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We Are the largest In-Home Personal Training Provider Nationwide. Our Professional Team consists of a multitude of Certified, Insured and Background Checked Trainers. The founders of our company have a combined 8+years of personal training and nutrition experience, and are equipped to provide the best in-home personal training service for our clients.
No need to drive to us! We come to your place of choice, with our own equipment. Our work and dedication to our clients stand out because we know how to challenge and motivate our clients so fitness becomes a part of their lifestyle, and not just a hobby. Our clients consistently hit their goals in a healthy and safe way. Additionally we help to curate a custom meal plan to maximize positive outcomes through your fitness journey at no extra cost. That is right! you will also receive FREE customized nutrition coaching.
We love fitness and enjoy helping our clients reach their goals. We gain a strong sense of accomplishment knowing you've helped you gain a healthier lifestyle.

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Svetness Personal Training  Reviews


Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Jonathan Pitts
5 10/12/2018 Jonathan Pitts

"I have been going to Svetness for three years and feel great. You are happily exhausted when you leave and I truly look forward to my training sessions. They are DEFINITELY not "clock watchers" and will spend as much time with you as necessary to finish the workout. The trainers are extremely positive, and they really care about your health; from fitness to diet to injury prevention. They are truly a class act...

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Alesandra
5 14/10/2018 Alesandra

Svetness really helped me with my personal growth, exercise-wise. Being a small girl, feeling strong is pretty empowering & that's what Svetness & my trainer, Allison, helped me do. If you are looking for a company that takes your personal growth, goals & health seriously, turn to Svetness because they'll help you get to where you want to go.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Isha
5 05/10/2018 Isha

Keith is great to work with! He is very encouraging and patient. I am seeing good results in terms of my ability to do certain exercises and improvement in the problem areas I identified when we first started training. Also, when I recently hurt myself while hiking, Keith modified our workouts so as not to place stress on my leg. Despite the injury I was still able to achieve my exercise goals. He is a great motivator and I look forward to our training sessions.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Marcus O.
5 04/10/2018 Marcus O.

Good challenges, learned new routines

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Maxine
5 02/10/2018 Maxine

I have been working out with Sylvia three times a week for this whole year and it has been transformative. I am much healthier and in shape and on the road toward lifetime fitness.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Ebony Clay
5 02/10/2018 Ebony Clay

Great trainer! Great meal plan!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Robert Mitchell
5 28/09/2018 Robert Mitchell

My wife and I have been working with Svetness for about a month now and things are going really well. Our trainer is always right on time and ready to push us. The session are always different so the workouts never get old. Additionally they provide even more workouts to do for the other days of the week on your own. If you are looking for a personal trainer I would highly recommend Svetness.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Hilary M.
5 27/09/2018 Hilary M.

We've had just about a month of personal training now, and thus far it's been a huge success. Each session is different so we never get bored. On the days we don't have a session we're provided with "homework".

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by John Deming
5 10/07/2018 John Deming

The staff is extremely knowledgeable and customer service oriented. The workout equipment is in top notch condition and the studio is always clean and well maintained. I find their ability to work with and around hectic work schedules we all have in the DC Metro a tremendous plus. They are very accommodating if you are running late or have to cancel with little notice. If you need to cancel they are willing to schedule you the very next day. This is my 3rd attempt to find a location I feel comfortable with and I'm here for the long haul. Stop by and kick the tires a bit on the place---you won't be disappointed. JD.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Helen
5 28/06/2018 Helen

I joined Svetness Fitness in Leesburg about 3 months ago. I’m a 66 year old Grandma who needed to get in shape to keep up with the grandchildren 😊 I’ve always known that strength training is very important but I always ignored that fact and just got my cardio. But realizing how weak I’d become, I decided to try it. The people were very friendly and helpful and didn’t make me feel bad when I would poop out....they only encourage me to keep on. Jesse, my trainer is excellent!! He’s very understanding but at the same time he pushes me and I’ve seen so much improvement in my strength! I know I wouldn’t do this on my own....I needed Jesse to show me how and keep me going, all the while feeling improvement. If you’ve ever considered getting a personal trainer, go to Svetness Fitness and see Georgi and Jesse! You’ll be glad you did!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Laura Gulsby
5 08/06/2018 Laura Gulsby

I was searching for a personal trainer on-line and liked what I found on the Svetness Fitness website. I was also pleased with their client reviews and trainer bios. Svetness trainers are knowledgeable both in nutrition and fitness, and they can easily transition between clients needs. My trainer Mahdi is phenomenal! He provides a mix of workouts and keeps me challenged. I have been a client of Svetness for 10 months now and VERY pleased with my results.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Meiyi Li
5 01/06/2018 Meiyi Li

Very knowledgable trainers, nice and friendly environment. My trainer and I became good friends and work out becomes a fun and enjoyable instead of excruciating experience.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by DJ
5 23/05/2018 DJ

The trainer really pushed me to try my hardest!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Esther
5 22/05/2018 Esther

They really helped me to get into shape and also feel good about myself. My Trainer was so friendly and kept that level of professionalism all the time :)

Svetness Personal Training replied:
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. we are very glad to hear that you are satisfied with our services.
Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Owen Koester
5 21/12/2017 Owen Koester

The trainers are awesome, the environment is fantastic, and i feel healthier than I ever have before! Having never done something like this before, i was a little nervous going into my training sessions at first but the staff made me feel comfortable and gave me a workout that was just right for me! They worked around my schedule and made me feel like i was their most important client!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Duoc Thanh
5 Duoc Thanh

If you want a work out with real results definitively come here!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Vo Duoc
5 Vo Duoc

I am happy and now more confident with myself. I definitely recommend Svetness to anyone looking for great quality personal training.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Josh Anderson
5 Josh Anderson

Trainers know their stuff and are also very personable. Even went with me to the grocery store to make sure I got the right foods, specifically for my body type and goals!! O_o On top of all that they will train with me wherever works best for my needs. Svetness is a great route to take when you want to reach your goals and change your life!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Jodi Bourgeois Hillebrand
5 Jodi Bourgeois Hillebrand

They are awesome! I also love the fact they have come to our school to provide the Boot Camp classes which makes it so much easier and helps keep me accountable for going.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Annabeth Cara Killen
5 Annabeth Cara Killen

My husband and I work out together here with Georgie. We're so happy we left the traditional gym atmosphere and came here. We're pushed to new limits each week and appreciate Georgie's dedication to our success. He goes above and beyond for us each session. I would highly encourage anyone to stop by and learn more about their services. You won't be disappointed!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Maria May Gilleland
5 Maria May Gilleland

Svetness brings Boot Camp to our school... Chad is great! Lots of variety, encouraging attitude but holds us accountable. Love it!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Liz Estrada
5 Liz Estrada

Melanie was amazing as a trainer thank you for al the help

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Chris Moore
5 Chris Moore

This was my first time using a personal trainer, too. My kids, aged 9, 12, and 15, and I wanted to prepare for a hike across the Grand Canyon. We interviewed several trainers and hired Svetness in the end because 1) they required a 2-day a week minimum commitment - they didn't want to invest in us unless we were willing to make a serious commitment; 2) they offered meal planning guidance to coordinate with our training goals; and 3) they have a team of trainers so if one trainer wasn't a good fit personality-wise or not compatible with our busy family schedule, then there was always someone else to try. We were nervous that it might be too intense for us as becoming body-builders is not really high on our list of desired life-time achievements, but I can honestly say that misconception couldn't be farther from the truth.

Over the course of a year we worked with 3 different trainers - all of which were great! They each had a different approach but we saw noticeable results with each. They all did a fabulous job of accurately assessing where we were physically and gradually build a plan for us so that we would improve our strength and endurance. The workouts were varied, so we were never bored, and they required us to use and build different muscle groups over time, fluctuating between strength conditioning and cardio. All of the trainers were WONDERFUL with the kids - modifying exercises so each of us could succeed and advance at our own ability level - and they kept it light and fun! Let's be clear, they worked us hard - oftentimes the kids and I would compare notes the next day about how sore we were! But the trainers were ALWAYS encouraging and never demeaning, no matter how out of shape we were or how much we struggled with an exercise.

Worthy of note: we chose the 2-day-a-week commitment and made it a priority to exercise at least 3 additional days each week, which certainly contributed to our progress. With 30-40lb backpacks, we hiked across the Grand Canyon in 100+degree heat with ease. The kids improved drastically in their sports (baseball, basketball, and field hockey). We ran a 5K together (a first for all of us!) and made decent time. We weren't as sick this past year and have had more stamina in general. And as an added bonus, we have grown closer together as a family.

This whole training thing has been a great experience for us - so much so that we have decided to continue with a second year with Svetness. Right now our training goal is just general fitness, with an emphasis on the things that will help the kids with their sports, but we are actively thinking about what our next physical challenge should be!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Jonathan Pitts
5 Jonathan Pitts

I have been going to Svetness 3-4 months and have dropped 27 lbs! You are happily exhausted when you leave and I truly look forward to my training sessions. They are DEFINITELY not "clock watchers" and will spend as much time with you as necessary to finish the workout. The trainers are extremely positive, and they really care about your health; from fitness to diet to injury prevention. They are truly a class act. Special kudos to my trainer Georgi: the most positive person I have ever met

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Kim Cirka
1 Kim Cirka

I had an excellent trainer who came to my home 3x a week for 6 months. Unfortunately, the Svetness business model is totally flawed! They contract/1099 trainers and Svetness withheld payment from my trainer even though they were getting paid by me on time. My trainer had to cancel my future sessions because she didn't get paid and told me she couldn't proceed. I didn't hear anything from Svetness, so I had to email two different email addresses because the trainer manager I was originally assigned left. Someone named James called me back, and he blamed my trainer who has been the only steady face and brand of Svetness since I started. First he told me that she didn't turn in her training sheets on time to get paid but then admitted they have a new payroll system/Paychex, and he had a check waiting for her her to pick up. I wasn't offered another trainer and was told by James that if I cancel my contract, he'll have their attorney call me. Svetness has some maturing to do with their internal operations and customer service. I won't proceed with my contract-no new trainer provided and terrible customer service.

Update: I received a cease and desist letter from Svetness attorney for libel today. I removed a general statement about how they pay "all trainers" in my original post but kept my opinion and all facts intact. In Virginia, the truth is an absolute defense to a defamation law suit.

Opinion is not libel: Svetness cares more about their reputation than retaining my trainer and trying to win back my loyalty without intimidation.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Josh Alster
5 Josh Alster

I love the relationship i have with my trainers and the classes i take with my dad, they truly care and are dedicated about my well being and my health. The company has grown into a great benefit to me and my family! recommend to all.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Djellza Ramadani
5 Djellza Ramadani

Great experience! My trainer really pushed me to try my hardest!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Rodolfo Cresta
5 Rodolfo Cresta

awesome trainers, I've been working out with them on the last 3 months and I'm very happy with the results

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by James Gregg Raschka
5 James Gregg Raschka

Really has helped me stay healthy. Feel great. Would like some drawings or videos to help me between sessions.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Andrei Naumov
5 Andrei Naumov

Very good group training- the boot camps are so energizing, intense work outs.sure way to build abbs and lose extra calories. Lots of fun and motivation.great experience and results! Can't wait for the next class!😀😀😀😍😍😍

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Jennifer Sharp Myers
5 Jennifer Sharp Myers

I’ve been training at Svetness for almost a year. After years of trying many different gyms/workouts, I’ve finally found something that works. My trainer Mahdi, keeps my workouts challenging and constantly changing so I don’t get bored. I have disc issues with my back, and Mahdi is always careful to plan my exercises so that I can get the most benefit without aggravating it. Svetness works!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Mercina Grace Tillemann-Dick
1 Mercina Grace Tillemann-Dick

I was completely appalled by the treatment received by Svetness. We worked for a long time to identify an adequate trainer for my 86 year old grandmother. We signed up with Svetness because they assured us we could pause the contract if my grandmother was out of town or not feeling well. After two visits, the trainer stopped contacting my grandmother to arrange additional visits (the contract states that we were entitled to two training sessions each week). I followed up with the trainer to make sure we would not be billed for additional sessions if she wasn't actually showing up to train my grandmother, but we were. I then followed up with the billing department to rectify the situation, but they were decidedly unhelpful. We have now been charged well over $1,000.00 for two one hour sessions of PT. It's completely appalling -- I have never experienced such a clear example of elder abuse.

Svetness breached their agreement by: (1) failing to provide qualified personal trainers; (2) failing to provide the trainers at the agreed location; and (3) failing to provide the trainers in accordance with the client's schedule.


Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Karen Myers
5 Karen Myers

I have been with Svitness since June and I love the workouts! My son gave me this as a gift for my birthday. The first time the personal trainer came to my home I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. Zach has been wonderful and he put me at ease right away! I highly recommend him as a trainer as he is very professional and changes up the workouts to fit your needs.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Court Lee-o
5 Court Lee-o

I worked with an awesome trainer ( Kelli G.) during my time at Svetness. From day 1 til my contract was up Kelli worked with me and helped me progress in my fitness knowledge and ability. I definately not only see fat loss and muscle gain, my energy is way up and I now really do enjoy working out. I'd definately recommend Svetness and my trainer Kelli to anyone looking to work hard, get fit, and have fun while doing it.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Rebekah More
5 Rebekah More

I love Svetness for many reasons. First of all I get super bored with just a typical workout, but not with these guys/gals. They all know what they're doing and if you're looking for a great workout, lifestyle change, and to lose weight go with these guys. I also recommend Georgi, check him out at the new Miami location!!

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Maria Victoria Mayoral
5 Maria Victoria Mayoral

I have been with Svetness since September and originally joined to jumpstart my exercise routine post-partem. I am now hooked because I absolutely adore my trainer, Mitzi. She is upbeat, kind, and encouraging yet pushes my limits and makes sure I get a hell of a balanced and rigorous workout. She always comes prepared with new and fun training sequences. Mitzi is now part of my wellness journey and I always look forward to seeing her.

Review of Svetness Personal Training  by Brianna Matthiesen
5 Brianna Matthiesen

I’ve been with Svetness since October, and I really couldn’t be happier. Personally, I think investing in your fitness and health is essential —as well having a trainer to make sure you are using the correct form, switching things up so you don’t plateau, and overall educating you. My trainer, Georgi, has especially been a blessing. While I’ve been working and going to school full time, he has worked around my schedule to make sure I stay fit and ultimately motivating and pushing me to be my greatest. This kind of push, although originating in the gym, ends up pushing you in all areas. As far as customer service goes, his patience and genuine care is far greater than I could have even thought to ask for.

ALL IN ALL I’d 10/10 recommend

Svetness Personal Training

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Svetness Personal Training  Q&A

Company Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Our clientele is very diverse which includes executives, school teachers, athletes, high school students, business owners and corporate managers. People with different goals as well – weight loss, bodybuilding, Firming and toning, and Endurance training. We have trainers for any types of of needs, personalities and professions. We have a vast group of trainers with different expertise and certifications that qualify them to challenge you throughout your fitness journey. We match each client with the trainer who we believe would cater to their specific needs.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

Our advice would be to look at a company that can provide multiple services not only Personal Training. In addition to providing meal planning, offering advice on health supplements, and having a strong fitness background the trainers should make you the priority.
Motivation is the big key to success in this journey. Our trainers work hard to keep our clients happy and motivated at all times.
"Your Body Won't go Where Your Mind Doesn't Push It"
Fitness is not just a physical status, but also a mental challenge. It all depends on how your trainer pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone.
We like to think that there is not one secret to overcoming your fitness adversities, rather many different ways to achieve your goals.

What do you love most about your job?

There are 3 reasons we love what we do:
1. Just knowing that we have a positive impact on people's lives. we love the fact that people come to us to do something for themselves and that we get to play a role in helping them become healthier and happier.
2. We help people embrace and love their bodies. It is the most amazing feeling to experience
3. We are able to educate people to maintain a healthier lifestyle throughout this journey which will be beneficial for lifetime results.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I spent all of my twenties focused on helping my clients reach their dream bodies. My very first client was an 84 year old lady who had difficulties getting around since she had arthritis in her hips, knees, and shoulders. After working out with her for a few months I taught her how to get down to the floor and get back up again by herself. She had not been able to do that for so many years, to many this may seem like a simple task but it changed her life and mine forever.
I can not begin to say enough about how amazing it felt after she saw and felt the results of being able to be mobile again. That feeling was indescribable, but I knew then that my passion would become my career.
I was so motivated after that experience that I decided to open my own in-home personal training company in order to be able to touch more lives in similar ways.
It has been a long journey since 2011 and I am still motivated up to this day.

Why should our clients choose you?

We have a vast group of trainers with different expertise and certifications that qualify them to challenge you throughout your fitness journey. We match each client with the trainer who we believe would cater to their specific needs.
We've had a few of our clients go on to compete in bodybuilding competitions. And one of our 55 year old clients lost 40 pounds and managed to fit into the clothes he wore at his High School graduation. so many similar stories like these.
Our trainers are positive, set attainable goals, set fitness rewards and will focus on you.

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