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Fully Qualified Personal Trainer from Reigate, Surrey. CIMSPA member.
One-to-one, bootcamp and fitness management.

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28 September 2018

very accommodating and reasonably priced PT



28 August 2018

I’ve just restarted my fitness journey a few weeks ago. Stuart offers fun, varied workouts, tailored to my abilities but offering me challenges. All exercises are delivered with clear instruction, ensuring I get the most out of them.
I’m feeling fitter, stronger & more confident already! I really look forward to each session’s new challenge. Am loving exercising again!


Most important is to asses the clients needs and abilities. Keep them growing, keep them interested by offering more than just a workout once a week.

There's no way to sugar coat this, it's work. There's no real secret or magic potion, I can help motivate my clients, but they need to want to do it.

Seeing the change in my clients. Watching them do something they couldn't do before I worked with them.

I never wanted to be tied to a gym. My targets are my own, not given to me by someone in an office who has never met me or my clients.

I have been into fitness as long as I can remember. I basically work doing my hobby and I'm very enthusiastic about it, that rubs off and inspires my clients. I'm not a shouter, I encourage the best from my clients without screaming at them. My clients will reach the goals we set out together and they will be lasting.