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Let’s make your life Awesome!
I coach people who are coming to the realisation that the plans they’d made for their lives aren’t working out as they’d intended.

Quite often these issues have been nagging away in the backs of their minds for quite a while until something’s occurred that’s brought the reality of how different their life is compared to what they’d hoped for, into sharp focus.


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Steven Lawrence

30 January 2019

hypnoquit was what I went to see Charles for. I was 20 a day in a stressful job with high demands and i never thought this would work for me. 4 months on and I have never smoked again and would say I never would. if you wanna quit feel better and heathlier then book an appointment and feel the benefits right away More...


Pauline Gall

6 November 2018

Hi Charles hope you are well, I quit with your help in June 2015, still a non smoker and intend to always be a non smoker. Thank you.


Samantha Wheeler

23 May 2018

Went to you see Charles in 2015 for smoking and nearly 3 years later i am still off the cigarette thank you for your help brilliant

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