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Being in New York and finding individual, family and relationship balance can be a challenge. We all want to be successful in managing our lives especially during times of change. Having a skilled counselor who listens can make all the difference in what is possible.


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Mika K.

8 May 2017

Susan was very calming and helpful with getting me through a difficult time. It was very easy to make appointments with her, and she gave me a lot of resources and support around exploring meditation. I also tried hypnotherapy for the first time with her and found it to be very relaxing and helpful in dealing with anxiety. I liked that she didn't push anything, she was very low key, and she just suggested different strategies to help me cope with things on my own. More...


Hannah N.

7 May 2017

Susan is a wonderful therapist.  I would recommend her hands down.In my experience, I liked that she outlined her approach to therapy in our initial appointment as well as gave me options on how we could proceed together (either with talk therapy, hypnosis or a combination of both.  I did talk only). She also left it a choice if I would like to make an appointment for the following week rather than assuming that I would just come back to see her.  These things really made me feel like I was an even more active participant in my own therapeutic journey in addition to the work in session.Also, she's a whiz with insurance if you're going in network for your therapy.  Big plus on that.Its also fair to say that sometimes you "click" with a therapist and sometimes you don't, and I personally found Susan really easy to work with and very helpful to me.   She may not be the most effusive therapist you've met at first, but she's genuine and pretty much unflappable.  I think for me that worked out nicely, it helped me put things into perspective (and sometimes take it down a notch) in our sessions. More...


Durriya P.

7 May 2017

Susan is an amazing therapist! I've been seeing her for about a year now and with her support and comrodery my life has so much more balance. I have quit smoking, am more active and have gained lots of confidence in myself. I am grateful and happy to have her in my life. More...


Betsy T.

23 March 2014

Susan is professional and offers a variety of techniques. In addition she does not make you feel like you absolutely need her. She encourages you to use the tools she has given you to feel successful on your own. I had my doubts about using a LCSW, but Susan was just what I needed. More...


Roy C.

4 July 2013

Susan was very helpful during our sessions. She provided a relaxing, warm, calming atmosphere. I also participated in her hypnotism session and going into it I was skeptical of hypnotism even working but after the first session I was a believer. Susan is the real deal and I recommend her to anybody looking for a therapist. More...

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I love learning from each unique session as every day is a new experience.

I always wanted my own business. It took a long time to learn how to be successful but I also have a lot to offer.

Listening to yourself is therapeutic. A skilled therapist who listens actively will give you a better quality of life. You can go to my website www.susanrazavitherapist.com to see if I can be a good fit for you.