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Susco develops custom business software, mobile apps, and Salesforce applications to enable businesses to improve their workflow, better engage with their customers, and create great products

Susco Solutions Reviews

Susco Solutions Reviews

Review of Susco Solutions by Moe Ahsan
5 10/10/2017 Moe Ahsan

Susco is one of the best and most professional software firms I have had the pleasure of working with. The team is outgoing, smart, and takes the time to learn everything about your business. I will definitely be working with them in the future.

Review of Susco Solutions by Jeff Fontenot
5 12/05/2017 Jeff Fontenot

Review of Susco Solutions by Perryn Olson
5 08/05/2017 Perryn Olson

I've worked side-by-side with Neel and his team numerous times over the past decade and seen Susco grow into a company that can revolutionize their client's workflows and profitability.

Review of Susco Solutions by Delous Smith
5 04/05/2017 Delous Smith

I have known Neel Sus at Susco Solutions for many years. During that time frame, I have had the pleasure of working with him and referring his services to many clients. I can say without reservation that he and his company are reliable, ethical, hardworking, and fair. If you are looking for a company with services like Susco Solutions provides, look no further.

Review of Susco Solutions by Denny Ebersole
5 03/05/2017 Denny Ebersole

Great operation! Need and his team are smart. They have solved problems for many of my business associates.

Review of Susco Solutions by Ben Perez
5 Ben Perez

Susco was a resale and development partner of mine while with a previous company. Their abilities and work ethic were so impressive that I have recommended their services to friends and customers long since our partnership ended.

Review of Susco Solutions by Moe Ahsan
5 Moe Ahsan

I had the pleasure of working with Susco recently and was very pleasantly surprised by their efficiency and knowledge. The firm has the capabilities to handle projects of any manner and they take the time to learn your business; I will definitely be working with them again!

Review of Susco Solutions by Virginia Elizabeth Field
5 Virginia Elizabeth Field

They be ballin’! This entire team is know for crazy cool innovation �

Susco Solutions

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710 Papworth Ave, Metairie, LA 70005, USA

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Susco Solutions Services


There are many businesses that are able to take off-the-shelf software programs and make them work for their company, even though better options are out there just waiting to be created. Don’t conform to rigid software structures; let Susco Solutions create custom software that is built specifically for your company’s needs. Susco works with your organization, researching exactly what your software needs to accomplish, to develop powerful, one-of-a-kind custom software tailored to meet your unique needs. The store-bought software you are currently using is more than likely being used by countless other businesses as well. Our custom software gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your field. Namely, your custom software is tailored to meet your specific business goals and outperform the competitors’ weaknesses. Custom software has the capability to grow with your company, meeting the changing needs of your business and customers. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with different processes, uncover insights, and continue to learn and adjust to the ever-changing marketplace. Custom software can also provide concise and consistent records and/or data that will allow your company to easily analyze & identify trends, and use that data to make key business decisions. Our team understands the challenges of developing internal business software and consistently delivers successful solutions within our customers’ desired budgets and time frames. If you would like to discuss the options for building custom software for your company, give us a call.


Susco’s software developers work with our clients to assess the current capabilities of these systems and compare them to your organization’s current needs. We’ll create a customized plan to replace your “Legacy” software with a cloud-based solution that works for all users no matter where they are. As a bonus, this unlocks the ability to provide limited system access to customers, key suppliers, and other stakeholders. Have a remote field team or other agents that are bottle-necked by a remote desktop running an ancient version of Windows? Once we update your system, a mobile application makes it easy for team members to stay active and engaged no matter where they are. A Legacy System Conversion is not a one-time event. As new applications are created and utilized there will always be an issue with the data from the previous system. By using careful planning and technical experience, Susco Solutions can help your organization move its data forward as new applications and needs are discovered.


In today’s business environment, organizations are under constant pressure to seek new ways to be more efficient. There is a greater focus on utilization, optimization, efficiency, conservation, and compliance. For organizations performing field services, finding new ways to continuously improve efficiency is not just good for business but is critical for survival. Mobile devices have already become a central part of providing real-time communication between all parts of an organization, but they have the capabilities do so much more. Susco Solutions works with you to design and develop customized cross-platform mobile applications and business tools compatible with all smartphones and operating systems. It’s time to go beyond email. Mobile workforce applications allow your employees, especially remote and mobile workers, to gain access your company’s data recording systems, such as time and attendance, scheduling, and shift management. Mobile workforce apps are becoming more popular and are growing in demand, especially as technologically advanced personnel enter the workforce. As the workday becomes less defined and workers are seeing the lines between work and personal life blurred, workforce apps become a critical component of organizations. They allow for collaboration and communication from anywhere at any time, and they keep workers connected to the organization. Mobile workforce apps are a growing trend so, of course, there are several types of workforce apps that Susco’s app developers can create depending on your specific needs. Some of the more popular types of workforce apps include mobile apps for field service, location-based, parts management, and time and attendance. Contact us today so that our app developers can get started building the ideal mobile workforce app for your business.


OVERVIEW Salesforce is a powerful platform that can fundamentally change how your business operates, but it’s important to know how to properly leverage the platform with configuration, workflows, custom reports and more. Move beyond the basics and take advantage of external application integrations, completely customized interfaces, unique processes, and even custom-build AppExchange solutions. Susco offers full-service Salesforce consulting that pairs deep technical background in Apex and Visualforce with experienced business analysis to seamlessly integrate Salesforce into your business. We work with you to ensure that your entire organization – and not just the sales team – realizes the full benefit of Salesforce. DEVELOPMENT Salesforce development benefits from the same logical processes we apply when we develop fully custom applications. Our Salesforce development service starts when we work with you to understand and analyze your existing business processes. We use that information to construct the objects that represent and store your data, build workflows and validations to automate the business processes and ensure data integrity. As projects become more complex, we make use of Apex, Salesforce’s proprietary programming language, to address more intricate business needs, and Visualforce and Lightning allow us to augment the standard Salesforce user experience with enhanced customer interfaces. SYSTEMS INTEGRATION No platform can be all things to all people, and an important part of any company’s technical strategy is deciding what tools are needed to get the job done and how they will work together. Susco has a rich history in API programming and application integration and has successfully integrated Salesforce applications with everything from proprietary .NET projects to applications hosted on secondary platforms like Heroku.


OVERVIEW Client portals are web and mobile applications that give clients access to data storage and other information that they need when they need it. This information can come from your own custom system or an off-the-shelf solution you use to manage client and operational data. BENEFITS Productivity Has a member of your team ever lost time trying to figure out which version of a proposal a client is referring to? Or helping the client figure out which quote is current? A client portal gives both internal and external users a unified data storage resource for accessing account documents so you spend less time worrying about which document is the source of truth and more time deciding what to do with that information. Responsiveness Is your core business answering emails? Almost certainly not, but clients have needs and they expect them to be met promptly and accurately. Rather than tie up your front-office staff answering basic customer queries, a Client Portal empowers users to access the latest versions of their own quotes, contracts, and other documents in real-time without taking up your time. Customer Loyalty Giving customers direct access to the information they need means they’re never left waiting and getting frustrated for your team to call them back or respond to their email. Customers that feel like their needs are addressed are more likely to remain engaged and responsive. Even better, a client portal makes it easy to put information directly in front of a client instead of dumping it in their inbox and hoping they get around to reading it. That translates to faster product roll-outs, higher conversion rates, and increased sales.


Mobile apps are by far one of the most dominant business trends of the last few years. From navigation applications to those that keep a track of your health and food intake, there is pretty much an app for everything. This fast-growing field now extends beyond immediate entertainment needs and specializes in enhancing productivity for businesses. More and more small and midsize commercial businesses are following this mobile trend by understanding that an effective mobile strategy requires more than just a mobile-friendly website. App designers everywhere are working with businesses to make an app that helps them to stand out from the competition and improve customer engagement. Do you have an idea for the next killer app? Maybe you want to improve the performance, usability, or design of your existing app? Or do you want to turn up the volume on your media campaign and increase your download rate, expand your user base, and grow your revenue? The team of app designers at Susco Solutions has the knowledge and experience to create an app that is as amazing as your business and ideas.

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