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We offer in person coaching and online programs that have been proven effective time after time. Cost wise we are extremely good value and offer monthly subscription training which is an incredible blend of goal reaching and budget consideration.

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Nicole Galipeault

Helped me reach my goal in 6 months and have the courage to compete on stage!!! Highly Reccommended


Wendy Vey

Thanks again Steve for getting me back in shape.


Bailey Mercier

Steve has an incredible talent for coaching and training. He and the PURE team have helped me reach countless fitness goals and they keep me motivated to strive for more. I'm excited to be part of such a dynamic and supportive team. More...

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First and foremost by taking the time to understand each person's needs, wants and abilities. In doing so we are able to apply the techniques and tools specific to that individual, as opposed to being married to one concept or another . Secondly we provide all aspects of a successful fitness program; training, eating, learning and scripting plans

A program that is suitable for each person and is repeatable and sustainable, based on evidence verified science and no BS

Watching the confidence and self esteem of clients as they progress to and beyond their goals

The need to be able to use methods I deemed appropriate for each client without the restriction of corporate policy.

We are experienced in many aspects of need and have no problem not taking a client when we feel expectations or goals are unreasonable. Our success rate is well above industry standards and we base our programs on verified science and avoid fads and gym speak at all costs