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Danielle Erasmus Zinn

30 July 2019

Susa taught me how to run. I literally hate running. But Susa told me that doing anything is enough, so I walked every few days for 3 months. Then one morning I went out for my walk and suddenly had more energy, so I jogged. I breathed normally as she always told me to do. I moved until I needed a break and I walked. Then jogged again as soon as I was ready. Susa taught me that exercise isn’t about hurting yourself, or going out on day one and pushing yourself to your limits. It’s about moving your body because your body is built to move. That leaving the house is better than not leaving the house, that 5min is better than zero and 10mim is better than 5. Any achievement is still an achievement. And that is inspiring. Susa has created a mindset around exercise that allows you to build a genuine long term lifestyle around it. More...



16 July 2019

Great environment to work out in. Susa really knows what she's doing. She has really good workouts and adjusts it according to your needs


Janet Feeney

20 February 2019

Susa really cares about her clients. Her workouts are fun and effective. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. There is a nice friendly atmosphere in her studio and everyone makes you feel welcome. Get fit with Susa! #susafit More...



8 August 2018

Can't say enough about Susa and her studio. Susa's programs are adaptable to all levels, well-informed, and she has created a supportive and fun community. I'd never hesitate to recommend her for folks of any fitness level. Love this place! More...


Sally White

13 April 2018

Susa is the best after the last several years I am much stronger than I have been in several years. With smaller groups she can watch over and make sure it’s done right If not done right I’ve had a few pokes to make sure it is. Lol. Your the best Susa


Donna Kouwenhoven

29 March 2018

Susafit rocks...Susa is such an awesome trainer...motivating but so loving and compassionate as well! And so knowledgeable about health and wellness! Love ya Susa!


Karen VanOs

2 March 2018

I belonged to a gym-chain for a long time; problem was I didn’t go regularly. The reasons were because no one was there to motivate me, show me how to use the machines or what exercises were best for my needs All this changed when I met Susa !!!!! Every time I go to Susafit I feel welcome, challenged, encouraged, cared for and part of a community. Plus ...... you work your butt off and get a great workout that is regularly changed. I recommend Susafit for anyone who wants to improve their strength, mobility, cardio and balance More...


Dita Neuenfeldt

2 March 2018

Yes Susa was with me yesterday and she is the most wonderful, supportive trainer/person I know. I recommend her to anyone interested in small group training. If you have any problems with knees,back, arthrytes she works around it. She is always there for you and encourages you all the time. I highly recommend Susa Fit studio!! you will not be disappointed. Please come and join us!! Dita More...


Elaine Jacobsen

4 February 2018

Over the years I have tried to find a gym/trainer that worked for me. Susa is fabulous. She's knowledgeable about fitness but more importantly she's compassionate and understands how to motivate people. She tailors your routine so that you get a good workout while being mindful of body limitations/injury. I want to recommend her to all my friends but I don't want to see those small intimate group work outs get too busy...hahaha bit of a dilemma. Can't say enough about Susa and Abigail. More...


Kelly Pliner

14 October 2017

I was feeling so horrible with a cold before my workout yesterday but as usual I came away feeling awesome! Susa has away of knowing what's best for me and my body! I am so blessed to have her in my life! � More...


Sarah Fedewa Cribb

6 October 2017

Great for any fitness level and tonnes of fun. Quick and easy for a busy lifestyle


Sharon Zutz

6 October 2017

Susa is such a lovely supportive and encouraging trainer - I have been going for 2 1/2 years to Susa and really find she is such a motivator and keeps the exercises interesting. I would encourage anybody who is trying to become stronger and fitter to try coming and joining everyone. More...


Katrina Jamal

6 October 2017

Susa is amazing! She always helps support, encourage and motivate me. She's compassionate, caring and passionate about her career and helping you reach your fitness and health goals no matter what your fitness level is. I highly recommend Susa to anyone looking for a personal trainer she truly cares about seeing you succeed. More...


Louise Eichler Preza

26 June 2017

Never thought I would enjoy exercise so much! Susa is a great inspirer. Love the atmosphere and great humour off all attendees. Ok, last week's metabolism was a killer....worked the right places though! More...


Rita Van Aert Hoffman

25 January 2017

Good value for your money. Get the results within your ability to do so. Fun, motivating, non judgemental atmosphere this is where you want to be. New workout programs every month what more could you ask for. ( I guess for me someone to tape my mouth shut so I don't keep shoving food into it :) But Susa said that's one thing she can't do. So I guess that's one thing I have to control myself. More...


Brittany Fairbrother

14 December 2016

When i joined Susa, i was out of shape, and in extreme pain i would hobble out of work and couldn't even touch my toe to the ground without IMMENSE pain from a bad ankle break 3 years prior Susa rehabilitated me to the point where i now FORGET i was at a point where i couldn't put ANY pressure on my ankle for 6 months and 9 months total in an hardcast to air cast- now i can run 5km (crazy) SUSA HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! She has the perfect amount of push and the perfect amount of understanding. She can modify anything for you and she just wants you to be healthy, happy and to get out there and move your body!!! - More...


Hilde Tonkens

28 October 2016

I used to be a runner until an injury side lined me 2 years ago. Thank goodness I was introduced to Susa. I've never looked back and love the work outs and Susa's encouragement and expertise. She is a great motivator!


Karen Kapchinsky Rmt

21 January 2016

Awesome motivator, awesome person and awesome friend!!

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