at the lunch buffet. First thing that disappointed me was that the selection available at the buffet is rather small. A simple salad bar, and then between 6-8 dishes(I could be off on the exact number here). But I went for it anyway. Even with a limited selection, if the food is all good, it's worth it, right? The butter chicken was FABULOUS. Beautifully cooked all around. The mixed veggie pakora was WAY too salty. I ate part of one piece and that was all I could take. The aloo gobhi was over salted as well(and too spicy for me, but I understand wanting to have a hotter dish for those who enjoy the heat). The saag paneer was slightly salty to me(but overall rather good). Naan was fantastic(as always), and my mango lassi was to die for. The server who seated us and brought our drinks honestly seemed a little irritated to me, but she was polite and was prompt with refills/asking if everything was alright. Overall, a decent experience, but I'll probably stick to ordering from the menu from now on as the buffet was a tad too disappointing for me(though this could be the result of high expectations from having ordered from the menu before). More...


Laurex P.

17 February 2013

For the area, this is the best Indian food around! We've been here upwards of 4 times and enjoyed it every time. The samosas are good, and most of the vegetarian options are delicious. Some of the dishes can be a little to 'saucy', (vegetable korma) but they're delicious nonetheless. Naan is good, occasionally a bit greasy.From 2-5pm they have a 'happy hour' with minimal discounts on food and moderate discounts on the beverages.Don't bother with the buffet if you're vegetarian! Most of the options are meat-based.and we prefer to pick our own dishes for the day. More...


Bary R.

9 February 2013

My ex-girlfriend and I used to come here quite a bit. The food is good and the water is to die for. Eat, drink and, well, EAT MORE!! Soooo good!!


Brenda K.

21 January 2013

Found this place on Yelp while visiting a friend in Yakima as we wanted Indian food.  It was great!  I get the same things when I go to different Indian places, so good way to measure, and everything we had was delicious.  Chicken Tikka Masala - good spice/cream ratio.  Saag with Panner - yummy. Service was friendly.  Went on a Saturday night, not that busy.   Highly recommend it to the locals and those passing through. More...


Daniel P.

8 January 2013

Surprising to find one of the best Indian restaurants in WA in the city of Yakima, but there it is; my wife and I have struggled to find any one as good in the Seattle area (However, San Francisco has many!).  Their buffet is simple but their butter chicken and navraton korma is out of this world!  Everything is good. The owners are wonderful people - the kind we're always glad to support and receive such excellent food in exchange! More...


Patricia B.

5 October 2012

Went there for lunch and had their buffet.  Meat choices very limited, though they did have the butter chicken, which was very good.  Only in the area for a short time but would probably go back for dinner if we lived around here. More...


Bharat P.

28 September 2012

Better than sfo bay area buffets , in yakima ... Impressive


Ian G.

15 September 2012

Found this place on the way back from a trip through rural Idaho... We had been craving Indian food, and this absolutely hit the spot!


S K.

8 September 2012

I picked up a chicken tikka masala, palak paneer and garlic naan to go the other day and I have been eating it for the last 3 days on my own and loving it.  Naan so soft and good.  Great flavors -  I love it all.  DELISH!  I will be going back next time I'm in Yakima.  I think I need to try the buffett. I wish this place was closer to my home! More...



8 September 2012

Good stuff for vegetarians, vegans, not so much. lots of butter and cream sauces, to be sure. very good food, awesome naan and yummy drinks! i love their pakora selection...i'm a sucker for the mixed vegetable pakora...always fried just right and oh so tasty. their veggie samosas are really great...friends who come from out of town always want to get them for lunch, and at less than 5 bucks for two samosas, it's a great affordable lunch option. their buffet is good...always tasty and one of the best vegetarian options you can get in yakima. sometimes i find that the spices can be redundant at the taj palace, and i'm sure that it is because the food is from a certain area of india, so of course, they are a constant. sometimes the food is a bit heavy, so sharing is a good option, or you can take the leftovers home to eat later. every now and then the veggies seem to be from a freezer, but not always. hopefully that isn't the case! they are too good to use such a shortcut! overall, the taj palace is a nice, different option for vegetarians who live here or are visiting. i seem to want to go there in the winter months, mostly, as it is so warming! More...


Cranky Diner

16 August 2012

Great Indian food. The Taj Palace has been in Yakima for quite some time, and for some reason I’ve never been there until recently. I was invited by friends to go there with them, and since I have an adventurous spirit, how could I say no. I’m not all that familiar with Indian food, so it was helpful that the menu gave detailed accounts of what was in all the dishes. I’m particularly fond of spicy Chinese food and figured that spicy Indian food would also meet with my expectations. After looking over a very large menu with many different options, I settled on Vindaloo Chicken. I was not disappointed. The sauce was spicy and savory, but not too hot to enjoy the flavor. I couldn’t really put my finger on the flavors, but they were both exotic and comfortable. The chicken was diced and the sauce also included chunks of potato. We ordered a number of plates of naan while we were there. The naan that came before our meal arrived with a number of dipping sauces and the naan that we ordered to come with our main dishes had no dipping sauces, but the sauces that accompanied our main dishes was sufficient. Our dishes also came with a side of excellent long grain rice. Service was very attentive and our table was visited many times by the staff. Portions are sizeable and will probably require a box for take away. I left wondering why I hadn’t visited earlier and made commitment to myself that I’ll go back soon. More...


Ambre M.

19 July 2012

GREAT place!  Lunch Buffet was great.  All the butter chicken I could eat, yay!  Reasonable priced, good beer.  Great service as well.  Can't wait till I'm in Yakima to go again! More...


Bethanie L.

22 June 2012

Taj Palace is one of our favorite places to eat in Yakima . Their food is always fresh and delicious. Step outside the box and get one of their curry dishes or tandoori shrimp. Their pampadums are also very tasty! The best part for me is they can make lots of their dishes dairy and gluten free. Their service is also wonderful! The owner loves our son and has even given him complimentary ice cream before! They are also very reasonably priced and give you very healthy portions. If you like ethnic cuisine, you definitely need to check them out! More...


Jay C.

16 June 2012

This place is arguably one of the top 5 best tasting restaurants in Yakima. Very reasonable prices given that Yakima restaurants cost 2-3 bucks more then a normal city for some reason.I have been to great tasting Indian restaurants all over the country in major metropolitan areas this place is as close as it gets to great tasting Indian food.  They have lunch and dinner buffets and its just as good as ordering.  If you like Naan bread, Taj Palace Naan bread can literally be a meal itself.  I have gone there and ate the Naan and drank water like I was in a 3rd world country, because its just that good.  I  even sometimes just order Naan bread to go and pick it up on the way home from work.  It's so soft, chewy, and yummy.   Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm....  Without Taj Palace in my life I would be out slapping fools on the streets of Yakima out of pure frustration, because I would have to travel forever and a day to Portland or Seattle to find an equivalent restaurant.  If you like Indian food you will like Taj Palace it is a respite for your tongue and stomach.    I just want to thank the person who decided to open up an Indian Restaurant here in Yakima. Thank you for sustaining my sanity. More...


Ellen E.

8 June 2012

Extensive menu, delicious food and a lovely waitress to help orient you to a different kind of food.


Randie Carley F.

5 June 2012

As good as I've had in Santa Barbara, LA,  Portland, BC or any of the other places I've eaten East Indian cusine. Lucky to have in eastern Washinton'


Drach V.

31 May 2012

Hmm, this was a surprise.    Went here after a long day of hiking.   I've been to a lot of Indian places all over the country.   And compared to some nearer Seattle, this was quite good.  The Tandoori chicken was *fresh* and not dried to a crisp like many of the local Seattle places, and having the buffet at dinner time was just what I needed to be able to get more than 2 pieces of tandoori chicken.  I agree withe Aggie M., we need this place to relocate to Redmond.The dinner buffet was not very extensive and maybe the naan was not the puffiest.  If they had added 3-4 more dishes to choose from or the naan was just not quite so flat, I would have given them 5 stars.However, if you are hungry and go for the 'standard' Indian dishes, then this is a low-risk place. More...


Angie M.

30 May 2012

This five-star review is weighted for location. There are better Indian restaurants in bigger towns, but come on, I can't believe I have to say this: We need Taj Palace to relocate to Redmond, Washington stat. No, really.First of all, they have a buffet option at dinner time. Second of all, they use awesome-quality chicken to make their tandoori. Third of all, the lighting and ambience of the establishment is beyond casually comfortable. Fourth of all, I thank all of those people waiting in the long line at the nearby Red Robin for steering me to this unexpectedly much tastier (and much healthier) alternative while driving through Yakima.Everything I tasted from the buffet was beyond mild, so I cannot comment on their ability to satisfy heat-hounds. But please, don't be, like I almost was, scared away from this place by the prospect of bad Indian food in a small town, or you'll be stuck waiting in line for a soggy hamburger in a basket or worse. More...



10 May 2012

Some of the best Indian food I've ever eaten. The Matar Paneer and Palak Paneer are simply mouth watering and the Mango lassi are great with everything. I come here as often as I can and would sugges this place to anyone who likes authentic Indian food. :) -----18 Feb, 2012----- The bharta and palak paneer are just amazing!! The naan is so light and fluffy and a mango lassi just makes you feel like you have died an gone to heaven. I am so thankful we finally have an authentic Indian food restaurant. More...


Carlos K.

7 May 2012

Good solid Indian food and excellent service.  I really enjoyed the butter chicken and the garlic naan. The dal soup was good but could have used a bit more texture. I'll likely return  on my next trip to Yakima.Ample parking in lot and easy to find. More...



30 March 2012

Always great food!. Take advantage of the genuine tandoor oven..there's not many in Yakima to be sure...and these folks know how to use it! I love the Seekh Kebab, minced lamb with light spices cooked in the clay oven. My other favorite: Reshami Chicken, chicken breast marinated in a delicious house dressing and yogurt and cooked in the clay oven. Great food! I've not had anything less than a great meal here! More...


A F.

23 March 2012

I've been here half a dozen times so far.  The butter chicken is excellent, I love their basmati rice.  Try their garlic naan!  Friendly customer service.  However, every time I eat here, I don't feel well soon after leaving the restaurant.  Obviously, I must be a glutton for punishment! More...



4 March 2012

My husband and I stopped by after reading some good reviews while we were in Yakima briefly. Don't be fooled by the outside appearance... This restaurant is great! Like the others I highly recommend the butter chicken. Their Naan is delicious. I'd love to try more items! The food is served in separate dishes that is really fun and easy to share. The restaurant is really nice and the bathrooms are very nice and clean... One good thing to remember is that they have happy hour pricings on popular menu items from 2pm-5pm. We hit that time frame and took a little longer to be seated than average, because their was only one hostess/server, but the server/hostess was great and nice, the food came very quickly. I highly recommend this restaurant. More...


Marci Vance Venable

1 February 2012

Gluten free dairy free heaven. We have always loved Taj Palace, but now that I am gluten free and dairy free, it's one of the few restaurants in town where I still have lots of menu options. Their food is always fresh and delicious. More...


Terri S.

10 January 2012

Butter Chicken!!!!! I go for the lunch buffet (which you can also get to go) and at $9.95 it's a great deal for great food. I've been taking my nephew since he was 4 and he loves it so I think it's super kid friendly. Also you can ask for new na'an if its not the way you like it on the lunch buffet. They also have happy hour from 2-5pm and for $8.95 you can get Butter Chicken, rice, & na'an. Great deal for Indian food!! More...


Alison Hart

27 December 2011

Their Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan was full of favor -- awesome!


J Black

13 December 2011

Excellent traditional food and sweet hostess.


Tim B.

5 December 2011

One of Yakima's few saving graces. Homemade chai. Yes, in Yakima.


Corey G.

29 November 2011

Holy!  Naan, curry, masala, tandoori.....these are words which induce slobbering, and lip-smacking.  I'm glad to say I'm part Indian.....errrr....ok, I'm Native American, but I can perpetrate, can't I?  Ok, jokes, aieee.My go-to joint for post-hiking/backpacking the Cascades used to be Miners as I drove home, but I think my new stop will have to be Taj Palace.  The restaurant is a bit off the beaten path w.r.t. the highways, but stopping here is totally worth it.  Whether you are famously famished or simply want to go to a nice place for a dinner date (I've done both), Taj Palace has you covered.The buffet is pretty darn good if you need to tack on some "L-B's", or if you are indecisive like me, and like to try a little bit of everything.  For my recent menu meal, I went here with my girlfriend (who's a vegetarian), and we went for a couple of dishes.  One was a curry and the other was a plate, my lady had had before, but its name escapes me....in fact, it wasn't on the menu, but they knew it when my girlfriend described it to 'em.......I wish I remembered this dish, because it clearly stole the show.  So tasty, and so flavorful.  Along with our dishes, we also went with some garlic naan, (which I use as a sponge to soak up anything my fork misses).So yes, Taj Palace----I approve.  With great food, friendly staff, and a nice & clean dining area, I will go here to fuel up after any mountain adventures. More...



18 November 2011

Taj Palace is THE BEST Indian food I have ever had. They are fabulous for lunch or dinner, they are clean, friendly and have exceptional food! The quality is the best. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone! As for the person that said they had a poor meat selection, you are SOOO off base, you must not have taste buds! This place is incredible, we eat there weekly, our office, and my family. Kid friendly! Best Butter Chicken, rice and naan are a favorite!!!! More...


James B.

5 October 2011

If you have a hankering for Indian food in Yakima, this is the place to go.  The best lunch buffet in town; there is enough (albeit barely) variety and the butter chicken sure seems to keep bringing them back.  I agree that the naan can be wildly inconsistent, which can be pretty disappointing.  I do like the staff and the ambiance.  Overall, while the food can be a bit uneven, it still beats most other local options, a real factor in giving a 4 star review.  Anyplace else, this place probably merits 3 stars.  Again, IMO, the best lunch buffet in town. More...


Rebeekah Smith

5 September 2011

Delicious!. We had stopped in Yakima to have something to eat. We found out about the only Indian Restaurant in town so we decided to go check it out since we are big fans of Indian food. We've had lots and lots of Indian food and this by far is the best Indian food we have ever had. I would very much recommend Taj Palace to anyone who wants something to eat in Yakima!! More...


Kai C.

6 July 2011

I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to Indian food, but I know what I like. Our favorite is the butter chicken we go as often as we can.  We usually get our order to go because of our large and young family and the staff is always friendly and fast. More...



9 April 2011

Love the food and great deals. Buffet to go and happy hour specials. Even my nephew lives it and has since 4.



22 March 2011

I had the chance to sample Indian food while in Iraq and this by far is gonna br the closest your gonna get. If you're not familiar just try it all, you wont be disappointed. The service is good though they are not quick to replenish items in the buffet. All-in-all, excellent place to dine. More...


Amy B.

9 March 2011

First time here. Loved it!  Ended up ordering two orders of Garlic Naan. 5 star for sure.  We even got to go in the kitchen and see how the naan is made! Had the Appetizer Samosa Chat- another 5 star! Also had the chicken do piaza which was 4-5 stars and the Dal Tadka , a lentil dish, I would rate a 3. Loved the Taj Mahal beer too!  Great staff. Nice ambience. Definitely will come back! More...


crazy h.

23 February 2011

i always look for indian food everywhere i travel, and this is a SOLID B. food was good but it didn't have the usual spices that i'm familiar with. maybe i'm spoiled with being on the west coast, but for a small town, it's pretty decent---and the staff is very friendly More...


Tristan L.

16 February 2011

I went for the lunch buffet a few weeks ago.  Although they don't have as large of a selection as some other places, the few dishes they do have are great.  In fact, I can say that this is the most well-prepared Indian food I've had at a buffet ever, and I have been to probably 20 different Indian restaurant in my lifetime.  Definitely going to return for lunch in the near future. More...


Michelle L.

10 February 2011

I think the food is great at Taj, I especially like the butter chicken.  When I visited for lunch today, I was disappointed that you can no longer get the buffet to go. If they were losing money or having people abuse the take out process, they could have chosen smaller take out boxes or weighed the meal prior to paying.  I have been to other buffets that manage their takeout in that manner.  I will go back, but will definately miss having the opportunity to have my lunch to go. More...


Jim D.

8 January 2011

For Yakima, this is great Indian food. The service was super friendly, and the food was solid. We both had the buffet.I'd definitely go here and get the buffet again, but I'm more interested in trying the dinner menu.


Jen J.

16 December 2010

Coworker and I had dinner here on a weekday a few months ago. Everything was delicious! From our fried eggplant appetizer (perfect portion and built up our anticipation) to the potent and silky butter chicken, all the way to the rich and milky ice cream for dessert. The restaurant was elegantly decorated inside. We sunk right into our booth seats, ate our faces in, and did not want to leave at the end of our meal. :P More...



29 October 2010

Oh My Goodness!. SO good... we LOVE this place! As all the other reviewers have said - the Butter Chicken is incredible! Love everything on the Buffet line... you just can't lose if you like Indian flavors - this is the place to dine! More...


emily d.

28 October 2010

I love this place! So fare the best Indian i have had! when people ask what woud be your last meal on earth i say "Taj Palace's butter chicken and garlic naan."


Alisa Williams

12 August 2010

Yummy. I have had Indian food in lots of different places and Taj Palace is on the top of my list of good Indian restaurants. Their butter chicken, spinach and cheese, Yum!!! More...


Katie Verrue

9 August 2010

Good food! I had the Sunday buffet... Cheken tastes like it wasn't the best quality and service was a little sub-par. But the food was very good and I will definitely be back again! And they also have another location on Yakima and Second ave More...


Victorious W.

27 July 2010

Let me just say, as of this date, this restaurant is the only place to receive a five-star review from me.I can't believe the best Indian food is in Yakima. That's right, I said it, Yakima.Every time I visit Yakima I make people stop here so i can marvel in it's majestic beauty.The place is awesomely decorated and it looks too fancy to be just a normal Indian restaurant.But wait, it isn't a normal Indian restaurant.Taj is family owned, and it shows, as the moment you walk into the door you'll be greeted by a nice Indian lady who seats you and takes your order.I have never been addicted to food before, but I am addicted to the Butter Chicken they serve here! It is so Americanized with it's creamy texture and the Garlic Naan compliments it so perfectly! This place is a huge recommend from me and that's hard to earn :P More...


Larissa Wardrip

25 July 2010

This is my favorite restaurant in Yakima. Their food is outstanding and service is fabulous. The butter chicken is my favorite along with the garlic naan. This is where I want to go everytime we go out. I definitely recommend them to everyone! More...


Michael M.

23 May 2010

Excellent Indian Food!  and it's in Yakima...I think it's easily one of the best restaurants in Yakima...there is also a newer version of the restaurant in Downtown Yakima.



27 February 2010

Wonderful!!!. We ate at Taj Palace for lunch today. The buffet was incredibly delicious! The wait staff was friendly and knowledgeable. It is our new favorite place in Yakima. More...


Leanna A.

15 February 2010

Stopped in here after some wine tasting in downtown Yakima.  We got to partake of their buffet, which was great and flavorful!  Mint chutney had a good kick to it, which is normally my complaint about buffets at Indian places...they are usually bland.  My favorite today was the butter chicken, but they had good solid Indian staples like daal and raita.  I will have to come back sometime to order a dish off the menu and rank up the spiciness a bit.Recommend if you're in downtown Yakima! More...



15 February 2010

Wonderful!. We went on Valentine's day. The buffet was phenomenal and absolutely delicious. The atmosphere was so classy, the wait staff was incredibly friendly and they gave all the women customers a red rose for Valentine's day. An overall excellent experience. We'll be back for sure. More...


Randie L. Carley

28 September 2009

Excellent! I've had Indian cuisine many times in many areas of the US and compares to the best! The butter chicken on rice is so good!!!



5 September 2009

This is by far my favorite restaurant in town. My favorite dish is Butter Chicken w/rice. Yummy!



1 August 2009

This place is great! We love it!


Drew J.

16 July 2009

I thought I'd had good Indian food before. I was wrong.Taj Palace has so far been the greatest surprise restaurant find my wife and I have had since moving here. From the outside, it doesn't look like much, but once you open the door, the smell of curry makes your mouth water. The waitstaff is all friendly and prompt, and we've never left without them giving us coupons for next time's visit. They totally don't have to do that, we'd be coming back anyway.Taj Palace boasts a huge vegetarian selection, although I tend to stick to chicken and lamb dishes. The butter chicken is my favorite; it's never greasy, never oily, always tender, and always full of flavor. The naan is similarly non-greasy and never burnt; the chai is never gritty and always comes piping hot; and the mango lassis are fresh and HUGE. To top things off, everything is extremely affordable. If you want to practically feel guilty for not paying enough, go for the lunch buffet. It's a sin how much good food you can get for so little.We've taken everyone who has come to visit us to this place, and they've loved it too. This is by far my favorite Indian restaurant. More...


Mike Paxton

10 May 2009

Our favorite place to eat in Yakima. They have a wonderful buffet.