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T Bone CrossFit

S N Junction, Texas

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T Bone CrossFit

S N Junction, Texas


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ryan leblanc

29 April 2019

Very nice box to drop in on. Lots of space and equipment to use.


David Low

21 December 2018

TBONE is a great place. Large box with great programming and instruction. I always stop by when in town. I’m sure it would be a great home box.


Jose Andrade

30 November 2018



Brad Fawcett

1 October 2018

Incredible facility and dedicated coaching staff. Great family atmosphere.


Lisa C

1 October 2018

Great place to workout! Friendly and knowledgeable coaches and members!!


Lessa Bullock Block

16 August 2018

I joined this gym 2 months ago and I can’t say enough amazing things about Tyler and all the coaches!! They go above and beyond to help you. Wonderful group to workout with!!


Leigh Frasier

14 June 2018

Sure enjoyed my first week at T Bone CrossFit! I’m almost 55 & have been able to stay with “my exercise routine” by myself. I have a long way to go but CrossFit works my whole body. It feels good to get back on track to a healthier me. More...


Jennifer Bateman McDaniel

17 September 2017

Beautiful place and great group of athletes! Can't wait to come back!


Jay Cody Brown

14 June 2017

Loved this box! This is a great place to get your fitness on. I had a wonderful time and really felt at home. Thanks for everything!!!


Blake Joseph Smith

21 February 2017

Just to get this out of the way, there is not one negative thing to say about this gym. The coaches are very welcoming and willing to understand your situation, so they can work for what's best for you. The atmosphere is phenomenal. Everyone has been more than welcoming while also pushing you towards your goals. The biggest plus to this gym is the community. Only going through a few workouts I have already met some great people. If you live in San Angelo and your looking to join a gym that's going to push you more than you push yourself, Tbone is a solid choice! More...


Lyle Logan

16 January 2017

Thanks for the hospitality, Tyler, Deven, and the whole morning crew were very warm and accommodating. Good community, I would highly recommend.


Fred Golden

17 December 2016

Great facility, fantastic coaching and a community that's reminds me of my home. Was here for 4 months and can't recommend this place enough.


Cayla Schwartz

29 November 2016

I was having back pain & back spasms before I started going to Tbone. I have always worked out but I was unknowingly using bad form to lift weights which is probably why I had back pain. The coaches are super encouraging & place form & safety over intensity or the amount of weight you lift. They do correct you or encourage you to drop weight if using bad form during the workout. This is the place where I release all the stress that life throws my way & I even have fun doing the workouts...usually lol I've been a gym junky who pays for the membership & either hardly goes or dreads going. Treadmills, stair steppers, ellipticals & working out by yourself is too boring for me. Nothing beats the varied workouts for each day along with the results you get from these types of workouts. I'm more fit now than I was in HS as a cross country runner running 4-8 miles a day. And nothing beats the community aspect of crossfit & especially the friendliness that this gym offers. Joining Tbone is the best decision I've made this year More...


Chon Munoz

11 July 2016

This was a huge step for me. I have been out of the workout game really since high school. Visited a gym occasionally but nothing to brag about. Was referred to TBoneCrossfit by a couple people and finally decided to join. Only been there for a couple months but can already feel the difference. Tyler is an awesome coach very helpful no matter your level of fitness and people are very welcoming and encouraging. Can see myself being a member for a long time. Recommend TBone CrossFit to anyone! More...


Colton Bolf

13 April 2016

From day one felt like family. Everyone makes you feel right at home. All the instructors are very helpful and try to make you the best you can be.


Ida Montez

17 December 2015

The people are awesome and very welcoming....the coaches are there and help with anything necessary....you get the same coaching and attention no matter your skill level. ...I love this place


Sarah Herrod

16 December 2015

Such a great group of people!! They are very friendly & always fun to be around. Workouts are challenging with friendly competition, but you'll always have the gym family cheering you on till you complete the workout! You won't regret it, JOIN NOW!


Emma Larue Reyes

15 November 2015

I was by no means "in shape" at all. I'm still not, but i am slowly getting there because of this place. The people at Tbone are so welcoming and encouraging. Since day one i didn't feel intimidated at all. And that says a lot since i never went to the gym for that reason! Definitely recommend this place to any type of person. More...


T.J. Kieser

13 August 2015

Great box, friendly group of people, very good programming and coaching. If I come back to San Angelo, I'll be back at T-Bone.


John Rōbeeshow

21 July 2015

Nice gym! People were extremely welcoming. Great instruction and good equipment. Thanks for the workout!


Lorena Alvarado

19 March 2015

Thank you for the hospitality!! Awesome wod today! Looking forward to coming back.


Noah Dean

21 February 2015

Great place with even better people! I highly recommend!


Michael Gates

7 January 2015

Visiting on business and my associate asked if I would like to go with him. Immediately greatest with a firm handshake and a very open and friendly group. Tyler was excellent! As a visitor, I would expect that his time would be spent with his regulars, but I never felt left out once! Great coach...great group...great gym! I would recommend this place for anyone interested in seeing what it's all about! Go, you won't be disappointed! More...


Courtney Stokes

29 October 2014

Place to be!


Rachel Jackson

8 August 2014

Very hospitable box for drop-ins. Super nice and a great wod.


Micheal Jacob Luera

24 May 2014

I got to drop in today to see my old friend Tyler and had a great time catching up and working out! I loved everyone's enthusiasm and hard work during the team WOD's! I can't wait to come back and do it again! More...


Stephanie Martin McGuffin

24 December 2013

Had such a hard,fun,exciting workout today. Got to workout on Christmas Eve with wonderful friends. Everyone did so good and looked so festive! The BEST part was the end. Talk about the real meaning of Christmas and then closed out with a WONDERFUL prayer from Tyler! *FeelingBlessed* More...


Sheila Gordon Tomerlin

23 December 2013

A great workout and although I wine a lot thru it you see results fast!


Steven Stober

21 November 2013

I can barley move but it feels good.

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