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Sunshine Hypnosis specializes in Clinical Hypnosis, EFT, Inner Child Connection, and Past Life Regression in order to assist you to overcome unwanted patterns of behaviors, emotions, or health issues. Hypnosis works well to alleviate fears; to reduce depression


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1 May 2019

I had a past-life regression with Ray several years ago -- it has taken me this long to give him this review, which tells you something about my molasses-in-January personality! Ray did a great job helping me to understand some of the key personalities I have been and what my trajectory is in the future. Ray did his best to inject humor and warmth into the situation, which after all is a bit awkward when you are delving deep into your own past. Ray recorded the session and provided me a CD-rom of the session afterward. Whether you believe in past lives or not, it's fascinating to be hypnotized. In my case, I do not go unconscious and then fail to remember what happened during hypnosis. I was perfectly awake and aware of what was going on the entire time. The layer of my personality accessed is not something I needed to be asleep to access. Once the personality of one particular past life surfaced, I was able to access him and his experience quite clearly after the session/initial contact at Sunshine guided by Ray. I wouldn't recommend hypnosis to everyone, especially if you consider yourself repressed, suggestible, or gullible, because it can dredge up a bunch of hyper-emotional stuff you should be dealing with via other methods such as discursive (Western) meditation. However, if you're ready for hypnosis, Ray is very helpful and kind, his office is comfortable, plus he records the entire thing. He is also upfront and no-nonsense about payment. More...


Danyel Nicole

30 November 2018

Raymond is amazing at what he does. I have been going to Raymond the past 4 years. He has helped me to lose weight, reach a level of happiness, and has even helped my daughter stop wetting the bed. I have referred my clients to him and they too have seen excellent results. I highly recommended sunshine hypnosis! More...


Peter Thompson

1 October 2018

My goal is to be a full time writer and one of my biggest issues has been writing fast and in flow. I have had several sessions with Ray, and it has made a big impact in my productivity. I write faster and can get in the groove quicker than ever before. Hypnosis works. More...


Brigita Sobolevska

1 September 2018

Raymond does a great job. I quit smoking with his hypnosis sessions. It was amazing experience.


Tara Orasi

2 August 2018

So happy and grateful I found Ray! He is so confident and supportive! From the very beginning he made me feel very comfortable! I've done past life regressions with other therapist but this one with Ray helped me a lot because of the way he was guiding me and the way he was just present and trusting the process. The session was truly transformative for me! Love you Ray! Namaste! More...


Jennifer Wimbley

29 May 2018

The first time I went to Sunshine hypnosis I was a ticking time bomb. When I left Ray's office I was a different person, I haven't felt so calm in years. I had never tried hypnosis before and didn't know what to expect. Ray put me at ease with a nice, friendly conversation. When we proceeded to talk about my issues however, I lost it and bursted into tears. I was feeling hopeless and lost. Ray began with EFT and within minutes I experienced a huge relief. Then we moved on to the hypnosis session and some unresolved issues came up that have been weighing on me for years. I was finally able to let go. When I left the office I felt a hundred times lighter. I was simply seeing myself, others, and everything around me through a new prism--free of negativity. There was ease in everything I thought and did. I am so grateful to have found this place and experienced the help that I so needed. Thank you Ray, your work is invaluable! More...


Nora Jane

29 May 2018

The experience was wonderful.....and at a very reasonable rate! The hypnotist was lovely, and eased into our session by making good conversation. We then talked over my concerns from the past and present. He asked questions on other important details too. I feel hypnosis was worthwhile, because it uses techniques other forms of therapy don't. The part which impacted me the most is the relaxation and then visual imagination under a highly relaxed state. As I go about my days, my conscious brain will audibly think "don't do XYZ" or remember a cue, like "the color green," and then remember to relax a little. These triggers are thanks to working with the subconscious part of my brain in hypnosis. Traditional therapy tries to reason with our bad logic or negativity in our conscious thoughts, but there is much more at play in our minds' architecture. Adding hypnosis, even just one, made my therapy more holistic and therefore fast-tracked transformation. All the best to Sunshine Hypnosis! More...


healing rain

29 May 2018

Raymond is a very intuitive healer and a wise loving soul. The sessions were truly transformative for me. I regained my confidence and healed deep seated relationships and self image issues. Raymond makes you feel very comfortable and connects with you on a deeper level. I was asked to do daily mirror exercises and affirmations. The experience was truly life changing. More...


Kelsey Oliva

29 May 2018

Raymond is a fantastic person that truly cares about your progression. I went to multiple sessions with Raymond to fix a specific issue I was having, and came out feeling better as a whole. Not only was my problem resolved in a few sessions, but I had other problems healed as well. As for Raymond, he is the most kind heart person I have ever met. He is extremely passionate and knowledgeable on his practice, and is here to simply help you heal. I have recommended him to multiple people and will continue to. Not only is his space calming, but it is in a convenient location. As I live downtown, there is always some kind of traffic jam or hold up. Raymond is very flexible with time and will accommodate for your needs. Go to Raymond, you truly will leave feeling better than ever. More...


Robin O.

29 May 2018

My work with Ray and the resulting transformation has been nothing short of amazing. I initially went to see Ray when I started having flashbacks of a very early childhood trauma. In hypnosis I was able to see the events, understand what was coming through and revel in the strength and resilience I possess. Each person may seek hypnosis for a different reason but having a therapist that is caring, has the ability to listen and communicate, and create a climate of trust is paramount. I was fortunate to have found these qualities in Ray. More...


Rebecca B

13 March 2018

It’s hard to explain over text how truly amazing my experience with hypnotic regression was. I learned things about myself that I don’t think would have been revealed to me in the present. As well as the ability to heal other areas of my life where I felt hopeless and unreconcilable. Raymond was very patient and never once during my session did I ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable.
One thing that I was concerned about is reliving past deaths and even thought I did it wasn’t traumatic, horrifying or upsetting. It was peaceful and calm.
My recommendation for reserves or hesitation over certain things is to ask questions. Raymond is more than willing to help you understand what the experience may be like. Which everyone’s is different and please keep in mind that you are going there to get a deeper understanding of yourself. Do not go in with preconceived thoughts that you will get to control what lifetime you will go to or who you will see in a lifetime.
The experience of hypnotic regression was truly amazing and uplifting for me and I would recommend Raymond and his practice to anyone who is interested in this area of hypnosis.


Michael Petlak

1 February 2018

Ray has been great to work with. I stopped biting my nails after the first session and I even felt more relaxed in other areas of my life. I would recommend to this anybody looking to stop nail biting More...


Roxana Kaferly

11 November 2017

Awesome. Say Ray initially for debilitating fear, we cleared away my fears, and began working on personal issues which was so very helpful and much much quicker than my many years of psychotherapy. Just did an amazing past life regression which offered me great healing and clarity. Highly recommend Ray!!! More...


Rashmi Kumar

16 October 2017

Raymond is a very caring individual who goes above and beyond for his clients. He genuinely wants to help them, and to see them reach their goals. I sadly had to leave Chicago, but he still checks in with me and does whatever he can to help me. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in hypnosis. More...


Elena Sakopoulos

11 October 2017

Ray is kindhearted, accepting, and a great hypnotist. Very flexible and client-oriented. Highly recommended!


Eva S.Lockwood

10 October 2017

My experience with Past Life Regression facilitated by Ray ( Sunshine Hypnosis) took me into the multi level understanding of my life and past struggles in current reality. I am stronger and wiser :)))) after decision to try the Unknown
My life is much richer and joyful from this point on.
I am grateful to Ray for the blessing he is as a wise,dedicated and passionate man helping others using his gift of hypnosis.
I recommend his practice from the bottom of my heart to anyone who searches for help in any case. ❤️


Jorden Brok

6 September 2017

Please see Ray if you are interested in hypnosis for any reason. Ray can help out tremendously with a problem or if you are just interested in exploring the benefits of hypnosis.. Ray is a very caring and warm person and he made sure i was comfortable and explained his process thoroughly. I Highly recommend Ray to anyone who is in any need or exploration. More...


Ethan Ebel

1 June 2017

I have gone to see Ray three times now. Two hypnosis sessions and one past life regression. I honestly couldn't be happier. He has helped me achieve my goals, and learn more about my past. I definitely recommend his services. More...


Liana K

3 May 2017

It was amazing! Ray is an extremely positive and helpful person, his working space is very calming and relaxing which definitely helps the process of hypnosis. He has a very calming voice. He is doing good work helping people heal. More...


Samuel Bottner

21 April 2017

Raymond is a remarkable hypnotist and an even better person. I'm beyond grateful to have had my past life regression guided by someone so caring and practiced. I left with a feeling of deep peace and mental clarity and I would highly recommend his services. More...


Donna Kotseva

13 April 2017

I went to Ray for past life regression, and it has been the best experience ever. He has helped me get to the root of things, and has helped me tremendously. I also did a healing session with him. I see an extremely different side of me that had been locked away from all the pain I have endured throughout life. I feel different. I act different. It's amazing how fast things have changed for me. If you are in doubt, please don't be. Go and experience it for yourself. He can help you with whatever demons you are dealing with. He is an extremely sweet man. He will go above and beyond to help you. Thank you Ray for everything you have done for me. I truly appreciate it. More...


Daryl Barr

10 March 2017

I have just completed my third session with Ray, and I already feel so much better! I began hypnosis to help with jaw and neck pain. I feel as though I've been able to release past issues that were weighing me down and causing me to clench my jaw. After today's session I feel lighter, happier, and more motivated! I also do not feel pain and tension in my jaw and neck.

Ray has a welcoming disposition, conducts himself professionally, and has given me tools and resources to compliment my healing journey with hypnosis. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with him, and I highly recommend his practice!

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I enjoy working with clients in order to help them to release their problems through hypnosis. I hear many stories in my office, both good and not so good, and this assists me in helping the clients so they can move forward in their life.
It brings me great satisfaction seeing the great success rate with which I've been blessed.

After receiving my Masters Degree, a mentoring Professor suggested that I go into the Hypnosis business because he saw in me a great talent to help people overcome their problems.

My experience dealing with many clients and their issues, and my positive track record helping them to release their challenges.