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Studio Los Feliz

Los Feliz, California, Los Angeles County

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Studio Los Feliz logo

Studio Los Feliz

Los Feliz, California, Los Angeles County

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Studio Los Feliz is a dedicated photography and videography studio located in Los Angeles.

It is owned and operated by Eli Wynshaw, a fine-art photographer and filmmaker whose photography has been displayed in galleries in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy, and whose film and video work has been screened across the globe.


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Joe C.

22 June 2018

First off: We didn't get our photos done with Studio Los Feliz.  But I felt my interactions with Eli were so positive, I had to give him a review.My wife was looking for someone to take a very simple but professional headshot to replace the crummy one she'd gotten as part of an organized group photo shoot.  I reached out to almost a dozen photographers on Yelp -- of them, Eli easily had the best combination of professionalism and friendliness, hands down.His portfolio is quality, *especially* at the price point he quoted us, so our decision only came down to one of geography -- there was someone else of approximately the same price and quality whose "studio" was closer to us.I really appreciated how Eli handled our interactions, and would definitely recommend or consider him again for future photography needs. More...



19 April 2018

Had an excellent experience with Eli. He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the photos. He even really got to know my needs before hand. His equipment is great, excellent attitude and even did a great job on color grading and re-touching. More...



29 January 2018

Studio Los Feliz was an absolute pleasure to work with. Elias was very flexible regarding the timing of our event (which was a winter gala for over 200 people), and accommodating to last minute requests. He also went out of the way to get the equipment to set up a photobooth on the night of the event. Definitely worth every penny. 10/10, nay 11/10. More...


Spencer O'Karma

26 January 2018

My experience working with Elias and Studio Los Feliz was absolutely rewarding, and for any further work I need done I intend to return to Studio Los Feliz. I needed a headshot, and Elias made me feel immediately comfortable, which is such an important ability for a photographer to possess. Besides being so kind and able to create a relaxing environment, he also is a top quality professional photographer, and I am extremely happy with the result. I was also under a time pressure, and Elias shot the perfect picture of me right away, which astounded me, as I am pretty picky about everything, especially the way I look in photographs. His follow-up was quick and communicative, and any little details that I needed brushed up he fixed right away and with ease. Not to mention the quality of his photographs, which is top-notch. I can tell he cares about his work. He has the whole set-up, both with his equipment and with his skill. A true professional. I highly recommend, any day of the week! More...


Jacob A

14 January 2018

Elias took the time to take a very professional headshot that I now use for Linkedin and all other situations in which I need a headshot. Elias was very patient and careful. Highly recommend! More...

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Great question! The secret to taking a great photograph is the same as the secret to doing high-quality work in any medium: in business, in music, in cooking for your family, the key to doing a good job is paying close attention. In advance of the photographs being taken, we give every client our full attention to find out what they need; and once we're there doing the job, we make a practice of being extremely sensitive to the details of what is going on. Someone who hires Studio Los Feliz will see we pay attention to the unique needs of each client, adjusting and adapting so that no two clients ever receive the same product.

The two questions we always ask any client are:

(1) Who is the audience of these photographs or videos? Your family? Your future self? Your employers? Potential casting agents, even?
(2) What do you want to communicate to that audience? For example, do you want your absent relates to feel like they were there? Do you want your boss to be impressed at how well-run your event was? Do you want the casting director to know that you're a serious actor with an equally important silly side?

Between these two questions, we can sharpen our understanding of how we can be of most help to our clients, and make sure our work fulfills their vision.

Interacting with people, learning about new equipment, being a part of clients' stories.

Eli founded Studio Los Feliz after working for several years as a fine art photographer. He began this business because he wanted to use the skills he had used making art photography in other environments. People who use Studio Los Feliz notice that our photography is always very close to being art: beautiful as well as functional.

In today's climate many people feel that their business partners are just in it for the transaction: do the work, get paid, and move on to the next one. They care about the client only enough to get paid. Studio Los Feliz cares about something beyond the business side of things. We do a good job because we care about the work in and of itself, and we care that people always get the most we can offer. We take pride in our work, and believe that every client deserves nothing less than our absolute best.