Sunnyside Cafe & catering

Sunnyside Cafe & catering

Sunnyside Cafe & catering locationAshland, Massachusetts

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Sunnyside Cafe & catering Reviews


Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by David Yarckin
5 03/07/2018 David Yarckin

Always delicious, whether it be breakfast or lunch, it is consistently great ! Highly recommend !👍

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Don Pearce
5 30/06/2018 Don Pearce

Great service, friendly staff and good food.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Jacob Kleinberger
5 07/06/2018 Jacob Kleinberger

Great food. Good pricing.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Neil Condon
5 12/05/2018 Neil Condon

Fantastic food great staff really affordable

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Lois Varrichione
3 13/04/2018 Lois Varrichione

Service good lots of space comfortable but food was cold

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by W.E. David Halbert
4 04/03/2018 W.E. David Halbert

Wonderful weekend breakfast spot. Classic diner. Quality food and service at an affordable price.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Paul McKinstry
5 24/02/2018 Paul McKinstry

Food is worth the price, you get what you pay for and more..

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Kaitlyn Byington
5 28/01/2018 Kaitlyn Byington

Wonderful staff! Kudos to the chef, probably the best breakfast diner in the area!

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Lea Norton
5 21/12/2017 Lea Norton

The Belgium waffles here with real make syrup are truly worth trying...can't beat the food quality and price!

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Fabian Torres
5 02/12/2017 Fabian Torres

Excellent food they give u more then u could eat. It was more then I imagined it would be. I'm a big eater got an omelette and it was huge ate a quarter of it and already stuffed but I'm gonna go all the way to finish it. It's very delicious will come back again

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by lanovel mccrone
4 02/12/2017 lanovel mccrone

I'm from Florida so finding some good food is kinda hard for me being that I'm a simple guy. Eggs are really good meats are even better. Very good place for breakfast to eat. Haven't been there for lunch so I wouldnt know what its like but definitely gonna find out.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by brunilda cruz
1 04/09/2017 brunilda cruz

I went here with my children and was told to sit anywhere, we did. Then no one came up to us. Other people were seated and taken care of as we sat and watched. I wanted to complain but the employees where to busy talking to one another to even notice a customer! I was standing right in front of them! The women who told me to sit anywhere wouldn't even acknowledged me! So we left, I called to see if their was a manager on duty and the women clearly said their was not one in the building. I see how they run their business not caring about their customers! i will never go here again!

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Brent Henrikson
3 Brent Henrikson

It's okay

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Krenar Jaupaj
3 Krenar Jaupaj


Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Mateus E Modeso
5 Mateus E Modeso

Everything so,people's, service..lovely...

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Joan Place
5 Joan Place

Love the atmosphere reminded reminded me of a warm and nostalgic old fashion restaurant

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Bob Scafidi
5 Bob Scafidi

Good good good service what's not to like plus I was with my daughter and granddaughter extra bonus

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Lynda Sterling
1 Lynda Sterling

We both ordered scrambled eggs but instead we both got an omelette. We won't be back.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Enjay Kohlter
3 Enjay Kohlter

I felt like I was an imposition to the waitress. The Chowder was good the other Food was just ok. And charging $2.25 for tea is obsurd.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Polina Stoycheva
5 Polina Stoycheva

The atmosphere was friendly. The place is great and the food was very good. ;) I will go again.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Carmen Ayala
5 Carmen Ayala

Very good breakfast! Enjoyde with my coworkers thank you! No complaints

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Nathalia DeFreitas
5 Nathalia DeFreitas

It's a lovely place with a nice atmosphere. The food is delicious and the service is delightful. 🙂

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Amanda Closs Bruner
2 Amanda Closs Bruner

My husband and I had breakfast here this morning. I will give them 2 stars because the food was pretty good but the service was horrible. We sat at the counter top rather than a table and our waitress was Kaila. She never smiled once and seemed to be n a shitty mood from the moment we sat down. We did get our drinks pretty quickly but it took her a while to come back to take our order. I ordered the spinach omelette and my husband ordered the Montana omelette. Again, our food took a while and our waitress never checked on us before we got our food so my husband sat with an empty coffee cup. We heard other customers asking for more coffee as well. We tried to get her attention a couple times but she would turn away and didn't pay attention. When the food finally arrived, she was about to walk away and not ask if we needed anything else so I caught her attention and asked if she could refill my husbands coffee. My husband's omelette was not what he ordered and I didn't get my English muffin. Here's how the conversation went...
Husband: This is not the Montana (he immediately knew it was wrong because he saw green bell pepper, which he hates).
Kaila: Are you sure you ordered the Montana because I wrote down the Western (as she looks down at her ticket while looking confused).
Husband: Yes, I ordered the Montana
Kaila: Well are you sure because I wrote down Western (with an attitude and certain she is right).
Husband: Yeah, I'm sure. I do not like bell pepper. I ordered the Montana with no onion and an English muffin.
Husband: (as we look at each other in shock) You heard me order the Montana, right?!
Me: Yes, he ordered the Montana, not the Western
Kaila: Are you sure? (as she gives us this evil look like we are lying).
Husband: No, I'm lying! Are you serious? (as he looks at me like, is this really happening?!)
Kaila: Well ok (as she walks away)

I still need my English muffin but I'm afraid to ask! Lol
Now she is really avoiding us and will not look our way. I finally caught her looking over at us (she looks pissed) so I raised my hand. She walked over and I asked nicely, "Can I please get my English muffin?" By this time I've already eaten most of my food. She looks at me like I 'm bothering her and says, Yeah, Ok let me get that (with an attitude and as if it didn't come with my entrée).
Now, I'm done with my plate (keep in mind, at first I waited to eat then ate slow trying to wait for my husbands food, but he insisted I eat so my food wasn't cold) and my husbands food still hasn't come out and the waitress hasn't said anything or checked on us.
Kaila walked by so I said, "Excuse me". Again, she gave us this look as if we were bothering her. This was the conversation...
Me: Can you check on my husbands food?
Kaila: Yeah, I have been! I've been going back there over and over and it's not ready! (big time attitude)
Me: Ok, well this is a little ridiculous.
Kaila: Yeah it is! I've checked on it. The kitchen is backed up and it will be out when it can. That's all I can do! (as she walks away so we can't respond)
Every person at that counter who ordered way after us, had their food!

Not once did the waitress apologize! She never smiled from the moment we sat down then argued with my husband about what he ordered, asking him 3 times!!!! The customer is always right! He actually was right!!
Maybe she was having a bad morning! Who knows, but you can't take it out on customers!
Fine, she made a mistake! No worries! Shit happens! This waitress didn't just make a mistake. She was flat out rude and thought she was right and took her time getting his food out!
I waited tables all through HS and college and I expect good customer service. My husband and I tip very well, even when a server messes up because they are usually nice about it, apologize, fix the problem quick and even take it off the bill! Then when we went to pay, I noticed she charged us for two coffees. I had a water and my husband had a coffee. So instead of informing our waitress, I asked the guy checking people out to take it off. Not sure if he was the manager or if there was a manager around. They were busy and I didn't want to complain in front of a bunch of people.

The guy next to us asked my husband what was going on. He couldn't believe my husband still didn't have his food. We also over heard his experience with Kaila. Here's the conversation after she puts down his plate.
Customer: He's staring at his food and says, Umm, I ordered the sunshine omelette.
Kaila: Yeah, that's what that is! (with an attitude as she walks away - she is very good at that)
Customer: Umm... Ok (he is staring and picking at his food as if it is not what he ordered).
We will NEVER go back!! We recently moved here from Texas and are looking for good restaurants! I do not think I've ever experienced this bad of service!

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Ken Sam Moran
5 Ken Sam Moran

Still a great place to enjoy breakfast. The omelettes are scrumptious and the homefries are delicious.
Service was really good both times I visited this week while in Ashland visiting family.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Kathryn Goettel
3 Kathryn Goettel

Food was good as always, but the staff seemed unhappy. It was not very busy...we were ignored for a while then an unhappy appearing waitress took our order. The cashier lady seemed unhappy to. No one was rude or anything like that.....just noticeably cheerless. It made for a less that really pleasant breakfast.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by NormaandKevin Camara
2 NormaandKevin Camara

Not happy with this place because the food was cold

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Chris Daniele
1 Chris Daniele

There was a time I came here every single Sunday morning after church, for a long time. Quality and service declined and I stopped going. I went this morning with my daughter, took a shot, never again. They have no sense of customer service whatsoever, through a miscommunication, they brought out two side orders of toast, they charged for it. I mentioned that we did not request extra toast and that it was a misunderstanding. They refused to take it off the bill. We are talking 4 slices of bread that they were charging $3.18 for...more than the cost a a whole loaf. Server lost her tip, establishment lost a customer permanently.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Bernadette Henry
5 Bernadette Henry

My parents came in from Ohio and it was suggested that we come here for breakfast on the day they left for the long drive home. My boyfriend and his mother came as well. We got in with no wait and the service was good. The food was amazing and I could not eat all of it! I think we will come back!

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Paul Cheever
2 Paul Cheever

Breakfast was good. But the pancakes were served at room temperature. Little tough to spread cold butter on pancake that way. I suggest maybe keeping them under a heating lamp until ready to bring them out. Almost like they were already cooked. And put to the side for the next customer.

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Connie Lambert
5 Connie Lambert

Having been to Sunnyside twice recently I have to say the service and the food are very good!

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Bob Quinton
3 Bob Quinton

Live close so I looked on line, figured out what I wanted. Figured out how much I need plus tip and found out the prices on line were wrong
If you’re going to have a web site you need to update it frequently

Review of Sunnyside Cafe & catering by Robyn Ross
2 Robyn Ross

Got the 2-2-2. Over medium eggs we're perfect but the pancakes and home fries we're cold and, asked for well done bacon but it wasn't but ate it anyway cause I didn't want to wait any longer. I ordered a bottle of soda which came with just a straw and when I finally saw her again to ask for a glass she saw me and brought me one. Didn't get our waitress's name but she wasn't that friendly. It was not busy at the time.

Sunnyside Cafe & catering

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