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The Sudden Movements gym is no ordinary place to work out. Offering a unique combination of fitness and strength training and nutritional education, Sudden Movements aims to provide its clients with a complete body and mind experience to help them reach their peak physical fitness.


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Rebecca Nutter

10 July 2019

Good gym especially for strength and movement if that's what you are looking to improve.


Life of joe Port

10 June 2019

Best gym Can’t wait for tomorrow for the first timeI know is the best gym ever we sort some discounts


Mike Beaver

19 November 2018

The best gym in Leeds if you are into bodyweight and mixed movement training. Collin's expertise as a personal trainer and a good variety of classes have improved my health and fitness rapidly after joining the gym a few months ago. The skills and techniques learnt here will help you to maintain longevity in any sport or physical activity. More...


Lynn Hosein

10 November 2018

After spending years in mainstream gyms plodding on I thought I would try something new. All the trainers here are very attentive, they will always make sure everyone in the classes are happy with their weights and level of exercises. Throughout the classes they constantly make sure everyone keeps good form and classes are always kept interesting and fresh. The In-motion classes are a great way to train, gaining great strength and flexibility whilst learning new skills at the same time.The gym has a friendly atmosphere and you feel like you are training with other people, not just in the same room. More...


Kevin Pratt

10 November 2018

An excellent environment to work on a unique approach to movement that will change your view on traditional fitness forever.


Pearl Davison

10 November 2018

JUST WOW. This gym blows all the others out the water. The classes cover all basis to achieve a fit, strong and healthy body. It's not your typical gym as you get truly coached to understand the movements. I've been a member of Sudden Movements gym for around 5 years now and working here for 2 years. The community in Sudden Movements is special and everyone is friendly and approachable. I have personally got so much stronger and seen others achieve incredible things here. Come along and see your potential! More...


Vlad D.

10 August 2018

Small independent gym with a unique focus on movement and mobility, run by a highly knowledgeable owner.


Brian Jennings

10 August 2018

Brilliant place to improve your fitness in innovative ways


Yasmin Pitter

10 August 2018

Brilliant gym! The whole ethos is to move, no need for fancy equipment, just the basics or no equipment at all. I have seen a huge improvement in my strength, flexibility and I am in a much better position to activily manage my former back problem. Colin is a fantastic PT and he certainly leads by example. His sessions are hard, but fun, and you can feel, as well as see your body changing for the better. More...


Richard Goodall

10 August 2018

Colin is the best PT I’ve ever dealt with. I used to detest going to the gym but I am genuinely excited to go each time. Highly recommended if you want to reach your goals and learn about your body and movement. More...


Brian Jennings

27 January 2018

Brilliant place to improve your fitness in innotive ways


Keith Javes

7 January 2018

Great body movement gym


Rowan Weir

10 August 2017

Best gym in Leeds


Matthew Blewitt

10 August 2015

Great range of strength and conditioning classes, good for me as I don't really enjoy usual gym enviroments

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You will develop a lifestyle programme that will retrain your approach to fitness and nutrition so that your body is able to achieve its optimal fitness levels. Your trainer will combine all of Sudden Movements’ expertise to provide an all-round training experience and every session will push you to improve.