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Sunac Natural Food

Williamsburg, New York

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Sunac Natural Food

Williamsburg, New York


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Sara Y.

2 June 2019

by the subway station, very friendly workers. What I like about here is, drink sections. fresh juice bar, self coffee and tea services and large table to be seated. Huge windows. it's a new type of deli. Just took 1 star off...Vegetables sections are kind a pricy but I understand that. More...


Dayna H.

19 January 2019

I stop here a lot for drinks and packaged snacks on my way out of town. They have a big selection of those kinds of things here, but not lots of normal grocery items. I've never gotten any of the food they make in house. More...


M. L.

4 May 2014

I don't think it's so bad. Large selection and open 24 hours at the perfect location. As far as the staff goes, they are always nice to me. Smiles, good morning, how are you, etc. they are a little pricey (especially the drinks) but any store located right next to the train, open 24 hours and employing as many people as they do is going to cost the same. As a local, I am really happy that they are in business. More...


Gessica D.

10 February 2014

This is the first time I enter here. Just next to Metropolitan Ave subway station, very convenient for me to have a snack while waiting the time to go to my language course... Had a freshly packed sushi roll for 5,25$, quality was good. They male salads,sushis on the spot and they have a pretty good choice of veggie options. The only thing I say is... Chiquita is not an organic brand (for bananas) for what I know. So I would not sell it in a "natural food" shop More...


Jonathan B.

18 January 2013

I really like their salad bar which gives you a huge salad with 6 mix-ins for under 7 bucks.  If you go to their sushi bar you can actually get a pretty tasty ramen.  Actually, subsitute the ramen for the udon which are higher quality.and not the fake ramen noodles.  The San Francisco wrap is pretty tasty as well.  Yes the place is expensive for grocery shopping, but the place is great when you're on the run. More...


Annie Laurie S.

27 June 2012

Yes, it is expensive but for whatever reason, it's the only place i go to buy anything anymore. Mr. Lee is always very nice and they have a great selection of sushi, beer and flowers. My only complaint is the same with every store: I can't reach the toilet paper.  But that's neither here nor there. Also, they have Arctic Zero, a weird ice cream- like food that has no fat, few calories, and actually contains some fiber. It's $6 for a pint and will probably give me bone cancer, but i don't care. Take me to heaven, Sunac!!! More...


Jensen E.

23 May 2012

These 5 stars are because they carry the best ice cream in the world, Steve's cinnamon coffee vegan ice cream. So there.


Sean S.

5 July 2011

Swankiness continues to push eastward as the millionaire hipsters descend.  LOL  Hey I remember wburg in the 90's and it didn't occur to me to want to live there, but now... well maybe.This grocery store has some pretty damn good selections.  Perhaps not as good as Whole Foods, but there are no lines at all!  Then again it's 4th of July weekend so everyone is out of town.  Still they got snacks, fresh fruit & veggies that look and taste damn good, and even the beansprouts I came in here for! More...


Louis D.

29 March 2011

Why all the hate?2 eggs, bacon and a bunch of hashbrowns for 3 bucks?OH YEAH!The only complaint is I put 2 bucks in the tip jar to make sure they made my hashbrowns crispy and they did not!Bummer


Brittany S.

12 July 2010

OMG Sandwiches.  The pre-made are hit or miss.  The make yourself sandwiches, soups, sushi, etc are perfect.  They never make a mistake and their prices are very reasonable.  My yelp reviews often mention sandwiches as they are my favorite food.  Open 24/7.Great variety of pre-made sandwiches, healthy foods, vegan foods, etc.A bit pricey but what do you expect its hippie/hipster food in the middle of williamsburg.Accepts credit cards. More...


Roberto A.

12 July 2010

I get the same same sandwich here every time: ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and avocado on a hero. The price is very decent, about $6.50. Just a heads up: though the made-to-order sandwiches are good, the guy who is usually there overnight is awesome and makes the best sandwiches. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the thickness at which he cuts the meat or the amount of mayo, but they are great. Also, I get two eggs and bacon on a roll for $2. You can't beat that, not even in LIC... the best thing is that they are not weighed down with excess oil like a lot of other places. A lot of their other stuff is a bit on the expensive side, but that's to be expected. Also, it was in the background in recent episode of How to Make it in America. I think I even saw Brittany and me in the shot walking out of the store. More...



13 January 2010

As far as bougie health food stores go, this place is pretty damn alright.  It's open 24/7 and does a fantastic job of never looking scuzzy or scumbaggy inside.  I always want to feel like I'm walking into the overpriced lap of luxury and they do a good job of providing that feeling for me 'round-the-clock.  The beer selection is THE SHIT, coupled with the fact that it can be had at 5:30 in the morning if you feel so inclined leads me to conclude that it is by all means a classic, textbook MONSTER JAM.  The fresh made sandwiches are BANGIN across the board.  They'll make whatever the hell you ask them to make.  They don't give a shit.  Hot, cold, whatever.  The pre-made sandwiches are kinda engh.  I'd steer clear.  The sushi chef also makes a SICK Chicken Ramen.They have fresh veggies and all kinds of other crap that you can eat and clean your apt. with.  You know, it's a friggin grocery store.  Beer Selection - MONSTER JAMFresh Sandwiches - MONSTER JAMPre-Made Sandwiches - Crap!Grocery Selection - JamChicken Ramen - MONSTER JAMFresh Salads - MONSTER JAMMeat Selection - Crap!Jam To Crap Score: 9/14 - *64.3%* More...


Dylan L.

19 August 2009

I'm definitely a fan of Sunac, especially for its $2.50 bacon egg and cheese, but its 24 hours, nice people work there, the lines never get long for anything, ordering food or checking out. I think its great cause the variety from sushi to steak to a fresh salad bar anytime. I mean it's right down the street from me so it serves my every need. Another huge thing for me is being able to pay with credit card, especially when there's no minimum. More...


Amy G.

4 May 2009

Dear Sunac,Thank you for being conveniently located next to my tattoo shop.Thank you for always have $3.99 rolls of brown rice vegetarian sushi (spinach roll, I particularly love you). Thank you for letting me steal plastic cups when I am drunk. Thank you for having good vegan snacks (oh hai, Bobo's RiceCrispie bars in banana chocolate chip). Thank you for being open 24 hours, and allowing me to make somewhat wise drunk snack decisions (I'm talking to you, cut watermelon and soy crisps).Love&KissesA More...


Jacob J.

6 August 2007

Although I'm not sure they quite live up to the moniker of "natural foods", they've sustained me with their excellent freshly made sushi packs for a couple of months. Indeed my NYC diet is almost exclusively now coffee and sushi (but not together 'cause well that'd be plain wrong). Buy a bottle of Tamari rather than solicit their feeble little packets of soy sauce though.They have a deli counter with fresh salads, grilled veg, macaroni cheese and such like, and in addition to the usual supplies they have friendly detergents (e.g. Seventh Generation, Ecover), some natural beauty products, along with a reasonable selection of mainly mass-market semi-organic packaged goods. Oh and Green & Blacks chocolate (the Maya Gold is worth its weight...).This place is considerably more convenient than Whole Foods although it lacks the diversity and in-your-face novelty, which may or may not be a good thing. More...


Erica F.

2 August 2007

Went there for the first time today.  Really nice supply of premade sushi packages.  I especially like the rolls made with brown rice and they have really yummy seaweed salad.  For sushi it's definitely cheap and what you get is really healthy, so afterwards you don't have to hate yourself for what you just ate.  That leaves room to hate yourself for other things, like drunk texting your ex.  I'm just trying to help. More...


Melissa H.

14 June 2007

I love this store. I think some of their stuff is cheaper than Whole Foods, as well. They have a selection of beers, sushi (brown rice sushi, too), different prepared foods behind the counter, pizza (which I haven't tried, but it didn't look *that* great), the usual pre-chopped veggies and fruits, too. Their selection is pretty great when you're just getting off the L from work, or getting off the L and drunk - they are open 24 HOURS!! Which is seriously enough in my book to keep me coming back. The produce selection is quite small but you wouldn't do any major food shopping here.. I picked up vegan butter and pre-packaged polenta before heading home. My only gripe? No BoltHouse Farms drinks! More...


eliza b.

7 May 2007

the only time(s) i've ever visited sunac was/were when i was blacked-out wasted, screaming and stealing. but they didn't arrest me, so i'm giving them 4 stars. this was particularly nice of them the one time i went in there with my sleeping bag and loaded it full of soymilk. these guys are champs in my book! More...


Allison G.

15 November 2006

Oh, I do adore the Sunac! Don't go here for your "regular" grocery shopping, though; it is too expensive. This is a place to get a snack, a specialty item, or even a pre-made meal.I really like the sushi here, even the pre-packaged is good. That's because it's made fresh here daily. Look, over there! You can see the sushi chefs! It is a little pricey for "take out," but it sure satisfies my cravings when I have one. You can also order directly from the chef. He will make you a roll, fresh! My other favorite thing about the Japanese Food corner is the Udon. You can get a wide variety of flavors of Udon. It comes in a large styrofoam container, and it is a great value for two people!This place has some really interesting frozen desserts. One time, my roommate and I got yummy individual ice cream sundaes that came in cute little glass bowls! We still use the bowls to this day! There is a great selection of bottled beverages -- again, pricey -- but well worth it if you have a hard-to-find favorite. They also have Emer'gen-C for the best price that I have found in the area (cheaper than Key Foods or Hana!). The produce is beautiful, so if you're making something special, it is a great stop for a special fruit or vegetable item (I got yummy blueberries to use for a recipe -- even out of season)!My favorite thing to do at the Sunac is browse then select some odd thing I've never tried or heard of, such as an Asian style candy, or a different kind of tea, or some organic cereal...Overall, I like it. Pricey, but this place isn't for your everyday shopping needs. This place is for your once-in-a-while treats! More...


Chris F.

19 May 2006

Sunac isn't cheap, but the organic and natural food selection is far better than the other 24-hour options on the same block; the bodega in Kellogg's Diner is laughable, and Hana Foods, while making a superior hero, doesn't have the sheer selection available at Sunac.The pre-packaged sushi selection is decent if pricey, and during some daylight hours, you can even get it straight from a chef.  There are also made-to-order sandwiches, smoothies, and soups.  The smoothies are a unique offering around the Lorimer St station area, so if you don't feel like trekking over to Bedford for your blended-up fruit, Sunac is the place for you. More...

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