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Muhassan Darby

30 August 2019

Phil is the perfect mix of hard work, motivation, support, and results! His attention to my personal goals and success shows in every session, every set, and every rep. I highly recommend Phil for your personal training/fitness needs. More...


Niraj Patel

23 August 2019

If you need someone to educate, train, motivate, provide accountability, or partner with you to improve your fitness level, look no further than Phil.Phil's approach is very focused on your particular needs. He works with you to develop a training program that works well for you individually and he will modify exercises as needed to suit you and work to your individual goals. Phil is extremely kind and knowledgeable and it won't take long for you to feel and see results. He is flexible with scheduling in case you have any issues making an appointment and is always willing to work you in his schedule when he has availability to make up the session if you do miss here and there. He gives great advice and definitely knows his stuff! Go see Phil if you are looking for a great transformation! More...


Olivia Bullington

29 January 2019

Phil is a wonderful fitness specialist. He genuinely invests his time and knowledge into every single one of his clients, creating the atmosphere every shape & size can be comfortable with. He is patient, intelligent, and always ready to help you reach even your wildest fitness goals! More...


Smith Family

29 January 2019

Can not recommend Phil enough. Amazing workouts tailored to your specific goals and abilities, offers meal plans and support. He’s honest, straight forward and more than worth it More...


Mollay Curran

29 January 2019

I have been working with Phil for almost a year now and I am easily in the best shape of my life thanks to this exercise routine. Phil's approach is encouraging and I would recommend his guidance and support through a work out journey for novices and veterans alike! More...


Chris Grassi

29 January 2019

Structured fitness has been a consistent fixture in my fitness goals for years. Phil keeps the workouts fresh and always changing the approach weekly to continue growth and fat loss. Best investment you can make for yourself is investing in yourself. I highly recommend Phil Clahar as your personal training expert. More...


Zana Brooks

29 January 2019

Phil is extremely positive in his approach to fitness and the goals that I want to achieve. He took his time explaining the numbers to me, once he calculated my body fat percent, and broke down what I needed to do to get where I want to be. He helped me set realistic and achievable goals for the next 3 months.I would highly recommend Phil as a personal trainer no matter if you are a beginner or well into your fitness journey. More...


Angelica Alexander

29 January 2019

Phil is an expert in his field whether you are a high school athlete or retiree he can customize and build a workout program just for you. He is very professional, friendly and helpful in the gym. I would recommend him to anyone that is wanting to be pushed and crush their health and fitness goals. Keep up the great work Phil!! More...


Kaylynn Hamilton

29 January 2019

Phil is amazing! I always feel challenged and he pushes me to perform at my best. His sessions are always different so I never get bored and he is very knowledgeable. He is also an awesome person, who has become a good friend as well. More...


Toral Patel

29 January 2019

Phil is amazing, he helps not only physical goals but personal goals as well. He is not just a personal trainer, I feel he is a life coach that provides advice when you need it and shares his personal experience. He is very honest, caring person. Truly believes in his clients! More...


Steve Odell

29 January 2019

Phil is a fantastic trainer! He has great in-depth knowledge about Fitness, Nutrition and what it takes to get solid lasting results. Tell him what you want, put in the sweat and you will see the results! Great trainer More...


Bill Loftin

29 January 2019

Phil has to be one of the best personal trainers I have ever met , he legitimately cares about your physical and mental goals and has the answers for you to be able to reach them. I highly recommend him to anyone on all platforms no matter your skill level or goal he will help you achieve it. More...


Ryan Merlo

5 January 2019

Phil is an amazing trainer and awesome experience. I still look to him for any guidance that I need in my physical fitness goals. Every gain I have made I can credit to his techniques and training. Highly recommended... thanks Phil. More...


Dan Netto

4 June 2018

Awesome personalized all encompassing training program… Very impressed so far


Benedict Aguillera

4 June 2017

Phil is a man of his word and he knows what he's talking about. He will push you to the limit if you need that extra motivation. Myself is in school for sports medicine and he has the top certifications in the United States. Don't be afraid to ask questions, he will find a way to get you that answer you are looking. Phil has the tools to get you in the perfect shape. The key thing is you've got to put in 100%. When you do that he will push you to your very limits and keep pushing you to you can't push them no more. I'm glad to have Phil as a personal trainer. I would recommend anyone who wants to have that change in your lifestyle, your health, your body and your spirit. Like I said, I highly recommend that you get feel as a personal trainer. More...