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Rene Walker

30 December 2018

The quality of care I have received from Dr. Bailey has been superb. He is so knowledgeable about the body and I know he keeps up with what's new to help me. Thank you, Dr. Bailey.


Jennifer Lindley

30 December 2018

Very good at helping to get the issue resolved. I love the fact he focuses on soft tissue.


Gary Maloney

31 October 2018

Dr. Bailey is very nice and will try multiple procedures to determine what is effective to help his patients. He has the most comfortable waiting room couch I've ever sat in.


Julie Morgan

31 October 2018

Dr. Bailey has helped me so much. I walk on cement floors all day at work and my knee was so swollen and sore, I could not bend it or hardly walk. I had x-rays done and was told I needed a knee replacement, but could not do that at this time. After about 2 visits to Dr. Bailey I was able to bend my knee and walk around at work easily. He has also helped me with sciatic and neck pain too! His technique is amazing! More...


Bonnie Steele

31 October 2018

Dr. Bailey's decompression table and gentle chiropractic technique has helped get rid of my back pain.


Rebecca Berrett

1 October 2018

Best chiropractor around. Has helped me and my family out a lot


Janalee Nielson

29 May 2018

Dr. Bailey has helped me so much! My back used to go totally out at least 4 times a year for about a week of excruciating pain. Since I started seeing Dr. Bailey about 2 years ago it has never gone out like that! That’s a miracle to me!! He listens and tries to solve my problems and help me to feel better. My whole family loves Dr. Bailey! More...

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