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For over 6 years it has been my mission to help clients prepare for their financial future and recover from the unexpected. As a business owner and new mother, I understand just how important financial piece of mind can be.

My team and I strive to provide educated, ethical, and innovative solutions to our prospects and customers.


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Ryan Foley

Fantastic agency!! Just signed up and excited to work with such fabulous people :)


Jack Hawkenson

Breanne Violet was very knowledgeable and helpful with getting me my first visa card. Thank you.


Stan Hawkenson

This particular State Farm office is always above the rest... great attitude and ALWAYS can help...


Andrew Peterson

Stephanie and her team (Josue especially) have been very helpful. They make it easy as a State Farm "customer."


Katie Kaul

Stephanie is the best, and was so helpful when I needed roadside assistance. Thank you for all your help!!


Mary Hamann

Stephanie and Bre are awesome to work with and they are very intelligent snout their customers needs great job ladies


Courtney Cannon

We have enjoyed working with Stephanie and her staff for the past 9 months. Stephanie was extremely helpful at answering all of our questions about life, auto, and home insurance! Stephanie and her staff are always extremely prompt at returning phone calls or emails! More...


Ty Becker

I like that James Walsh guy! He knows his stuff and is willing to go that extra mile in order to make sure I knew what I was getting into and helped me figure out what I needed to make sure I was properly insured.


Jackie Betcher

This is an amazing team! I have had a great experience setting up insurance for the first time. They made it quick and painless! The staff member I worked with was personable and super helpful! More...


Matt Azlin

Stephanie is a delight to work with! She takes the time to find the best solution for you, and explains the details so you understand exactly what it is you are getting with her service. I highly recommend her!


Justin Hubbard

We've had Stephanie as our agent for several years before she opened her own agency and the service has only improved. With her larger team she is even more accessible and NEVER tries to oversell. My wife and I can tell that both Steph and her employees only have our best interest in mind. We'll never switch from Fetzer insurance! More...


Bridget Louise

Stephanie and her staff are WONDERFUL! When working with Stephanie you can guarantee she puts you first before making any sales. She listens to your situation and helps you make an informed decision about your insurance policies. My husband and I feel that we have more than an insurance agent in Stephanie, but a trusted friend who cares about us. She is relatable and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her as your agent. More...


Jenny Nietfeld

We just reviewed our insurance policies. I am glad we took the time to go over our policies. We were under insured (by a lot). Thank you Stephanie Fetzer from State Farm for getting my husband and I a great policy for a great price! Making a change after 16 years of working with my previous company feels great because I know we will be in excellent hands. Goodbye AmFam. Hello Stephanie Fetzer at State Farm.

If you are looking for an exceptional agent or just want to see if you're properly insured connect with Steph.


Lori 'Parr' Smith

State Farm assigned us to Stephanie and her team when our last agent retired. What a blessing it turned out to be! Their staff is PASSIONATE about serving customer needs. In just one visit, we found out we had benefits we didn't even realize and learned about State Farm services we never knew about. Stephanie and her team are responsive, personable and go above and beyond any agency we've ever worked with. More...


Art Serotoff

Stephanie is always available for questions and clarifications. She has everything I have - house boat, 2 cars and a car loan for my "new" car. I am totally happy with this. The special thing about Stephanie is that she involves herself with the community and the neighborhood. More...


Danny McDonald

I just joined Steph's team and could not be more impressed with the crew she has put together. Every member of her staff is extremely knowledgeable and has every client's best interest in mind when they come in for a consultation. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for not only great rates but an unprecedented personal relationship and guidance through their insurance buying process. More...


Matt McCarthy

I highly recommend Fetzer Insurance. It's hard to find someone who truly does have your best interest in mind... and they do it with a passion! They're a one-stop shop which makes it easy on clients. With one call you can refinance your car loan, get a home mortgage, start a life insurance policy and set a written plan for retirement. Where else can you do that? The best part is - you don't have to sit on hold for hours and be transferred between departments while explaining your story to 8 different reps. I value my free time and love that I can count on these guys to take care of anything I need! More...


Luke Komiskey

Steph and her team are top notch! They have handled our family's home, auto, personal business, and property insurance extremely well. Our questions are answered in record time - it's pretty incredible to see that kind of follow-through. We are confident that Steph and team always have our best interest in mind. They have your back - seriously. More...


Missy Totenhagen

I met Steph and the team today in person and I could not be more happy and excited to work with such kind and caring people! Thrir office is so relaxing too! Thanks guys! More...


Henry Meyer

Great service at fair prices. I've been with State Farm for two years. Insurance is one of the things in life we hope to never need, but if filing a claim is as impressive as buying my insurance, I wish I found the value I have now all my life.


Close your eyes and think "insurance agent". What image pops into your head? Is it a 60 year old white guy named Melvin? Probably. I'll bet he also loves to talk about himself, his nine iron and that hole-in-one he hit in 1976 more than he cares to get to know you. I'm also willing to bet that poor excuse for a cup of coffee (handed to you by Melvin's pant-suit-wearing secretary, Edna) is from yesterday's brew.

We aren't like that. We're actually pretty cool. We care about who you are as a person - not the check you're going to write. We can talk art, films, sports.. even Donald Trump's tiny baby hands. Now, we aren't going to tell you we'll save you 15% in 15 minutes (we aren't going to cut your coverage just to undercut price) nor will we put on a lizard suit and speak in a cute accident. (We're pretty damn cute on our own.. but I mean, if you're into that sort of thing...)

What we will do is protect everything you own and every dollar you take home to your family. We'll be there to celebrate the birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and graduations. We'll also be there when you're going through the roughest day of your life and you need us most.

When times get rough who would you rather have by your side... an 800 number or a friend?