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State Media delivers on its promise of unprecedented value and measurable results by designing comprehensive digital marketing strategies for our clients. With website design, SEO, social media, reputation management, content marketing, SEM, and targeted display, we have more ways to help you succeed than ever before.

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Annette Abbott

8 November 2018

High five to Dan Morgenstern for an outstanding presentation he conducted at the Lexington Chanber of Commerce this week. He discussed the impact of using internet technology available for businesses in our ever changing digital world. He went into detail about how people consume content in 2018 and how this helps or hurts businesses. I learned so much from Dan in the 45 minutes he held us all captivated and engaged. If you're looking to learn how to reach your audience and give your customer what they want and apply the many different social media options out there, you should call The State Media Company today!! More...


Rosalyn Hudson

8 June 2018

I work here


rosalyn walton

25 May 2018

I work here


Walter Coker

18 April 2018

Always good
Been eating there or taking out for years



15 October 2017

Great company to work for we are like family. We take pride and care with your newspaper and media.


Soft Mack

8 June 2017

Great place to work but not enough pay job here

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