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Paulette Ranay Godwin

12 March 2019

love her honesty about the very subject people remain silent about,


Bobby Turner

12 March 2019

One of the kindest,cleverest and funny people you could ever hope to encounter


Peg Napolitano

12 March 2019

Svava's gentle manner gave me the confidence to start the recovery process of abuse during my childhood, that had been deeply buried for over 50 years. Her website and resources are invaluable to me during this journey. More...


Kendall Alaimo

12 March 2019

I made one phone call to Svava Brooks years ago that transformed my life. This professional held my hand and coached me on the first steps in my recovery from child abuse. She is so much more then a coach. She is an expert and an educator. I felt empowered by the knowledge and tools she provided. Her lesson is love. I learned to love myself and it made me thrive! Thanks S! More...


Janine Davidson

12 March 2019

Svava is amazing - full of so much love and compassion and wisdom. She has walked the walk of healing from significant childhood abuse. She is able to hold a safe space for you to be seen and heard, without shaming you. She gently encourages you, and empowers you to believe in you and care for you. As a survivor of SRA, it was important for me to build trust and rapport. Svava never rushes you or condemns you. She is also authentic about her journey and challenges. She is passionate about helping others and continues her learning to keep abreast of the latest discoveries in helping people who have experienced trauma. I highly recommend Svava. Both her one-on-one counselling and her support groups are encouraging, nurturing, safe environments. More...

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