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My website: http://sytepoint.com

I am a mobile / web / software architect, designer and developer. I specialize in all things digital, from Mobile Applications to Web Development. I help individuals with their start-up ideas, and provide business consulting, and then move into the discover/research phase, then the actual interface designs which leads into the application development.


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christina Anastasia Karagias

3 July 2018

I was fortunate to work with Sytepoint Mobile app. Pricing is fair & Steven guided me into better understanding of what is most important and efficient for my business needs.


Al De Veyra

3 July 2018

I’ve been a customer for years. Their best attribute is the ability to determine exactly what is needed and create the solution in a timely fashion. I highly recommend them.


Nitin Viras

3 July 2018

Sytepoint is one of the best Web & Mobile development company. Great work. Keep it up..!!


patoliya rahul

3 July 2018

I am working with them since long. They are best with price, services and quality. They are one stop place to get all software services. I must recommend them.


Design is critical. Maybe not from the start, but the time will come for your product to reach the next level. We will help measure the performance of your interface with data driven design to ensure your product performs successfully with users and meets its business goals.

UX/UI [User Experience /
User Interface] Design
Brand Identity Strategy
Data-driven design
Conversion Optimization

If it is an application for an existing businesses, the most important thing is to understand what the business is, how it currently functions, and how is the application going to improve / be incorporated into these current processes. For new ideas / businesses, I am mostly concerned if the client has done any research on their business idea. Do they have a business plan? Has it been validated? We want to make sure the market is thoroughly addressed before jumping into developing.

My passion is capturing the vision and idea of my clients and bringing their ideas to fruition. The digital world is full of excitement and we should all equally be able to enjoy the opportunities, and it is my job to ensure that my client's investment dollars are carefully spent and I do everything to ensure their ideas will be launched into a market where people will want and use their product or service.

Steven began as a self-taught graphic designer at the age of 13. Throughout the years he designed for many print and digital based projects, and eventually began web development in 2008. He continues to fine tune his passions for both design and software and received 7 associate degrees, which include Mathematics, Engineering, and Business Administration. He attends the University of Southern California, studying Art and Computer Science, and pursues research in the intersection of Art and Artificial Intelligence.

We have a wide array of capabilities to help accommodate your technological needs. Whether its starting off on a native application, hybrid, or migrating your existing system, we have the experience to help implement the latest frameworks and languages.

iOS and Android Development
Web Application Development
VR/AR Research
Blockchain / Cryptocurrency
Machine Learning / A.I.