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We Build, Promote, and Support Awesome, Effective, and Affordable E-commerce Websites. We’re Not Your Typical Digital Agency.

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Strategic Internet Q&A

Strategic Internet Q&A

What makes a great website?

A great User Experience (UX), simple navigation, succinct and engaging copy, sticky content that visitors love to consume and share with others. If you have an E-commerce website, you've got to have great photos or videos that thoroughly detail the benefits of your products, the navigation must be well thought out so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for, and your checkout process must be simple and intuitive. You should try to mimic Amazon as much as you can as they have the best checkout process in the world.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

What is the nature of your business? Are you B2B or B2C? Do you plan to sell products or services on your website? (E-commerce) If you plan to conduct E-commerce, do you have photos and descriptions of all of your products? Do you have a merchant account? What do you want your website to do for you? Do you have an existing website that you are redesigning, or is this a brand new site? Who will write the copy for your website? Do you plan to write it, or do you need our help? Are you promoting your business through any social channels? Who is your target market? Have you claimed your Google Places listing? Who are your competitors? How and where are they promoting their business? Where do your customers gather or frequent? Do you have a Facebook business page? Do you use Twitter and/or Instagram? Do you have a blog? If so, do you post to it regularly?

What do you love most about your job?

Every client is different, their wants and needs are unique, yet they run parallel to others in their niche. I love creating awesome and beautiful websites that engage and convert visitors into prospects and customers.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I got involved with the Internet back when it was first getting started. When I was working for a software company in the 90's, I asked my boss for advice on where I should focus going forward. He said to learn everything I could about the Internet, and I took it to heart. After leaving the software company in late 2000, I embarked on a Master's degree in E-commerce. Upon graduation, I started my business.

Why should our clients choose you?

We've been designing and building websites as well as marketing and supporting our clients for more than 15 years. We have worked with companies of all sizes from solopreneurs to the Fortune 500. We've got a track record of success that practically spans the age of the Internet.

Services provided by Strategic Internet

Strategic Internet Services

Website Design

Yes, we build websites. After all, that’s the reason you’re here, right? But for us, it’s so much more than that. We pride ourselves on quality, attention to detail and the best customer support you’ll ever experience… all while keeping it affordable. That’s the special sauce we put into every service we offer. For us, it’s not just about the end result, it’s about the steps we use to get there and how we can help you along the way, even after your site goes live.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business In this day and age every business owner knows that having a digital footprint is a prerequisite to growing their business. So when you hear the phrase “digital footprint”, what comes to mind? Having a website? Having a great conversion funnel? Ranking highly in organic search for your main keywords? (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) A Google Adwords campaign that converts? (Pay Per Click, PPC) Engaging your customers or prospects on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? (Social media) Great email campaigns? An active, insightful, blog that gets updated on a weekly basis? (Content) Live chat functionality on your site perhaps? (Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO) Webinars, guest posts, affiliate programs, and on and on… What’s the End Goal? The end goal is to increase your business revenue through your E-commerce website, which means…You need to have a website that converts. In order to have a website that converts, you’ll need traffic you can convert. To generate traffic that converts, you need for people to be able to find your website. In order for people to find your website, you need to be where they are when: They’re looking for you, or They’re having a problem, searching for a solution, and your product/service solves their problem, or They don’t even know that they have a problem, and you make them aware of that problem and offer them a solution. That’s pretty much it. These are the most important things for you to know and it’s what we provide to all of our clients.

Website Care Plans

Effective Websites require regular attention to Security, Backups, Software Updates, and of course... your Strategy Website Care Plans give you peace of mind. When you are on one of our Website Care Plans, you'll have our dedicated team of experts to support and grow your business. To learn more see


Holox Ltd Case Study

The Situation Holox Ltd, a medium-sized compressed gas supplier based in Norcross, Georgia knew they needed to move into the Internet age and in 2001 hired Strategic Internet LLC initially to design and build a new website for the company. What was anticipated by management to be a 30-day project soon morphed into two months, six months and eventually an ongoing project. Upon their discovery process, Shea Ellison, Digital Marketing Manager of Strategic Internet discovered that not only did Holox need a website; they also needed backend systems to manage their business processes. They were still doing everything on paper and storing all documents in filing cabinets. If they were going to move into the digital realm and really benefit from implementing technology in their business, they had to be “all-in.” The Solution We prioritized their needs and decided to design and build their public-facing website first. Once that was complete, we began work on their Intranet, scanning and transcribing their mountain of paper documents and loading them up into the hierarchical system we devised for them to make it quick and easy to retrieve any document with two or three clicks. This process continued for months and while that project was continuing, we began to help them evaluate the available Enterprise Resource Systems (ERP) on the market. After developing a comprehensive list of priorities and carefully evaluating the variety of platforms available, they opted to have us design and build a custom ERP system specific for their needs. Additionally, in 2003 they purchased LifeGas, a medical gases company which we folded into our planning and development processes. In January 2004 as the strategic planning and evaluation process evolved and before a final implementation plan could be finalized, Atlanta-based gas manufacturer Holox Ltd. was consolidated into Linde Gas LLC with AGA Gas Inc. of Cleveland and Linde Gas Inc. of LaPorte, Texas. Cleveland-based Linde Gas would now leverage the combined companies with a strong focus on products, services and technology. The Linde Gas brand builds on the equity of its parent organization, Linde AG of Germany. Linde Gas services the same industrial gas requirements of industries as Holox did such as manufacturing, food, energy, chemicals, metallurgy, environmental and construction. The Results Holox Ltd positioned itself for acquisition at least in part due to the public facing website and the back end Intranet systems we created for them. All was not lost though as Linde Gas then hired Strategic Internet LLC to revamp their digital processes as well within their Safety and Compliance division.

Linde Gas Case Study

The Situation After the Linde Group acquired multiple entities throughout the late 90’s and into the early 2000’s, in 2004 the refrigeration business unit is spun off to form “Linde Kältetechnik GmbH & Co. KG”; this company is sold to the Carrier Corporation, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. In the 2004 financial year, The Linde Group generated revenue of EUR 14.127B, making it the largest gases and engineering company in the world with approximately 65,000 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Group comprises three Divisions: Industrial Gases & Healthcare, Engineering, and Gist The largest division, Linde Gas, has three reportable segments – EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Asia/Pacific and the Americas. The new Safety Director of Linde Gas (southern region) of the Americas engaged the services of Strategic Internet LLC to design its Safety and Compliance intranet as most of their operations were still using paper documents and manual processes. The Solution After a series of discovery sessions to assess their current situation we decided upon three primary goals. First, scan all paper documents and convert them to PDF files and organize them according to their internal hierarchy. This enabled them to bring years of history forward into the Internet age. Second, we designed and developed a custom Enterprise Resource Planning system in which to incorporate all of the PDF files and establish processes whereby all future reports, communications, images, files, etc. would be generated electronically moving forward. Third, we designed and developed new online on-boarding orientation and training platform so that all new employees going forward could dispense with the paper-based training manuals, handwritten tests, and reports. The Results The Southern Region of Linde Gas was transformed from the 20th century into the 21st century in a matter of a few short years. Paper-based transactions were completely eliminated. New Employee Orientation (NEO) was a huge success. Employees were quickly engaged and entertained as they participated in multimedia online training – helping them get up to speed faster and fuller than at any time in the past. The Safety Management System (SMS) was updated and integrated with their new ERP system. Executive management throughout the company was thrilled with the outcome. Shea and his team received high praises from everyone in every department across the organization.

GV USA Logistics Case Study

The Situation In this GV USA Logistics case study you will see how OK Cargo has been in the Freight Forwarding business since the 1980s and has built their business purely by referrals. It has been a fruitful strategy as long as they remained in their current markets of Barranquilla and Bogota, Colombia. They have made some contacts in Panama and other parts of Latin America. However, they wanted to grow and expand not only the services they offered, but penetrate other markets throughout Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. The Solution First, they created a new dba name that would make them sound bigger and more appealing to new prospects; GV USA Logistics (Garcia Vargas). They engaged the services of Strategic Marketing Consultants to develop and implement an Extreme Marketing Makeover for their business. We started with our Business Evaluation process to learn about who they really are and what makes them different than any of their competitors. We then performed an Identity Consultation to really dig deep and discover what their “Identity” is. What is their “inside reality.” We know that every business out there has both an “inside reality” and an “outside perception” and that rarely are these two ever aligned. In order to strategically plan their content development, we had to know who they are, what makes them different and better than any of their competitors and why a prospect should choose them over any of their competitors. We then dove into our Discovery process, similar to how an attorney in a life and death court case will want to know every detail. Initially this discovery process consumed several hours per day. We spoke with the owners Jorge and Nora Garcia on multiple occasions over the course of several months as we began to develop both their Strategic and their Tactical plan. One of the things we learned early on is that 60% of their clients are Spanish speaking only, and that the other 40% were bi-lingual (English / Spanish). Therefore from the outset, we knew that we would need to create all marketing content first in English and then translate it all to Spanish. Throughout our discussions and research into their industry we learned that the logistics industry in Latin America has many challenges and the region is poised for substantial growth in the coming years. However, there are situations that we in the USA take for granted that just isn’t so in many parts of Central and South America such as a well developed interstate highway system. Getting goods to the port is only half the challenge. Transporting cargo inland to its final destination poses many risks. The Results Even before the project was complete, they were already receiving requests from virtually every country and major city throughout Latin America. Business is up 47%. They have just moved into a new and larger facility in Miami. They are preparing to hire and train more employees to handle the increased business. They now have a full time office in Bogota and are preparing to expand into Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. GV USA Logistics is now turning to Strategic Marketing Consultants to design and implement their new CRM, Marketing and Sales Automation system through Infusionsoft integration. With the depth of knowledge we have about their company and industry, we are without a doubt the perfect choice to help them automate many of their business systems. Additionally, they developed an opportunity to start selling goods and services to clients in Venezuela. They hired us to develop and implement a bi-lingual shopping cart system to sell a wide variety of products from automobiles, to computers and cellphones, to industrial and medical equipment and everything in between.

Airgas Case Study

The Situation Strategic acquisitions spurred significant early growth. Starting in the early 1980s, the U.S. market for industrial gases was dominated by a few major producers. By the mid-1990s, with $1.5 billion in sales and over 250 acquisitions, Airgas was ripe to embrace new challenges to ensure lasting value. The 2000s saw a significant ramp up of scale with the major acquisitions of industry giant Air Products and Linde’s bulk-gas business, which then gave Airgas 10 percent of the U.S. bulk-gas market. The company also increased its value by expanding beyond gas distribution to gas production. By 2010, Airgas was producing 30 percent of the gases it sells. In 2007 Strategic Internet LLC was contracted to do for Airgas what it had previously done for Linde Gas. Although the corporate office had begun development of the of the company website, the Safety & Compliance departments were still operating on a much outdated system in need of a major upgrade. The Solution After a series of discovery sessions with management throughout all regions nationwide it was unanimously decided to implement an online New Employee Orientation system similar to what Linde Gas had. It was also decided to design and build a custom Intranet that all regions could use to communicate everything related to Safety & Compliance. New videos, advanced online training and on-boarding systems were designed, developed, and integrated into the Intranet. All safety and compliance related content spread all across a multitude of locations was digitized and loaded into the central repository on the new Safety & Compliance Intranet where everyone had easy access. In 2012 security was beefed up and all content was locked down behind a secure login. In February of 2015 a completely redesigned system with one integrated database and a new UX was launched to the delight of executives across the nation. The Results While the corporate website and intranet are used for content applicable to all departments, the Safety & Compliance Intranet (Safe-T-Net) is used daily by executives and management throughout the company to manage communication effectively and efficiently. The system has received high praises from managers in virtually every region across the nation. The Strategic Internet team responds to support requests usually within minutes to hours and that has executives thrilled by the level of service that is second to none.

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