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Liz Davies Miracle Coach

Hove, East Sussex, East Sussex

18 hires on Bark
Liz Davies Miracle Coach logo

Liz Davies Miracle Coach

Hove, East Sussex, East Sussex

18 hires on Bark


I am based in Brighton and Hove and I charge £111 for a 90 minute session.

I use various techniques such as muscle testing (kinesiology) to find out what's really going on for you (we often don't fully know the answers consciously) and then energy psychology and energy medicine techniques to release negative thought forms, limiting beliefs and emotions at their root.


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23 May 2019

Charming , professional service

8 March 2019

Went to see liz for help in giving up smoking I felt totally helpless after trying everything I thought I would smoke for ever completely trapped . It's now two weeks as a non smoker I love it the first few days were stressful but I knew the hypnotherapy had worked and it was just a matter of getting through it . In the top five best decisions I have ever made thank you so much liz More...

8 March 2019

I first met Liz when she was running a weekend stress management course, having suffered with stress related depression earlier in my life I was interested to hear what she had to say and teach.

The first thing that strikes you with Liz is her confidence and knowledge of the issues she is discussing, this puts your mind at rest very early on.

Her stress management course was a revelation and I could honestly say that if I had known what Liz taught me that weekend, when I was younger, I have no doubt that I would have had the tools to cope with the stress much better and not end up with depression.

I would go as far to say that everybody would benefit from what she talks about in this current stress heavy world.

When she first contacted me about her hypnotherapy sessions I was at first quite sceptical, I didn’t really believe in it and thought it would be embarrassing if I sat there and I was unable to be hypnotised as a “non believer”.

From the start of the session it was immediately apparent that she had the same confidence with her new skill as in the earlier stress management course.

Liz had phoned me a few days before the session to discuss things in my life that may benefit from hypnotherapy and she prepared a script based on this conversation.

The environment and atmosphere was calming and Liz explained clearly everything that was going to happen. It wasn’t long before I was “under” but I was still aware of what was going on and never felt out of control.

When the session was finished I felt incredibly relaxed and chilled out and Liz explained that she would make some recordings of the session for me to listen back to.

There is no doubt that the hypnotherapy has had an impact on the things that Liz and I discussed and over time and listening to her recordings things have improved on a daily basis.

Liz keeps in touch and is always available for a chat which makes a big difference.

I couldn’t recommend Liz highly enough because she has made such a difference to the way I view and manage different aspects of my life in particular stress and related conditions.


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I love seeing people's faces change from when they walk into an appointment to when they leave! I see people's shoulders drop, their faces light up, and their whole energy lifts! The lightness of being that comes with releasing our emotional baggage is very real and so rewarding to see.

I love the results that people then see in their lives as a result of letting go of emotional problems at the root. Businesses become more profitable, relationships become more harmonious, people's health improves and their overall levels of joy massively increase. I absolutely love to see all of these things!

I worked for the NHS for many years and always knew that one day I would run my own business, offering my own unique blend of skills to help people in the best way possible.

Once I had trained in hypnotherapy and EFT, I started off by dropping my hours in my NHS work and doing private practice a few days per week. After a while this became untenable because the results I saw in my private practice were dramatically different (better!) compared to my NHS clients because I was free to be flexible in my approach and to use the therapies that I knew to be most effective.

So a few years ago I left the NHS to focus on my own business full time, and never looked back!

The results I see are often nothing short of miraculous - when we work with the subconscious mind and release our patterns and habits at the root, then anything becomes possible!

Because I'm very good at what I do and I'd love to help you to feel better!

I absolutely love my work, the result I see are so rewarding, and it is my mission to help as many people as I can to feel happier, lighter and freer! Would you love to be free of your "stuff"? To stop going round in circles and to free yourself to live how YOU choose?

Get in touch with me I'd love to help you!