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Tarah Redepenning

20 August 2019

seriously amazing food. We tried it for the first time today and I was a little worried as I'm very picky about my Indian food. It was fantastic!!!! GO try them out!! If Indian food is new to you try the butter chicken, it's fabulous!! We will be going back often!!! it had a great atmosphere and friendly staff. More...


Amy Ralph Morfin

4 August 2019

I have never in all my life tasted food this good.


Robin Johnson

21 July 2019

first time here and great service and great tasting food


Michael Brown

20 July 2019

the food I'd just the best.


Francesca Rose

16 June 2019

This place is absolutely phenomenal! great food and atmosphere! Excellent dishes every time!


Shaniece Kym

12 April 2019

Taj Palace is amazing. they have amazing authentic food and they stick to tradition with copper pots and serving dishes. The owners are kind and friendly Maria is great behind the bar and Ramen is amazing at running the place with her husband. my family and I hope you come and enjoy it also. More...


Vane Millan

27 February 2019

Enjoyed my visit. My first time trying Indian food with some friends during the lunch hour. Will definitely be going back.


Mondo Morfin

6 January 2019

it was bomb diggity doo!!


Holly Tingey

6 January 2019

Lunch buffet is great. I can't wait to try more of their dishes (they have an extensive pizza menu). The butter chicken, mango chicken, tandoori chicken, vegetable curry, and naan are delicious.


Ciarra Bruso

3 January 2019

We had our 1 year old that was wanting to run around every where, the staff was amazing with him. Helping with his energy! We loved the food, drinks, and staff! More...


Rick Mendiola

29 October 2018

Delicious food I highly recommend !!


Lin Rose

19 October 2018

You've got to try it. it is so good. I loved my meal. thank you!!


Lowell Leonard

13 October 2018

Great food and service!!!


Loren Wood

3 August 2018

My favorite Indian cuisine in Yakima :)


Michele Heilman Brashear

19 July 2018

The Taj has Amazing food, the butter chicken and Tandoori chicken is awesome!! The service is always great and almost all the food is Gluten Free! We visit often!!


Christine Murphy Switzer

6 July 2018

Amazing food, great bar, super nice people!


Sarah Louise Jacques

25 June 2018

Everything tasted amazing!


Kendra Schneider

11 June 2018

We absolutely love the taj!! The food every time is absolutely delicious, the staff is helpful and kind and the owner is a riot!! I have absolutely no negative thing to say. The taj is awesome!!! More...


Thelma Ryder

5 May 2018

Had lunch here today. The food is sooo good. So many choices I couldn't try them all. I'll have to go back again soon. Lots of non-meat choices, too.


Breanne Notman

19 February 2018

This place is fantastic every time. Super friendly service and amazing food!!


Ashlee Herrera

16 February 2018

I would eat here everyday if I could! So much yum!


Aziz Jabarkhail

27 January 2018

The food is great, and the staff are friendly. Thanks for the dinner.


Facebook User

6 November 2017

Food is amazing!!! Sunday all you can eat is fabulous! The only reason I didn't give it 5stars is their child policy for buffet. It should be half price for kids under 12, etc. as kids don't eat much. Unfortunately, the restaurant randomly looks at a child, decides how much they eat and charges you accordingly. ...very random. So if you want to eat there, leave the kids at home. NOT family friendly. More...


Melissa Deaver-Hicks

5 November 2017

Great food, great service! I had the butter chicken and my fiance had the chicken masala. Both spicy and good.


Isabel Branscomb

18 September 2017

OMG I'm pregnant n their food is so so good the guys are always nice


Nicole Reneé

5 August 2017

My favorite restaurant in town! Always friendly and the food is incredible and well priced. �


Susan Smith

24 July 2017

My first time having this type of food and it was delicious! Can't hardly wait to try more dishes.


Laural Rose Sherman

14 July 2017

Love love love the food here. I highly recommend


Lisa Egan

28 May 2017

The food was great, was a little better under old management but had a great time with excellent company .


Charles Murray

6 May 2017

Extremely delicious! Fantasticly fabulous and yummy!


Shea Kirschner

1 April 2017

Excellent service! And excellent food! Great atmosphere!


Susan Martin

19 March 2017

Amazing food, great choices, new offerings and friendly, efficient staff!


Maribel Antolin Martinez

18 February 2017

Love the food and my kids loved it too and we well be revisiting


Candria Ray

12 February 2017

Will definitely return. The service was great, the food was wonderful, and it was clean.


Shawna Galutia

29 January 2017

I still come here and love it. The food is different from before but is still excellent and there are more options to choose from. And having something different and unique is something that is desperately needed in this town. I do miss the mango pudding from before but that's probably the only exception from before. Everything else is delicious, unique and awesome! More...


Hood Joei

22 January 2017

Yummmmmmmmy food. ���� Defenilty will be going back to eat at buffet sometime in the future


Christine Stickever Parra

9 October 2016

Delish food. Very friendly , lovely staff . The Buffett was incredible !


Jasmine N Johnathon Vargas

3 October 2016

Amazing food and the kids loved it! The server was nice even though my kids were acting up I still had a good time. Was really a great experience.


Abdi Ugas

28 July 2016

Great food every time, and very friendly service.


Dawnelle Chen

5 July 2016

I never thought I would be a fan of Indian food but Taj Palace changed my mind! The service is absolutely wonderful as is the food. When I told them of my sensitivity to onions they made sure none were in my food. More...


Kevin Andrew Moelk

30 June 2016

Always a great experience at the Taj! The food is fabulous, the service is friendly, the prices are reasonable, what more do you need? Yakima is lucky to have a solid Indian food restaurant. Keep up the good work! More...


Shannon Brumley

2 April 2016

This place is amazing!! The garlic naan is incredible, the butter chicken is a must, and their Indian chai is the best I've had!! If I had the money, I'd go here once a week! More...


Lauren McQueen

8 January 2016

Loved it. The dal soup was the best I've ever had; the aloo gobi was well-done and the naan was light and flavorful. Service was friendly and prices are pretty reasonable. (I seriously will be thinking about that soup for months. So good.) More...


Teresa Kask

24 November 2015

Great food, service and atmosphere. Will definitely be back. Try their chai tea.


Andrew Morford

13 November 2015

Fantastic place! Very delicious and nice resturant. Friendly service. For people who never had indian food, try the butter chicken. It will make you a fan of Indian food and try more of there food. They also do buffets on certain days at lunch and they serve great food on that as well. More...


Mandy Rodriguez

22 October 2015

Taj is delicious! Lunch time buffet, with butter chicken and a large array of other Indian dishes and of course naan, all make for a great selection and delicious food!


Angie S. MacKenzie

21 October 2015

Best buttered chicken ever love this place! Would recommend to eveyone


Jenny Campbell Lindner

12 September 2015

Wonderful, WONDERFUL meal; great service (attentive but not obtrusive). We will come back often!


Stella Whitehead

2 September 2015

My favorite! Love the food and Jessie is the sweetest! Missed seeing her this evening. The food is always predictably delicious.


Marsha Cleff

13 July 2015

Haven't had Indian food in 15 years. Went here on vacation in Yakima. The food was delish! Order the naan to go along with your meal. Yes, it's an additional charge but sooooo worth it. More...


Greg Glover

7 May 2015

Best India food in Yakima!!! Butter Chicken is a must!



12 April 2015

Delish food, great setting!. We LOVE this resturant! Food is always fast, hot and made correctly and consistantly. The family who owns it are super nice and very wecoming. The place its self is very clean, open and tastfully decorated. Cons- u need to ask for pop refills. DO NOT go on Valentines Day; everyone and their mom goes and its not usually staffed for that. Buffet is always the same. More...


Alyssa Mauch

11 November 2014

Unique food and flavors. Something different in Yakima and the setting is nice! The people are very nice too!


Scott Dewey Kearsley

11 November 2014

I am blown away by the staff at Taj Palace. The service alone is what keeps my wife and I coming back time and time again. The food itself is amazing, I have never left Taj Palace wondering where the meal went wrong. If you're dining out, look no further than the comfort zone of Taj Palace. More...


Sandeep Kumar

1 September 2014

Good ambience. I tried the buffet. They had it as late as 7pm. Only 2 veg curries and both were paneer based. But the taste was good, so I am not complaining. They had garlic sauce, which I hv never seen anywhere before but it was delicious. Chai tasted good and they do refills! More...


Lynne M. Wunnenberg Davidson

29 August 2014

If you love Indian food, don't miss out while in Yakima!


Andrea Plowman Sailor

15 June 2014

Pretty darn good eating!


K.C. Pratt

30 March 2014

Really Great Food! The owner of the restaurant and wait staff are very good in helping pick your cuisine.


Bill Nickless

23 December 2013

One of our favorite places ever to eat. The veggie samosas are perfectly spiced! Definitely worth the drive up from Tri-Cities.


Marci Ramirez

23 December 2013

Thumbs up!!!


Lyle Whitacre

17 December 2013

The Butter Chicken is incredible!



19 October 2013

Highly recommended!!! The lunch buffet is a little odd, but a great value if you can eat a lot of food at one seating.


Cyndi M

23 August 2013

This is the best food in town. I go at least once a month. Not enough lol. The hostess/ owner is very nice!!


Lia Blanco

13 August 2013

Great Service & Food Each Time, Except Last Time.... I am hooked on Indian cuisine and consistently crave Taj, so I go in as often as I am able to and always take friends and new customers that find to love it too. Usually, the service is wonderful and the food, even better. However, this time I was highly disappointed. Every time I have gone in, the owner is in and this time, she was not. So, I am assuming that is the reason for the slack off. We were seated by Serenity and didn't receive any type of greeting or water until about 5 minutes later, not to mention, menu's. I had to get up to ask the waitress for menu's, which she handed to me and gave me a bit of an attitude about. After that, we sat and waited to order for a good 15-20 minutes, if not longer. If my friend and I hadn't been craving this all week, we would have gotten up and left. Finally, the waitress returned and took our order... without apology or any regard whatsoever that she had ignored us for a good twenty minutes. We placed our order, My two girlfriends and I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, with a side of Garlic Naan, which is what I recommend (since I am hooked on and have gotten quite a few friends hooked on as well.) The waitress then took back our orders and decided to not take our menu's along with placing our order. We all sat and patiently waited for our food, becoming slowly more and more disgruntled and unhappy, as we were not checked on or asked for refills on our water or even spoken to, for another good 15-20 minutes, if not longer. Eventually, our food was ready and the waitress brought it out to us, on only the serving platters, but without dinner plates and also had not brought out the naan. I asked about both and got only attitude about both questions. Also, I wanted an extra side of basmati rice, for which i asked and also got a sense of being a bother, rather than a guest. The waitress then brought out dinner plates and our naan and continued to seem upset or irrate with us because we were also upset, within reason. I didn't get the rice with the plates and naan, so I waited to ask a different waitress, because at this point, I was upset and also felt highly unwanted by the waitress. The other waitress was a doll and brought out my rice and also offered us water, which had not been refilled again, since the first time, since we sat down. We then waited for what seemed like an eternity for our ticket and boxes, to which the waitress was very quick to get for us. We paid our tabs and left quickly, upset but with happy stomachs. I now have mixed feelings about Taj Palace due to this less than usual, great experience. Now, I know that restaurants get busy, and situations happen, but I also know that sometimes waitresses don't see the need to give proper hospitality but I think the owner will be very disappointed to know that this has happened on the one day she decided to take off. I don't know how I feel yet about going back in, but I do know that I do not want to be waited on by the same waitress. I love the food but feel highly disappointed that we were treated so badly, especially when all I do is speak so highly of Taj Palace. I hope this waitress decides to become a bit more hospitable and concerned for not only her paycheck, but her customers and business. More...


Robert Rife

6 June 2013

Family owned and operated, this is easily our favourite restaurant in Yakima. We feel less like customers and more like friends. Don't wait. Go! You won't regret it. More...


Alan Eldevik

1 June 2013

Wonderful tasting food,and good nice servers



24 May 2013

Easy on the Salt!. Mostly good things to say here! I've been to eat at the Taj Palace a time or two before, but never had I been at the right time to take a shot at the lunch buffet. First thing that disappointed me was that the selection available at the buffet is rather small. A simple salad bar, and then between 6-8 dishes(I could be off on the exact number here). But I went for it anyway. Even with a limited selection, if the food is all good, it's worth it, right? The butter chicken was FABULOUS. Beautifully cooked all around. The mixed veggie pakora was WAY too salty. I ate part of one piece and that was all I could take. The aloo gobhi was over salted as well(and too spicy for me, but I understand wanting to have a hotter dish for those who enjoy the heat). The saag paneer was slightly salty to me(but overall rather good). Naan was fantastic(as always), and my mango lassi was to die for. The server who seated us and brought our drinks honestly seemed a little irritated to me, but she was polite and was prompt with refills/asking if everything was alright. Overall, a decent experience, but I'll probably stick to ordering from the menu from now on as the buffet was a tad too disappointing for me(though this could be the result of high expectations from having ordered from the menu before). More...



8 September 2012

Good stuff for vegetarians, vegans, not so much. lots of butter and cream sauces, to be sure. very good food, awesome naan and yummy drinks! i love their pakora selection...i'm a sucker for the mixed vegetable pakora...always fried just right and oh so tasty. their veggie samosas are really great...friends who come from out of town always want to get them for lunch, and at less than 5 bucks for two samosas, it's a great affordable lunch option. their buffet is good...always tasty and one of the best vegetarian options you can get in yakima. sometimes i find that the spices can be redundant at the taj palace, and i'm sure that it is because the food is from a certain area of india, so of course, they are a constant. sometimes the food is a bit heavy, so sharing is a good option, or you can take the leftovers home to eat later. every now and then the veggies seem to be from a freezer, but not always. hopefully that isn't the case! they are too good to use such a shortcut! overall, the taj palace is a nice, different option for vegetarians who live here or are visiting. i seem to want to go there in the winter months, mostly, as it is so warming! More...


Cranky Diner

16 August 2012

Great Indian food. The Taj Palace has been in Yakima for quite some time, and for some reason I’ve never been there until recently. I was invited by friends to go there with them, and since I have an adventurous spirit, how could I say no. I’m not all that familiar with Indian food, so it was helpful that the menu gave detailed accounts of what was in all the dishes. I’m particularly fond of spicy Chinese food and figured that spicy Indian food would also meet with my expectations. After looking over a very large menu with many different options, I settled on Vindaloo Chicken. I was not disappointed. The sauce was spicy and savory, but not too hot to enjoy the flavor. I couldn’t really put my finger on the flavors, but they were both exotic and comfortable. The chicken was diced and the sauce also included chunks of potato. We ordered a number of plates of naan while we were there. The naan that came before our meal arrived with a number of dipping sauces and the naan that we ordered to come with our main dishes had no dipping sauces, but the sauces that accompanied our main dishes was sufficient. Our dishes also came with a side of excellent long grain rice. Service was very attentive and our table was visited many times by the staff. Portions are sizeable and will probably require a box for take away. I left wondering why I hadn’t visited earlier and made commitment to myself that I’ll go back soon. More...


Bethanie L.

22 June 2012

Taj Palace is one of our favorite places to eat in Yakima . Their food is always fresh and delicious. Step outside the box and get one of their curry dishes or tandoori shrimp. Their pampadums are also very tasty! The best part for me is they can make lots of their dishes dairy and gluten free. Their service is also wonderful! The owner loves our son and has even given him complimentary ice cream before! They are also very reasonably priced and give you very healthy portions. If you like ethnic cuisine, you definitely need to check them out! More...



10 May 2012

Some of the best Indian food I've ever eaten. The Matar Paneer and Palak Paneer are simply mouth watering and the Mango lassi are great with everything. I come here as often as I can and would sugges this place to anyone who likes authentic Indian food. :) -----18 Feb, 2012----- The bharta and palak paneer are just amazing!! The naan is so light and fluffy and a mango lassi just makes you feel like you have died an gone to heaven. I am so thankful we finally have an authentic Indian food restaurant. More...



30 March 2012

Always great food!. Take advantage of the genuine tandoor oven..there's not many in Yakima to be sure...and these folks know how to use it! I love the Seekh Kebab, minced lamb with light spices cooked in the clay oven. My other favorite: Reshami Chicken, chicken breast marinated in a delicious house dressing and yogurt and cooked in the clay oven. Great food! I've not had anything less than a great meal here! More...



4 March 2012

My husband and I stopped by after reading some good reviews while we were in Yakima briefly. Don't be fooled by the outside appearance... This restaurant is great! Like the others I highly recommend the butter chicken. Their Naan is delicious. I'd love to try more items! The food is served in separate dishes that is really fun and easy to share. The restaurant is really nice and the bathrooms are very nice and clean... One good thing to remember is that they have happy hour pricings on popular menu items from 2pm-5pm. We hit that time frame and took a little longer to be seated than average, because their was only one hostess/server, but the server/hostess was great and nice, the food came very quickly. I highly recommend this restaurant. More...


Marci Vance Venable

1 February 2012

Gluten free dairy free heaven. We have always loved Taj Palace, but now that I am gluten free and dairy free, it's one of the few restaurants in town where I still have lots of menu options. Their food is always fresh and delicious. More...


Alison Hart

27 December 2011

Their Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan was full of favor -- awesome!


J Black

13 December 2011

Excellent traditional food and sweet hostess.



18 November 2011

Taj Palace is THE BEST Indian food I have ever had. They are fabulous for lunch or dinner, they are clean, friendly and have exceptional food! The quality is the best. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone! As for the person that said they had a poor meat selection, you are SOOO off base, you must not have taste buds! This place is incredible, we eat there weekly, our office, and my family. Kid friendly! Best Butter Chicken, rice and naan are a favorite!!!! More...


Rebeekah Smith

5 September 2011

Delicious!. We had stopped in Yakima to have something to eat. We found out about the only Indian Restaurant in town so we decided to go check it out since we are big fans of Indian food. We've had lots and lots of Indian food and this by far is the best Indian food we have ever had. I would very much recommend Taj Palace to anyone who wants something to eat in Yakima!! More...



9 April 2011

Love the food and great deals. Buffet to go and happy hour specials. Even my nephew lives it and has since 4.



22 March 2011

I had the chance to sample Indian food while in Iraq and this by far is gonna br the closest your gonna get. If you're not familiar just try it all, you wont be disappointed. The service is good though they are not quick to replenish items in the buffet. All-in-all, excellent place to dine. More...



29 October 2010

Oh My Goodness!. SO good... we LOVE this place! As all the other reviewers have said - the Butter Chicken is incredible! Love everything on the Buffet line... you just can't lose if you like Indian flavors - this is the place to dine! More...


Alisa Williams

12 August 2010

Yummy. I have had Indian food in lots of different places and Taj Palace is on the top of my list of good Indian restaurants. Their butter chicken, spinach and cheese, Yum!!! More...


Katie Verrue

9 August 2010

Good food! I had the Sunday buffet... Cheken tastes like it wasn't the best quality and service was a little sub-par. But the food was very good and I will definitely be back again! And they also have another location on Yakima and Second ave More...


Larissa Wardrip

25 July 2010

This is my favorite restaurant in Yakima. Their food is outstanding and service is fabulous. The butter chicken is my favorite along with the garlic naan. This is where I want to go everytime we go out. I definitely recommend them to everyone! More...



27 February 2010

Wonderful!!!. We ate at Taj Palace for lunch today. The buffet was incredibly delicious! The wait staff was friendly and knowledgeable. It is our new favorite place in Yakima. More...



15 February 2010

Wonderful!. We went on Valentine's day. The buffet was phenomenal and absolutely delicious. The atmosphere was so classy, the wait staff was incredibly friendly and they gave all the women customers a red rose for Valentine's day. An overall excellent experience. We'll be back for sure. More...


Randie L. Carley

28 September 2009

Excellent! I've had Indian cuisine many times in many areas of the US and compares to the best! The butter chicken on rice is so good!!!



5 September 2009

This is by far my favorite restaurant in town. My favorite dish is Butter Chicken w/rice. Yummy!



1 August 2009

This place is great! We love it!


Mike Paxton

10 May 2009

Our favorite place to eat in Yakima. They have a wonderful buffet.