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Tammy Wilson

21 February 2019

Easy to talk to. Direct, honest, respectful and loving. She helps/assists in HOW TO NAVIGATE life and your personal struggles.


Heather Paris

9 April 2018

Stephanie is one of the most sincere and kind people I’ve ever met. She offers love and light to all and the world is a better place because of it. There isn’t anyone that couldn’t benefit from Stephanie’s perspective and encouragement. She is authentic, and exceptional to work with. Do yourself a favor and book with her now. More...


Amanda Funk

9 April 2018

I worked side by side Stephanie as we went through our coaching program together. After completing our certification, I am convinced she is doing what she has been called to do. Stephanie is one of my favorite referral resources. She is open and honest without judgment or shame. If you are looking to take control of your life, let go of the pain, and ensure your future is a brighter one, I could not recommend that you connect with Stephanie more. She is a gem! More...


Carol Kelly

26 May 2017

I can't imagine anyone better to coach people than the beautiful and fabulous Steph.


Gina Olsen

27 January 2017

Stephanie is amazing at what she does! She really takes the time to work with your needs!