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Melanie Gilman

30 June 2019

My husband and I just signed up for a year membership after working with Seena for the last 6 months. We had been going to another local gym, following our own program, but I was having trouble getting beyond a weak knee. I have had therapy by Dr Kulcak at Airrosti and received invaluable assistance and significant pain relief, but to continue an ongoing strengthening program of my own she felt I needed the help of a personal trainer. After my knee buckled and gave out on me while squatting at the gym, I finally had to admit she was right. On her recommendation I called Seena. He has been able to assess my particular weaknesses and has designed individualized workouts that meet both mine and my husband's very different ability levels. We are in our late 50's, enjoy skiing and hiking and want to stay active as long as we can. We both really can't recommend Strongfound highly enough. We now use the gym like any other gym, and can work out at times that work with our schedule. More...


Kristina Kirkland

29 January 2019

I could not be happier with my decision to go with Coach Seena for both my competition prep and off-season. I highly recommend him to anyone - including those just starting out or those wanting to take their fitness to the next level. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about movement and nutrition and his coaching is safe and smart. His studio is well maintained, clean and modern, and equipped with everything you need to get stronger and healthier the right way. More...


Matt Alvarez

1 September 2018

Seena is hands down the best personal trainer I've ever worked with. He has in depth knowledge of each individual's dietary needs and has been a great motivator in reaching my fitness goals. If you're thinking about using a personal trainer Seena is the best around! More...


Kate Stelly

1 September 2018

Seena is awesome! He helped get me in shape for my wedding and made me feel great. He gives you a plan that’s easy to fit into your every day routine and is supportive all along the way. Strongly recommend him for any of your fitness needs! More...


Stacie Langham

2 August 2018

Seena is great! He has helped me lose 50 pounds. He works with you closely will training in his studio. He also adjusts your meal routines and cardio based on your personal goals. If you have challenges he will adjust your routine to somehow get you back on track. I am glad I started working with Seena. I feel and look so much better! More...


Tony Tamez

2 August 2018

I lost 30 lbs in a four month period of training with Seena. Started losing steadily and saw big losses when I started his nutritional program. Still losing weight and increasing my weight workouts. I don't have to take blood pressure medication anymore. I feel so much better. Trust his program; very knowledgeable and I eat more now than before, just much better choices and the right amount. More...


Larry Masuno

29 May 2017

I highly recommend Strongfound Personal Training for your fitness goals. Seena gives one on one personal training and has the nutrition plan to go with your workout.


A Torres

29 May 2017

Working with Seena has taken me out of the rut I've been in for years. Everything from my workout to eating habits have changed, and our weekly check-ins holds me accountable. Highly recommended for anyone who has been struggling to reach their goals and who is serious about changing their lifestyle. More...


Evelyn Cordero

29 May 2017

I highly recommend Seena as personal trainer, he is professional, respectful, and committed with his clients. I'm on my way to accomplish my personal goals and his coaching has been vital for my journey.

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