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Strength Incorporated/ Alaris Fitness

Santa Barbara, California, Santa Barbara


Strength Incorporated/ Alaris Fitness

Santa Barbara, California, Santa Barbara


I'm offering an integrative approach to strength training involving movement correctives, injury prevention and individualized programming based on personal needs for lifestyle, activities or sports.


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I use my background in sports medicine to approach fitness from ground zero and work on reprogramming any deficits and making them stronger for every day activities, sports and extreme sports.

there is no secret. It takes commitment, time, dedication and an understanding of the big picture and the establishment of goals.

Meeting people of all walks of life with different hobbies looking to accomplish a healthier lifestyle and believing in themselves to push harder and dedicate to a life-time commitment of health and well being.

I wanted to offer people a blend between basic strengthening provided in the physical therapy setting to fully integrative strength training programs.

My background experience and education focuses on human movement and performance.


Individualized strength and conditioning programs

Private treatments to remove fascial adhesions using cupping therapy

Taping to stimulate neuromuscular facilitation for inactive muscle responses in training. Only used after private movement assessment and need for taping intervention established

Services provided separately. This is performed on an individual basis for those needing an in depth musculoskeletal evaluation to determine root cause of injuries being presented from prior sports participation, chronic issues, new injuries, aches and pains. Recommendations to other providers will be made depending on severity of symptoms and results of evaluation.