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Christine Wong

30 June 2019

I was referred to Matt and Chad from a friend. Matt and Chad are both super knowledgeable and really helped me kick start my goal to get lean while staying strong. I worked mostly with Chad - he was helpful and patient with my progress as I was trying to fight off bad habits (HIP HINGE!). I liked how they changed up exercises / gradually added weight to keep pushing me to do better and maximize results. They always demonstrated what I needed to do and made sure I was feeling what I needed to feel in the right muscles. They have set me up for success and provided really great tips/strategies to help continue with cutting. The most important thing is that after every session, I always felt great, like I unlocked another level in strength or form. You guys rock, and I would definitely recommend! More...


Owen Michael Morse Smith

6 February 2019

I had a really great experience at StrongerYou Personal Training. My trainer, Matt, was very attentive to my goals, and assessed my diet and my current fitness level so he could tailor the sessions perfectly for me and advise me about how I could enhance my diet. He demonstrated the workouts for me and provided me with feedback on where I needed to improve so I could maximize my results. He also provided me with session recap emails so I could keep the momentum going with the progress he helped me achieve. Overall, I had a very positive experience training with Matt, and would recommend (and have) to anyone! More...


Janet Fletcher

6 February 2019

Wow! I came here with the goal of building strength in my hamstrings and glutes and correcting hunched shoulders from cycling. My trainer Chad has helped me train the right muscles to do their right jobs and what a difference it is making! Chad is very professional and knowledgable. He takes the time to explain, demonstrate and adapt the training to my needs. I feel terrific and the best part is what I am learning is sustainable. I would recommend StrongerYou Personal Training to anyone who believes that you can feel just a bit stronger and happier and want professional and result oriented trainers. More...


Simone Ritter

31 October 2018

I really enjoyed my sessions here with Chad. Knowledgeable, super helpful and patient with me no matter what. Would definitely recommend. Hope to be back soon.

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