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Sue Belton Life Coaching

Wimpole Street / The City, Greater London, London

Sue Belton Life Coaching logo

Sue Belton Life Coaching

Wimpole Street / The City, Greater London, London


Live the life you want, not the life you’ve got

You’ve got the impressive job title, gorgeous home and dream car. You know you should be happy as nothing’s really wrong, but it’s not right either is it? Your life’s just not how you’d like it to be.



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Helping people find clarity, purpose and fulfilment in their lives.

I had a very difficult time returning to work after having my daughter. I found coaching and a great coach and it helped me see that there was a different way to live and that I did have a choice in that. It also gave me the courage to make big changes in my life - changes I never dreamt possible at the time.

Now I do that for others.

My methods are unique and they work

I will help you change your life using a unique and effective combination of Co-Active Coaching, Neuroscience and Somatics.

Co-Active Coaching addresses who the person is being as well as their behaviours. I will ask powerful questions, challenge you to think deeper and further than you ever have before, and help you deal with the blocks and fears that have prevented your life from going in the direction you wanted.
Harnessing the power of neuroscience though NeuroCoaching we’ll work with the latest theories behind how your brain works, why you act in the ways that you do, and why some behaviours are hard to stop. You’ll also learn the secret behind changing bad habits – permanently.
Using Somatics we’ll anchor your new thoughts and behaviours in your body – so you achieve permanent change.
Book your FREE no obligation two hour coaching conversation today

We will spend two hours together. During this time we will discover what is really going on for you, the kind of life you want to be living, what is holding you back and how we can change things for you forever. This time may well be all you need from me. If not, we will design a bespoke coaching package for you to address the changes you’d like to make in your life.

In a few months you will change your life beyond all recognition – guaranteed
When we start to work together I will design a coaching plan which is right for you. Our sessions will last for one hour every other week and we will begin by discussing how we want to work together and identifying the specific measurable goals you want to achieve.

Before every session we will both do some preparation work to make your session as productive as possible., and keep a track on your acheivements.

During our sessions you will answer incisive searching questions which will establish where you are now, where you want to get to and what’s standing in your way. You’ll talk; I’ll listen to what you say, and identify what you’re not saying. We will work on the limiting beliefs and fears that are currently standing in your way, we’ll disrupt and replace outmoded ways of thinking and behaving, and I will help you stay motivated and focused on reaching your goals.

We’ll make sure you stay on track until you achieve your aims
During our time together I will hold you to your goals and desired new actions. I will also mirror back to you, in a non-judgemental way, how you are self-sabotaging; unwelcome patterns of behaviour which you’ve never noticed, and uncomfortable truths that nobody else will tell you. Together we’ll get you the life you really want and, with monthly progress reviews, we’ll make sure you stay focused and on the right track.

For more information about how life coaching will change your life forever contact me today.