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Stakk Media Ltd

London, Greater London, England

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Stakk Media Ltd

London, Greater London, England



Stakk Media was created to design and develop software for a variety of organisations. I have worked with both small and large ventures within the entertainment, finance, startup, music, and hospitality sectors. Our select team of creatives are passionate and driven to turn large ideas into tangible realities.


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27 April 2019

These guys know design! Met all the deadlines and exceeded expectations in building a great travel app

27 April 2019

I love working with Slaggr. Great communication, attention to detail, and they always meet deadlines, which means a lot to me. Highly recommended if you want to build a high-quality app! More...

21 March 2019

Great service. They Helped with our Launch EP campaign, provided the video, artwork and promotional material for #Kleptocracy. We got in clash magazine and have amassed over 150,000 views total on all platforms. More...

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A website should be looked at as a natural extension of what your brand stands for.
It should communicate the passion you have for your concept, allowing your audience to buy into your vision.
It should immediately grasp the attention of who you are trying to attract.

Why are you starting the project?
What do you want to achieve?
Where do you see your project in 5 years? 10 Years?

Each process is unique from the other. Just as every idea is unique to the founder. But as an example, I will use a new app idea:

1. The first step would be interacting with the client in gathering knowledge:
- Understanding the vision and purpose of the application
- Understanding the audience, the target market
- Understanding the functions needed to be implemented

2. The second step would be to design the initial pages:
- Create frames of each page, work closely with the client to design the details
- Implement the page flow and linking
- Finalize the designs in preparation for the UI/UX creation

3. User Interface Design:
- This process involves transforming finalized frames into a working model

4. Development:
- Once the user interface has been structured, functions will need to be in place
- This process involves writing the scripts to render the application useful

1. Vision. I need to see what they see. Only then can I match the expectation
2. Trust. This goes for both myself and the client. I need to be able to establish a strong connection.

It is really difficult to find something you love and be fortunate enough to turn this love into a career. Art has always been something that I immersed myself with from a young age. It was then about sketching my imagination, making sense of abstract symbols. I used it as an escape.

As I got older, my interest turned to technology. What I love most about my job is turning any concept or idea into something tangible; something that millions of people can visualize and use for their own benefit.

It is not about starting a business. It is about being able to wake up everyday and look forward to do what I love.

It’s how people perceive the product you’re trying to put out there. It’s creating a more warm feeling through shapes and colors and making users feel more connected with the way you’ve constructed their abstract world, and demonstrate a path that you’ve created for them.

People do not buy what you do; they buy why you do it. We think in terms of expression and emotion.