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Nadine Kahla

17 July 2019

Nice people, nice and well organized club. Maybe it was the night we attended, it was pretty mild. Kudos to the staff- they were great. Only complaints are the cost- super expensive compared to the West Coast, and we thought it was strange how often the DJ used an airhorn during the music. More...


Lee Jackson

24 May 2019

I've been a few times, guess I'm a regular now but out of the 5 or 6 clubs I've been to this is one of my faves...


Miss B.

3 March 2019

Havent been here in a few years. Came for the mardi gras party. It was pretty packed!!! :) the dj was still only just okay,  but the stage was packed with ppl dancing and enjoying each other.  Since ive neen. The room themes have changed. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and each other.Parking was full but theres still other places to park Id suggest paying for tix online for faster entry. Bring ur own locks for lockers. $5 i think for coat check. There is also a Smokers room. No food, but byob. The club has all of the free mixers. More...


Jenn S.

30 December 2018

Went for my first time last night (12/29) as a single female (who's partner was away.) Great vibe, great people. I received a tour when I first arrived, which was helpful.  There was a very diverse crowd (age and ethnicity.) There are tables to sit/stand and chat in the lobby/bar area where you could hear each other. In the dance area, the music was very loud, which was great. Music varied, there was a little something for almost everyone. The smoking room is pretty small, but it did the trick. You are also to come in and out of the club as you please, so that's a viable smoking alternative. Overall, great experience. My partner and I plan to attend together next weekend and see what we can get into! More...


Nola harris

30 December 2018

Had a great time last night great service and great vibes yes I’m real


Gaither Burnette

30 December 2018

Best party for grown sexy people


Dee C.

10 November 2018

Last night was my first time. My friend told everyone he was popping my cherry: POP!!!! It was a Friday night Black Out Party so as soon as the lights went out on the dance floor,  I did somethangs...It goes down in the basement!! Get there early if you want a room or meet me in the big room in the back and we can do community service together. More...


ock tails

1 September 2018

this is my fav spot.....saturdays are the best nights.....the only two things i would suggest is please changing the dj on friday he sucks...and two when going down to the vip lounge staff should be more attentive to when room become available...me and my significant other came down one satuday night and walked around and saw 5 rooms that were empty but werent cleaned out yet. other than that I THINK IM ADDICTED. More...


Christine M.

4 August 2018

First fuck fest for me and my partner.  However, however stole my 3 dongs and bullets and love juice bottle can go fuck themselves.  If you're tabu and know the rules, shame the fuck on you.  Please return, no questions asked.  Name is Chris More...


Trish Fowler

29 May 2018

Friendly staff. Safe place. Enforce the rules of No means No. Singles females can feel safe there. Clean. Good music & themes nights.


Sue S

29 May 2018

Nice club, updated. single men always pay more in this industry if they are let in at all. Great club for FF. Guys will not bother you. Been a member for years


B Davis

29 May 2018

My wife and I visited this establishment for the first time last night. The staff and people attending the event were very helpful and friendly. The place was clean and very upscale in comparison to other clubs we've visited. We enjoyed the experience so much this is now our goto place. We both found it exhilarating! More...


tianna d

29 May 2018

my first time was amazing, me and my boyfriend had a good time. It was a clean environment, it had no smell, the people where friendly and welcoming. we will definitely be attending next weekend More...


Ryan W.

27 February 2018

I went over the weekend for the Black out event and had a wonderful time . The staff was very friendly and party goers made me and my guyfriend feel very welcomed and comfortable . Cant wait to go back . I went in there looking extremely pretty and left looking slightly hot mess looking , and loved every second of it . More...


Fantasy Maker

29 May 2017

Visited Tabu in April 2017 as a couple. Very friendly check in and first time host tour. The total price was $68. (1 month membership). The dance floor was Black out night which makes it easy to let go and have fun fun. We really enjoy the group and circle bed room in Vicki's Lounge, although it may be better to decrease the play time so more ppl can get private rooms and no long wait time, also instead of knocking and YELLING time is up...a chime or sexy voice is more appropriate and less aggressive in the heat of the moment. (friendly suggestions)Overall a very fun "closed door" lifestyle? club. Other clubs ive visited, rooms were open door and you can walk freely in and out the rooms. Closed door felt more like a motel...not bad, just less freedom and voyeurism. Local laws im sure. But the open dance floor night balances it out. Good mix of race, age and attraction?...i would recommend and revisit. Very discreet location, easy free parking, liquor store nearby and Closes at 2am on friday. More...


Scott K.

16 February 2017

My wife and I have been to Tabu two times now. We went once on a Saturday night and another on a Friday night. Both times we were there for their Blackout Party. This was our first time at a club like this.The clientele seems to be predominantly couples in their mid-30's to mid-40s with quite a few in their 20's and 50's mixed in. The racial makeup for those interested seemed to be about 50% black, 40% white, and 10% other. There was an even mix of men and women. The sizes and shapes were all over the place but there were quite a few hot women and many of which were dressed very sexy. Downstairs are the VIP rooms. Most all were occupied with the doors shut. The voyeur rooms (with windows) are pretty dark which makes it difficult to see anything anyway. The group room was always pretty full of people "playing" but I feel the room needs better ventilation.During the Blackout Parties they turn the off the lights and relax the rules at midnight so there was quite a bit of action on the couches near the dance floor. Unfortunately it is so dark and loud in there that it is difficult to communicate with your partner, not to mention anyone else.They only relax these rules during special nights (Blackout and Anything Anywhere). I wish that it was more often though as that seems to be when it is the most fun there.Also the couches are comfortable, but really only big enough for two people. I would have preferred larger couches so folks could sit closer to each other get to know one another better. They also play porn on the televisions but one of the times we were there it was porn from the late 80s / early 90s. The next time it was better but not great. It would be nice if it was newer and in high definition.Everyone seemed to be very friendly and more outgoing than regular clubs which is a big plus. The staff and bartenders were also very friendly.  Overall I really liked the vibe there and we definitely plan on going back. I'm taking off one star because of the limited times they allow play. More...


DeWayne L.

28 August 2016

We're regulars at 4 fabulous mid-west lifestyle clubs, so understand that this review is a bit based on comparisons to those experiences.My partner and I arrived at 9:45pm on a Blackout Night.  We were assigned a great couple L & T, who showed us around.  Having reviewed the website and having experienced many other clubs, we knew 95% what to expect and there were not big surprises.The facility is clean, well decorated, very professionally staffed, including bartenders and room check-in station.  The rooms are themed, with many "sponsored" rooms, aka - rooms named for popular internet and local lifestyle businesses.  A few of the light dimmer switches were not playing well on tour, but compared to most clubs which don't give you any light switch, this is still above standards.The lower level where the rooms are is WELL air conditioned, as is the entire club, another HUGE plus.  Most clubs you are lucky to get a fan.  This club has over a half dozen fans above the dance floor, and group rooms have their own air conditioners.  That being said, my partner started the night off wishing that she had brought a sweater... but once the club filled up it was fine and even a little warm.The smoke room is very, VERY small. And that also means hot. It's cram packed on a busy night, so we elected to just go outside.  We're used to clubs having large, outdoor smoking areas, which are great ways to socialize.  Lacking this, we did find it very difficult to socialize.The bar area is great for extroverted people to mingle as groups, but the dance floor is very loud.  It has a great DJ! But most of the couches were reserved, and spaced so as to make conversation with anyone sitting nearby impossible.  We had to speak into each other's ear to hear each other sitting next to each other.  The other chairs are around the dance floor, bar style.We found that in many of these areas, couples stayed to themselves.  This was also true downstairs.  We're used to not reserving rooms, to most doors being left open with a chain/voyeur option.  This didn't allow us to really walk around and spark up conversations with other couples as we watched, which is something we were also used to being able to do and couldn't. Doors are closed and locked at all times.  Nobody was browsing, enjoying the view.For the size of the club, it fills up decently.  The size compares to the clubs we've been to in the mid-west.The club is well run, decorated, staffed, nice bathrooms.  It's the few things that threw us off that I can't give 5 stars.First, everything has a price, though the club fees are comparable.  We're used to standing glass coolers, not a bartender serving your own liquor.  We're used to looking for a room ourselves, not checking in with anyone to reserve a room, which also is encouraged as a tip. 45 minutes seems long 2 ppl, maybe better to make it 10 min per person in room. They clean the rooms for the tip, but we're used to doing this ourselves for free.We're used to lockers being in well lit, private area with changing.  With the Blackout party, we had to use one of the provided glow sticks to see the lock because lockers are near the dance floor.And there were some rule differences we weren't used to.  The woman owns the account and the card.  She can remove the man, but the man can't remove her.  Women can go downstairs alone, but their men cannot.  With single men being non-existent (rules) at this club for the most part, not sure why this rule.  We've seen "couples only" areas before, but not gender restrictions.There are also large no play areas.  Basically, if you aren't in a room with a bed, play isn't allowed.  Maybe there are local laws which prevent open displays of visible sex.  This might explain the chains and the no-play rules, which is a huge shame as that's one of the things we love about clubs, that very open and free environment.  I stopped my partner from activities she's used to doing near dance floor, because it felt unacceptable.  We were told the club frowns on male bodies upstairs.This honestly made us a bit uneasy, and was commented on by another couple checking in at the same time as us.  Please understand, we're a fully open, unmarried, polyamorous couple with zero rules or restrictions who have been doing this for years.  We have no insecurities or hangups around clubs, sex, and nudity.  What worried us about the rules is what that said about the environment we were entering, and the community as a whole that we'd just moved in to.The men seemed very shy, focused on their date, not flirty, and reserved.  My partner is used to a dozen men approaching her, and was disappointed that not one did. We're used to a lot more nudity and playfulness.I'll give the club top ratings, down marks for smoke area (our preference, maybe a plus for others). No down rating for shy crowd and restrictions, we'll try again on a slower night and see if people are more relaxed, flirty, and conversational. More...


Andrew P.

26 June 2016

My wife and I made our first visit to Tabu, and based in the reviews I was expecting a rather exciting time.  Our goal was to have a nice night out with each other. We joined the club on what happened to be a blackout night which is when they turn the lights out on the dance floor and distribute glow sticks, which made the visit even more erotic. Because this was our first time the front desk assigned Shay and Greg to host us and show us around. I've never before had the rockstar treatment like that. They were both warm and welcoming, and they took pride in what the club had to offer. It was a Saturday and we arrived close to 12:45 and people were still in full swing (no pun intended). I wish we would have gone earlier in the night so that we could put our names on the waiting list for a particular room, but since it was getting close to closing and the wait list was lengthy, we opted to get the first available room which was the Eye Room. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and although the situation was a bit out of my wife's comfort range, she was a trooper throughout and was proud of her overcoming her nervousness. I hope the visit enabled her to further broaden her perspective and with this positively enjoyable experience I hope this experience will foster future erotic adventures. More...


Veronica L.

1 February 2016

First visit: 12/2010Last visit: 11/2013starSo two Novembers ago was the second time that we went to Club Tabu and both times were completely wonderful. There is plenty of well lit parking. You walk in and if you pay ahead, have the option to skip the line with a fast pass. There are also three kiosk in the front lobby for new members to apply for a membership right there online. The bar is usually staffed with two to three bartenders who take all of your drinks and put your member number on each bottle. They do allow drinks in the dancing and seating area, but only on special occasions. Speaking of the dancing and seating area, plenty of plush and comfortable couches, a ladies only dancing stage to the left, two stripper poles to the right, and a cage to the left of the dance floor which is a huge dance floor lined with chairs on the wall and a bar type table top all the way around. But the best part of the club...are the play areas. There are multiple themed rooms for couples to play in and only couples can even go down into this area. These are timed rooms though; 45 mins. But the first room is for 6 people and has a voyeur optional door. The next room has two beds and a stripper pole and if you want, you can bring your own music. There is a doctor room, a lovevoodoo room that has a waterfall in it, a floating bed room full of mirrors, a bdsm room, an oriental room, a gang bang room of course, and a few others. Plus there are two big glass window voyeur rooms. We love this club. It's by far our favorite club in Baltimore so far but we are going to check out The Private Affair next. And oh yeah, the members were a great mix of people. We give this club 4 orgasms out of 5. More...


K C.

20 August 2015

Hey DMV:) This Southern Carolinas' Beach gal hearts ya'll, & will repeat! Great staff & super friendly atmosphere.Time limits on group close door playrooms can get pesky, if you're having a good time. However, it's really a simple kindergarten lesson that taking turns & sharing, is one of the many appendixes attached to that, rule de' golden. My Tabu cameo was on a Friday eve-but the attendance was not lacking. If you happen to enjoy a cig, cigar, or vapor/vape while you're drinking/playing, then you're strongly advised to do so before your entrance. That is, unless you are into doing so inside a solitary confinement cell that is smaller than a knat's anus. But hey, the vibe was still great. Even,my fellow inmates, in the Shawshank Smoking foot locker provided a comradery that was so epic, that only Morgan Freeman could narrate it. Will most certainly return after I remind myself that enjoying an adult lung libation inside of a knat's anus isn't an option. I will also plan to pack an egg timer with my toys, in order to avoid the Cindrella pumpkin knock, before all my fantasies turn into mice. Good club-Good People-GOOD TIMES! More...


K B.

18 June 2015

I started to give 4 stars out of 5, only because my nature is to assume there's always room for improvement, but the hell with it. My experience at Tabu was exceptional, and I didn't even get laid! LolBut that was by choice really. My wife and I went to the club last Saturday for the first time. We have been to local BDSM clubs and have made some good friends in those arenas, but our main complaint with those clubs was the lack of excitement and actual intimacy/sex going on. This was not the case at Tabu. First off, after reading some criticisms of the club and getting similar feedback from people we know, we held off trying this club out. I don't know if some of the criticisms were valid and the owners felt the need to improve, or simply exaggerated. But, my recent experience supported none of the negative comments I've read. The clubs aesthetics were as nice as any dance club around. Clean, professional and helpful staff (props to Travis and Rachel who gave us a tour of the place. They were very nice), large dance area with perimeter couch seating. Clean themed rooms downstairs where u simply reserve at 45 min intervals if being used. Speaking of which. Many rooms are setup where u can be on the outside as a voyeur. There's an outside red light to alert others that the room is being used. If u want privacy, close the window curtain. It's byob so whatever u bring stays behind the bars identified by your member card id. The crowd. We went on a Sat evening. I would guess 40% were under 30 the majority 40ish. The women were dressed sexy as if going to a dance club. The men the same. They had free neon body painting so some were topless or walking in panties. By 11pm the club had a large crowd which lasted til closing. I saw lots of people hooking up and proceeding downstairs to the rooms. We would had but first time there we drank more than we were used to lol. No big. Will be a better experience next time I'm sure. Btw, there is a closed vented room near the bathrooms that allow smoking. That's it. Not sure why other poster mentioned coming out of the club smelling like an ashtray. More...


Nick M.

30 March 2015

Really upset about all the negative reviews on here, because I think they are coming from people that quite bluntly have no clue how the Lifestyle works and how the club functions, so let me throw in my two cents. First off, as far as Lifestyle Clubs go, this one is Top-Notch.  Maybe the best in the mid-Atlantic region.  There are about 10 play rooms, all themed, clean, and a lot of fun.  The bar (it's BYOB, but they have mixers) and the staff are AWESOME - A++.  My only complaint is that the music is a little dated, but I'm picky about that.  The bar area and main area are a good place to meet, chat, dance, or have your lady get on the stripper poles or in the Go-Go cage.  It's an amazing place to play downstairs, and they even have a shower in the bathrooms.  The set up is fantastic.  Can't say enough about the club itself (just make sure you were a shirt with a collar - no T-Shirts). Now, as far as the people, I would say average age is 40'ish.  But a lot of people 25 - 55.  It's probably 70% white, and 30% other races, which is great.  Everyone is fun, happy, and friendly.  Now, if you go there not knowing anyone, not knowing the rules of the lifestyle, and (especially for single guys) just thinking you will get lucky, you are probably in for a long and boring night.  If you however know a few couples already (maybe from a website) and you use this club to meet, drink, and play - it's GREAT.  You have to have a little network.  Sure you can walk in cold and not know anyone if you are a newbie, but that's probably not the best way to go.  Give it a shot if you are curious about the lifestyle. More...


Kelly V.

6 February 2015

This is a great spot to meet sexy people in the lifestyle. We are regular patrons and absolutely love it!! The club is extremely clean, well staffed and everything that I love in a nightclub. The DJ plays a great variety of music and if you want to relax and chill there is plenty of private areas as well. Props out to the owners for making our visits a great experience. More...


Latacha H.

17 November 2014

I have always had a great time when I attend this establishment,  I have never had any issues. The staff has Always Been Friendly. The only reason I did not give 5/5 stars is that I do not care for the cigarette smoke from the smoking in the club, other than that,  a nice place to unwind with friends at the end of an event-full week! :) More...


Chris B.

17 November 2014

I can see both sides of these arguments. We went last Friday (first time) where the theme was boots, booties, and boobies. There was no shortage of any of these! The crowd was ok and the staff was great. There was an ok mix of people at different age ranges.  There is a lot of play space with very nice theme rooms. On the other side, there are some pretty ghetto people there. We saw a few girls off in a corner clearly upset about some drama that was going on but that's could happen anywhere. We also saw a couple very whorish "ladies" smoking cigars in the corner which I thought was strange. All in all it wasn't a bad experience and I wouldn't want to deter anyone from going. We went and had a good time. The play space got fun right after midnight and honestly that's all we cared about. So... nice place, great staff, decent crowd, clean, with a few ghetto people. We will definitely be back. More...


Kelvin R.

27 October 2014

Visited Tabu this past weekend for a friend's bday party, yeah I know not a very conventual birthday party. Without getting all long and drawn out, the club is a great place to go if you're interested in the "lifestyle" or just want to have a good time with some friends. You get a personal tour upon your arrival and get a breakdowns of the do's and don'ts. Very clean...well lit where needed...friendly staff/volunteers...no pressure to "play"...respectful members...Tabu is much more than just a lifestyle club it's also a club club! The DJ kept the party going with great music and if it wasn't for certain aspects around the club you would have never known you were at lifestyle club. All and all my wife and I had a great time and can't wait to go back. More...


Travis S.

24 June 2014

"What Wet Dreams are Made Of"This place is pretty balling and exactly more than what I imagined. Real diverse and sometimes shocking demographic. I last went there for their NYE Party and I can say without my NYE was better than yours ;^) All funnies aside it's a real welcoming environment and most def a ahange of pace to your typical weekend activities! More...


Michelle S.

7 December 2013

I'm all about a business where the owners really care. Well this would be it!  Great atmosphere and people. Always something different and interesting going on. By far worth a go and night out and most likely you'll get hooked. As far as the last comment and it being "dark" Well quit frankly that is an ignorant, racist  comment and the awesome party goers are better off not having you there. I'm a mixed couple and like all walks of life. If it wasn't my "cup of tea" well I wouldn't be an ass about it. I guess I just wouldn't come back. But you can be well rest ensured this is a well run establishment with owners that care and one of my favorite places to go. More...


Drea B.

27 November 2013

My husband found this club when we first moved from the West Coast five years ago. It is the only club we go to on a regular basis. This is a lifestyle club so come with an open mind. People of all shapes and sizes come to relax and have fun without  barriers or being judged. My husband and I have met wonderful people to enjoy time with not just to have sex with. Yes swingers, lesbians, and type of lifestyle people come that is the environment the owners want and have created!!! There are themed nights with prizes: my favorite is Halloween, have two parties every year and the best dressed win a trip to Hedo( want to know more...come and find out)!!!  Last weekend we had a ABC (anything but  clothes) theme. The club is diverse in action and people. If you are into the lifestyle I would highly recommend Tabu. More...


Stacy G.

20 May 2012

The best swingers club around. Bring your own alochol means no surprising bar tab at the end of night. Very clean, great volunteers and always a fun time no matter what night you go on. (Friday or Saturday). Website is very rasy to navigate to learn about the club and whats going on! (tabulife.com) More...


Vice V.

2 July 2011

Clearly one of the best places to enjoy a night out with ladies, and if your really secure inviting the husband or the boyfriend and YES the girlfriend can make it truly memorable. You have to be a member to truly experience it, but its not for the light at heart. This place is for the secure, respectable adult. And yes the DJ keeps it moving among other things!!!  :) More...