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Laguna West-Lakeside (historical), California, Sacramento

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Laguna West-Lakeside (historical), California, Sacramento



With a combination of various experiences and expertise, our growing company provides valuable services such as Direct Response Marketing, Video Marketing, Local Online Marketing, Local SEO, Local SEO Expert, Local Marketing Expert, Local Web design, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Marketing and Video Marketing that will blow your competition away.


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Kathleen Oravec

29 April 2019

Don and his team have helped immensely with my ability to reach clients! I could not do the work that I love without his help.


Colby Bell

30 March 2019

Don is ansolutely the best guy to see when it comes to building an online presence. He is a guru when it comes to helping your business grow in an evolving online market. Thanks for everything your service is barnone.. More...


Bart Thompson

23 July 2018

Thank you Don for your Honest and patient guidance and help with getting our business's online marketing started. Other providers have been paid for nothing but they're promises and lack of results. We have seen more results with Summit Marketing then all the other providers combined. Thank you for all your time and expertise. More...


Eunice Debus

29 May 2018

I don't know how he does it but after every meeting I am amazed with the work they have done for me. My business has improved drastically since I started using his SEO and online marketing services. The great thing is I don't have to guess at what he is doing because I get detailed reports outlining the tasks and measured results. More...


Catalina Russell

29 May 2018

I wasn't sure about the whole online marketing stuff when I was told about it. But I was told great things about Don and his SEO services. So I met with him and he really does have some great online marketing services and is very educated when it comes to marketing for local businesses. I have to admit I didn't think I would use his services but after what he should me I had to jump in for my company. I already have seen great results and we just started working together. This is really helping to improve my business overall. More...


Isaac White

29 May 2016

Don Franklin with Summit Marketing has been great to work with. He sat down and analyzed our web site to make sure it was built right as well as making the changes to help it rank naturally faster. He has been working with us for less than a year and we have seen a substantial increase in website traffic already. Sitting down with Don and figuring out the specifics to my business helped us get started in the right direction. Now we are plugging along performing monthly additions to the site, blogs, etc, working on getting my company ranked in the Cities around us. If you need help with your SEO or website building I wouldn't recommend anyone else! More...


David Vallerga

28 March 2016

I've worked with a few SEO/SEM companies who were supposed to help us get the word out for our new business. None of them generated enough business to cover their costs. After some significant frustration in this area, I had an opportunity to speak with Don at Summit Marketing.

I agreed to use his service. That was a good decision.

This is a very different service than what I had experienced from before. Our rankings are up and our reviews are better managed. We are getting more phone calls than we were before. I trust the system he has placed us in.


Jay Fowler

30 May 2014

Don Franklin at Summit Marketing. I will recommend their services to everyone that could use what they have to offer. I am a 100% satisfied and happy customer. I'm so excited for my web site you did a fantastic job on it . IT LOOKS SHARP! I want to tell the world about you! If you are shopping around for a web site look no further Don will take good care of you. His attention to detail is amazing he gets the job done. I know you will be just as thrilled about your web site as I am about my web site. I truly can't thank him enough for helping me out. He goes the extra mile and that goes along way with me. They aren't enough stars to rank you. 5 isn't no where near what you have to offer. You are simply the best. I'm looking forward to using you for your other services in the near future. Reputation marketing is what I'm excited about, we will talk soon. Again Don thank you and have a prosperous blessed 2014. More...


Tessa Heather

30 May 2014

I met Don at a networking event and I could tell he really knew how to help small businesses. I went to his office a few days later and really liked what he showed me. I signed up right away and a few weeks later I was getting new clients because of what he is doing for me. I can't recommend him enough. I will be a long time client of his. More...


Anne Pelgrims

30 May 2013

I have had the opportunity to benefit from Don's wealth of knowledge with my business. Don gives great advice and loves to see small companies shine and get more business and customers. I highly recommend his work.


Darla Wheeler

30 May 2013

I am so relieved to not have to worry about all the marketing stuff for my business anymore. Ever since they took over all my marketing issues I have been able to relax and concentrate on my business and not trying to learn all this SEO stuff. The best part is my business has been increasing now too. I recommend anyone to contact them if you want to get help marketing your business. More...


Position Edge

30 May 2013

If you are a business owner, then you must authentically care about your brand. If that is the case, you must protect it. Summit Marketing can help you manage and market your reputation online to make you look the best to those that find you. Give them a call and you will be thankful. More...

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What does your company do? What are the products and services you offer?
What budget have you allocated for this project?
If for a new website the Main reasons for needing a new website. Goals?
Who is your ideal customer? Describe them? Age, Gender, Interests
Tell about your competitors.
What does success look like?

Our Steps To Reviving Your Digital Presence:

Helping clients achieve their goals. For us, success is defined not by our own balance sheet, but by the business opportunity generated on behalf of our clients each year.

As a local business owner myself I have experienced many challenges and successes over the years. Because of this I made it my commitment to help others avoid the similar challenges and achieve success through proven marketing strategies that deliver results.

Excellent Support
Our business operates 17 hours a day, 5 days a week from 9 AM to 2 AM CST. Our day shift and night shift teams are dedicated to your success.
We are an online business development company with a focus on building successful online businesses whilst helping our clients achieve their desired goals.

Custom Business Solutions
We NEVER, EVER offer you services for the sake of making a sale. We only provide you advice and solutions your business needs to thrive.

Mobile Compatibility
Mobile usage and sales will continue to explode. Your company’s ability to capture their attention and sales will determine your victory or demise.

We are an online business development company with a focus on building successful online businesses whilst helping our clients achieve their desired goals.



Basic Advanced Custom

Heat Map Tracking Software Alpha Conversion Optimization Prominent Conversion Optimization Executive Conversion Optimization Corporate Conversion Optimization Infinite Conversion Optimization

Maintenance & Monitoring Appointment Booking System New Autoresponder Setup Security Setup Security Setup with SSL Analytics/Webmaster Tools Logo Design

Google My Business Launch Local Citations Local Citation Backlinks Top 3 Ranking Reactivation Marketing

Reputation Repair Reputation Mgmt. and Marketing Reputation Setup Fee

Keyword Research & Analysis On-Page Optimization SEO KickStarter SEO Gold

Basic Email Management Advanced Email Management Premium Email Management Articles Youtube Setup Youtube Marketing

PR Writing PR Translation PR Distribution

Adwords & Bing PPC Facebook PPC PPC Proofing

Setup and Customize Facebook Page Create Facebook Campaign Facebook Page Manager Social Shop Magnet Social Butterfly Facebook Messenger Bot Setup Facebook Messenger Bot Maintenance