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Hello, my name is Stephen Sajewski, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Coach. I concentrate on educating my clients on the principles of fitness, nutrition, and overall health. I provide the tools, resources, knowledge, and accountability that will enable you to reach your health and fitness goals independently.


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Goal-setting is an integral component in the fitness and health plans I create with my clients. The first step of the process is to explain the different aspects of goals and what components need to be included in our goals. I stress the importance of creating realistic, specific, and measurable goals. Additionally, I believe that my role should be a goal creation facilitator. In the end, I want my clients to create their own goals. This sense of ownership can be a powerful accountability tool.

Goals cannot be ambiguous or amorphous in nature. Working together, the client and I create goals that are clearly stated stated and written down for daily review. The goals need to be tangible and readily available for review.

Throughout my time with the client, we work together to monitor and review the goals. When goals need to be modified, I suggest a plan of action to re-calibrate or simply create new goals.

In the end, creating solid, results-driven goals is a life skill for everyone to learn. I want my clients to possess the knowledge and experience to created, monitor, and modify goals in all aspects of their lives.

First of all, I would caution an individual that came to me with the notion that they want "to get the body of his/her dreams". Body transformation is a process not an overnight happening. An individual must be disciplined, accountable to themselves, and realistic in their goal setting. Over time, with proper nutrition and exercise programming, body transformation will begin to take hold. Once an individual begins to both see and feel the difference in their body, nutrition, exercise programming, and overall goals need to be modified to ensure that progress is steady and observable.

Body transformation requires a lifestyle change, not a quick combination of foods, exercise, and effort. This will take time, but if you are patient, determined, and wise with your lifestyle choices, the results will come.

I enjoy exercising and helping people. This combination led to my work in the fitness field. I find work to be more enjoyable when you are enhancing the lives of others.

I have always possessed a self-starter mentality. The challenge of starting my own business was intriguing to me. I wanted to offer something that I was not seeing in the "box gym" setting: A multi-faceted approach that included nutritional guidance, mental wellness, and, of course, exercise programming. I also wanted to ensure that my clients could move on from their time with me with the knowledge and experience to develop their own personal fitness and health programs independent of me.

In short, I believed that I could offer a personal training alternative that, in the end, would be more beneficial to my clients.

I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from the guidance of a trainer, strength coach, or fitness specialist. But, I also don't believe you need a fitness specialist for the rest of your life. I am dedicated to providing a client-centered approach that will produce a simple-to-learn program that will be the framework for future body transformation. Additionally, you will learn the variables to modify your routine to ensure that your changing body is consistently challenged. Your progression through the program will elicit the results you seek.

Lastly, I incorporate stress management, development of a growth mindset, and goal setting in my fitness programs. Simply put, you cannot have a strong body without a strong mind.

I look forward to helping you exceed your expectations so that you can maximize your potential.


I have the flexibility to provide personalized training and fitness sessions to both individuals and small groups (no more than 6).

I provide Health and Wellness coaching sessions in an office setting. Every two weeks, we meet for approximately one hour. During our sessions, we will review your goals and the action plan that we have developed together to reach those goals. The action plan will include nutritional guidance, exercise programming, stress management, and mental wellness building to ensure that you reach your goals and remain accountable to yourself. You also have the option to purchase personal training sessions in addition to the twice a month Health and Wellness Coaching sessions I provide.