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John V.

19 July 2019

Great Sandwiches and salads. Been coming to this spot to get turkey panini for over 10 years it is so good. They are very fast too which is good on work days. Great drink selection


Sam H.

17 July 2019

The longwood sandwich is my favorite as well as the suburban pasta!! We also used them for my daughters 1st birthday party and order the gourmet sandwich package. They cut the sandwiches into 2 or 4 pieces depending on the type of bread used and organized it beautifully in a basket. You can get a variety of sandwiches to mix it up, there's no minimum of a type of sandwich you have to order. Ordering was easy and they also deliver! I've also had the bolognese rigatoni and garlic knots when we had another party and it was EFFIN DELICIOUS!!! If they offered it on the regular menu (it's on catering only) I would be there every day...well every Saturday for cheat meals...and maybe a Wednesday here and there, because i have no self control. More...


Drew Y.

9 June 2019

We had a party for 60 people. Did there catering menu for Traditional BBQ. They were right on time, setup, kept pumping out the food, in a perfect timely manner. Helped clean up the food after they were done. All the food was very good. Pulled pork, burgers,hot dogs, and bbq chicken.  All the family and friends enjoyed the wonderful food.       Nice job to Alex and Victor the two chefs. They made the day that much more special. The price was right on point. We felt the money spent was worth it. Thanks guys for a excellent time. More...


Ray N.

16 April 2019

This is still one of my favorite lunch spots. The paninis are a really good deal. They have a big assortment of already made paninis ready to heat and they are all good. I do notice that they have been getting stingy with the chicken on the one I order most "the Bistro" and I'm guessing that goes for the other ones also. Don't think people don't realize! Some bites don't have any chicken and the cutlets are now really thin. Just raise the price if you have to and don't skimp. More...


Alyssa Squillace

6 December 2018

Order from here multiple times a month for my company lunches. Food is always delicious !!


John Sohn

4 December 2018

Ice cold Jumbo Iced Coffee!


Stacey Shotland Altman

23 November 2018

Ordered for Thanksgiving and it was a hit!


Robin Robbins Brooks

19 November 2018

This morning we had our office catered by Suburban Eats. They did a fabulous job! The food was fresh and delicious. We got the Warm Sunrise Breakfast and the omelet station. The chef that cooked the fresh and delicious omelets was fast and kind. Thank you so much for making our retirement party so very special! More...


Carol F.

26 August 2018

Catered brunch and a 6' hero on their focaccia bread made in-house. Everything was delicious!  Guests were raving about the food and lined up to bring home what was left over!  Would highly recommend Suburban Eats!  Excellent customer service as well. More...


Kevin J.

26 May 2018

Choose your own type of salad bar.  Pick your greens then go over to all the fixins and add to your healthy heart's content.  Choose tossed or chopped.  FYI, chopped is the only way to go.  Everything is then in small pieces and each bite is packed full of every flavor.  I had the spinach with too many add ons to count.  As I walked up towards the counter to pay I noticed the roasted brussel sprouts. I know, you're probably thinking, Ewe that's gross.  But try 'em.  Be adventurous, live life to the fullest.  Go for it!!!  They are delicious. Even though lunch time is prime time for them, wait wasn't long at all.  Was able to get our food quickly and find an open table.  Definitely a few more options I will check out there next time in town. More...


Daniela M.

24 February 2018

Was in the area today & stopped by for a quick bite to go. I ordered a chicken cutlet with lettuce & tomato on a roll & my husband ordered a roast beef sandwich. Decent sized sandwiches & lots of meat on the bread. The only issue I had with my sandwich was the chicken cutlets were very over cooked/burnt on the edges. I normally like a crispy cutlets but the edges were inedible. Prices were reasonable. More...


Nikki L.

15 January 2018

Love this spot for lunch! They have everything: pizza, make-your-own-salad, hot food, heroes, paninis, breakfast... you name it!Because this is such a hot spot during lunch time, it can get pretty crowded in there and service can get backed up a bit. If you're going on your lunch break during the rush, might wanna call ahead to avoid the chaos! Try the jr special panini! Mmmm More...


Cristie G.

7 January 2018

So I stopped in late one afternoon and got the best service I have had at a deli in a while. And honestly calling this place a deli is a bit down playing it. This is more of a cafe with paninis and wraps, even hot food choices. Since I just took a job around the block I def will be back.The cuban was really good and the owner was too friendly not to go back More...


Robert Mitchell

11 October 2017

Awesome bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Best breakfast sandwich in the area.


Andrew C.

27 August 2017

We have been customers of this Deli for a few years for mostly catering salad packages and sandwiches for special events such as home parties & BBQs. Our experienced has been good and their prices are reasonable for what they provide. I happened to have a small gathering at my house and I only needed eight wraps. They would not provide me with a sandwich basket unless I paid more for the sandwiches. But I with a little help from my casher friend, she provided me with a decorated plastic plate with a paper cover. She was very helpful compared to others in some cases I have experienced. But that has not stop me from selecting this place for catering my parties or just for a quick bite.  Good food, good selections and sometimes good service. More...


Joseph T.

26 July 2017

This a gourmet deli. I ordered chicken cutlet in a roll with lettuce, tomatoes, and roasted peppers. The roll had golden brown color with seeds on it; it wasn't that ordinary beige roll without any flavor. The veggies had bright, radiant colors which made it evident that they were fresh well before I bit into the sandwich and confirmed the freshness. The chicken cutlet was juicy and flavorful. This deli is definitely better than many of the ordinary delis in the area. More...


Rachel Brenner Levenberg

9 July 2017

Catered in sandwiches for my daughter's birthday, and everything was delicious. I got lots of compliments, and there were hardly any leftovers. All of the staff was very friendly and patient while taking my order and answering my questions. Delivery was prompt as well. More...


Kenneth Reese

12 June 2017

I loved the food, always fresh and tasty. Thats why i drive there from my job on my lunch break. I would give the deli a five if one of cashiers would smile, use eye contact, and talk a little bit. The other cashiers treat me well so thats a plus. Overall everytime i go there if that certain cashier is there she always seems to have an attitude and quickly rush me off the register. More...


Shannon Rogan Bottari

4 May 2017

The food is amazing! I have used Suburban Eats for many catered parties and I am always impressed with the food and service.


Angela Marie Frangione

14 March 2017

I have gone to Suburban Eat's many times throughout the years and I love it there! I always get a Cobb salad with their amazingly delicious honey mustard dressing. There is such a great selection of food, snacks and desserts to chose from. The place is always very clean and the staff is incredibly friendly! Suburban Eats is definitely the place to try while you are in Farmingdale or the Melville area! You will not forget it! More...


Sarah H.

7 March 2017

i love these guys! Good food and fast service. I usually run in there at 8:45 am on my way to work and am still at work with my bagel in hand by 9:00 am.


Jenny S.

6 March 2017

I ordered catering from Tim at Suburban Eats for a brunch baby shower and they did an outstanding job! Tim and his staff were wonderful when I called to update the order. Day of service was also wonderful! The food was great and everything was included. One note- the paper goods and cutlery were very basic, so I would advise purchasing that stuff for a fancier event. More...


Aaron B.

17 February 2017

I love suburban eats! Salad bar is the best! Lots of options and they're all so fresh! Staff is really friends and are hard workers. I recommend this to everyone!


Matthew M.

3 February 2017

Coming from Farmingdale, and living in the village, there are lots of options for me to find a place to eat. Even though this isn't very far from me at all, I still find myself coming back here to get lunch here and there. Their "Longwood" sandwich is an absolute masterpiece.As listed on their menu:LongwoodGrilled herb chicken, fresh mozzarella, marinated sundried tomatoes, leaf lettuce & honey pesto dressing on seven grain baguette.I'm not quite sure how many other places have this combo for a sandwich, but its absolutely perfect. Each ingredient compliments the next. (I recommend getting the bread toasted if you want even more perfection!).As for experience inside the actual deli, it is always busy inside, and that is for a good reason.Their food is always good and their service is nice and quick. If you are ever in the area and need a place to eat, certainly check it out. More...


Jay E.

30 January 2017

Been a customer for years.  Food is excellent. Place is clean.  Lots a daily lunch specials.  2 thumbs up


June F.

21 December 2016

Second visit to this deli and it was equal to first.  Excellent choice of salads and fresh sandwiches.  There is ample seating and the place is clean and fast at serving.  Last time I was here I ordered Caesar salad with chicken.  Today I had the chicken salad in a wonderful whole wheat seeded roll.  Both were delicious and both were super fresh!  I'll be back to this deli.  I'm happy I tried it! More...


Bryan L.

16 December 2016

This place is fantastic.  They have by far the best chopped salads on long island.  On top of that there is such a variety of choices of other food as well.  Today I came in here and the line was backed up and took a while to get my food as I think there were problems with the registers and receipts.  The lovely woman behind the counter gave me a free dessert for the long wait.  That's caring about the customer.  Small gestures go a long way. More...


Omar M.

11 November 2016

This place is awesome for lunch. Food is good from the "make a salad" to the chicken cutlets. Pizza is also good. They also have already made healthy salads as well. Doesn't get the 5th star bc i always ALWAYS have to ask for someone to help me. Fridays have specials after 4pm More...



2 October 2016

Fresh food, quick turnover, always busy and lots of breakfast and lunch variety. Specialty sodas and snacka, especially for a barren part of the strip. Call your order in, check it before you leave. They also cater. Have gone back lots of times. More...


Phil M.

22 September 2016

Holy cow this place is awesome!!I had a smokehouse turkey panini with bacon, cheddar and chipotle mayo on an onion roll and it was phenomenal. At $7.95 it is great value for your money. More...


Diana C.

16 September 2016

Went here with my co workers two days in a row for lunch.  Fresh amazing salads that only cost $6.95!  Very tasty food and a wide variety of selections.. I'm giving it a 4 instead of a 5 bc of the long wait time at the register and also because I saw a fly in the food case. More...


Kerri M.

15 September 2016

Amazing! I have worked in delis my whole life and this one is beautiful with an extensive menu! its also very cheap, $6.99 for a panini i thought it would be little which was completely the opposite! It was huge and delicious, i couldn't decide so i ordered the tastiest looking one. The to go salads looked so fresh and delicious my friend had the Cobb it was huge! FOR $7 I couldn't believe it! the paninis go easily for 9$ and that salad was a 12$ salad. It was delicious and I loved it ! We will definitley be back for lunch, i was very impressed. More...


Amarilys M.

24 August 2016

Great food and the lines are proof of it.  Friendly service from everyone there including the owner Tim.


Linda K.

19 June 2016

Suburban Eats did a BQ at my home for my 60th birthday yesterday. They were prompt and efficient. They brought everything needed with them, down to the condiments and cheese for the burgers. The food was delicious.I highly recommend them. More...


Brian T.

24 May 2016

Salad bar is fresh can get pricey with the fixings tho. Most of the other food tho looks ok salads are your best bet tho.


Jared E.

5 May 2016

Very good food and really nice staff. The owners son is very cool to. Great salads and sandwich's. The chicken cutlet is awesome and the pizza is even better


Doug W.

12 April 2016

Best in the area. Best in a lot of areas...Always busy and a bit pricey but, so worth it.A deli with the works, and not such bad pizza, all things considered.Large staff however they lack the appreciation of their customer... endless selection and daily specials, a favorite exists for everyone, go often and figure it out... I suggest calling in your order and allowing plenty of time, they need a larger drink selection but, otherwise, just enjoy.So much to say I'm having a melt down, in fact their only melt down is service.  It's not always the most helpful, accurate, caring, or kind service but the food is fantastic!I feel I need to really sit down and write a fully immersive and comprehensive review as this was my spot for years working in the area. More...


Elisa R.

5 April 2016

Warmly welcomed. Conveniently  located along route 110, delightful entryway.  Fresh salad,  fruits, desserts, chopped salad of ur choice, I see an oven maybe pizza? Fresh egg, tuna,chicken,  and a must try is their own carrot and parsnip salad Oh my! Temptation  to your palate ....give it a try warm......they thanked me for my visit. What a great way to start a day More...


Christopher M.

20 February 2016

Lunch can be pretty hectic here but if you order online the food is fresh and well composed.  Great deli.


C. C.

7 January 2016

Ever since they opened up Suburban has been my favorite deli in the area.  It can get a little hectic and busy but for a takeout or delivery, this place is great.Their paninis and salads are all absolutely delicious.  If you enjoy tasty Asian pasta salads, then you have to try their Sesame chicken & pasta salad.Love eggplant?  I recommend the Suburban Supreme panini. Looking for a sweet crunchy alternative to a boring turkey sandwich, try the Vermont Maple Turkey panini. It has a touch of almond slivers and some creamy brie... and be honest with yourself, brie makes EVERYTHING better. If no sandwich is complete without bacon, unhinge your jaw and shove their Bistro Panini in it, you'll thank me. This place works miracles.  They somehow make Brussels sprouts awesome.  That's right, they got me to eat freaking Brussels sprouts and like it.  How is that even possible?  I'll tell you how, they're magic.  I haven't been able to prove it yet, but I'm pretty sure the house elves from Harry Potter are in their kitchen whipping up scrumptiousness for these guys. Go feed your faces there. More...


Jovanna T.

5 January 2016

Went in early afternoon one Saturday. Impeccably clean, and beautifully set up - as always. I knew what I came for .. my favorite Bourbon St Panini & their amazing fries. What I love about their fries is that the "batter" on them reminds me of Checkers or Popeyes style fries and they never disappoint. I was helped immediately and waited maybe a little less than 10-minutes. I also had to help myself to a damn donut (which I didn't want to admit lol). All-in-all still very happy with one of my fave delis on Long Island! More...


Tonya B.

12 November 2015

My Husband & I visited this spot for lunch this afternoon and we had such a great experience. The inside is clean and organized. The workers were welcoming and the food is great. There were so many options of what to eat it was hard to decide. Everything looked good. We did end up narrowing things down and ordered the Mesa Chicken Panini and the Bourbon St Panini. We shared them and both were very good, better than I had expected. I will definitely come back! More...


NewYorker C.

17 October 2015

This place is a must for anyone that works in the Melville area. Excellent selection of sandwiches, soups and hot entrees. The chopped salads are wonderful and always fresh. It's owned by 2 brothers who are always on site and making sure everything is running smoothly. Great, great business! More...


Karen B F.

14 October 2015

4 stars for what it is.  It is a mishmash deli. You can get prepared food or have them create something for you, there are prepared salads or you can pick a lettuce and have them pick from a variety of toppings and mix or chop them all together with your choice of dressing.  Prepared wraps, paninis, pizzas and the like.  Hot food and deli style side salads on the hint of healthier side.  Today I had chicken quinoa salad and a side of roasted carrots and parsnips.  The food is always fresh and delicious.  Usually crowded but they handle the registers well so the line moves quickly. More...


Phil B.

9 October 2015

Imagine your typical Long Island deli, but a little fancier. They have pizza, salads, and sandwiches amongst other things. Several pre made options if you are in a rush. Always a fan of the roasted chicken salad in a wrap. More...


Justin P.

17 September 2015

I've been going to this deli for at least 10yrs and while the service is not like it was the food is still really great. They have the best salad bar that I have ever been to. I love to build my own salad and it seems like they have everything there is to put on a salad. There sandwiches and panini's are excellent. I highly recommend three: the Londonport pub, the 110 express, and the bourbon street. The sandwiches are always fresh and if they run out of a certain one they will offer to make one for you. I've eaten there and it's nice but most times I take out. The staff is friendly but the service is way slower than it once was. I will have to take pictures the next time. All said and done this is an excellent way to place to pick up breakfast lunch or a light dinner as there hot food is also very good More...


Melissa Rodriguez

10 June 2015

I want to thank the amazing Chefs of Suburban Eats who catered a baby shower for my sister over the weekend. The "Warm Breakfast" from the menu was fantastic! the eggs, potatoes sausage, bacon and French toast was out of this world! and the breakfast Pizza of bacon egg and cheese and egg white with mushroom spinach tomato and cheese was amazing! My family and friends could not stop talking about how good the food was. I cannot wait to cater my next party with you! Thank you Chris for helping me with taking my order and my compliments to the owners! You guys are amazing!!! More...


Lou DePinto

16 April 2015

The only deli that sells restaurant quality food for little money!


Laura C.

25 March 2015

This is my firm's go-to lunch spot, for company sponsored lunches and special occasions you can be sure we are pulling out the Suburban Eats menus. We always order to the office and they've always arrived on time. Their food is all-around very good, and their catering menus are reasonable. It's great they have a big selection of food and I especially enjoyed the panini I ordered. For catering there is a nice spread of sandwiches/wraps, chips, soda, and cookies. The cookies are just 'meh' but at least the sandwiches are good and have a great variety.One day I will stop in the deli itself and report back what's happening inside, but for now it looks like I will be chowing down in the conference room. More...


Ted T.

24 February 2015

This is my first review on yelp, honestly I use yelp all the time and I never felt the need to review but this place is really good and I wanted to let everyone know.  I am very picky with my orders both over the phone and when Im there and they have ALWAYS gotten it right.  ALWAYS!  So I decided to give them 4 stars.  The food is above average to very good and the service is excellent.  Hope this review is helpful More...


Keith B.

13 February 2015

One of, if not the best Deli around.  They have everything from sandwiches, salads and paninis to hot food specials, pizza and baked goods and it is all delicious.You won't be disappointing.


Evonna A.

24 January 2015

This is my favorite deli. There are so many options to chose from. The price is high but I'm willing to pay for quality. The employees are really nice, it's in a remote location but it's literally the best thing you'll ever taste. They deliver and they have really great cookies and brownies. More...


Christy L.

22 December 2014

it's pricey, actually very pricey... If you eat here for lunch please at least bring your own drink from home lol. It's PACKED! During peak lunch hours as everyone from the corporate offices closeby flock here. Service is efficient tho... Just keep moving in line and decide fast!I died and went to heaven when I had their pastrami sandwich on sliced bread. It was just so *tears* delicious. All the other pre made sandwiches really are a hit or miss, I suggest you order a customized sandwich to your liking. I love, loved their squash soup. Their pizza shop section has really great options for a fair price... I love the salad pizzas. Their actual salads tho... Very expensive. Their prepacked desserts at the counter are just okay. More...


Kelli D.

5 December 2014

This place makes me so happy(and so sad when I finish their food). I've been coming here for years after my best friend started working at Estelles and we used to go on her lunch break. This place actually reminds me of a typical New York City deli(with the lunch time crowd to go with It). Despite the long lines I will keep coming back again and again for their Longwood sandwich..grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, sundries tomatoes(I pick those off) and its covered with this dynamite pesto-honey spread. It makes the sandwich come together nicely. They use a lot of pesto(pesto bread or pesto spreads) on their sandwiches which I'm fine with(love the stuff).  They really do have something for everyone. While I stick to the sandwich case(chicken griller is my back up if the longwood is out), someone like my BIL the vegetarian would visit the salad bar(where you can mix and match pretty much and salad ingredient you can imagine). They even have a pizza case(where you'll find my sister ordering her food). Of course no meal would be complete without dessert! My go-to is their to die for crumb-cake. They also have HUGE brownies, cookies, muffins etc. Lunch not your thing? They serve breakfast as well(they open at 6am). Great egg whites and Turkey sandwiches as well as your standard bacon and eggs. This place is great for anyone working along 110 as well as anyone just looking for amazing food. The counter people are great too. More...


Jeremy W.

23 November 2014

Suburban Eats is a great place to stop for lunch. They have a large variety of food... Everything from pizza, soup, salad, and even frozen yogurt. Their prices are very reasonable as well. This place can get pretty packed though so avoid it if you're in a rush. More...


Jeremy F.

12 July 2014

Great place, great food. The cooks, Tim and Ivan are friendly and helpful. Denise works the register when she's not preparing food is always smiling and polite. People from my company eat here about 4-5 times a week. The menu accommodates all palates and diets. The soups are fantastic and they will customize the fresh salads almost any way you want. I've even brought family from Queens out to try it because they wanted to see what I was raving about, they loved it. You can't lose with suburban eats. More...


John A Alessio

3 July 2014

Great food, great owners!


Debbie B.

25 June 2014

I have been enjoying the salads/hot foods/pizza/gourmet sandwiches for many years. So, when it came time to cater a party, I decided to try Suburban Eats. From the owners, Ivan and Tim, to the friendly professional staff, I was treated first-class. The food is delicious (both hot and cold) and the quality exceptional.  My guests were all raving about the catering and the generous amount that they sent was perfect (a bunch of left overs for us to enjoy). I could not be happier with Suburban Eats! This is a high-quality, well-run and absolutely amazing gourmet deli. Debbie B. More...


David C.

21 May 2014

Stopped in here today around 2pm for lunch and there were so many people in there it was mass confusion. There's no real structure to placing your order. You just yell it to anyone on the other side of the counter what you want and then wait but it works ok I guess because I got my order in a few minutes. I ordered a teriyaki steak Stromboli which was very delicious. They have what seems an endless variety of salads, sandwiches and paninis posted on a giant menu posted on the wall. If you walked in not knowing what you wanted it might take you 10 minutes to decide because the choices seem endless. There is literally something for everyone. More...


Christopher D.

2 May 2014

To start off, italian sausage slices were attractive and thick, yet I was able to bite into it without the rest of the slice breaking off! A small moment like this means the world to me, especially if I come with a coworker. There's nothing worse than a hands-on entree falling apart right before company.The music was so pleasant that I feel like singing along. "Mr. Sandman...", yeah it's that happy go lucky kind of place! To be honest, I feel like nothing can go wrong during my lunch break. Suburban Eats has an incredibly outgoing staff! Everyone has a bit of character. Their smiles are painfully contagious. Just ask my sore cheeks! Rather than rant my opinions, I'll fill you in. Right off the bat, I'm on my way towards the pizzeria. The courageousness in me always looks for the chicken roll, a childhood obsession that will never leave my life. Fortunately, I restrain myself and go for a slice. First timers should always try a regular slice before taking the next step in the relationship. At that moment, I became a hypocrite because I ended up ordering an Italian Sausage Slice. At $2.50 for this speciality slice...how could I refuse? The guy over the counter challenged me to go for two slices. I replied "How would I function at work"?The cafe provides wifi, which is a huge bonus! Left hand, my slice. Right hand, the center of any modern citizens universe (smartphone). Not only did I fall in love with Suburban Eats, but I also felt accomplished as a working man, a rewarder, and most importantly, a Yelping machine. More...


Victor H.

21 April 2014

Great place for paninis. Ordered a Cubano and it didn't disappoint. Great variety of choices and the eating environment is great.


Rhonda S.

12 April 2014

I wanted to update since my last writing.   I just love grabbing lunch here.  Just as great is the take out order I stopped in to make for a meeting at my office.  I waited for it while enjoying my chopped salad (always delish)..and the staff was just so accommodating!  It was a bit of a fussy order for a group but the staff at Suburban Eats worked with me and by the time it took me to eat my lunch, the order was all ready to rock and roll...wrapped decoratively and ready for a beautiful presentation on the conference room  table.   An added bonus were the delectable bakery cookies for dessert.FYI, they have wraps, pizza, yogurts, deli, hot dishes...anything you want for lunch is here!  Hope to see you there because I will be back soon! More...


Jaclyn C.

2 March 2014

Only place of its kind in Long Island that I have seen. This place looks a lot like cafes in the city where you pick your food, get on line and pay. There's a salad bar, sandwhich line, hot food, pretty much anything you're in the mood for you could find there. It's pretty close to the offices in Melville so you get tons of working people during lunch hours. Def a good lunch spot. When I went I got a chopped salad with I think 6 ingredients, I don't think I paid more than 6 or 7 dollars, so def a lot cheaper than other places I've been to in the area. More...


MaryAnne S.

5 February 2014

I'm in love with this place. I used them to cater for one of my clients Christmas luncheon. Can you say Asian Noodle Salad...this had to be the BEST I have ever had. They have a selection of fresh gourmet food including Salmon Teriyaki and fresh sauteed veggies. They also have a great pre-made salad section and amazing desserts. The problem is there are so many amazing sandwiches and meals to choose from, it takes 10 minutes to decide what you want! Any time I am in the area, I make it a point to stop in and feed myself!! More...


Frank Zucaro

12 January 2014

Thanks for yet another great catering job by Ivan,Diane & the amazing crew @ SE. You guys really came through this time on such short notice and on behalf of the whole family, Grazie!!!!


Becca K.

24 October 2013

Suburban Eats offers something for everyone whether you're craving a salad, pizza, some hot soup, pasta salad, or something more unique like a Cuban panini or spicy sweet potato salad. The prices are reasonable and the service is always great. If you're in the area and can't decide on where to go to lunch among friends or co-workers, definitely give Suburban a try. I bet you won't regret it. More...


Stephanie F.

17 May 2013

Today I made my second trip to Suburban Eats.  I got a Spinach salad with beets, corn, goat cheese, honey mustard, artichokes, corn, and tomatoes. It was scrumptious! The man making my salad was patient with me, as I didn't know all of the ingredients he had.  At the end he said, "You look skinny, have two pieces of bread."  Obviously, this is my new favorite place. More...


Andrew G.

7 May 2013

Suburban is an excellent deli. Many different hot or cold sandwiches. Very unique menu, they also make great huge salads. I love their Cobb salad as well as their hot roast beef sandwich with i think russisn dressing. They deliver which is nice if you work on 110 or if you live here in the area More...


Elizabeth A.

27 March 2013

I love the food here. They have a great selection and the food is always excellent. Parking is usually fine because it's in a strip mall. My only negative is that when you come for lunch on a weekday the line can be ridiculous and there's never an open table if you want to eat there. It's all good for me because i take mine to-go usually. P.S. try the sandwich with the fried eggplant. AMAZING. More...


Glen F.

21 March 2013

Best items so far: Teriyaki steak roll, Sicilian panini, chicken pot pie, spinach and cheese Stromboli! Large number of sandwich choices! Excellent salad bar! Try it!


Amanda J.

19 January 2013

this is my Go To deli on 110. Weekday lunch time is a circus but a very well orchestrated one.   Looks crazy until you slide into the line you want; fresh chopped salad, pizza or soup and the sandwich counter which is always full of fresh premade great combos.  TIP- order first then go get your drink. then get in line to pay, if you're with a friend send them to go snag a table.Saturday (closed Sunday) you can be more leisurely about things. I've always wanted to order from their catering menu for a party but they are just too darn far from my home to make that a reality. More...


Kenny S.

20 October 2012

Best deli ever. I got eggplant parmesan in a grilled panini, and everything stayed crisp, light, and not oily. That is supreme talent.


James R.

16 July 2012

Good sandwiches and fresh salad bar a delight.



13 July 2012

THE lunch spot for us office workers in Melville. Yes everyone this is where all your workers in Melville go at 12:00 to get a bite for lunch. Go before 12 to get better service and also to beat the crowd. Its a deli with anything you can imagine crammed into this place. Best to order to go and get there early! And regarding the waitstaff if you are nice to them they are nice to you just dont expect southern hospitality when the line to pay is 25 deep and its 12:45pm! More...


Laura G.

24 May 2012

i love suburban eats so much, i can only wish that i lived closer. they have an incredible selection of food, you're almost overwhelmed and don't know what to choose unless you go in there knowing exactly what you want.it is always packed and if you are going prime lunch time it gets crazy (especially because of the area with all of the businesses). i usually always head straight to the chopped salad station because they are made delicious. a flipped mixed green salad with their sesame ginger dressing is the best. More...


Sharon H.

25 March 2012

I come here for lunch when I am feeling a little hungry or know that I'll eat the left overs in the evening.This place is good for grabbing food and taking it out as there is very limited seating especially during the busy lunch periods.There is a good selection of lunch foods and I find them to be fresh and tasty.It can be a little pricy for lunch but the portions are large so you can always save some for later.Certainly a great little lunch spot if you are in the area. More...


J M.

17 November 2011

Great deli around Melville with it's own salad bar and great list of foods to eat. Can get crowded during lunch time.


J M.

5 November 2011

Haven't been to this place in years. Forgot how well they do lunch. They have a lotta fresh salads and cooked food choices. They make their own pizza and it's good.If you work on rt 110 you'd be hard pressed to find a better selection for a quick lunch.  They do chopped salads made to order, and have a great selection of sandwiches. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. More...


Daron S.

17 September 2011

Came here for lunch two days while here on business. It is very delicious! I had a pizza both days, I guess I like pizza ALOT. There are no many options. Salads, strombolis, pizza, sandwiches, an deli options: potato salad, chicken salad, macaroni salad, and other salads. This place gets pretty busy during the lunch hour and the seating can fill up quickly, but most people eat quickly. More...


Jason H.

19 July 2011

I had to stay at the Hilton for two weeks for a conference-this is the best place to eat within walking distance, and its really pretty good.  Their sandwiches (at least what I've had) are all pretty tasty. More...


Albert C.

25 May 2011

The stock salad, dessert, and sandwich offerings in the cooler are decent.The paninis are a bit pricier, but delicious to boot.  The deli salads are good eats and the variety is pretty darn good.  It's a good last minute dinner as these folks are open till 8pm. More...


Elsie W.

23 May 2011

There's nothing to eat in Melville. This is the best out of every place I've been to so far. I've been going here 3 days in a row. I love the Bistro Panini. Melted brie cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, chicken, mmmmmmmmm. I do not love the JR Panini though. It was just alright. Everyone is friendly, which freaks me out because I'm used to the lack of customer service back in NYC. Today, I had their salad with the toss-ins. Spent $9.50 on such salad. It was alright. But not worth the price. My stomach hurts a little... More...



15 May 2011

Num Nums. I must agree with Jim, if the LondonPort sandwich existed during World War 1 it would have been safe to leave the trenches during Christmas and Lunchtime. The sandwiches are out of this world, I have tried probably 10 different varieties and have yet to be dissapointed. In addition there are generally some rather healthy alternatives; great salads and a quinoa/turkey chili that I would eat everyday for lunch if they made it more often. More...


Andi O.

23 January 2011

Best Deli on Long Island - may be the best Deli in New York.  The selection is amazing - the sandwiches are fabulous and different from your everyday turkey and swiss.  The make your own salad station is Amazing - I just wish i lived closer so I could eat there more often! More...


Kristen P.

15 November 2010

Great food and quick service! I recommend the chicken burger.


Adrianna C.

14 November 2010

For deli fare, Suburban is tops.  We routinely order lunch delivered to our office.  However, you must be prepared to wait up to 2 hours to receive the delivery.  And sometimes the grilled chicken (or various other ingredients from "build your own salad") may be missing from your salad.  This is the reason I stopped ordering salads from Suburban long ago (even though some of their homemade dressings are delightful).  The soups are overpriced and not as good as you'd expect, judging by the quality of their sandwiches and hot food choices.  You cannot go wrong with any of the sandwiches or wraps.  My favorites are the JR Special or the Longwood.  Delicious and well worth the price.  I would avoid going there at lunch time.  It's packed and you will wait almost as long as if you have it delivered. More...


Aggie L.

6 October 2010

Suburban Eats has a vast selection of wraps, pizzas, sandwiches, salads and breakfast items. The guys that run this deli are always there (or at least every time I've gone in) and are pretty personable. We used their catering service for two of my girlfriends' bridal showers, and we got SO many compliments at both events. It wasn't just food slopped on a platter... they did a really nice job of presenting and displaying the food. I am pretty certain that we'll be using them for our next shower/event too... More...


Craig H.

31 July 2010

Excellent choice of eats here. Very complete salad bar, pizzeria, and various other tasty meals. Be prepared to wade through droves of businessmen and women as this place services a very busy section of the route 110 corridor. Prices are fair and the quality of anything is top notch. I'd compare it to a better Pret a manger from NYC or a direct competitor to Iavarone brothers. More...


Ashlee C.

15 July 2010

I enjoy this deli/pizzeria quite thoroughly.  The people who own this place know what they are doing.  I have never ordered delivery, but judging by other reviews you are better served going to pick up your food.  Every time I have visited the place is jamming, but I have never experienced an overly long wait at the counter.  All of the panini and pizza items are sitting in a case already prepared.  You are not waiting for them to assemble sandwiches, only heat them.  That is the only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5.  I would prefer if the panini were assembled to order, however the place is so busy that this would make the pace unbearably slow.  The turnover seems very high at lunch time and I've never gotten something that was old, so I deal with the pre-made sandwiches.   Most of the sandwiches are $6.25 which I find quite reasonable.  They are all on very nice breads and fair in size.  Considering most places will charge you 5 bucks for a regular cold cut sandwich on a standard poppy roll, being able to get nice bread, cheeses & meats for the extra $1.25 is worth it, IMO.  I can't speak for the salad bar and other prepared foods, though. Some of my favorites include the stuffed garlic knot, vermont maple panini, and sicilian panini.  The garlic knot is jumbo in size and stuffed with prosciuitto, mozzarella, and tomato.  They also have one with chicken in it if you want a real meal.  Vermont maple panini is honey turkey with some kind of almondy spread and brie, delicious.  The sicilian panini is a good vegetarian option if that's your mood and has layers of fried eggplant, roasted red peppers, provolone & artichoke spread.  Sometime when I am not stuffed from all that, I will move on to the desserts which look very good as well. More...


Thomas E.

3 March 2010

This is a great deli!  Great sandwiches and salads, made to order.  My favorite thing is their cupcakes!!  Addicted to the Mr. O, an oreo cupcake with an oreo baked inside, with creamcheese icing (just the right amount) and cookie crumbs and mini oreo on top.  They have 10 other flavors too, I've tired carrot and some chocolate one.  Don't forget the cupcake!  They'll take special orders too and put kids pictures, bathing suits or anything on top of the cucake, no extra charge! More...



30 January 2010

Really good sandwich/lunch shop. Get the Smokehouse (turkey, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, BBQ mayo on a panini) or the Londonport Pub (port wine marinated roast beef, fried onion strings, jalapeño cheese on tortilla-esque flat bread). Both sandwiches could stop a war, they're that delicious. More...


Taylor O.

30 July 2009

In an area lacking options; this a solidly executed deli.Stuck eating $15 omlettes next door at the Hilton?  This place has great ones starting at 2.99 + other ingredients and a bunch of cool stuff like organic juices and truffle oil.Lunch is great;  sandwiches with artisan bread are popular as well as loudly chopped salads.  I go for the entree everytime, stuffed pork, roasted chicken, fish, etc.  Always something good and inexpensive.  The lines to pay are long and the seating is limited. More...



29 April 2009

Best in the area. Best in a lot of areas... Always busy and a bit pricey but, so worth it. A deli with the works, and not such bad pizza, all things considered. Large staff however they lack the appreciation of their customer... endless selection and daily specials, a favorite exists for everyone, go often and figure it out... I suggest calling in your order and allowing plenty of time, they need a larger drink selection but, otherwise, just enjoy. More...



3 April 2009

Really good sandwiches & staff was helpful.