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We specialise in body composition and injury rehabilitation.

We believe in using a holistic approach to our training methods and offer a range of classes all geared towards fat loss via different modalities e.g. Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, and Gymnastics.


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Nikki Woolvine

7 May 2018

My son was lucky to take part in a rugby festival there this weekend. What an incredible school and sporting facility . Must be an amazing place to go to school.


Pauliasi Namata

1 May 2017

Amazing sporting facilities - rugby pitches are just simply fabulous

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We have helped many clients over the years achieve their goals.

With most people the goals are generally fat loss which is great.

But then after that, most people want to achieve some sort of performance/skill goal. This is where we excel as we offer such a range of training modalities from Olympic Weightlifting, Qigong, Yoga, Gymnastics, Bodybuilding, etc allowing YOU as the client to stay lean, but also develop your LIFESTYLE!

We are passionate about educating our students about the power of both Yang (exercise, work) and Yin (sleep, nutrition, stretching, breathing) practices to help deal with our stressful lifestyles.

It's all about balance and we can help you attain this in your lives.


Most people we are to stressed and do to much. They don't take the time to breath, hydrate, eat and sleep properly.

We find by just getting our clients initially to focus on these practices they naturally lose body fat regardless of the training. Their systems are out of wack and need resetting to find equilibrium.

One of our most favourite practices to teach people is Qigong as not only does it teach the meditative qualitites of focusing on proper breathing mechanics, but also helps you to release tension, stretch your muscles and restore muscular imbalances of the hips and shoulders.

Empowering people to do things they never thought ther would be able to do.

In our Movement Method class, we teach people how to use and train on Olympic Gymnastic Rings.

At first people cringe and say "there's no way you're getting me up there!"

Yet in 10 minutes they are hanging upside, performing intricate moves as if they are starring in Cirque du Soleil.

This is what I love!

To offer people the chance to come back from injury faster, stronger and much fitter than before.

To give more people the chance to perform what most people perceive as impossible feats of flexibility, strength and power in progressive and simple manner.

To allow people to lose body in different ways via our exclusive classes which you won't see in your David Lloyd or Fitness First. We want to be unique.

To join forces with other incredible coaches in the UK to build a stronger and more influetial voice that "weight loss" is only superficial. But rather we, as coaches, should be educating our clients in the whole package to longevity and happiness- sleep, nutrition, meditation, yoga, resistance training, etc.

Because you won't get bored, you'll have fun, you'll meet some our unbelievable clients who will totally shock you with what they can do, at their age and with only in a short time period and we practice what we preach!

We walk the walk and talk the talk and would never give you something we've never done ourselves.

We hold many world-wide recognised qualifications and are constantly developing our knowledge year-to-year.


Perfect if you: - Have no previous gym/training experience. - Want to specialise and get some extra coaching in one of our training methods e.g. Olympic Weightlifting - Prefer to train alone and not in a group. Price Options: P-A-Y-G = £75.00/hour 10 session bundle = £675.00 20 session bundle = £1,200.00 30 session bundle = £1,875.00

Check out our website page here to find about our exclusive classes you won't see anywhere else and see what tickles your fancy... http://adamfedorciow.com/group-training/ Price Options: P-A-Y-G = £20.00/hour 10 session bundle = £180.00 20 session bundle = £340.00 30 session bundle = £480.00

We offer 30 minute Soft Tissue Therapy sessions to help breakdown and correct muscular imbalances. These are NOT massages but rather sessions where we help you find out what is the cause of your pain, get rid of the restrictions and provide you with an exercise plan to help correct your compensations. We use a number of techniques including: - Fascial Abrasion Technique involves the use of a tool to break down scar tissue and resolve fascial restrictions. Fascial abrasion technique is used to treat painful conditions resulting from injury or overuse disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, cervical and lumbar strain, tendonosis (Achilles, rotator cuff) patella-femoral knee pain and tennis and golfers elbow. - Active Release Techniques - http://activerelease.com/ - Muscle Activation Techniques - https://muscleactivation.com/about-us/what-is-mat/