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Priyank Saxena

Excellent fitness team and good space.


Indira Ward

I do not just work here,I also train here-and it is great!


Dominika Patrycja Korlacka

Great gym! Awesome trainers and super facilities! Fair play :D
Cant wait to start my gym plan :)


Paolo Paderno

Staff 2/5
Equipment 3.5/5
Price membership 4/5
Location 4/5
Timetable: 2/5
cleaning and hygiene 2/5


Antonio Ibares Botía

My favourite gym in dublin. Great people working there. Thank you for all.


Daniela Giacosa

I am coming from a 3erd world country, I have even been in public/city council gym in Dublin like The Markievicz centre and SV Fitness is the worse Gym I ever been in my life..!! Not customer care criteria. I have expressed my discontent once with the Manager/Owner and she never apologize to me just justify her self and never made any change to resolve my issues. People go to sauna without having a shower straight from the gym all the time, even after my suggestion of putting up a sign at both changing room entrance nothing is been done. The cleanliness of the place is poor, I have even found a condon in the shower once. The HITTING in changing rooms is NEVER on. If you want to use the Sauna Monday morning, forget it because the cleaner is there and it will not be on till about 10.30AM even though the gym can be clean during weekends when it's closed.
All my friends can freeze membership once a year if they are going to be away for few weeks, I have been away for a month and when I requested them by email to freeze my membership during the time I was away the asked me for a doctor certificate..!!
One of the things interested me of the gym when I chose it was the classes as BODYPUMP and ZUMBA which I am familiar with. BODYPUMP is from the BODY SYSTEM which the teacher have to have an specific training and pay a fee as well as the gym to teach that class. Surprisingly when I went to the BODYPUMP class it only had the name, but wasn't Bodypump (which you can't use if you are not part of the Body system).
The Zumba teacher left after a couple of month and they decided to put something similar to pilates with a nice girl who didn't last long neither.
Do you want to check your weight regularly, well, get a weight scale at home because NONE of the 2 they have in the gym WORKS. The rowing machines are often without battery or the stripes you use to lock your feet broken. This week the lights in ladys showers were most of them gone. But guys at the desk are nice and kind with people.


Relu Giani Gauca

Excellent gym. Lots of equipment! Friendly staff and people here��


Shashank R. Chakerwarti

This is the best gyms out there in Dublin.
- Great location for a start.
- Very well designed
- Any equipment you name it, they have it.


Mary Clancy

Best Gym I have ever been to. Super friendly & clean.
I would recommend it to everyone.
Delighted with the results I achieved there.
They make you feel so welcome


Dermot Mockler

While the changing rooms are just OK the gym is reasonably well equipped and it offers good value for money, particularly if you join with others, as there are discounts.


Eileen Kenny

The newly painted building caught my eye,nervously I entered sv fitness, when I left some time later I felt great ,the staff are so attentive,informative, I was impressed by the cleanliness ,so many fitness programmes on offer,to suit all age groups, and levels of fitness,now I'm in the hand's of professional trainer's I'm feeling so positive, thanks so much


Ceilli Rose

SV Fitness will always greet you with a warm welcome. The staff is very friendly and have great customer service. They really do care about the members. The facility is very well kept and if there is a problem it is always fixed almost immediately. It is always nice to come into the building with both doors open and greeted with a friendly smile. All of the staff is very knowledgeable about their business. This is a top notch health club and would recommend it to everyone I know. Well done all! More...


Mohamed Al-Zedjali

Spent everyday from 7:30 - 9:30pm for a year and a half at this gym, enjoyed every minute. Shoutout to Dave, Doug and Amr, Great staff great service and wonderful atmosphere.
Proud to say that i lost 30kg training at SVFitness.
All the best to you guys.

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