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Personal Training
We work directly with you to achieve your goals on a one-on-one basis. We believe each client is truly unique, and we pay incredibly close attention to detail to help you move more functionally. We will develop a custom training program for you to conquer the goals you set.


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Ubong Usoro

1 February 2019

Jay is impeccably incredible and unique at his craft. It has only been a little over a year since tearing my ACL and Meniscus and opting to avoid a third reconstructive surgery and to go the route of putting my trust in the hands of Jay. My decision so far has yet to fail as everywhere I go to hoop my opponents are in awe when I inform I am "taking it easy" because of a torn ACL and usually question if I am actually being for real(my game face is usually on when I tell them). I am pain free and have been able to save thousands in medical bills. Jay is also just a great human being in general. More...


Chirag Agrawal

17 October 2018

Jay has been my personal trainer for 8 months now, and he's helped me make great progress in strength, endurance, and overall health. He doesn't give me cookie cutter workouts; he designs his routines based on my specific goals.

When you start working with Jay, he doesn't just treat you as a customer; he treats you like a friend whose health he's personally invested in. For example, Jay trains my dad, and when my dad tore his ACL and MCL, Jay came directly to the hospital to speak with the Doctor about surgical options and rehab.

I absolutely recommend ST&F to everyone looking to improve their fitness.


Dhrumi Shah

17 October 2018

Sutaria Training & Fitness took care of me post my Achilles tendon tear and I couldn't be happier with the results. Despite rehab being a grueling process, their attention to detail in stability and strength training is unparalleled. There is a sense of comfort in working with a team that's so passionate and knowledgeable. No regrets, they're the best. More...


Keesha Rampersad Soodeen

22 August 2018

Daniel is amazing!!!! He's is patient and kind and you always see results! He makes you work but you'll love every minute of it!!!


Marlon Joseph

22 August 2018

The best


Mark Kissoon

22 August 2018

Fun personality, very knowledgeable, and patient.


April Hoyns

22 August 2018

Fun, intense, challenging, professional & effective.


Ema E.

24 February 2018

Friendly people. AC always on. LolAlways clean from what I've seen.People just want to work out and Go! No qualms with that!!!


Kayla Randolph

9 January 2018

I love this place. It has a very personal feel. The trainers are always friendly and happy to help. Most of them remember you by name. All in all, I'm pretty happy with this place. I would recommend this place to anyone who doesn't want to get lost in a sea of people and feel forgotten after you sign on. I've even received phone calls from trainers encouraging me to stay with it when I didn't attend as often as I should. More...


Evan Kinat

3 January 2018

I've known Jay since 2012, before ST&F got rolling. As a former trainer and current coach, I've always preached that excellence is in the details. I saw excellence in Jay during the first workout I observed. His attention to detail and proper progressions was refreshing. I've enjoyed watching Jay, as well as the rest of the ST&F team, grow as they've trained everyone from the "regular Joe" to elite athletes. There is not a more qualified team of fitness professionals that I would personally recommend than ST&F. There is no goal too large or injury too small for ST&F! More...


Sal S.

5 July 2017

I've been coming here for almost a year now and have undergone a body transformation during my time training here with Dewayne (and Darrell). Equipment is clean, in good condition and they have a great wifi connection! I'm able to watch videos during my cardio sessions without any difficulty. Smells clean, good humidity and temperature control. They offer once weekly flow yoga classes which are good! Love this place. More...


Clifton G.

2 November 2016

I have been going to TNLF since I was a kid growing up in the neighborhood. We would frequently "sneak" in to play basketball when the owner Cederick knew the whole time. He then offered me a job and all though I haven't worked their in a long time +\- 10 years I still love going to workout and play basketball. They have great trainers. Garry, Dewayne, Ricky, ted everyone is so helpful. More...


Erika V.

12 March 2014

I started training here at this gym about 3 months ago when my trainer changed facilities. I had been in my old gym for several years so it took awhile to get used to the change but I really do enjoy the gym here. I have to say it's exceptionally clean and by far the cleanest gym I've ever been a member to. All of the trainers and staff are exceptionally friendly and my trainer Marcus Harper is an excellent trainer and a fantastic boxing coach. I would recommend this gym to anybody that lives in the area, it definitely beats giant franchise fitness : ) More...

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you will receive your own individualized training program to reach your goals in the safest, yet most efficient way possible. Our trainers are also specialized in different forms of training, such as kettlebells and suspension training – which means that you will not be a victim of the same exercises every time you step into the gym.

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Seeing how exercise can help all avenues of a person's life.

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We work directly with you to achieve your goals on a one-on-one basis. We believe each client is truly unique, and we pay incredibly close attention to detail to help you move more functionally. We will develop a custom training program for you to conquer the goals you set.

Group or semi-private fitness training serves as a way to bring individuals with similar goals under one roof to work as a team to achieve their goals. ST&F’s skilled trainers have experience working with groups ranging anywhere from three people to over thirty people. Group training differs from personal training in that there is no private training component. These semi-private sessions are done with others, and each member goes through the same workout. For this reason, group training is recommended for those sharing a common goal, or those that simply enjoy exercising among others.

Corrective exercise services are offered by ST&F for those dealing with pre-existing injuries or joint discomforts, or for those who have experienced a traumatic injury. ST&F trainers are specialized in corrective movement and provide a great attention to detail to help regain regular movement patterns.