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Kevan Nelson

3 August 2019

amazing family event fun for all ages


Pretty Jefferson

17 July 2019

they great and my kids loved it!


Amy Eastin Asselstine

30 March 2019

We took our twin 16 month olds to see Dragonfire at the library. I was nervous they wouldn’t be able to sit still, but they were entranced the whole time. They kept dancing, jumping up and down with excitement and letting out tiny happy screams and pointing at the puppets while they sat. I can’t wait to take my daughters another time and see that look of joy and amazement on their faces again. More...


Teamdtmh Davidson

20 July 2018

Thank you for the great show you put on for us. Our Shawnee Mission Jump Start students really enjoyed all the puppets! Hope to see you again!!


Shannon Warford

17 June 2018

One of the coolest shows I’ve seen! They definitely wow you! We just love them!


Tyler Watts

2 June 2018

Always a great show!


Gina Lesslie

7 May 2017

Pretty cool, looking forward into seeing more of the projects they do in the future :D


Jorja Naidu

18 August 2016

Different from most puppet shows I've seen, with the performers being behind the stage with their puppets, but greatly captivating! Full of life, music, fun and laughter, with such a cute and lovely story! A wonderful experience. Come back to Fiji sometime! More...


Jerry Y. Wong

8 October 2015

Thank you StoneLion. I can't forget my visit to your awesome and creative hub. It has and still is, inspiring me in my everyday life to better advocate through creative mediums as you do best. Keep up the great work and hope to see your team visiting my small little island paradise this side of the Pacific pretty soon. Fiji awaits you. More...


Beth Byrd-Lonski

10 May 2015

Always a great show. You won't want to miss their annual Morhers Day Show.


Spencer Huston

16 June 2014

You guys rock!!! Your productions are truly beautiful and educational works of art! Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent with us at KCKCC!

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