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LPG Endermologie. Body contouring. Non-invasive. Smooths cellulite, increases circulation and lymphatic flow, decreases muscle soreness and helps to speed up recovery post work out. Also very beneficial post liposuction surgery.
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Stephen M.

30 September 2019

Next Level Fitness is an incredible gym with a really great group of trainings and staff. If you're a trainer looking for a place to bring your clients. This is the place. I workout with one of the trainers here about twice a week and love every sweaty minute of it. If you're looking for a personal trainer, there are some great people here to work with you on your goals. The gym is a playground with absolutely all the equipment you could ever want! They have the traditional stuff like combo cable machines, but also some really fun heavy tires, weighted sleds, a deadlift area, plenty of squat racks. Whatever your goals. The facility and trainers are set up to get results!Also they have classes, boot camps, a nutrition shop, and chiropractic expertise. Basically if you're a fitness junkie who needs an extra push this is the place for you. More...


H T.

21 September 2019

I've been going to Next Level Fitness for the past year and I primarily train with Adam but have worked with other trainers as well. All of them have been incredibly knowledgeable about various methods and protocols and are able to tailor workouts to my goals. If you can afford it, I highly recommend Next Level because you get much more out of each workout than you will on your own. More...


Teresa L.

19 September 2019

This place is AMAZING!! I've been to tons of gyms all over OC, and this one is truly bar none. I found out about here from my friend whose body I saw just transform. I was already is pretty good shape, but wanted to spice up my workout routine. I started here about 3 months ago w Susan, my trainer, and she helped me do just that! Travis, the owner of the gym is very kind and when you're doing 4:50am workouts that just what you need! More...


Kim W.

25 June 2019

After multiple sessions I am a firm believer in Endermologie. For multiple reasons. I workout 4-5 days a week and constantly have tight quads and muscles and since coming to Angie I can feel and see a HUGE difference in my muscle recovery through out my entire body. My skin is so much smoother and my quads are no where near as tight anymore.Secondly I had a tummy tuck a few years ago and have always felt like I had built up scar tissue internally and after 4-6 sessions my stomach felt SO much better. The tension was finally released and I felt like I had better movement. Endermologie has worked great for my overall body. I recommend Angie to everyone I talk to. She knows what she is talking about. Her salon is clean, well kept, she is always on time and there is plenty of parking which is nice. More...


J K.

21 June 2019

Angie is knowledgeable, well trained and incredibly empathetic.  I'm relatively new to endermologie and I think Angie did a great job of setting my expectations for the time to achieve results.  Her equipment is new. Her salon is adorably decorated in soothing silver gray tones with pops of bling and glitter that celebrate the superwoman in all of us!  I think the rates are very competitive for the service provided. I definitely recommend Synergie Spa. More...


Gabi R.

18 June 2019

Newly & beautifully decorated spa that offers nothing but the best! I love every single treatment I go in for. Angela is the best in the business and the prices can't be beat for the experience and results. My cellulite has disappeared and I feel confident and relaxed every time I get a treatment. Not only does it help with reducing the appearance of cellulite, it feels like a whole body massage, gets rid of soreness/lactic acid, and tightens loose skin. I 100% recommend Synergie Spa to anyone!! More...


Phillip P.

17 June 2019

Dr. Vas and his staff of professionals @ Next Level Fitness are nothing less than exceptional. I highly recommend NLF to everyone in the OC area!! They're simply the Best in the Business. Thank you, Next Level. More...


Meral A.

18 April 2019

If you want to know anything about cryotherapy... talk to Brian! Came across The Cryotherapist while searching for a solution for my back/neck pain. Great location and clean facility. Brian will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and on a treatment plan that works with your schedule. Extremely satisfied with my treatments so far. Cyrotherapy has given me back the energy my chronic pain took away. So happy to have come across Brian. Try the cryo facial as well! I have noticed a difference in my pores and am very happy with it so far. More...


Alba H.

24 January 2019

Travis Mayfield and Dr. Vas are incredible! They are super friendly and they are always there for me with anything I need. They really care about people, they always make my day and I feel happy after a tough workout. I highly recommend it!!! More...


Kai B.

28 December 2018

Next Level is truly a one of a kind gym, after spending years at corporate gyms and seeing their lack of caring for clients, Next Level truly stands out. It is a family and veteran owned gym, they take amazing care in getting to know each client, when you walk through the doors you'll be greeted in the mornings by the owner Travis himself and the rest of the friendly and caring staff. They take great care and pride in the gym always running smoothly and is always clean. I would highly recommend training at Next Level Fitness to anyone! More...


Peter Clayfield

29 November 2018

I’ve been a chiropractic patient at Next Level for 14 + years
They’re absolutely the most responsive knowledgeable Doctors to help me maintain a healthy life style
Dr Vas and Co are the best!


Joseph Martinez

30 October 2018

Dr. Vasili Gatsinaris D.C. was one of the Best chiropractors in Irvine. He used a treatment called Fascial Integrative Treatment and with in 3 visits completely wiped away my pain. Go see Dr. Vasili Gatsinaris D.C.


Demetria M.

18 October 2018

I'm on my second year and love this place!  The location is great, the gym very super clean with great equipment. My trainer Kevin Wilson is the best!  He is motivating,  keeps the workouts fun and pushes me to my limits. I highly recommend this place More...


Dirk Y.

17 October 2018

WARNING: If you want to sweat a little, work a little and talk and laugh and get a lot of rest in between sets, this is NOT the gym for you. But if you want to work hard and feel the burn, and test your endurance; if you want to challenge yourself and see how far you can go, this is the gym for you. This is not a fancy gym. It's a gritty gym. It's not a flirty gym or meat market gym - it's a sweat your ass off gym. I work with Kevin. He's a great guy, quite friendly and fun to talk to AWAY from the gym. While you're working out he's down to business.I've never been a gym guy. I avoided weights and all that crap during high school and college. Not interested. I did some running in my 20s and early 30s but my knees had enough and that was that. Finally, I'm a gym guy. With a trainer, in my case Kevin, I have accomplished more than I would have ever done on my own. Some folks can train themselves, motivate themselves, and I admire that but it's not me. I need to be guided and pushed and forced to do more than I want to do. My back used to go out once every 4-5 months. I'm tall and my back was a problem. We've worked in such a way that my back is stronger than it's ever been. Kevin never bores you - the working is varied and different every day.  I have never returned to my car without thinking I really accomplished something. I am closing in on my fourth anniversary at Next Level, working out consistently. Travis, the owner, and Kevin, who manages things and is my trainer, make the gym a great experience. Four years? Is that me doing that? Amazing! Oh and I almost forgot, the gym is set up in an industrial area, and more often than not we have the big doors open and work out in the fresh air. I can't speak for everyone but working out in air conditioned gyms with recirculated air just doesn't thrill me. The fresh air makes a huge difference. And it makes it easy for Kevin to send you outside to push the !?*$@! sled on the asphalt or flip the !?*%@! tractor tire around the parking lot. Where's my water? You can call and make an appointment to do a walk through, that's how I started. Nice conversation with Travis, shake hands with Kevin, and I signed up. Great experience. Not the fanciest of places, but you will work your ass off, and isn't that the point? By the way, there are many trainers at Next Level, and the philosophy of hard work and no-nonsense appears to apply throughout the staff. Great people. They deserve my five stars. -db More...


Jeremy Dunn

6 August 2018

Great place to train , awesome spot to improve , best spot for recovery/injury treatment .


Timothy O.

14 May 2018

Dr. Voss is truly a master. He is the best in the business when it comes to fixing soft tissue strains and sprains. Whatever you do, before you get surgery go see Dr. Voss.And for those companies that have a lot of employees who do a lot of repetitive motions and or experiencing sprains and strains get him on site right away to make sure you were industrial athletesAre in peak condition.His team of providers will reduce OSHA recordable's, drive down workers comp costs and make your workforce happier and healthier.I guarantee it! More...


Jennifer K.

7 May 2018

This place is amazing!!!I highly recommend getting endermologie treatments with Angela.  She is professional, very experienced, and thorough.  I also talk to her about health and fitness, and she has educated me about my body overall.  Her spa is beautiful!  She just expanded it with additional amenities (meditation, facials, a sauna), fabulous décor (I wish she would come decorate my apartment), and the most important part is the ENERGY she brings!  I've felt AMAZING inside and out every time I leave her spa.So why did I decide to seek endermologie treatments?  I have stubborn cellulite on my butt and thighs.  Regardless of how much I exercise, it's there.  Angela patiently listens to my concerns, and we focus on addressing my "problem areas" the most. However, she treats your body overall.  It really relaxing, as if you are getting a massage.  It's a good treatment after a workout, increases circulation and easing tense muscles.  The first time I tried this was before I took a trip to Maui.  My friend I traveled with said she was amazed at my results, and my legs looked like I never had cellulite.And, she has the BEST rates!  She is constantly running specials.  I've done my homework on this...her prices beat most Groupon specials.  It's a steal for what you get!  This is an upscale spa ladies!  I should have taken before/after pics for a comparison.  She will tell you every body is different, but this drastically reduced my cellulite.Tonight I tried the dry sauna for the first time.  Just that alone is worth a visit.  I've tried saunas at other places, but it was so clean and relaxing!  I will definitely be booking the sauna with every endermologie treatment.Go pay Angela a visit.  I guarantee she will boost your confidence, and make you look and feel good, inside out! More...


Natalie H.

2 May 2018

I had endermologie done with Angela to smooth my cellulite in my legs. I noticed a difference the same day and seemed to last for a while, I returned again to get it done today and  sold! Not only does it make my body look more smooth but it also helps with lymphatic circulation and it feels good! The studio is so cute and relaxing, Angela is super super sweet and makes you feel very comfortable. I will be coming in regular for this treatment and their new health plans! More...


Jerry Tao

23 April 2018

Air conditioning is not too cold, thankfully, so you can actually wear short sleeves inside. Free water and shower spot :)


Debbie W.

18 April 2018

Hi... I had a form of lipo done last July and upon healing I got what I call hard spots around my abdomen and upper stomach...was told by dr office to have endermologie massages done...so I hooked up with Angie and she is my life saver...love having these massages done and the results are amazing...love my new look... I'm on my second series of massages as I enjoy them... Angie is the most personable gal to be doing these...she is a breathe of fresh air and a book of knowledge...you will be amazed as I was/am on your results...all I'm gonna say is...HELLO NEW BODY More...


Steve D.

24 March 2018

Travis mayfield is the baddest, inspiring, good hearted man................................................................................................................................... More...


Erika M.

28 February 2018

Awesome rehab and personal training Gym. Dr Vas is the best - as is Caprice, the head therapist. Great location with ample parking and a large selection of very good personal trainers.


Iris W.

20 July 2017

I had three month treatments with Angela. She is super nice and definitely the best in Endermologie I have ever met. Her Endermologie Patented Slimming Technology helped me to relief lots of pain after my surgery.During the treatment, she addressed me lots of information about Endermologie and how to take care of myself.Her spa room was super pretty, comfortable, neat and tidy. She spent lots of time to make her place to be comfortable to clients. All the details reflect she is very professional and responsible More...


J S.

19 June 2017

Dr. Vas and Caprice are AAAAwesome!  I've had nagging neck and back pain, as I'm a little older (and a little heavier) since my younger years!!   He showed me some exercises to loose up my body, and his treatment goes well beyond a small little room with a table.He's got a full workout facility with every piece of equipment imaginable to get me back into shape.   I'm fortunate to have avoided surgery in my life, but if that became unavoidable, I'd be doing my pre-op and post-op rehab with the team at NLW!Thanks so much guys! More...


Jacqueline Erin Stewart

9 June 2017

I go to physical therapy here with Dr. Adam. He is legit! Ive been to a few physical therapists/ chiropractors and I definitely would recommend Dr. Adam before the others. Not only does he take insurance... but he actually spends time working through my pains and injuries instead of just guessing what's wrong with me and having an assistant work on me so he can get to the next patient. He's always available to call or text if I have any questions or concerns which is super cool. He's helped me with my chronic shoulder injury more than anyone else has. � More...


Mike L.

31 May 2017

This gym is great for folks that are serious about getting a good workout each session but aren't exactly sure of what exercises to accomplish that. My trainer and many of the ones I've met are knowledgeable, helpful and motivational in a way that pushes you to work hard but in a way that helps you feel better about yourself! More...


P J.

16 May 2017

Caprice is great! She's been helping me with a knee issue; she's  very knowledgeable, made great recommendations & very skilled at her craft. And...she cares enough to follow up with you. If you have any sports injuries or concerns, she's the one to consult with! More...


Kim W.

22 February 2017

I love Dr. V.....He's a great Chiropractor, and went out of his way to help me over a weekend, getting an X-Ray on a Saturday, when I fell on a golf course unexpectedly during the week, and the pain still had not subsided.  He also ordered an MRI for me for my back, which was awesome, too, as I did not have to go to the orthopedic doctor.  I had a tailbone injury and did not know it, but he was very helpful in diagnosing the issue, and helping me in any way I can, get medical attention.  Dr. V works with major corporations and provides Chiropractic service for their employees, so he is a very trusted and credible doctor, not only to individuals, but to major companies. This also makes me feel at ease. He has an awesome bedside manner and always makes you feel comfortable. He has some very unique deep tissue massaging techniques he uses, as well, that made my boyfriend's back feel a lot better, in addition to the adjustment he did for him (when i was getting treatment).  I just noticed Dr. V also has 10 Five-Star Reviews that are "filtered"....so check them out, as well. :) More...


Jeff W.

18 January 2017

I visited Dr. Vas and Dr. Brandon since I was having problems with muscle pain and stiffness. When you see them for an adjustment, it's not just a matter of sitting in a funny position and having them press on certain points. It's an educational process where they show you why you're in pain, they relieve it, and then they teach you how to keep it at bay. They're happy to see you, but like an honest doctor they just want people to feel better. More...


Cheryl Lancaster

28 September 2016

It's a great place to work out! Clean, fun and friendly and makes you feel like part of the family.


Lisa S.

22 September 2016

My ass hurts. In places that it doesn't usually hurt. Cary totally worked that and also my hamstrings. I'm also sore in my arms, so I got worked all over. The workout was fun and interesting, and I tried a few things I haven't seen before. Cary was funny, encouraging, and an overall rockstar. He made the entire experience positive and enjoyable. I kind of want him to stay next to me all day, giving me pointers and cheering me on. Haha. The facility itself is great. My gps was acting up, so I had trouble finding the exact location, but once inside, I was more than appeased. There are so many people there with different trainers, and it's a very unique and personalized experience. Irvine is a little far from me for regular training, but I'll surely come back when I can. More...


Amber Gilman

28 May 2016

Wonderful Staff. I went into see Dr. Vas, because I had over used my shoulder and I couldn't lift it at all. In 30 minutes I was lifting it just fine. I am back at about 90% in 2 weeks. Not being able to lift my shoulder was scary!! I work in the office full time and am a personal trainer part-time. Not being able to help my clients was no good. I have to be there for them. Dr. Vas is knowledgeable and kind. He can fix you right up. I highly recommend him to all my friends and trainers. More...


Charles P.

11 February 2016

When I hurt my back I was an absolute mess.  I couldn't work because I couldn't sit in a chair for more than five minutes.  Had to get a stand up desk and was utterly frustrated.  What saved me was the treatments I got from Dr. Vas.    I highly recommend the ART sessions to anyone in pain.  It made all the difference in my recovery.  Dr. Vas is the best! More...


Scott Rodriguez

15 November 2015

Family orientated fun place to go to after work and also lift, run, laugh, and cry. I gained my greatest results here because the community made me want to be there with them.


Zarina W.

11 October 2015

NLF is the perfect gym for me. It's affordable, in a great location, has lots of equipment and clean. It's more personal, they get to know you as an individual, focusing on your strengths and targeting your weaknesses.Adam is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He is professional, motivated and his drive is killer. He has a passion for his work and it shows. I have been feeling healthier, stronger and more focused on my personal fitness since I have started working with AdamI would definitely recommend NFL to my friends and Adam as a personal trainer More...


Henry Aguilar

20 September 2015

I train here at lunch to get extra workouts in. It may may small but I like the atmosphere. People are real nice as well.


Christy Wilner

17 September 2015

I give this place 5 stars for My trainer is Cary Hokama ! He is the best ,u will keep burning fat 2 or 3 days after 1 hour train with him ! All the members who I work out with r very nice and supporting ! My husband as a former rugby player ,he loves to work out with Cary ! If u are serious about work out ,trust me My Guru trainer is the best ! More...


Silvia D.

15 July 2015

If you're in need of a chiropractor this is the place. Ask for Dr. Adam. I've been seeing him for over a month now for a very bad hip joint problem and he has been amazing, easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable. He is amazing!!! Id give them more stars but they only top at 5. More...


Christy W.

2 July 2015

Cary Homaka is such a good ,motivation trainer ! I like a little correcting that He shows during the work out ! I can't wait to come back and train with his groups again ,everybody  here is friendly n works hard ! thanks everybody  (specialty my machine husband for introducing Instructor Cary to me !) More...


Ariel H.

20 May 2015

I have been working with Angela for a few months now, and have noticed dramatic changes in my appearance, Angela has also helped me when I have had injuries, swelling, and has made a huge difference in how I feel. She is supportive, has great suggestions, and is very professional. She's also passionate and dedicated to the work. i'm so glad to have found her. I highly recommend her services. More...


Elsa O.

14 May 2015

Angela is fantastic! In just the first few treatments I could see my body changing  It was definitely tighter and firmer. I was a bit skeptical when purchasing the  the treatments but I now see a difference that I totally want to keep  Angela is very sweet and educated in her profession. More...


Kristin B.

23 April 2015

I found Angela on yelp and bought a 8 session package. I've been going to her 2x a week and I have 7 sessions down and 1 to go. I was just telling her how I was shopping today at south coast plaza and when I saw my butt and legs in a 3 way mirror they looked way smoother and tight than they usually do! I'm super impressed and so glad to have found her! Thanks Angela! More...


sam l.

25 March 2015

Dr. Kim is an amazing chiropractor. Well knowledgable and focused on my issues and concerns. With his advice and work, my back pain have really gone away and I feel great! This office/gym is all around great with great people and service More...


Seff Jhulze

17 February 2015

Great place to train. Kind of a hidden gem... But worth the effort!


jeff s.

6 February 2015

This place is a hidden gem! It maybe a hard find in the saturated industrial complexes near Mcarthur blvd but it's worth the effort. So far as I can tell it is a complete wellness center. Under one roof there is a Chiro, message therapist, endermologist, personal training, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy. Not to mention full locker rooms with showers and 7+ restrooms on site. Whatever you are looking for regarding health... This is the place. More...


Rebecca F.

12 December 2014

Angela is a true professional!I went to Angela to try endermologie for the stubborn areas on my body where I struggle with cellulite.  The treatments were awesome!!! My skin felt tighter after the first visit. I also experienced an overall feeling of well being (no doubt from toxins leaving my body). After 3 treatments, I saw a significant difference in the texture and amount of cellulite on my stomach and thighs!  I was hooked!It is always a pleasure having treatments done by Angela because she is so very passionate about what she does, and truly enjoys working with her clients to achieve optimum results!Excellent experience! More...


Adam P.

20 October 2014

Ive had a couple trainers in the past few years that were great. What I like like most about this gym is that they have a physical therapy office attached to it. Chiropractors, massage, and best of all, ART therapy. One stop shop for me. Dr. Kim and Dr. Vos are the best around. I've sent about 5 different people to see them. Thanks guys! More...


Jerome W.

30 September 2014

Oh lordy, you'd think I would have run out of gyms to review on Yelp by now! First off, for those of you who are thinking of seeing a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals, this is the place to be apparently. NLF is mainly a gym for personal trainers and their clients, so I don't think you can get a "membership" since it just comes with your training. The gym has pretty much everything--treadmills, machines, free weights, tires for flipping (if you're into that), ropes for climbing, sleds for pushing--basically anything that gets your body moving, they most likely have. It does get kind of crowded during peak times and the equipment can use a facelift, but other than that, this place is legit.A side note: I didn't meet my trainer here, but we would train here on a regular basis. It was a bit of a distraction because there were several occasions where random women would approach him and try to either hit on him, or set him up with their friends/daughters/sisters, etc. At first, it was funny, but then it started to get kind of annoying. Come on ladies! Really More...


Jen Toro Fitness T.

29 September 2014

I love the endermologie and wraps that Angela offers!  Angela has set up a relaxing environment for her clients.   She's easy to talk to and really takes pride in her services. I've noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my cellulite !  Thank you Angela!! More...


Rykiah P.

26 September 2014

ANGELA IS THE BEST! Being a pageant competitor I always want to look my very best on stage (especially for the swimsuit competition) Her endermologie treatment took away my bloating & made my body feel tighter & slimmer. The environment is very relaxing & she made me feel extremely comfortable. I will definitely be back before my next pageant (: More...


Jose F.

24 September 2014

Next Level is a pretty damn good gym.  One of the things that I like the most is that it is not a "meat market" like what you would find at 24 or LA fitness.  People go there to workout and they take their workouts and health serious.  It has a family like atmosphere and everyone is nice, respectful and cordial.  I've trained with 2 trainers and both of them have been amazing.  Monica, my current trainer, is awesome.  She shows you how to do the exercises and corrects your form when you are doing it wrong.  She really cares about your form in an effort to help you prevent any injuries.  And she also pushes you hard to get the most bang for your buck.I highly recommend this gym.  Give it a try if you are looking for something in the John Wayne area and you wont be disappointed. More...


Amanda C.

10 September 2014

Angela is AMAZING!I never knew what endermologie was but now that I know about it I love it! If you have stubborn cellulite spots that won't go away no matter what you do go see her asap! She worked on my trouble spots before my last NPC bikini competition and I was amazed to see that in just a few sessions those trouble spots were completely gone! She has also done wonders for some of my clients as well. She is also an amazing positive person and will make you feel relaxed, welcome and completely comfortable! Love her! More...


Cindy H.

10 September 2014

I have been going to next level for a few years now per my surgeons recommendation. After two rotator cuff surgeries, the ACT, active release therapy, treatments I am receiving have helped me tremendously. I have been treated by Dr. Vas, Dr. Kim and most recently, Dr Adams. I love how I am explained what muscle etc they are treating during the entire session. Also, the receptionist, Jessica and Lexie are very helpful, friendly, and inviting. I even was able to work with Caprice, the PT, and she was very helpful and so friendly also. So, try them before you go anywhere else. Your body will be happy! More...


Sam M.

25 August 2014

I originally met Dr. Vas when I was a baseball player at Orange Coast College. I had strained my hamstring and came to Next Level Wellness for physical therapy. Within a couple weeks I was back on the field. This was fast considering the severity of the strain. Two years later I sustained three injuries playing baseball at my 4 year school, two of which required surgery:1) SLAP tear in my throwing shoulder (surgery)2) Torn labrum, cartilage damage, and bone chip in my hip (surgery)3) Broken fibulaI came back to Next Level for my post operative physical therapy and recovery after each of these injuries/surgeries. Dr. Vas was a master at breaking up my scar tissue and getting my range of motion back way faster than I could've imagined, plus he is a cool dude! As my range of motion came back I transitioned to doing my strengthening exercises with Caprice who is an Athletic Trainer and also specializes in recovery from sports related injuries. She is awesome to say the least. She is so friendly, beyond one of the most genuine and warm hearted people I have ever met! She did a great job making sure I continued working hard and finished my therapy sessions strong while keeping my range of motion. She even played catch with me and threw me ground balls to work on getting my skills back. Overall Next Level Wellness was a great experience and I recommend them to anyone. I will stop by to say hi every time I have the chance! More...


Veronica L.

13 August 2014

Angela's lipomassage treatment was amazing. Her Endermologie Patented Slimming Technology felt as if I was receiving a deep tissue massage. Angela was very pleasant and very educated, I was impressed with her knowledge on the endermologie technology. After my first lipomassage my waist line and thighs felt tighter and my skin felt much softer.I am very mindful of my health and I was interested in using the lipomassage services to tone and tighten areas that naturally change as I have gotten older. The room is very peaceful and I would absolutely recommend this to everyone who is looking to physically and mentally improve their well being. More...


Jeane P.

3 June 2014

I am heading into my third month at NLF and the only thing I regret is not joining sooner!   When your boyfriend notices a tighter booty or you start getting compliments on your quads, calves, arms from complete strangers ... you know it's working! I've never had that type of reaction in the 3-4 years I've had a 24hr gym membership or my trial run with UFC gym.  Grant it...I take full responsibility for not committing myself to "the cause" 100%, but without the proper knowledge and training, there's only so much you could do on your own till you reach the point of boredom and unaccountability which would lead me into the  viscous cycle of my annual-2-month disappearance from the gym.But here - it's not like that. 1.  The Facility - they've got everything.  Tires, ropes, machines, free weights, TRX cables, treadmills, mirror room, turf area - you name it.  And it's never crowded to a point where you're waiting in line for anything.  Everything is available and local enough so you never feel like you'll "lose your spot."  It's perfectly ventilated.  Showers  and lockers clean and available.2.  The Staff - awesome and super friendly! They're all so encouraging knowing that we're all there to get work done - no egos..just do work!  The perfect balance of testosterone and estrogen =) lol ..and the clients come in all different shapes, ages, and sizes so you immediately feel comfortable.  NLF is actually a facility that houses different contracted trainers, but I was lucky enough to find STACIE LOPEZ =)3.  My Trainer - First of all, she's gorgeous and her body is banging! If that isn't inspirational enough, I don't know what is.  Check her out on Instagram @TRAINWITHSTACIE and see for yourself! She puts you to work, always changes it up so your'e never bored, and you'll be aching in places you never knew existed!  But you'll learn to love the burn as you discover what you're made of - especially when you begin to feel and see results! #sleekphysique #trainwithstacie #sexybeastmodecuzsummerisherebitches More...


Ryan M.

22 May 2014

This gym is straight up awesome! The facility is very modern, with great equipment and a very energetic atmosphere. I have been training with Chris for a few months now and he has been very helpful with my training around my knee injury. In just the past few months, he's been able to help me jump higher, be quicker on my feet, and bulk a bit for strength on the court. Thanks to him and the cool people at Next Level, I've already become a better basketball player. Highly recommend this cool place. More...


Ryan M.

22 May 2014

I first came to see Dr. Vas because I injured my knee while playing basketball, and ever since I've been able to play again, I haven't been at the same level. Dr. Vas has experience working with professional basketball players so I had full confidence he could help me. I did 5 sessions with him and he gave me massage therapy, had me do some unique stretching and knee exercises also. After the 5 sessions, my knee was SO much better I couldn't believe it. I don't call him Dr. anymore - I call him the magician! More...


Andrew L.

20 May 2014

Dr Vas is great, I feel a lot better after each adjustment.


Maria Elena A.

2 February 2014

Love this gym,  I have been training with Monica Reyes for 3 yrs now. She is amazing,  first time I have ever stayed consistent, no session is ever the same. If you are looking for a challenge and don't do boring,  you will love her too. More...


Tiffany L.

16 December 2013

Things have definitely changed for the better at NLF! I still see Chelsea and she is still amazing! The gym has been updated A LOT in the last couple of years. Its really nice and just keeps getting better and better. The people are friendly which is always a plus in my book. Its intimidating enough going into a personal training gym with rockin hot bodies all around... and I am just over here all flabby. Just kidding. Give this place a go! You wont be sorry. Chelsea Ravitch is the bomb diggity! More...


Fafar C.

16 September 2013

My mom and I tried the bootcamp at Next Level Fitness.  Neither of us liked the idea of a 'bootcamp' but thought we should give it a try.  It turned out to be one of the best fitness decisions we ever made.  The bootcamp perfectly blends cardio and weight training, which is what we were looking for. We also love our trainer, Eric Doyle, who's great at what he does.  He's what every trainer needs to be: strict and tough, yet, kind an caring.  He pays attention to every single person in his class and pushes them to their limit. We couldn't be happier.  Thanks very much Next Level Fitness and Eric! More...


Marilyn E.

1 September 2013

I've got say my first experience here was not good.  I was training with Steve and he put me through the ringer of a leg workout that gave me such painful cramps we had to cut the workout early.  After that I had no intention of going back, but a couple days later (on a Sunday nonetheless)  Steve called me to see how I was doing.  I thought that was really cool, so I went back the next week and have been training with him for just over a year.  There are tons of trainers here and I have no idea if they are any good but most of them look like they are in shape however I really enjoy working out with Steve.  I have changed my goals on him several times and he's always answered with great workouts.  First I wanted to be has big as possible when I got what I thought was too big, I asked him to lean me out which he did.  Now he is helping build as much strength and muscle that can fit my current frame and he is doing a great job.  Even my family was impressed with the size of my arms and shoulders the last time I saw them. More...


Mike R.

26 August 2013

I followed my Personal Trainer to this gym after he decided to relocate and I couldn't be happier. The gym is well maintained and everyone there is extremely nice. Not a bunch of a$$holes you find at 24 or La Fitness who's egos make it unbearable to be there. I have recommended this establishment to many friends and look forward to continuing my training here. More...


Tim S.

23 August 2013

This place is really amazing. I've been training at this facility for quite some time and every time I am there I feel great.  My trainer is very knowledgeable about what excretes to do for each muscle and to get the "look" you want - if that's what you're into. I am always motivated and pushed to keep going in my sets and I think that's the biggest benefit here. If I was doing this on my own I would have given up or quite.  Not only that the results that I get from working with a trainer get me the results that keep me coming back.  I can't say enough about the value and training that I get from Next Level Wellness! More...


adam p.

27 June 2013

One stop center for all your needs.  Best doctors and physical therapists around.  Can't beat the gym environment either.  5 stars


Stacey C.

18 June 2013

When I first decided to get endermologie I was interested in smoothing out my textured skin so I'd look better in my bikini.  But, as I continued treatment I realized that it not only made me look better but it made me feel better.I have a very active lifestyle and can be very hard on my body, so finding anything to help me with my aches and pains is appreciated.  I'm very pleased with Angela and Solutions for Cellulite!  I would and do recommend her to anyone looking for a little body TLC. More...


Joseph Martinez

29 May 2013

This gym is one of the best gym in Orange County. If you are looking for a place that you can train, and get rehab in the same facility this is the place. Joseph Martinez


Karin R.

17 May 2013

I just came back to Next Level Fitness and I am so glad I did.  This has to be one of the best gyms around.  The energy and ambience of the place is exhilarating.  Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. The gym caters to all ages, men and women alike.   They have expanded and the gym looks fantastic.  My trainer, Kevin Wilson, is just the best on the planet.  He knows exactly how to get the best performance from me. He also makes the workouts fun.  He is an absolute delight to work with.  I look forward to going and getting a super workout and that says a lot.  If you have been thinking about finding a great non-snooty gym - this is the place!  And I urge you to give Kevin a try. More...


Vinnie N.

16 April 2013

Getting yoked! Yep, everybody wants to do it, but not everyone has the discipline. What can looking good do for you? Why of course you'll get tons of attention from the opposite sex, you'll be treated better than fat people and you'll look freaking hot naked, and that's worth it alone. Hmm, you don't have the dedication and drive to do it on your own? Don't fret, get a personal trainer. It's like having a best friend who thinks you're fat and really wants you to shed those pounds. It'll do wonders for your health too. We all know that being heavy increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. So why don't you do yourself a favor and sign up today. They got trainers for lifting, or my personal favorite, a boot camp. Yoga and zumba are offered too, if that's what you're into.Summer's just around the corner and I have to say, I'm getting my beach body ready so ladies watch out.Oh yeah, god bless yoga pants. More...


Angela P.

25 February 2013

I started working with a personal trainer at Next Level Fitness via The Fitness Union in September 2011 for about 4 months. The results I received were phenomenal. Not only did I look better but I felt great. I then tried working out on my own but lacked the discipline and will power to commit to my routine. So I returned to Next Level Fitness since August 2012, being trained by Kevin Le of The Fitness Union. I'm now motivated again and committed to training up to 5 days a week. Kevin Le also offers a free boot camp on Saturdays@10 a.m. I love the friendly staff at Next Level Fitness, it's like a family there. It's also conveniently located within the same business park as the salon I work in, eliminating any excuses. If you're looking for a personal training gym with a highly experienced staff whose priority is to help motivate you to reach your fitness goals, try Next Level Fitness. I'm confident you'll enjoy it and become a part of the family as I have. More...


Sara E.

13 February 2013

I love next level fitness!Centrally located in Irvine, good hours, friendly and helpful staff.My trainer Steve Olivas is amazing, been going for 3 months and couldn't be happier with my results and attitude toward fitness. Very patient and knows when to push and when not to, very flexible with schedules and listens to me on what my problem areas are. He even sends me workouts to do at hotels while I am traveling. HIGHLY recommend him & Next Level. More...


Natalie A.

10 February 2013

I love this gym. After going a while you come to recognize the same faces.  It's a friendly community environment. People are serious about their work outs. I love it because I can show up to get my work done without worrying about looking good or getting hit on. :  ) More...


Atessa Y.

29 January 2013

I like to describe Francis as my healthy lifestyle stalker. I'm looking better n feeling great thanks to all his guidance and support. I would recommend him to anyone serious about getting in shape More...


Pam A.

27 January 2013

I have been with Dr Vas and Caprice for the past 6months recovering from back pain due to a car accident.  They both have been very helpful and honest about my back pain.  Never have done ART therapy before which has helped me to recover.  It has been a rough road but I am now starting to get better!  I am now able stand and sit long period of times without severe pain.  I can now cook, clean, and swim for limited amount of time.  When I first went to see them I was in so much pain I could do nothing!  They both take their time with you and answer any questions you have in a thorough manner.  Dr Vas has made sure to check every aspect of my injuries making sure to refer me for an MRI and orthpedic when my healing was not progressing.I recommend Dr Vas and Caprice highly for treatment.  My pain & stiffness in my shoulders and lower back  has decreased and I always feel better after treatment! More...


Elizabeth V.

16 January 2013

I love going to Next Level fitness. The trainers are great and amazing specially Lenny :)! Its great going here vs a 24 hr fitness. The owner is an amazing person and is always welcoming with a great SMILE and nice. They offer also a wellness center the gym offers alot of services. More...


Holly F.

4 September 2012

I love my Endermologie treatments! I am comfortable wearing shorts once again and my legs look better with each treatment. I see Angela weekly, she is very caring and truly has a passion for Endermologie. The treatment feels great, very relaxing. I like to also have a body wrap after my endermologie treatment as she offers this service as well. Angela is a Pro! More...


Cat H.

28 July 2012

Sometimes you just have to train like a beast to look like a beauty. A friend of mine turned me onto Berke, who's a trainer here. He's got a good attitude towards training and puts up with all my ridiculous demands. If you don't like to do something, he'll find something else that works the same muscles that you will like. His exercises are always a great blend of weights, pliometrics, and some boot camp stuff thrown in to spice things up. I'm never bored working out with him and I never feel like I'm being forced into the same generic workout that anyone else has. That's one of my pet peeves about trainers. The gym itself is smaller than your traditional public gym like 24 but larger than most of these smaller boutique gyms. There's a cardio area, a weight area, and a large area with astroturf that reminds me of a gym I used to train at. I'm a fan of weight lifting, though, so I generally eschew the types of activities on the astroturf. I also see occasional groups of people using the back parking lot to lug tires or run a lap around the building. This location is in a small little industrial office park type of area that really doesn't seem to get much traffic. In fact, unless you happen to know where it is or the other businesses are in here, you'll never have occasion to walk in. They also offer other services at this facility- tanning, massage, chiropractic. It might be worth it to walk down the hall when I'm there. So far I dig it. But please, as the temps increase, amp up the a/c! More...


Shaun W.

11 July 2012

This is fitness done right. Group training under the watchful eye of a personal trainer. Excellent personal training offered in group rates. No more of corporate training gyms that charge 60 bucks per hour of training. Most trainers charge by the month and let you come as many times as you want, in that month.I've trained with several of the trainers at Next Level Fitness, while each one had an awesome work out, the best I say is Chris Miranda. Besides running a killer workout, his personality is so nice and easy going, he got the highest level of effort out of me with out having to yell boot camp style.Thanks a lot Chris, and Next Level Fitness(the only reason I didn't give five stars, is because running around cars in a parking lot is actually pretty lame, but everything else in the gym, as well as the trainers are top notch) More...


Greg V.

19 June 2012

This place is fantastic! If anyone is looking for that special touch, no look further than Caprice. She has abosutely magical hands. Got a tight knot? Gone! Feel like your legs are not flexible enough? Fixed! I cannot recommend her more highly. She is incredibly skilled and very knowledgable of anatomy, mechanics, and how to alleviate pain. More...


Maria N.

11 June 2012

Many good things have been said about the small: good things come in small packages; it's not about the size, it's about how you use it; it might be small, but it gets the job done.  ie. birthday cards, jewelry, moolah, gypsie street monkeys that play the mini drums!!!Another thing to add to that list - Next Level Fitness Gym! This place is no 24hr Fitness or even a 24hr Fitness Express. They are equipped with all the bare essentials. No frills, bells, or whistles here, but you will have everything you need to get the job done. Just because it's a smaller gym and you don't have a tv screwed onto your treadmill or an ipod player hooked up to your elliptical or a big rows and rows of flatscreens hanging from the ceilings, doesn't mean you can't still burn off the unwanted calories.The quantity of machines is not as extensive as one would see at even the smallest of the 24hr Fitness Expresses, but this is never really a problem since this place rarely reaches its max fitness fiends capacity.  Even at peak hours, everyone's got a machine or set of weights they can use without being feeling the hot breath of a fellow gym patron breathing down their neck, pushing them to hurry the heck up. Ypu will have the tools to get the job done.People who come here come with the purpose of getting their fitness on and know that round is NOT a shape!  In turn, you won't be finding Creeper Mcgees eyeballing the girls on the ellipticals, or the cast of The OC chatting it up on the treadmills barely breaking a sweat, or Vietnamese-coffee shop girls in full makeup and their newly minted tramp-stamps exposed, prancing around the gym pretending to work out.  You're gonna see people sweating, benching, crunching, lifting, a bunch of bootcampers crying and sprinting, trainers yelling and pushing their clients to the limits, and the manager walking around with a big smile and chatting it up with everyone.  Think less 24hr Fitness, more boutique fitness center.  Warning - There's ppl working out everyyywhere, in every nook and cranny, inside AND outside! Beware of runaway bootcampers! Driving through the parking lot of this place might feel like you're in a game of Grand Theft Auto, Biggest Loser edition.  Mission - avoid the innocent, over-exerted, worked-to-tears bootcampers; double the points if you run over a trainer ;p  A few weeks here and YOU TOO will be another great thing, wrapped in a smaller, more fit package! More...


Jeni W.

15 May 2012

I have loved endermologie since the day we met 10 years ago. And thru the years I've had about 10 different ppl perform the treatment on me and I loved it so much I also worked as an endermologist for over a year. What I have learned is your results solely depend on the person giving you the treatment. Finding Angela was truly finding and endermologie angel! I LOVE her space and she has such great energy and most of all she loves what she does and it shows. She is one of my bodies  little secret helpers... But ssssh don't tell too many ppl because I still want to continue my 3 appts a week! More...


C L.

11 January 2012

After an injury from a bad auto accident. I was seen by other doctors and was frustrated at the level of care I was receiving. Annoyed, frustrated and in pain I was referred to Dr. Vas. The first visit he made me feel very comfortable and explained the course of treatment I needed. The other doctors I had seen didn't even order X-rays!! Dr. Vas was extra cautious not to injury me any further! He immediately sent an order for X-rays. I see him weekly and have been treated for physical therapy by the other staff members. They are all nice and explain everything to you, so your able to manage your progress. I recently had a Kneading Massage at the office. I was pretty impressed by the level of care that everyone gives there. If you are in need of physical therapy and not sure where to go, or need a GOOD chiropractor! Dr. Vas and the staff at Next Level Wellness are HIGHLY recommended! More...


Chris K.

5 December 2011

I have been to many chiropractic offices in my life. I was very hesitant to try another office like Next Level Wellness Center. I took the chance and  Dr. Vas.  was recommended by a close friend.  All I can say is WOW! For the first time since I have had my injuries I can say that I feel 99% perfect. What a difference and I highly recommend Dr. Vas for anyone with sports or back issues. I like their facility so much I even joined their gym and 90 days later Im in the best shape I have ever been.Thank you Dr. Vas and NextLevelWellnessCenter.Regards, More...


Kristina G.

1 November 2011

I trained here with Scott from T.G.I.FIT.  I heard about him through an old co-worker and wanted to get toned for my wedding.  Scott is a GREAT trainer, very positive and motivating.  You will see results, of course if you do your part too! ;)  Next Level is tucked away in a commercial area but parking is never a problem and the gym has everything you need from treadmil;s, weights, to tires and those fun bouncy balls! Check out Scott from T.G.I.Fit at Next Level! More...


LaRon D.

13 October 2011

All I can say is Dr Vas is the man!! He and his staff is extremely friendly and welcoming and that's just the beginning.I was having back pain for a while and went to a different highly recommended chiropractor in the area who was trying to sell me chiropractic plans (36 visits/$1500 up front) and never really listened to what I had to say.  I checked yelp and decided to visit Dr Vas.Dr Vas sat with me for about 30 minutes to learn more about my lifestyle, physical activity level and where my issues were in my back.  30 minutes after that, I was totally healed!! I Couldn't believe it!  He didn't try to sell me on anything and just said to come back in a few weeks when I feel like it.  Thanks Next Level Wellness for keeping me healthy!! More...


tom m.

10 October 2011

Ok, so I've been working out and exercising as much as possible.  I started running with my wife over the weekends and have enjoyed losing the weight.  Since I am older, I have more "aches and pains" than normal.  Since I sit at a desk all the time, I am experiencing these types of pains, more!So, here is where Dr. Vas comes in.  This sitting and computer stuff causes my neck to hurt and my low back to tighten up.  So, I scheduled an appointment and within 20 minutes of my first treatment, my aches and pains were about 50% gone!  I had fuller range of motion to my neck and my low back pain didn't hurt as much.He told me 4-6 visits and I should be fine.  What a liar!  I was feeling better after the 1st and 2nd visit.  I showed up to my 3rd visit feeling 90% better and that was that.  Done and fixed by the 3rd visit?  While I was waiting in the lobby  - I met 2 other patients that had shoulder issues and knee issues - they were on the same path I was.  Could this be?  Could he fix everything?  The reason that I am excited?  Besides me being healed, I sent in my wife last week and all she needed was one treatment!  The facility is nice, clean - marble countertops, tiled floors, very "clean" type of feel.I will continue to see Dr. Vas - I am addicted to exercising, playing golf and now running.  As I get older, I will need someone to fix these problems.What a great place! More...


tim k.

7 September 2011

This is my third update about Next Level Fitness... I still workout 4 days a week at this gym and Mike is Awesome...The workouts never get boring & everyone at the gym is great!! SEE YOU ALL THERE!! More...


Therese M.

19 July 2011

I effing (excuse my french) love this place!!! The trainers are really motivational and have all helped me with my workout. There are some really bad reviews ofcourse, but you know what, you can't please everybody. For example, Brandi H., I know EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE. You've been working out at Next Level for YEARS and wrote a bad review about it? Are you kidding? It's inaccurate and spiteful. For new clients, I challenge you to try it out for yourself. Feel free to message me for questions or comments :). More...


John B.

16 June 2011

I've lost 70lbs in 5.5 months. I think that speaks for itself. I'm on my way to 100lb loss thanks to Carlos Mojica.


Adam C.

6 June 2011

I find it very odd that the last 4-5 bad reviews happened within a week of each other from people who never really review anything other than this! I'm not one to say it may or could of been an ex employee or a local angry competitor with some low integrity. Something seems fishy here. This 's the real deal... Ive been training at next level for a few months now and  feel great. Everyone who goes here has a goal of where they need to be and everyone is very serious about achieving it. Ive been a member to many expensive gyms and tried a bunch of fad diets thinking I had the will power to achieve my own results...and that never worked. I always just made excuses or put things off.  I decided to take the next step and get a personal trainer with a set plan. I highly recommend Carlos Mojica (ultra super trainer) He will get you where you need to be no matter how far you may feel its out of reach. .. also in response with some of those negative reviewers or have described next level as prison training.. its a gym not a day spa.. and yeah gyms get dirty. I feel like next level is wayyy more clean then 24 hr though. Always fresh towels and everyone's super nice. Ive never been surrounded with so many trainers with passion of helping you hit your goals. More...


S F.

6 June 2011

I have been working out at NLF for two months now. My trainer is Bethany. I can say that for the first time in my life I am finally seeing results! It isn't easy and every workout is a challenge beyond anything I have done before! This is a serious gym everyone is there to get the work done! This isn't about how you look, what you are wearing-it's about your commitment the second you walk in the door. Bethany is a fantastic trainer her varied well thought out workouts hit every part of me! I love this place and would say WHY ARE YOU WAITING! SIGN UP! It's the best investment you can make! More...


Edina P.

3 June 2011

I started working out at NLF 3 years ago with an amazing trainer named Qoni Saraci who currently is no longer training at NLF. I lost 28 pounds in less than a year, which if I had actually listened to his instructions about eating properly I would have seen the pounds drop quicker!! When I first started training I was very insecure about my body and the thought of working out/sweating in front of "fit" trainers/clients but to my surprise I was welcomed and felt extremely comfortable around everyone.  All the trainers made an effort to introduce themselves, I never felt that any of the male trainers crossed the line or made any inappropriate moves on me and that was because I never showed any interest in mixing business with pleasure. It amuses me to hear reviews from women claiming that the trainers were acting unprofessional. A trainer/client is not going to try and pursue or make a move on you unless you give them reason to believe that your interested. Any gym you go to your going to have people interacting with one another(obviously) which may lead to attraction, dating, or even sometimes relationships forming! This happens at every gym, in fact it happens everywhere.NLF is a family gym, the vibe you get when you come in is that everyone gets along and are not only friends inside the gym but outside as well. Which I personally love because as a client I want to feel connected to my trainer and the people I surround myself with, comfortable to express my needs, call whenever I have questions, and most importantly I want to have fun when I am in the gym!! Which I always do. Recently the gym was expanded which has made a lot more options for the trainers and there clients. I took a little break from NLF for personal reasons and when I returned I started to train with Carols. As a foreigner myself I notice that this society can be very judgmental and rude to outsiders, I think that people under estimate Carlos's ability as a trainer for that reason. He kicks my ass every single day in the gym, there is never an easy day and he never lets me skip something just because I don't feel like doing it. He focuses on me and watches my form while counting my sets for me all the time making sure I don't skip anything, which is great because lets face it we all get a little lazy sometimes. He is always on top of everything and most importantly everyday there is something NEW for us to do! I am very happy to be training with him and love knowing that I am getting what I pay for. More...


Delphia M.

31 May 2011

I've trained at Next Level Fitness for years with several different trainers and have loved training with all of them! It was kind of small and crowded a while ago, but they recently expanded the facility and it looks SO nice now with tons of space!  This is not a gym for lazy people who just want to jog on a treadmill...you'll get a real workout! I'm training with Kardena Pauza at Next Level and would absolutely recommend her to anyone. Her workouts are always fun and different! And she helped me understand what I should be eating to get in shape as fast as possible. More...


Sarah S.

12 April 2011

Been working with Chelsea for a little over a month and lost 7lbs so far--what a difference working out with and educated trained professional. The hour I spend with her is so much  more effective than my previous routine. For the first time my goal looks achievable :) More...


Megan T.

30 March 2011

I called today and had a appt today. Pretty nice. I had read all the stellar reviews here and decided to try this clinic. I have always been afraid of the chiropractor so I have never gone before but this place sounded good so I went. I have a VERY messy sciatic nerve. Basically, I tore a nearby muscle and when my muscle healed itself, my sciatic nerve got sucked into the mess of scar tissue and it has been painful for over 2 months. He explained all of that to me and showed me pictures of the nerve as well as showed me on a model skeleton so I knew exactly what he was talking about. I love that! If I learn something then I am happy so I am glad he explained everything. Turned out, I did not need any bone adjusting (yay!) just some deep deep muscle manipulation. I was so relieved. I have probably 2 more appt's to get all fixed, but I feel about 35% - 40% better after this first visit! :) More...


MiYun C.

19 March 2011

After nearly micturating myself at a chiropractic office once upon a time; I was very hesitant to patronize Next Level Wellness Center to see Dr. Vas.  But, he was recommended by a very reputable individual - Jon Jung, Jungle Fitness.  So, needless to say, I stopped in for a consultation.  20 minutes later, I am HEALED!!  My pinched nerve has been addressed.  Simply wondrous. I was able to complete my training after Dr. Vas treated me.Dr. Vas is very professional and knowledgeable.  He knows his shizzt!!Cheers! More...


Brooke B.

9 March 2011

Clean Gym, Friendly Staff, Sexy Trainers, can't get better than that ;)


Garota A.

4 March 2011

If you are looking for real results, this is the place for you! I've been a member of different gyms in the past, and I have found that The Next Level Fitness have the best trainers. Everyone there is super friendly. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a big smile at the reception. I have been training with Scott Munster for a year now. He is simply AWESOME! Best trainer I've had so far. He keeps us all motivated and challenged with different workouts every single time. You are never bored with Scotty! He was referred to me by a coworker. I noticed that she was getting leaner and toned. Scott has motivated me to work hard and eat right, and I have seen a big change in my body! What is great about this gym is that it allows us to workout indoor and outdoor. I highly recommend The Next Level Fitness to anyone who wants to get in shape and stay fit! More...


Joanie S.

3 March 2011

I first heard about this gym from a good friend.  She spoke very highly of it, and I thought I would give it a try.I worked one on one with Mike Wrice.  He's great!  He kicked my ass but at the same time kept me going, even when I wanted to give up.. He even called me personally with no nonsense encouragement.  I appreciate his dedication.I think the facilities are very nice, and I like that the back opens up to the fresh air.They are always super busy, with tons of patrons rolling in at super early hours!  I don't know about you, but I don't like to wake up early.  So if they have that many passionate people coming in at dawn, then that is a very good sign.Just looking at the pictures of the success stories  is enough for me.:) More...


Elizabeth B.

27 February 2011

I highly recommend Next Level Wellness Center! The staff was great, but the doctors are what will keep me coming back. This was my first time seeking help in regards to back aches and pain. I finally sought help  after reviewing all the reviews and, I was impressed. The doctors really knew their stuff and come with impressive backgrounds. Not only that, but they were quite friendly and offered me advice on my physical ailments. I live in L.A. but go to school in the O.C. I wish I could find a place as great as this wellness center closer to home! Either way, that wont deter me from coming back. More...


Tamara J.

21 February 2011

Yelp diary entry #3- the Final ChapterYup, after only 5 visits I am as good as I'm gonna get. And it's pretty damn good!I am happy to announce that I am fat and woefully out of shape. Why happy? Because for the first time since getting injured when I have to take a break while doing chores or running errands, it's because I'm tired and NOT because I'm in debilitating pain! So incredible.Am I pain-free? No. Never will be. Wasn't the goal. My problems are irreparable and degenerative. All I was hoping for was an improved quality of life. I got it. I also got a new pair of athletic shoes because for the first time in five years I have the flexibility to reach my feet to tie them. That is not an exaggeration.I'll go back periodically for tune-ups, or if I tweak myself. But I still can't fully wrap my head around the fact that one session for every year of being disabled could have such astonishing results.Go here. Go here. Go here. More...


Andrew L.

17 January 2011

Got the ART muscle treatment and the results were above and beyond my expectations. I came in because I had pains throughout my back from a recent ski injury and I was referred by a friend to check out this place. I was treated by Dr. Kim and instantly after the treatment I felt a lot better! I had a really hard time bending my back because of the pain, but after the treatment the jolt pains went away. Without a doubt I would recommend this place to anybody who needs treatment whether it is a minor problem or a serious one. The staff was very nice and the doctor was very knowledgeable. He was even able to determine a previous injury that I had on my wrist just by feel and I didn't tell him anything about that injury! More...


Sanam M.

5 October 2010

NLF is awesome. It is unlike any other gym I have ever been to. The support is awesome and the trainers are all business. This gym is not for people who want to stand around and chat -- it's all about hard work and results. Thanks to NLF I have more muscle tone and I'm stronger than I have ever been. More...


Jill H.

30 September 2010

I've been working out at Next Level Fitness for almost two years. It's the perfect beginning to my mornings beacause the staff and trainers are so friendly and supportive. There are a range of programs and trainers available, ensuring the perfect fit for everyone, whatever their goals may be. More...


Irene K.

11 August 2010

I have had major issues with my back, shoulders, and ankles. My back problem has been the most consistent so I was able to work with Next Level Chiropractic. What I love about this particular Chiropractic, which I have been to many, is that they don't just crack and adjust you, pat you on the back and tell you that you should be fine. They work on the muscles and really get to the core of the issues. I have had my back adjusted quite a few times but that pain always comes back pretty fast. With the muscle work that Next Level has worked on and educated me on, I make sure to take care of these muscles better and come for treatment here.The doctors are really personable and give you time and attention that you would expect when you go to get treatment for your back pain and etc. I highly recommend going to next level! They really know their stuff and i don't doubt that you will walk out of there with effective results!!! More...


Kristine P.

17 June 2010

This is gym is awesome! I've been going here for a year and the environment is wonderful!  The sessions are group style and this really helps keep you motivated and challenged.  The trainers are friendly and serious about getting you into shape. They have innovative workouts the increase your strength, endurance and physical shape.  I definitely recommend you check this place out if your looking for a gym to get you into shape! More...


Stephanie P.

17 June 2010

I've been working out at Next Level Fitness for 16 months now.  I started working out there to get in shape for my wedding day.  The trainers at Next Level took me far beyond my goals.  Based on my body type I never thought I could look this thin and toned.  I am soooooo happy with Next level and the trainers.  I've trained at 24hr fitness, and Gold's Gym with various other trainers and none have even come close to the ones at Next Level.  They are so much fun, and great at keeping me motivated.  I used to dread my drive to the gym but I can truthfully say that I actually enjoy it these days, thanks to all my new friends at Next Level. More...


Harrison K.

27 March 2010

Let me start by saying that I've been adjusted by many a Chiros before so experience tells me when the Dr. knows what he's doing.I called in to set an appointment after being referred by a friend. First, the receptionist Jessica was totally friendly and accommodating. Great start. I went in and filled out a little bit of paperwork (a few pages, not like a billion at some other places), then Dr. Dewitt came out and greeted me. He gave me a tour of the place since they also have a gym called Next Level Fitness in the same facility. After the tour, Dr. Dewitt had me sit and tell him my problems. I started with my troubled childhood... JK :P.  I started describing stuff and he totally completed my sentences, which tells me that he knows what's up. We started with some loosening exercises and he said he was going to "make me taller" which I thought sounded funny, but after the adjustment I do feel taller! Big bonus since I'm only 5' 9". LOL  The best part was that he included me in the process and told me exactly what he was doing and why, which is assuring when you don't know for sure what's about to happen.A few cracks and some stretching later, I'm feelin' great instantly. My neck pain, lower back soreness, and knee problems are GONE! Praise Jesus! Dr. Dewitt even asked me if I had a shoulder injury at some point, which I did, but didn't tell him about. I was like wut? How'd you know!!? Just goes to show his knowledge of the human body is vast and comprehensive. In the end, I'm totally going back and referring everyone to Next Level Chiropractic because of the way I feel now, A GAJILLION BUCKS! Thanks Dr. Dewitt!Oh, and they can work with your insurance too. I totally got hooked up, I didn't even know that my insurance covered chiro till I went. go NAO! More...


Kathryn G.

25 May 2009

My personal trainer brought this place to my attention because this is the gym that he trains out of.  Next Level Fitness is an oasis away from big box gyms.   Every single person in this gym is 100% serious about working out and getting fit - no blonde bimbos sitting on machines posing for attention, no meat heads growling and puffing for attention as they lift weights that are obviously too heavy for them and no dingbats talking on their cell phones as they leisurely stroll on the treadmills.  How do you know you won't run into yahoos like this here?  Because in order to work out here - you need to see a trainer who works out of this gym.  And who sees trainers?  People who are serious about working out and getting in shape.  No bimbos here - only tough broads who could wipe the floor with those aforementioned bimbos.  No meatheads, either - these guys take working out seriously - they're not trying to impress anyone but themselves.  Why do I love this place?  Because I'm not self-conscious when I'm in there, all of my energy is focused on increasing my weight, perfecting my form and getting stronger.  I love this place because I walk out of there an animal.  Grrrr! More...

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