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Our company offers a one-stop shop for all of your multi-media service needs. From planning an event to recording your next album we can do it all. We specialize in making your life easier from start to finish at an affordable price.

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16 April 2019

This studio does GREAT work! My goal is to start a Real Estate Videography business, editing was never my strong suit, that’s why I turned to bark.com which connected me with Tyler and the guys at Studio 147. Tyler took my project into his own hands and made progress in just hours. They edited 2 videos for me and even made me a logo to use for my future business . Extremely professional, super efficient. Definitely recommend!

Thank you Mike! It was great working with you on your business/project. If you need anything else please feel free to reach out and if you need any more work done on your projects we will be happy to take care of those for you.


Staci Hill

27 March 2019

Studio 147 Is Awesome!!!!!!!! Check it out!!!!!!


Char Lee

27 March 2019

This studio is where it’s at! Skill, creativity, innovation, and true professionalism!

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There are many factors in taking a photograph that has to be taken into consideration like lighting, angle, lens type, camera type, shutter speed, etc. However, we have found with taking a truly remarkable photograph all those other things are well and good it really all boils down to the person behind the camera and their experience with taking photos. With that experience they are able to see things that the normal person would not especially when it comes to the tiniest of details that can set a great photo apart from a good photo and even a remarkable photo from a great photo.

When are you looking to have your project back?
Have you worked with a creative company before?

We do not simply just do the project that the client has. We help them achieve their ideas and dreams often sacrificing time to make sure the client is exhilarated when seeing the final product. That true happiness of a job well done makes it all work it.

Our company was founded with the goal of helping all achieve their creative dreams. We started with simple mixing & mastering of music but now we are a one-stop shop for everything creative. From creating that movie to managing events to even helping your business on the back side if you think about it we can do it.

There are creative companies that just do the project. Then there is us. We have never believed in just a doing the project and moving on but instead creating an ongoing relationship even over the simplest project. We make sure you are truly happy with your project so much so that we still have editing files from our first ever client in 2001 so that we can go back and change anything they ask for at the fraction of the price.


Only available for Dallas/Fort Worth Locations

Only available for Dallas/Fort Worth Locations

This service is specifically for larger projects that require multiple departments to successfully achieve

This service is specifically for projects that are extremely budget conscious. In our founding our mission was to help all especially the little guy achieve their creative dreams because of this we are extremely flexible when it comes to budgets.

From Singles to Albums, whether in a band or by yourself we can help you record your song.

Need someone to help create and manage your merchandise? Look no further because we can do that!